Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Records Directory
St. Louis Directory, 1868
City And County Record.
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City Government.

Hon.Honorable James s.south Thomas, Mator
JosephDeggendorf, Comptroller
ErnstSussiskt, Treasurer
Jesse W.Heath, Register
Phil. H.Murphy, Auditor

Incorporated December 9th, 1822. Organized March,1823.
Municipal Election—First Tuesday In April, 1869, and
every second year thereafter.
Meetings ofthe City Council—Second Monday in April
and October.
Officers of the City Government—Terms
ending April, 1869.
Names, residences and places of business of officers of
the city government:
Mayor —James s.south Thomas, , 1723 Christy avenue.
Mayor's Secretary —H. F.Zider, , 1319 n.north 15th.
Comptroller —JosephDetgenrforf, , 1417 Park avenue.
Deputy Comptrollei —JohoBatman, , Maiden lane, cor-
ner North Market.
Comptroller's Clerk -EdwardAdrn, , 1311 n.north 14th.
Auditor —Phil. H.Mur., , 1418 Chcsnnt.
Auditor's Cleric —Wm.WilliamWaltschmldt, , Carondelet ave-
nue, conrer Cherokee.
Treasurer —ErnstSussisky, , 909 Hickory.
Treasurer's Clerk —CharlesDeggendorf, , 1417 Park
City Register —Jesse W.Heath, , 812 n.north 9th
Deputy Register —F. W.Fuchs, , 423 Olive.
City Collector —M. J.Hartnett, , office, court House,
north wing, basement, east side.
City Collector's Clerk —John J.Flippin, , office, Court
House, north wing, basement, east side.
Deputy City Collectors —n.north D.Dyer, and Edward r.residence
Freeland, , office, Court House, north wing, basement,
east side.
City Colletor's Messenger —Hy.Steinberg, .
Inspector of Vehicles —Chas. L.fox, , 5th, corner
City Engineer —Ferd.Bischof, , 1906 Buel.
City Counsellor —H. AOlovar, , 5th, corner Market .
Police Justice —Quo.Dennlson, , 1325 Pine.
City Attorney —Wm.William s.south Stewart, , office, Pine, north-
west corner 3d.
Clerk of Police Court —J. C.Vqgel, , 1318 Jacknon.
City Marshal —Hy. j.Kappesser, , 1514 Carondelet
Harbor Master —DavidBerlin, , office, Levee, north-
west corner Market.
Fund Commissioner —AdolphusMeier, , 100 Main.
Land Commissioner —Samuel n.north Holmes, , 5th, corner
Deputy Land Commissioner —Joseph T.Tatum, , 5th,
corner Chesnut.
Street Railroad Commissioner —JosephFries, , 513
Inspector of Weights and Measures —Charles G.
Ramaey, , Beaumont and Lucas avemie.
Translator —Theo.Pfan, , 8. 7th, near HicKory
Gas Inspector —Geo.GeorgePfeil, , 733 s.south 7th.
Wood Master —AbrahamDyson, , 605 Poplar.
Superintendent of Fire Alarm, Police and Munici-
pal Telegraph —G. W.Hammond, , 1115 n.north 21st.
Chief of Fire department —J. W.Bame, , 216 n.north 7th.
Inspector of Beef and Pork —WeniclPollack, , Devol-
sey, cnrner Gravois road.
Superintendent of Workhouse —J.Luddlngton, , Devol-
sey, corner Gravois road.
Supervisor of Street Inspectors —GeorgeSchuster, .
Inspector of Steam Boilers —Chas. M.Blasdell, .
Quarantine Physician — AlexanderMontgomery,
Stewart of Quarantine Hospital —Stephen e.east Adreon, .
Matron of Quarantine Hospital —Mrs.C. e.east Adreon, .
Engineer at City Hospital —JohnKearney, .
City Weighers —MartinNan, , City market scales; Sam- F.Dolman, , Lucas market scales; GeorgeSchwart-, , North Levee scales, and Fred. W.Baum, , South
Levee scales.


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[missing figure]

Henry P.Sherburne, ,
Dealer In Music,
Musical Instruments and Musical Merchandise
Established In 1849.] Of Every Description.

No. 126 Market Street, bet. Main and Second, St. Louis, Mo.

J. O.Codding, . C. H.Haskins, .

J.O. Codding & Co.company ,
Carpenter, Joiner And Cabinet Maker,
manufacturer of
Show Cases, Store and Office Furniture,
Nos. 307 and 309 St. Charles Street,
Between Third and Fourth,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William J.Lemp'S,
Western Brewery,
Office, 112 South Second Street,
Brewery, Cherokee, s.south W. Cor. 2d Carondelet Av.,
St. Louis, Mo.

C.Moller, . A.Ehlert, .

Moller & Ehlert ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Foreign And Native Wines And Liquors,
Nos. 114 and 116 North Third Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Sign Of The Monkies.

Depot of the Celebrated Aromatic Catawba Bitters.

