Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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General Index.

Abbreviations 133
Business Directory 945
City and County Record 81
Dedication 67
General Directory of Names 133
Illustrated Title 65
Historical and Commercial Review 897
Introductory 73
Map of St. Louis 132
Names too late for Regular Insertion 79
Office Calendar 69
Railroadand Hotel Register Back part of book
Street and Avenue Guide 127

Index To City And County Record.

Academies and Schools 114
Asylums 119
Banks in St. Louis 95
Benevolent and Religious Societies 118
Board of Health 83
Cemeteries 126
Churches 107
City Government 81
Collector of Internal Revenue 91
Colleges. Universities, etc 115
Commissary Department 93
Consuls in St. Louis 91
Convents 117
County Officers 87
Courts 89
Custom House Department 93
Educational 113
Express and Transportation Lines 125
Fire Department 85
Horse Railroads 89
Hospitals 120
Incorporated Companies 103
Insurance Companies of St. Louis. 97
Libraries 120
Life Insurance Companies 101
Medical Purveyor, U.S.United States A. 93
Medical and Scientific Associations 117
Miscellaneous Societies 123
Newspapers 105
Packet Lines 125
Paymaster, U.S.United States A. 93
Pension Agent 93
Police Department 83
Post Office Department 93
Savings Institutions 97
Secret and Benevolent Societies 120
St. Louis Board of Trade 103
Street and Avenue Guide 127
Telegraph Companies 126
Union Merchants' Exchange 103
U.S.United States Assessors 91
U.S.United States Marshal 91
United States Offices in St. Louis 91
Ward Boundaries 85

Index To Advertisers.

Adams Express Co.company C. C.Anderson, , agent 132
Adams, Rodney F photograph gallery 1022
American Express Co.company e.eastHayden, , agnet 132
Anderson, C. C.acent . Adams Express Co 132
Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Co.company Inset opp 945
Baglcy, Albert G.gold pen manfr . 989
Bagot & Cummings , proprs. St. Louis gas works 108
Bannon, John, steamboat baker 88
Barclay, D. Robert, attomey at law 68
Bartholow, Lewis & Co.company banks 69
Barrell L.L. & Co.company importers of and whol. deale rs in wines, liquors, etc. 881
Beard & Bro.Brothers proprs. Excelsior safe and scalo works. 886
Belcher's Sugar Refining Co.company 84
Belt, William n.north realestate agt. 1028 and 1846
Benoist L.A. & Co.company bankers Back col'dcolored
Blanke & Bro.Brothers candy manufacturers 963 and 973
Branch. Crookes & Co.company proprs. St. Louis saw works D, front col'dcolored
Brawner, W. A.manager . Globe Mutual Life Insurance Co.company of New York Bottom end and M. front col'dcolored
Bridge. Beach A Co.company stove manufacturers and wholesale dealers in tinplate, copper, sheetiron,
wire, etc
Broadway Foundry. Collins & Holliday , proprs 94
Burns A Degnan manufacturers and wholcsule dealers in harness. saddles, bridles, etc. 888
Busby, John, horse shocr and farrier 783
Bussey & Co.company general commission merchants and cotton factors 892
Card & Lawrence , distillers of Bourbon whiskies 881
Carson J.B. Bro. & Co.company dry goods commission merchants 883
Champagne n.north 0. & Co.company staple and fancy groceries 90
Cherokee Brewery Herold & Loebs , proprs 92
Cherokee Brewer's College 112
Clapp, Alfred, general superintendant , Missouri Consolidated Mining Co.company Front cover and 226
Cleary, Alfred, general produce commission merchants . 892
Codding J. 0. & Co.company carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers 82
Colley William H. & Co.company upholsterers, etc. 942
Collins & Holliday . proprs . Broadway foundry. 94
Oonrades & Logcman. chair manufacturers . 965
Cook, Isaac, president American Wine Company. 80
Covenant Mutual Insurance Co.company 941
Crossraan r.residence B. & Co.company book and job printers . 942
Curtis & Co.company proprs. Empire saw works C, front cold
Damon e.east A. & Co.company brandies, wines, liquors and cigars, etc. wholesale 891