City And County Record. 88
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Market Masters —John I.Fritsch, , City market;
AlonzoMcCurdy, , North market; r.residence P.Clark, , Lucas
market, and F. r.residence bruggehof, , Centre market.
City Council.
Names, residences and places of business of members
of the city council:
AugustusKrieckhabus, , president ; Henry s.south Parker, , vice
president ; W. a.Kendall, , clerk ; H. C.Katz, , ser-
geant-at-arms .
First Ward—* AugustEtling, , 8 s.south Main, r.residence Dorcas, be-
tween 3d and 4th.
Second Ward—AugustusKrieckhaus, , 518 n.north Levee,
r. Marquette, between 2d Carondelet and Buena
Vista; *John C.Finck, , Barton, corner Kosclusko, r.residence
2221 State.
Third Ward—J. HenryAmelung, , 1630 south Columbus;
*Chas. W.Gottschalk, , 112 Market, r.residence Carondelet
avenue, between Barry and Marion.
Fourth Ward—Geo.GeorgeFriedrich, , 4th, near Chouteau
avenue, r.residence 721 s.south 5th; *AnthonyIttner, , Grattan,
between Hickory and Park avenue.
Fifth Ward—*AnthonyNieoerweiser, , 415 Chesnut, r.residence
413 s.south 6th; DavidPowers, , r.residence High, south of Clarke
Sixth Ward—*Chas. A.Mantz, , president of the Atlas
life Insurance Co. 5th, corner St. Charles, r.residence 1327
Chesnut; ErastusWells, , president of the Accom-
modation Bank, r.residence 1518 Olive.
Seventh Ward—Geo.GeorgeBabcock, , law office, 10 n.north 4th,
r. Morgan, near Leffingwell avenue; *Chas. w.
Horn, , O'Fallon, southeast corner 2d, r.residence Wash, south-
west corner 16th.
Eighth Ward—Wm.WilliamBosbysell, , 508 n.north 3d, r.residence 1413 Mor-
gan; *r.residence D.Lancaster, , 304 chesnut, r.residence 1421 Chirsty
Ninth Ward—*JohnO'Brien, , 17th, corner O'Fallon, r.residence
1214 n.north 17th; sol. J.Quinlivan, , r.residence 1515 Biddle.
Tenth Ward—*PatrickDriscoll, , r.residence 1409 Broadway; M.
w.Hogan, , law office, 315 Chesnut, r.residence 1317 n.north 7th.
Eleventh Ward—*H. s.south Parker, , 1914 Main, r.residence 1115
Chambers; Chas.Schoenbeck, , 2716 n.north 10th.
Twelfth Ward—*CharlesBorg, , Broadway, near Des-
trehan, r.residence same
*Term ending April, 1868.
Board of Police Commissioners.
Office, 220 Chesnut, His Honor the Mayor, president,
ex-office, 1723 Christy avenue; J. O.Codding, , vice
president , 307 St. Charles; Ferd.Meyer, , 2d, south-
west corner Market; W. A.Hequenbourg, . 213 n.north
3d; Otto C.Laddemann, , Market, corner 18th; Geo
Gavin, , secretary , Elliot avenue, corner Condi; Wm.William
P.Fenn, , chief of police , Chesnut, between 23d and
Metropolitan Police Department.
The police force at present consists of five police com-
missioners, including the mayor; one chief of police,
one secretary, four captains. twenty-four sergeants,
twe hundred and forty patrolmen, two turnkeys, one
porter and one hostler; twenty of the patrolmen are
mounted police. Col.Wm.William P.Fenn, , chief of police ;
WilliamLee, , AndrewHack, , Samuel A.Turner, and
Christiankohihund, , captains ; MathiasTraunmiller, ,
johnHerring, , edwardplowman, , CharlesKick, ,
thomasO'Neill, , JuliusKessier, , JustusFinch, , Her-Koenig, . e.east M.Martin, , JosephHercules, , B. w.
Presscott, , DavidHopkins, , George L.McCreery, ,
JamesMcclure, , GeorgeErnst, , MastonGore, , Hiram
Inman, , Albert H.Cook, , DanielO'connor, , Francis
Hoefling, , LawrenceHarrigan, , HenryFranzel, and
John C.Martin, , sergents .
Police Districts and Station Houses.
The city of st. Louis is divided into four Police Districts
as follows; That portion of the city lying south of
the centre line of Chouteau av. constitutes the first
police district. The main police station of this dis-
trict is on the west side of Carondelet av. between
Soulard and Lafayette streets; the sub-station of this
distict is on the southeast corner of Lafayette Park.
That portion of the city lying between the center line
of Chouteau av. and the centre line of Washington
av. constitutes the second police district. The main
police station of this district is 220 Chesnut street;
the sub-station of this district is situated on the south
side of Laciede av. near the Wedge House. That
portion of the city lying between the centre line of
Washington av. and the centre line of Cass av. con-
stitutes the third police district. The main police sta-
tion of this district is situated on the west side of 5th
street, between Biddle and O'Fallon; the sub-station
of this district is situated on Garrison av. southwest
corner Easton av. That portion of the city north of
the centre line of Cass av. constitutes the fourth
police district. The police station of this district is
situation on 12th street, southwest corner Monroe;
there is no sub-station in this district.
Board of West Commissioners.
Office, 4th street, southeast corner Elm. Geo.George K.Budd, ,
president , 1016 Pine; A.Crozier, , St.Street Nicholas Hotel;
HenryFlad, , Barlow, cor. Gratiot; A. r.residence Bowman, , sec-
retary , Pontiac, near Grand av.; Thos.Thomas J.Whitman, ,
chief engineer , Barnum's Hotel; Joseph P.Davis, , 1st
asst. engineer , Barnum's Hotel; Willis r.residence Pritchard, ,
superintendent , 1814 Wash; W. H.Godfrey, , asses-
sor of water rates, Spring, near High; r.residence T.Brock, .
collector of water rates, 1448 Dodier. The term of
office of the present members of the board of water
commissioners expires first Monday in June, 1871.
A new board is appointed every four years.
Board of Health.
Office, east side of 6th street, between pine and Ches-
nut. I. F.Hodgen, M.D.persident , 6th, corner
Myrtle; C.Maguire, , 2d, corner Olive, and Jos. s.south
Pease, , 4th, corner Walnut, purchasing committee;
e.east F.Smith, M.D.18th, between Pine and Chesnut,
and Jes.Heitzig, M.D., Carr, near 15th, auditing
committee; r.residence H.Obrien, M.D., clerk , 2118 Cozzens;
Phil.Winte, , asst.assistant clerk ; W. W.Grissom, , health offi-
cer , 404 n.north 5th; Elijah a.Clarke, , resident physician ;
Charles J.Rasch, , manager city hospital ; JamesDen-, , meat inspector , northern district; Geo.George M.Mar-, , meat insepctor , southern district; Henry C.
Moore, , messenger .
City Dispensary.
East side 6th street, between Pine and Chestnut. Open
always. r.residence H.O'Brien, M.D.physician , 2118 Coz-
zens; r.residence A.Quarles, , asst.assistant physician ; Wm.William
L.mathews, , apothecary ; JosephSpiegelhalter, , cor-
Sec 2. The "Board of Health shall consist of five mem-
bers, three of whom shall be practicing physicians,
graduates of regular medical schools; the other two,
citizens other than physician; and all shall have
been, at the time of their appointment," "residents"
or this "city for at least five years prior to such ap-
pointment."—Act of Legislature approved March11, 1867.
GeorgeSchuster, , supervisor street Inspectors ; Fred
Hohmann, , street Inspector , 1st district; christian
Essig, , 2d district; AugustusGeneus, , 3d district;
GeorgeManning, , 4th district; FrankSchmittgens, ,
5th district. Each district embraces two of the old
wards, beginning with the 1st and 2d.
Sanitary Police.
AlbertOdenwaelder, . chief ; s.south F.Salimon, , 1st district;
GustavusKruse, , 2d district; WilliamNead, , 3d dis-
trict; LouisBurg, , 4tb district; MartinOlson, . 5th dis-
trict; DanielErnst, , 6th district. Each district em-
braces two of the new wards, beginning with the 1st
and 2d.
Managers of the House of Refuge.
Established February 28th, 1855. His Honor, the May-
or. ex-officio, 1728 Christy av.Geo.GeorgePartridge, , pres-
ident , 1618 Olive; M.Brotherton, , 1800 Olive; J. H.
Amelung, , 1630 s.south columbus; A.Niederweiser, , 415
Chesnut; Geo.GeorgeFriedrich, , 721 s.south 5th; Aug.Etling, ,
Dorcas, between 3d and 4th; J. G.Woerner, , 212 s.south
6th; —Cronenbold, .
Board of Commissioners of the Mullan-
phy Emigrant Relief Fund.
Office, 307 Locust street. His Honor, the Mayor, pres-
ident, ex-officio; MarshallBrotherton, , vice presi-
dent ; Jas. M.Carpenter, , secretary .
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Sugar Refining Company