76 Index To Advertisers.
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Davis Samuel C. & Co.company wholesale dealers in dry goods, boots, shoes and groceries Front cover
Devine & Hagerty , rigging and sail loft 88
Dimmitt, Marcellus, druggist and chemist and manufacturer of Dimmitt's Cough Balsam 86
Douglas, D. butter, eggs cheese, etc Top lines of pages
Dowdall, Page & Co.company proprs. Wahsington foundry and meachien shop 74
Edwards, Langham & Long , real estate agents Opp. dedication
Edwards, Richard, publisher , St. Louis city directory, etc 131 and 977
Ellison & Bro.Brothers proprs. Phoenix iron works 888
Empire Saw Works, Curtis & Co.company proprs. C, front col'dcolored
Empire Wire Works, 0. P. Saylor & Co.company proprs 884
Erie Commercial Nurseries. Plattman & Sprague 782
Everett House, I. B.Gildersleve, , propr. Back col'dcolored
Excelsior Insurance Co.company Side line of page ,520 and 1038
Excelsior Safe and Scale Works. Beard & Bro.Brothers proprs. 886
Fairbanks. Greenleaf & Co.company scale manufacturers On back of book
Farrell, John 0. carriage, mill and railroad springs manufacturer 90
Faucette & Co.company harness, trunks, valises, etc. manufacturers 106
Field & Wood , attorneys and counselors at law 885
Fogg & Sparr. proprs. Planters' House Back col'dcolored
Franklin Daniel & Co.company monumental and stam marble works 1013
Franklin Insurance Co.company of St. Lousi 1004
Franklin Printing House W. H.Woodward, , propr Back col'dcolored
Freeman D.C. & Co.company soap manfuacturers 941
Froes, L. P.brass foundry 783
Garnett Lessley & Co.company Proprs. St. Luis planing mill 96
Gay & Hanekamp , wholesale grocers and commission merchants 890
German Mutual Life Insurance Co.company 1004
German Savings Institution 108
Gildersleve, I. B.propr. Everett House Back col'dcolored
Globe Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, W.A. Brawner, manager Bottom end. and M. front col'dcolored
Goodin John, steam and gas pipe works and brass foundry 102
Graham H.B. & Co.company paper dealers 68
Grandy, John F. furniture, bedding, etc 122
Great Western Fire Insurance Co.company of St. Louis 0, front col'dcolored
Greer J.G. & Co.company general commission and forwarding merchants 890
Grether & Boeck , realestate and house agent 999, 1017 and 1029
Griffin, r.residence s.south livery stable 783
Guardian Real Estate Secnrity Co.company Back col'dcolored
Guion W.A. & Co.company wholesale cordage warehouse I, front col'dcolored
Haarstick, Henry C.distiller of Bourbon and rye whiskey 881
Hase F. & Co.company furniture and mattrnsses. wholesale and retail J, front col'dcolored
Haseltine, William B. hides, leather, tanners' oil, etc 104
Hayden, e.eastagent , American Express Co.company 132
Hayden, Wilsons & Allen , saddlery hardware, carriage trimmings, leather, etc 106
Herold & Loebs , proprs. Cherokee brewery 92
Hodgkins, Rickart & Co.company general commission merchants 890
Holton, Horace, military clothing 92
Home Mutual' Fire and Marine'lnsurance Co.company of St. Louis. Mo. 0. front col'dcolored
Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Co.company of St. Louis 944
How, James F. saddlery hardware K. front col'dcolored
How, John, hide and leather dealer K. front col'dcolored
Indianapolis & St. Louis r.residence r.residence Co.company Back col d page
International Bank of St. Louis Hack cover and page 1056
January D.A. & Co.company wholesale grocers and commission merchants Top lines of pages
Johnson A. & Co.company importers and wholesale dealers in staple aud fancy dry goods, notions, etc Bottom lines ot pages
Jones, Jonathan, commercial college Inset
Joy, G. L.agent . Ohio River Salt Co.company 891
Judell, Jacob J.general agent . Pcoria Mutual Benevolent Association 943
Kaime J.e.east & Bro.Brothers house and real estate agents Opp. dedication
Kelly & O'Neal ,steamboat, copper, tin and sheet iron workers 895
Kerwin, Daniel, blacksmithing . etc 88
Kingslands & Clark , proprs. Union iron works 884
Kingslands & Ferguson , proprs. Phoenix foundry 883
Knapp George & Co.company proprs. Missouri Republican 784
Koppelman, John H.furniture manufacturer 987
Kupferle John & Co.company proprs. Missouri brass foundry 104
Laclede Hotel, Brolaski & Malin . proprs 68
Laclede Iron and Manufacturing Co.company 84
Laflin Powder Co Front cover
Leffigwell H.W. & Co.company real estate agents 69
Lepere, Francis, whoselsale grocer and commission merchant 891
Lemp, william J.propr. Western brewery 82
Lewis J.s.south & Co.company publishers , stationers and sechool furniture manufacturers 887
Loppincott, s.south s.south soda water machinery manufacturer 783
Ludlow, r.residence C.propr. Premium wire works 110
Lynch, George n.north undertaker 90
Marine Insurance co. of St. Luis M, front col'dcolored

Index To Advertisers. 77
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Market Street Planing Mill, Philibert, Branconier & Co.company proprs 1004
Mason & Flanagan , military and naval claim agents 108
Meeker A.B. & Co.company dealers in coal, coke .nd pig iron 1006
Meier Adolphus & Co.company foreign ane domestic bardward and cutlery Back col'dcolored
Merchants and Bankers' Almanac 894
Merchants' Union Express Co.company 98
Meyer & Meister , wholesale grocers, rectifiers and commission merchants 890
Mississippi Scale Works, A.B. Pearson & Co.company proprs 108
Missouri Brass Foundry John Kupferle & Co.company Proprs 104
Missouri Consolidated Mining Co.company AlfredClapp, , general superintendent Front cover and 226
Mtaeouri Mutual Lire Insurant co. of St. Louis J, front col'dcolored and top end
Missouri Republican. George Knapp & Co.company proprs 784
Moller & Ehlert , fureign and native wines and liquors 82
MorgaD T.H. & co. commission and forwarding merchants 942
Morgens & Bro St. Louis steam dyeing, scouring finishing and watering establishmetn L, front col'dcolored
Mnrpliy r.residence W. & Co.company paper manufacturers 92
Neef, Christ, saloon 92
NeuhsuB, Krito & Co.company fancy goods, notions, etc. wholesale 96
North Missouri r.residence r.residence Co.company Inside back cover
Northern Line Packet Co.company Back col'dcolored
Ohio and Mississippi r.residence r.residence Co.company 891
Owens Lane. Dyer & Co.company manufacturers , Ecliopse sawing mill. Protable and stationary enginer.
Front cover
Pacific Mutual Insurance Co.company 943
Pacific r.residence r.residence Co.company of Missouri Back col'dcolored
Page, Kilburn & Co.company cigars and candy box manufacturers 882
Papin Henry & Co.company central tax paying and ladn agency Corner cards, general directory
Pearson A.B. & Co.company proprs. Mississippi scale works 108
Peisch George & Bro.Brothers house, sign and steamboat painting 889
Peoria Mutual Benvolent Association 943
phoenix Foundry, Kingslauds & Ferguson proprs 1004
Phosuix Iron Works, Ellison & Bro.Brothers proprs 883
pike John D. & Co.company boot and shoe manufacturers 957
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company , St. Louis agricultural warehouse and seed store e.east front col'dcolored
Planters Bouse, Fogg & Sparr , props Back col'dcolored
ptatt & Thornhurgh , druggists and dealers in paints, oils, window glass, etc C, front col' d
Plattinan & Sprague , proprs. Erie Commercial Nurseries 782
Polack, J. M. clothing, gents' fumisning goods, etc 72
Prange & Bro furniture manufacturers 783
Premiam Wire Works, r.residence C.Ludlow, , propr. 110
PrinceDavid, , general engraver , die sinker and stencil cutter 941
Raaclioe, Ziscmann & Maus , hardware, cutlery, etc. wholesale 887
Rawle, Francis W, notary and commissioner of deeds 973
Reins, Phillip, traveling and packing trunk manufacturer , etc G, front col'dcolored
Renz, F. stoves, tin, copper and sheet iron ware 88
Roberson, Frank, bathing, shaving and hair cutting 783
Robinson, W. A.merchant tailor 944
Rohrer's Commercial College B front col'dcolored
Rosier Fcrd. F. & Co, wholesale grocers and commission merchants 893
Rumsey L.M. & Co.company pump and five engine manufacturers , mowers, reapers aod agricultural
Sande Enno mariufacturer of standard medicines and pure chemicals I, front col'dcolored
Sander Euno & Co.company druggists , etc I, front col'dcolored
Saylor M.H. & Co.company pianos, organs, melodeons music and muscial instruments Corner cards, general directory
Saylar O.P. & Co.company proprs. Empire wire works 884
Sachulenburg & Boeckeler , lumber dealers and planing mill 124
schulenburg & Boeckeler . lumber dealers and planing will 943
Scott & Son wholesale grocers and commission merchants B, front col'dcolored
Second National Bank of St. Louis F, front col'dcolored
Semple, Brige & Co.company agricultural implements, movwers, reapers, plows, ect F, front col'dcolored
Shauds & Papin , law, collection and conveyance office Corner carda, general directory
Bhapleigh A.F. & Co.company hardware, etc. wholesale side lines of pages and 126
Sherburne, Harry M. pianos, organs, melodeona and music and musical instruments 82
Southern White Lead and Color Works 884
Sherman, Harry M. with AlfredSpeer, , wholesale dealer in pure grape wines Opp. dedication
Sigerson, William, house and real estate agent 68
Springfield Nursery. Spaulding & Co.company proprs. Back col'dcolored
Stanard e.east O. & Co.company Back col'dcolored
Stephenson A. & Co.company proprs. Union steam fitting and brass work 895
Stinde, H. F.commission flour merchant 891
St. Louis Agricultural warehouse and seed store, Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company proprs E, front col'dcolored
St. Louis Glass Works, Bagot & Cumroings , proprs. 108
St. Louis Planing Mill, Lesley Garnett & Co.company Proprs 96
8t. Louis Saw Works, Branch, Crookes & Co.company Proprs D, front col'dcolored
St. Louis Stoneware Co.company 94
St. Louis Woolen Manufacturing Co.company H, front col'dcolored
St. Louis & Iron Mountain r.residence r.residence Co.company Back col'dcolored
Thalmann C, G. & Co.company booksellers and stationers 884