Office: Cor. O'Fallon And Lewis Sts.

Directors —r.residence J.Lackland, , C. s.south Greeley, , JamesSmith, , Hkwry n.north
Farwell, of Boston, Jos. C.Cabot, , D. A.January, and Chas.BhLchkr, .

[missing figure]

Crushed, Powdered and Granulated
White & Yellow Coffee Sugar,
Golden Syrup
And Syrup Molasses
Always On Hand.

☞ Orders put in the box at the northeast corner of Second and Olive Streets, will recieve
prompt attention.

Edward Y.Ware, , Secretary . CharlesBelcher, , President .

Jas.Harrison, , President . JulesValle, , Vice-President . Jno.Booggs, , Secretary .

The Laclede
Iron And Manufacturing Co.company ,
Successors to Chocteac, Harrison & Valle,
No. 603 North Second Street,
Propriitors Of The
Laclede Rolling Mills,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Manufactures and Dealers in every description of
Merchant Bar, Boiler, Plate, Sheet and Hoop Iron,
Rolled r.residence r.residence Car Axles, Locomotive Frame Iron,
Boat And Railroad Spikes.

Iron Mountain Ore and Pig Iron also for Sale.

City And County Record. 85
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St.Street Louis Fire Department.
John W.Bame, , chief engineer , offloe , 216 n.north 7th; Rich-Beggs, and JacobTrice, , asst.assistant engineers : Wm.William H.
Dangler, , secretary . Steam Engine Franklin No. 1,
11th, between Wash and Carr, A. K.Hildreth, , engi-
neer . Steam Engine Onion No. 2, Franklin av. cor-
ner 23d, HenryWestennan, engineer . Steam En-
ghie Washington No. 3, 5th, between Spruce and
Almond, WilliamTrowbrtdge, , engineer . Steam En-
gine Gen. Lyon No. 4, Broadway, between Mound
and Brooklyn, OscarScudder, engineer . Steam En-
gine Missouri No. 5, 216 n.north 7th, JohnBarrett, , engi-
neer Steam Engine Underwriter No. 6, Carondelet
av. corner Park aY.IsaacThomas, , engineer , Steam
Engine Deluge No. 7, Market, between 14 and 15th,
JoelOutly, , engineer . Steam Engine Veto No. 8,
12th, corner Salisbury, P.Stewart, , engineer , Steam
Engine J. P.Thornton, No 9, Easton, corner Barton,
SamuelBuchanan, engineer . Steam Engine Hamp-Woodruff, No. 10, Pratte av. corner Estelle, John
Bavley, , engineer . Hook and Ladder Company, 216
n. 7th.
Fire Alarm Telegraph.
Directions—If a fire is discovere in your vicinity, go
to the nearest box, pull the hook all the way down,
and immediately release it; wait a few minutes, and
if you hear no tap in the box or alarm from the
bells, pull the hook again ; if still no tapping in the
box or alarm from the bells, go to the next nearest
box and pull the hook as before. If convenient wait
at the box and direct the fireman to the fire. Com-
plaints concerning the working of the Fire Alarm
Telegraph, irregualr striking of the bells or tapping
of the boxes, broken wires, etc., should in all cases
be made at the Fire Alarm office, Court House.
Location Of Stations.
1—Biddle, se.southeast cor.corner Levee
2—Cherry, se.southeast cor.corner Levee
3— Carr, nw.northwest cor.corner Main.
4—O'Fallon, Be.cnr.corner Lewis.
5— Cherry, sw.southwest cor.corner Second.
6—Broadway, nwnorthwest , cor.corner Franklin avenue.
7—New City Market, Broadway, cor.corner Biddle.
8—Columbia, se.southeast cor.corner Broadway.
9— Cass avenue, ne.northeast cor.corner Eighth.
12—Biddle, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventh.
13—Wash, se.southeast cor.corner Sixth.
14—Green, nw.northwest cor.corner Sixth.
15—Wash.sw.southwest cor.corner Fighth,
16—Morgan, sw.southwest cor.corner Ninth.
17—Franklin Engine House, Eleventh street.
18—O'Fallon, nw.northwest cr. Ninth.
19—O'Fallon, sw.southwest cor.corner High.
21—Franklin avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Twelfth.
23—Eleventh, nw.northwest corcorner Green.
24—Fifteenth, sw.southwest cor.corner Franklin avenue.
25—Carr, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourteenth.
26—Locust, se.southeast cor.corner Third.
27—Walnut, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
28—Main, se.southeast cor.corner Plum.
31—Washington avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Fourth.
32—Washington avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
34—Locust, cor.corner Levee.
35—Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
36—Chestnut, cor.corner Levee.
37—Chestnut street Police Station.
41—Pine, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
42—Locust, sw.southwest cor.corner fifth.
43—Hook and Ladder House, Seventh street.
45—Missouri engine House, Washington avenue.
46—Locust, ne.northeast cor.corner Ninth.
51—Olive, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
52—Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner fourteenth.
53—Deluge Engine House, Market, cor.corner Fifteenth.
54—Market, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
61—Chesnut, ne.northeast cor.corner Tenth.