78 Additions, Corrections And Too Lates.
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Thrid National Bank 885
Thompson H.M. & Co.company stoneware, pipe, etc 887
Thorp, s.south wool and feather dealer H, front col'dcolored
Tobin, P. H. house, sign and boat painter 942
Todd G. & W. & Co.company leather belting, French burr mill stones, etc. manufactureres and wholesale
Tutt & Bakers wholesale grocers and commission merchants 893
Union Iron Works, Kingsland & Clark , proprs 884
Union Saving Association Side lines of pages, 520 and 1038
Union Steam Fitting and Brass Works, A Stephenson & Co 895
Union Stam Mill Co Opp. plain title
United States Express Co 726
Walter F. Steam Candy factory 889
Washington Foundry and Machine Shop Dowdall, Page & Co.company Proprs 74
Western Brewery. W. J.I,emp, , propr 82
Western Elastic Sponge Co.company On back of book and 982
Whitelaw George P. & Co.company oils, paints, varnishes, etc., manfuacturers and wholesale dealers 104
Wood ward, W. H.propr. Franklin Printing House Back col'dcolored
Won & Hynes , whines and liquors, importers and wholesale dealers M, front col'dcolored and 86
Zallee, John C.merchant tailor G, front col'dcolored

Additions, Corrections And Names Too Late For
Regular Insertion.
Abrahams, A. M. (Abrahams A Co.company ), bos.
Everett house
Abrahams, K.Edwin, (Abrahams A Co.company ), bds.boards
Everett house
Abrahams & Co.company (A. M.Abrahams, and e.east Edwin
Abrahams, ), Pawnbrokers , 317 Olive
American Manufacturing Co.company 211 Washington av.
Appel, Frederick, birdstore, 321 Olive
Artus, Herman, butcher , r.residence 708 n.north 5th
Avery, Charles (Averv & Deforest ), r.residence 14 n.north 8th
Avery & De Forest (CharlesAvery, and Newton
DeFoest, ), gen, agts , Universal Life Ins. Co.company
of New York 314 Olive
Babcock, George V.steward , r.residence 616 Washing-
ton av.
Bailey, Frank, clerk , s.south H.Bailey, , r.residence 810 Olive
Bailey, William, rcalestate broker , 416 n.north 5th, r.residence Lafayette park, bet. Armstrong and Mis-
souri avs,
Baldwin, snsnn, wid. r.residence ns. Lafayette park, bet.
Armstrong and Missouri avs.
Belleville, Branch r.residence office, 202 s.south 4th, Henry
C.Moore, , supl.
Bernoudy, B. C. (Sale ABernoudy, ), r.residence Caronde-
Blanchard, Charles H. (J. Van, Sons A Co.company )
Boerweiner, Phillip, fireman , St. Louis gas works,
r.residence 127 Convent
Box, Marcus D.porter , Hubbard AHarrington, ,
bds.boards Broadway, ne. cor. Green
Boyd, Robert s.south jr. (Fred.A. Churchill & Co.company ),
bds.boards 1428 Olive
Boyd, Thomas B.salesman , Charles DeGreck A
Co. r.residence 615 Chcsnut
Buakett, John W.salesman , Buskett A Hanim, , r.residence
113 n.north 6th
Byrnes, John, fireman , St. Louis gasworks
Caddick, Thomas M. (Rich A Co.company ), r.residence 616
Caffey, James, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ns. Convent, bet. Main and 2d
Cahill, John (Sullivan A Cahill ), r.residence 815 Warren
Caliill, Michael, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ws. 2d, bet. Convent and Rutgers
Cahm, William, clerk , Sullivan A Cahill , r.residence 815
Cantoni, Francis, grocer , 515 n.north Levee, r.residence same
Carr, C.Brent, (Carr & Kerr ), r.residence 1811 Wash
Carr & Kerr (C. BrentCnrr, and George W.Kerr, )
realestate agts. 306 Cliesnut
Carroll, Michael, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
2d. nw. cor. Convent
Chase H. & L. (Henry, s.south and H. LincolnChase, ),
bag miifrs. and dealers , 1 s.south Uain und 100 Mar-
Churchill, Fred. A. (Fred.A. Churchill & Co.company ), r.residence
2639 Olive
Churchill Fred.A. & Co.company (Fred.
A.Churchill, and Robert s.south Bpyd, Jr.), com.
mers. 321 n.north 2d, up stairs
Clemens, Henry. blacksmith , St. Louis gas
Cole, George W.cabinetmaker , 11s.south 6th r.residence 732s.south
Colgan, Peter, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ws. 3d. bet. Conventand Choutean av.
Commercial Bulletin, darly and weekly, G. W
sinith & Co.company proprs, 416 Pine
costello, Andrew, fireman , St. Louis gas works
Costello, James, fireman , St. Louis gas works, bds.boards
139 Convent
Costello, John, fireman . St. Louis gas works, bds.boards
2d. nw. cor. Convent
Costello, Thomas, clerk . J.Van sons & Co.company
Crechen, Patrick, fireman , St. Louis gas works
Cummis, Bernard, teamster , St. Louis gas works,
r.residence 1240 s.south 3d
Daniell, Joseph D. (Daniell & Co.company ) r.residence 205
n. 12th
Daniell & Co.company (J. D.Daniell, . n.north W.Josselyn, and
J. G.Johnston, ). publishers, P. & n.north M.r.residence r.residence
gnides, 304 Olive
Davis, M. s.south (Mcneilly, Dayis & Co.company )
Delacey, Johnveterinary surgeon , ro, 10th nw.
cor O'Fallon
Deved, A. J.office City Directory, 423 n.north
5th, sw, cor. St. Charles, r.residence 12 s.south 17th
DeForwest, Newton (Avery & Deforest ), r.residence 14 n.north
Devine, Edward, flreman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
121 Convent
Donk, Agust F. (A.F. Donk & Co.company ) bds, es. 2d
bet. Market and Walnut
Donk A.F. & Co.company (August F.Donk, and —)
coal dealers , 222 Chestnut
Dunacan, David D.lawyer , 104 n.north 4th, bds. Olive
bet. 11th and 12th
Addutuibsm Corrections And Too Lates.
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Edwards, Lanbam A Long (Jmbm C.Ed-, . Philip s.south Lnnhnm, and John F.Long, ),
realestate agts , auctioneera, Mtnta public,
conveyancers tod strrTeyora, 416 Walnut
Forse, Thomas, agt.agent . Missouri state lotteries,
117 K. Msin.r.residence 11 Is a. Ham
Friedman M. & Co.company (Max.Edward, and Angimtas
Friedman, ). cigars and tobacco whol. 314 n.north
Garigreuen, Abram B. (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ), r
Chonteau av.
Garrison, Abram B. (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ),r.residence
2704 Locust
Garrison A.B. & C.r.residence (Abiam, B. and Charles R
Garrison, ) agts , St. Louis Pacific fast freigh
line. 209 n.north 3d
Gann, Charles r.residence (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ), r
6th and 7th r, same
Harney, Mrs.dress and cloakmaker , 612 St.
Charles, r.residence same
Harper, Charles D.agt.agent . Star Shuttle sewing ma-
chine, 407 and 409 Walnut
Harper, Henry, Furniture, 1616 Broadway, r.residence
Hellmund, Croline Mr.s milk depot, 313 s.south 3d, r.residence
Herring, Calvin L.gas and steampipe fitter , 15 s.south
5th. r.residence 723 n.north 23d
Hoofer, Charles, translator , Westlictihe Port