62—Market, sw.southwest cor.corner Eighth.
63—Walnut, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
64—Myrtle, cor.corner Levee
71—elm, sw.southwest cor.corner Third.
72—Elm, se.southeast cor.corner Seventh.
73—Clark avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Tenth.
81—Spruce, sw.southwest cor.corner Fourteenth
82—Washington Engine House, Fifth, cor.corner Almond.
91—Almond, nw.northwest cor.corner Main.
121—Chouteau avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourteenth.
123—Orchard, sw.southwest cor.corner Barlow.
124—Gratiot, nw.northwest cor.corner Seventh.
125—Plum, se.southeast cor.corner Fourth.
126—Chouteau avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
127—Lombard, sw.southwest cor.corner third.
131—convent, nw.northwest cor.corner Second.
132—Underwriter Engine House, Carondelet avenue.
134—Hickory, sw.southwest cor.corner Eighth.
135—Hickory, sw.southwest cor.corner Grattan.
136—Hickory, nw.northwest cor.corner Laveille.
141—Rutger, sw.southwest corcorner Ninth.
142—Park avenue, sesoutheast cor.corner Menard.
143—Fulton, nw.northwest cor.corner Marlon.
145—Jackson, se.southeast eor. Marlon
151—Carondetet, ne.northeast cor.corner Lafayette.
152—Decatur, sw.southwest cor.corner Soulard.
153—Rosatti, sw.southwest cor.corner soulard.
154—Geyer avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Rosatti.
161—Ann anvenue, se.southeast cor.corner Menard.
162—Ann avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Seventh.
163—Lesperance, sw.southwest cor.corner DeKalb.
164—Buena Vista, cor.corner Eliza.
171—Columbus, nw.northwest cor.corner Lami.
172—Thornton Engine House, Barton, cor.corner Easton.
181—sidney, sw.southwest cor.corner Columbus.
212—Lynch, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventh.
213—Carondelet avnue, sw.southwest cor.corner Pestalozzi.
214—Carondelet avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Wall.
215—Gravois road, near Jefferson avenue.
216—Emmett, cor.corner Linn.
217—Soulard, ne.northeast cor.corner Linn.
218—Inside the St. Louis Arsenal.
231—Park avenue, cor.corner Second Carondelet avenue.
232—Chouteau avenue, cor.corner Missouri avenue.
234—Adolph, sw.southwest cor.corner Clark avenue.
335—Market, cor.corner Eighteenth.
241—Clark avenue, ne.northeast cor.corner Sixteenth.
242—Pine, se.southeast cor.corner Seventeenth.
243—Washington avnue, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventeenth.
245—Cass avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Sixteenth.
251—Biddle, ne.northeast cor.corner Sixteenth.
252—Franklin avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Seventeenth.
253—Blind Asylum, Morgan, cor.corner Twentieth.
254—Wash.sw.southwest cor.corner Twentieth.
261—Biddle, nw.northwest cor.corner Ninteenth.
262—O'Fallon, se.southeast cor.corner Twenty-second.
271—Union Engine House, Twenty-third, cor.corner Franklin214
312—Carr, se.southeast cor,corner Twenty-fourth.
313—Pratte avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Morgan.
314—Pratte aveneu, sw.southwest cor.corner Olive.
315—Clark avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Naomi.
316—Clark avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Emily.
321—Wedge House, west end Market street.
323—Leffingwelll avenue, cor.corner Washington avenue.
324—Garrison avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Easton.
325—Franklin avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Alby.
341—Mullanphy, ne.northeast cor.corner Main.
342—Lyon Engine House, Broadway.
343—Howard, ne.northeast cor.corner Tenth.
345—Cass avenue, nenortheast cor.corner Thirteenth.
351—Mullanphy, cor.corner Sixteenth.
352—Madison, se.southeast cor.corner Fourteenth.
353—Brooklyn, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
361—Chambers, ne.northeast cor.corner tenth.
362—Sturgeon Market, Broadway.
363—Benton, se.southeast cor.corner Eleventh.
371—North Market, ne.northeast cor.corner Fourteenth.
372—Warren, se.southeast cor.corner Fifteenth.
373—Spring, nw.northwest cor.corner Tenth.
381—Harrison, nw.northwest cor.corner Broadway.
382—Buchanan, se.southeast cor.corner Ninth.
383—Salisbury, nw.northwest cor.corner Broadway.
384—Veto Engine House, Salisbury, cor.corner Twelfth.
385—Salisbury, nw.northwest cor.corner Kossuth.
386—Angelica, se.southeast cor.corner Broadway.
Board of Fire Engineers.
Chas. W.Gottschalk, , chairman ; William H.Dangler, ,
secretary ; GeorgeFrederick, , AugustEttling, , e.east
Wells, , Hy. n.north Parker, and Charles W.Gottschalk, .
Board meets first Thursday of every mouth at 216 n.north
Ward Boundaries.
First Ward— Embraces all that part of the city south
of a line beginning at a point on the Levee running
west along the centre of Barton street, to Carondelet
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[missing figure]