Howe George W. & Co.company (George W.Howe, and
JohnTurner, ), com. mers. 500, 501 airf 502 n.north
Hunt, Sanford M.office. 217 Washington av. r.residence
1016n.north 25th
Hunt, William F.office, 217 Washington av. r.residence 1012
Jameson, John T. (Strong & Jameson ), r.residence Aber-
deen, Miss.
Josselyn, n.north W. (Daniell & co. ) bds.boards Everett
Jourdan, Victor s.south (Jourdan & Murry ), bds.boards St.
Nicholas hotel
Jourdan & Murry (Victor s.south Jourdan, and James
Murry, ), mnfg. druggists , 412 n.north 2d
Kauffman, John W. (e.east O. Stanard & Co.company )
Laflin Powder Co.company 218 n.north 2d
Lam, r.residence F.gen. agt. Phoenix Mutual Life
Ins. Co.company of Hartford
Lamonie, Madam, fortuneteller . 327 Myrtle, r.residence
Letz, Jacob, drygoods 416 Franklin av. r.residence Same
Looney, John, saloon, 505 n.north Levee, r.residence same
Ludington, Francis H.agt.agent . H. & L. Chase, 1 s.south Main, and 100 Market, r.residence 1010 Jef-
ferson av.
Machrtney, George G. carriages, 523 and
525 Washington av. r.residence 1548 Cnoutean av.
Madeira, William r.residence Cloaks, shyawls, furs, etc.
whol. and ret. 610. 4th
McLaughlin, Robert (White & Mclaughlin ), r.residence
203 Centre
McNeilly, Davis & Co.company (samuelMcneilly, , M. s.south
Davis, and Coleman Rahm & Co.company ), propre .
Duquesne iron store, 211 n.north Levee, and 218
n. Commercial
McNeilly, Samuel (McNeilly, Davis & Co.company )
Mundy, Ezra (Quinette & Co.company ), r.residence 1219 n.north 17ht
Murry, James (Jourdan & Murry ), r.residence 710 Marion
Newman & Amson (DavidNewman, and
AdolphAmson, ), drygoods and clothing,
whol. 205 n.north 24
O'Reilly, Andrew J.Clerrk , r.residence G. Dun & Co.company
Osterholt Gred. (Seegers & Osterholt), r.residence
1400 Clark Av.
Quinette, Olliver (Quinette & Co.company ), r.residence country
Quniette & Co.company (OliverQuinette, and Ezra
Mundy, ), realestate agts. 222 Chesnut
Querl, Charles F. (Schnelle & Querl ), r.residence 17th, bet.
wash and Carr
Regina, Lazarina, teacher , St. Michael schoo,
n. 11th cor. Bento
Reiley, Robert (A. Schulherr & Co.company ). r.residence ws. 13th,
bet. Webster and Chambers
Rogers & Dowler (Joseph P.Rogers, and Joseph
W.Dowler, ), com. mers. 316 n.north commercial
Rohrer, Charles, carpenter and builder , 505s.south 14th,
r. 503 s.south 14th
Ronaidson, John, office, 308 n.north 2d, r.residence 405 s.south 5th
Roper, Bernard, groceries , 2620 n.north 14th, r.residence same
Sale, George W.(Sale & Bernoudy ), bds.boards La-
clede hotel
Sale & Bernoudy (George W.Sale, aZnd e.east C.Ber-, ), coffee brokers and com. mer. 308 n.north
Saler, John, saloon, 601 Morgan, r.residence same
Sass, Richard F.Steamboat agt. forwd. mer. and
agt. Penn. Central r.residence r.residence 220 Commercial, r.residence
821 Washington av.
Savitz, George F.ns.north side Papin av. w.west of 14th
Schaeffer, Nicholas, pres.president Biddle Market Savings
bank , r.residence ss.south side Morgan, bet.between 21st and 22d
Scheil, William, barber , 2115 Franklin av. r.residence same
Scherpe, Pauline Mrs.magnetic doctress , 206 n.north
7th. r.residence same
Scherman, Christ H.drygoods , 606 and 608 Frank-
lin av. r.residence same
Schira, John, blacksmith and wasgonmaker , 2642
Franklin av. r.residence 2644 Franklin av.
Schira, Nicholas, blacksmith , 2724 Franklin av. r.residence
2714 Franklin av.
Schira, Nicholas, tailor , 2708 Franklin av. r.residence same
Schlingman, H. W.grocer , 1701 Wash, nw. cor.
17th, r.residence 1717 wash
Schmidt, Agugust, boot and shoemaker , 418 Wash,
r. same
Schmitte, Samuel, bootmaker , Cass av. ne. cor.
Pririe av. r.residence ns. Cozen av e.east of Grand av.
Schneider, Anna, milliner , 1209 Biddle, r.residence same
Schreiner, r.residence (Branch, Barnes & co. ), r.residence 1221
Star Shuttle Sewing Machine, Charles D.Harper, ,
agt.agent . 407 and 409 Walnut
St.Street Louis Ccal Tar Co.company (successors
to Page, Smith & Co.company ) J. IversLewis, ,
pres.president 324 n.north 3d, cor. Locust
St. Louis News Co.company J. F.Torrey, , supt.superintendant 207 n.north 4th
St. Louis Tobacco Works, Leggett Bro. & But
ler , proprs. 2d, cor. Vine
Sullivan, Patrick (Sullivan & Cahill ), r.residence 23d, sw.
lin av.
Sullivan, Patrick (sullivan & Cahill ), r.residence 23d, sw
cor. Morgan
Sullivan & Cahill (PatrickSulliavan, and JohnCa-, ), meat market, 511 Market
Tonges, Frederick, mer. tailr , 419 Pine, r.residence
ns. Wash, bet. 14th and 15rh
Van, John (J. Van, Sons & Co.company ), bds.boards Laclede
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Van J. Sons & Co.company (John, Alfred and TaffellVan,
and Charles H.Blanehard, ), stoves, grates,
hollowware, etc. 17 s.south 5lh
Business Changes.
Edwards, Lanham & Long , 416 Walnnt
Bag Manufacturers.
Chase H. & L.
F. H.Ludington, , agt.agent . 1 s.south Main, and 100 s.south
Bags and Bagging.
Chase H. & L.
F. H.Ludington, , agt.agent . 1 s.south Main, and 100 s.south
Trikel, Martin, 2022 Morgan
Westhatis, Valentine, 1602 Franklin av.
Wycoff, John. 212 n.north 7th
Bi-Carbooate Soda, Soda, Ash and sal-
Fuller, Charles C.
217 Washing av.
Boots and Shoes, Retall.
Schmidt, August418 Wash
Schmitte, Samuel, Cass av. ne. cor. Praivie av.
Wendt, David, 1561 Warren
Wetteroth, John P.1124 Broadway
Carriage Builders.
Macartney, George G.
523 and 525 Washington av.
Coal Dealers.
Donk A.F. & Co.company 222 Chestnut
Coal Tar.
St. Louis Coal Tar Co.company
(successors to Page, Smith, Lewis & co.) 324
n. 3d, cor. Locust, J. IversLewis, , pres.president
Cooking Ranges.
Whorf Charles F. & Co.company 15 s.south 4th
Iron and Steel Warehouses.
Mcneilly, Davis & Co.company 211 n.north Levee, and 218 n.north

American wIne cO.'s
Prices Reduced January 20, 1868.


"Imperial," honorable mention at Paris Exposition , 1867 q'ts $20 00
"Missouri Cabinet," q'ts 18.00
"Ruby," (Concord) q'ts 17 00
"Sparkling Catawba," q'ts 15 00
"Sparkling Isabella," q'ts 15 00

The above in Pints, $2 00 more per case.

Red Wines.

Virginia Seedling $14 00
Burgundy 12 00
Concord 8 00

White Wines.

Missouri Catawba $9 00
Ohio Catawba, Island Grapes 12 00
Concord 8 00


Champagne, Vintage of 1865 $15 00
Catawba 13 00

The above Still Wines and Brandies in wood at the lowest prices, ac-
cording to quality. Also, Wine vinegar. Orders direct to

IsaacCook, ,
President American Wine Company,

Office 219 (Old No. 33) Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo. A Liberal
Discount To The Trade.