Dimmitt'S Cough Balsam,
For the Relief and Permanent Cure of
Coughs And Colds.

For Sale by all Druggists. Price 50 Cents.

Manufactoreo By The Sole Proprietor,
MarcellusDimmitt, ,
Druggist And Chemist ,
s.south e.east Cor. 7th and Olive Sts., - - - - St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Liberal Discount Made To The Trade.☜

Geo.George 0.Wolff, . Geo.George A.Hynes, .

Wolff & Hynes ,
Importers Of
Brandies, Wines, Gins. &c.
And Wholesale Dealers In
Pure Bourbon County
Copper Distilled Whisky,
Cigars And Tobacco,
No. 4 Levee, City Buildings,
Between Market And Walnut,
Saint Louis, Mo.

☞Particular attention paid to City and Country Trade.

☞Choice Liquors for Family Use.

City And County Record. 87
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avenue, down Carondelet avenue to Victor street, out
victor street to shenandoah street, out Shenandoah
street to city boundary.
Second Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
north of the 1st wared and south of a line beginning at
a point on the levee running west out along lafayette
street to Linn street, up linn to lafayette avenue,
out Lafayette avenue west to city boundary.
Third Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 2d ward and south of a line begin-
ning at a point on the levee and running west along
Rutger street to s.south 9th street. up s.south 9th street to Hick-
ory street, out Hickory west to Grattan street, down
Grattan to park avenue, out park avenue west to the
city boundary.
Fourth Ward—Embraces al that portion of the city
lying north of the 3d ward and south of a line begin-
ning at a point on the levee and running west out
along plum street to s.south 4th street, down s.south 4th street to
Cerre street, out Cerre street west to Randolph street,
out Randolph, street west to s.south 14th street, down 14th
street to the Pacific Railroad, out along the Pacific
Railroad west to the city boundary.
Fifth ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 4th ward and south of a line begin-
ning at a point on the levee and running west out
along Market street west to s.south 10th street, down s.south 10th
street to Clark avenue, out Clark avenue west to the
city boundary.
Sixth Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 5th ward and south of a line begin-
ning at a point on the levee and running west out
along Locust to the city boundary.
Seventh Ward—Embraces all that portionof the city
lying north of the 6th ward and west and south of a
line beginning at the intersection of Locust and 13th
streets and running north to Christy avenue, out
Christy avenue west to n.north 15th street, up n.north 15th
street north to Wash street, out Wash street, west to
n. 17th street, up n.north 17th street north to Carr street,
out Carr street, west to Jefferson avenue, up Jefferson
avenue north to Stoddard street, out Stoddard street
west to Glasgow aveneu, up Glasgow avenue north ot
Gamble street, out Gamble street west to the intersec-
tion of Garrison avenue and st. Charles road, out St.
Charles road west to the intersection of Webster ave-
nue, and from this point the line runs west by south-
west to the city boundary.
Eighth Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 6th ward and east of the 7th ward
and south of a line beginning at a point on the levee
and running west out along Carr street to Broadway,
down Broadway to Wash street, and out Wash street
to the intersection of n.north 15th street.
Ninth Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city lying
north of the 7th and 8th wards and west and south of
a line beginning at the intersection of Wash and 10th
streets, running up 10th street north to Howard
street, out Howard street west on a direct line to n.north
18th street, down n.north 18th street south to Cass av. out
Cass av. west to city boundary.
Tenth Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 8th ward and east of the 9th ward
and south of a line beginning at the intersection of
10th and howard streets and running north to Cham-
bers street, down Chambers street to the rivers edge.
Eleventh Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 9th and 10th wards and south of a
line beginning at a point on the Levee and running
west out along spring street to 10th street, up 10th
street to Herbert street, out herbert street west to city
Twelfth Ward—Embraces all that portion of the city
lying north of the 11th ward.
County Organization.
County Court of St,. Louis County.
Regular Terms on the 3d Monday of each month. Of-
fice, Court House. Benj.Charles, , presiding Justice ;
David C.coleman, , county clerk ; F. C.Schoenthaler, ,
deputy clerk .
First District—Comprises the whole of Carondelet
township, and all that portion of Central township
situated south of Clayton road. Thomas M.Brannon, ,
justice .
Second District—Comprises the whole of the present
township of Bonbomme and Meramec. Robert c.
Allen, , justice .
Third District—Comprises all of Central township
situated north of Clayton road, and the whole of st.
Ferdinand township. James s.south Farrar, , Justice .
Fourth District—Comprises the whole 1st, 2d
and 3d wards of St. Louis city and all that portion of
St. Louis township south of a line running due west
to the western boundary of said township, from the
northwest corner of the 3d ward, as at present con-
stituted. Ferd. W.Cronenbold, , justice .
Fifth District—Comprises the whole of the 4th, and
5th wards of St. Louis city, and that portion of st.
louis township lying north of the 4th district, and
south of a line running due west from the northwest
corner of the 5th ward, to the western limits of said
township. John F.Long, , justice .
Sixth District—Comprises the whole of the 6th, 7th
and 8th wards of St. Louis city, and that portion of
the township embraced within the limits of the line
defining the northern boundary of the 5th district, and
a line running due west from the northwest corner of
the 8th ward, to the westren limits of St. Louis town-
ship. Thomas J.Dailey, , justice .
Seventh District—Comprises the whole of the 9th and
10th wards of St. Louis city, and the reminder of St.
Louis township. BenjaminCharles, , justice .
Assessors—For State, county and city — Office,
room 21 court house; Robert J.Rombauer, , presi-
dent of the board ; HermanBleeck, , chief clerk ;
LeonardZwanziger, , draughtsman ; A.albert, , Fr.
Annecke, , J. J.Morand, , h.Nlemeyer, , Charles
Kautriner, , ErnstSchmidt, , Fr.Thomas, , T. M.Green, ,
Fred.Cratz, , Fr.Dolles, , J.Loisseau, , D. M.Keeler,
and Chas. VonSoden, , clerks .
WilliamSievers, , 1st district; RobertLange, , 2d dis-
trict; Robert C.Hoggins, , 3d district; Theodore
Wilkins, , 4th district; richardMollincott, , 5th dis-
trict; james K.McKenna, , 6th district; DavidStein, ,
7th district, St. Ferdinand township; George W.
Brouster, , 8th district, Central township; William J.
Smith, , 9th district, bonhomme township; Herman
Steines, , 10th district, Meramec township; Chas.Mehl,
jr., 11th district, Carondelet township; william O.
Bleeck, , 12th district, St. Louis township.
Assessment Districts—first District—That
part of the city of St. Louis south of Lafayette street
and Lafayette avenue.
Second District—South of Plum and Cerre streets
and the Pacific Railroad, and north of Lafayette street
and avenue.
Third District—South of Lucas place and Locust street
and Olive street plank road from Ware avenue to city
limmits, and north of Plum and Cerre streets and the
Pacific railroad.
Fourth District—south of Carr Street from River to
Broadway, Wash steet, from Braodway to 17th
street, Carr street, form 17th street to Pratte avenue,
Stoddard street, form Pratte to Glasgow avenues
Gamble street from Galsgow avenue to St. Charles
raod and thence 9th ward limits to city limit and
north of the northern line of the 3d assessment district.
Fifth District—South of Chambers street from River
to 10th street, Howard street from 10th street, to 18th
street, and Cass avenue from 18th street to city limits
and north of the northern line of the 4th assessment
Sixth District—North of the northern line of the 5th
assessment district.
Seventh District—St. Ferdinand township.
Eighth District—Central township.
Ninth District—Bonhomme township.
Tenth District—Meramec township.
Eleventh District—Carondelet township.
Twelfth District—St. Louis township.
county Officers.
County Treasurer —John t.Fisla, . Office, Court House.
County Auditor —Win. H.Heath, . Office, Court House.
County Recorder —JuliusConrad, . Deputies —Antho-steffens, , AdrianTetard, and James P.Wilton, .
County Marshal —BernardLaibold, .
County Architect — ——, , Assistant —Ed.Morti-, .
County Engineer —C. e.east Salomon, , Office, Court
House, Assistant —Wm.WilliamEimbeck, .
Sheriff —JohnMcNell, . Deputies —John s.south Wilkins, ,
Theo.LaBaume, , LouisHoly, , LouisSchween, , Courad
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JohnBannon, ,
Steamboat Bakery,
No. 524 North Commercial Street,
Bet. Washington Av. and Vine Street,
Rear of Lockwood & Wider's
Boat Store,
St. Louis.

[missing figure]

F.Renz, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
Cutlery, Tin and Japanned Ware,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron
No. 212 Market Street,
Between Second and Third Streets,
St. Louis.

DanielKerwin, ,
Black Smith ,
Manufacturer of every description of
Machine, Railroad, Bridge and Car Bolts,
R. e.east Spikes, Mauls, Pinch Burs, Claw liars, Crow Bars, Picks, Quarry
Drills, Turn Table Irons, Wrought Iron Frogs, Wheel Stirrups,
Flange and Circle Bolts, Anchors, &e.east ,
No. 806 North. Levee,
Bat. Cherry and Morgan, St. Louis, Mo.

FrankDevine, . John e.east Hagerty, .

[missing figure]

Devine & Hagerty ,
Rigging And Sail Loft,
No. 122 Commercial Street, cor.corner of Pine,
(up stairs,) Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

New Blocks of all sizes, Tarpaulins. Tents, Wagon Covers, Flags, &c., constantly on hand.

Steamboat Rigging and Rope Splicing of all kinds done with despatch. Old work neatly repaired.

☞ Orders Solicited And Promptly Attended To.☜

City And County Record. 89
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Zigler, , Geo.George n.north Stevens, , A.Valentine, , Louis T.La-, , PeterBischoff, , JamesOwens, , Jacob L.
Weyand, and eugeneAlcan, .
County Surveyor —JuliusPitzman, .
General Raod Superintendent —JohnAlt, . Office, Court
County Attorney —Henry A.Clover, .
County Collector —Edward s.south rowse, . Office, Court
House. Deputies —Wm.William e.east Raynor, , J. r.residence Howard, ,
AndrewBrown, , Wm.William C.Lyman, , r.residence M.Hutuwa, , W.
H.hamilton, G. H.Guenther, , J. C.Broadwell, , Ira
M.Bond, , JuliusGlade, and Charles W.Beehler, .
Inspector of the Poor —John H.Tice, . Office, Court
county Superintendent of Public schools —a. w.
Murphy, .
Collector of Dram Shop Licenses —Bernard F.Dailley, .
Office, Court House. Deputies —Jno.O'Counnel, and
M.Lacy, .
Jury Commissioner —Ed.Wlash, . Office, Court House.
Physician County Jail —P. J.Lingenfelder, .
Physician County farm —Dr.H. t.Leffingwell, .
Superintendent County Farm —Iasiah c.Brown, . As-
sistant —A.Hamback, .
Matron County Farm —Mrs.Susan e.east Brown, .
Janitor Court House —Capt.Jamesquigley, .
Keeper of Rotunds —EdwardFoley, .
Watchman at Court House —MichaelQuigley, .
County Jailor —Emilthomas, .
Justices of the Peace.
1st ward—CharlesPicker, .
2nd Ward—LeviBlock, .
3d Ward—Wm.WilliamKeating, .
4th Ward—JohnJecko, .
5th Ward—John H.Cunningham, .
6th Ward—Samuel C.Lawrence, .
7th Ward—Charles F.Walther, .
8th Ward—Wm.WilliamAndre, .
9th Ward—Wm.WilliamPowers, .
10th Ward—PhilipStremmel, .
St.Street Louis Township—EdwardCoons, and a. W.Eber-, .
St. Ferdinand Township—CharlesCastello, and silas
Town of Bridgton—Richard M.Tancill, .
Bonhomme Township—LouisStrothkamp, and William
J.Smith, .
Carondelet township—thomas W.Levant, , and John
F.Fassen, .
Meramec Township—HermanSteines, and HenryDrein-, .
Central Township—Edward C.Krausnick, and Arthur
Latham, .
Supereme Court of the Unite States—The
Supreme Court is held in the city of Washington, D.
C., and has one session annually, commencing on the
first Monday in December. Salmon P.chase, , of
Ohio, Chief justice ; DavidDavis, , of Illinois, Noah n.north
Swayne, , of Ohio, Samuel F.Miller, , of Iowa, Samuel
Nelson, , of New York, Robert C.Grier, , of Pennsly-
vania, Nathanclifford, , of Maine, and Stephen j.
Field, , of California, associate judges .
Circuit Courts—The United States are divided into
nine Judicial Districts, in each of which a cirouit
Court is held twice every year for each state within
the Circuit, and by the district judge of the state or
District in which the Court sits. The State of Mis-
souri is attached to the Eighth Circuit, and divided
into two Districts, the Eastern and Western. The
Circuit Court and District court for the Eastern dis-
trict are held in st. Louis. the district Court for
the western District is held in Jefferson City. There
is but one Circuit Court, embracing both districts.
United States Circuit Court—Place of holding
Court, Custom House building. Hon.Honorable Samuel f.
Miller, , presiding judge ; Hon.Honorable Samueltreat, and
Hon.Honorable A.Krekel, , associate judges ; Benj. F.Hick-, clerk . Terms—First Mondays in April and
United States Distric Court—Hon.Honorable Samuel
Treat, , judge ; John W.Noble, , district attorney ; Benj.
F.Hickman, , clerk ; J. B.rogers, , marshal . Terms—
Regular stated, third Mondays in February, May and
November. Place of bolding court, custom House
building. Admiralty return terros, first Monday of
each month. Place of holding Court, custome House
Supreme Court of the State of Missouri—
Hon.Honorable DavidWagner, , of Marion county, Hon.Honorable Thos.Thomas
C.Fagg, , of Pike county, and Hon.Honorable NathanielHolmes, ,
of St. Louis, judges ; O. T.Fishback, , of St. Louis,
clerk ; O. s.south Fuller, , of St. Louis, Marshal . Terms—
At St. Louis, third Monday in March and October.
At Jefferson City, second Monday in january and
first Monday in July. At St. Joseph, third Mondays
in February and August. Assignments of errors
must be filed on or before the first day on which
causes from the same circuit are set for hearing.
Joinders to be filed within four days after the filling of
assignments. Court room, No. 8 south wing, second
Circuit Court—SamuelReber, , president judge ;
Charles B.Lord, and Roderick e.east Rombauer, , associate
judges ; JohnLewis, , clerk ; e.east P.Walsh, , Robert
Brent, , CharlesLevy, J.Thornburgh, and Patrick
McDonald, , deputies ; Alphonse F.Perrier, and Philip
Stock, , assistant clerks . Terms—First Mondays in Feb-
ruary, April, June, October and December.
Probate Court—Hon.Honorable NathanielMcDonald, ,
judge ; Wm.William e.east Wagner, , clerk ; A. A.Osgood, , deputy
clerk . March 2d, Court meets; February 29th last
day for service of notice; March 5th, 12th and 19th
docket called; May 21st, last day for sersing notices
for June term. June 1st, Court meets; June 4th,
11th and 18th, docket called; Auguast 27th, last day
for serving notices for september term. September7th, court meets; September 10th, 17th and 24th,
docket called; November 26th, last day for serving
notices for December term. December 7th, Court
meets; December 10th, 17th and 24th, docket called.
Court room, No. 4 east wing, first story, Clerk's
office, No. 3 east wing, first story.
Criminal Court—Hon.Honorable WilsonPrimm, , judge ;
Chas. P.Johnson, , circuit attorney ; Wm.WilliamKreiter, ,
assistant circuit attorney ; Peter P.Dailey, , clerk ;
Edward J.Drewer, and DanielPhelan, , deputies .
Court meets first Mondays in January, March, May,
July, September and November. A Grand Jury,
consisting of from sixteen to twenty three citizens,
is sworn at each term. Appeals from justices of the
peace and from the city recorder must be filed on or
before the first day of the term to insure docketing
for trial at such term. Applications for naturaliza-
tion of foreigners must be made immediately upon
the opening of the Court—that is, at 10 a.m. Court
room, south wing, east side. Clerk's office, south
wing, east side.
Court of Criminal Correction—C. D.Wolff, ,
judge ; J. P.Colcord, , prosecuting attorney ; Jno. F.
Doerbaum, , clerk ; Jno. C.Farney, and LewisCustar, ,
deputies . Court meets daily at 9 a.m. (Sundays ex-
cepted). Motion day, every Saturday. Applications
for naturalizationof foreigners must be made imme-
diately upon the opening of said court, r.residence e.east , 9 a.m.
clerk's office, room 25 Court House, south wing.
County Court—Regualr terms, on the third Mou-
day of each month.
Horse Railroads.
Missouri Railroad Company—From corner
4th and Market streets to Summit and clark avenues;
also, from 4th and Olive streets to Grand avenue.
Office, Market, near 19th street. ErastusWells, ,
president ; Wm.William D.Henry, , secretary ; Alfred W.
Henry, , superintendent .
Poeple's Line—From corner 4th and Morgan
streets to Lafayette park. Office, western terminus
of raod,southeast corner Park and Mississippi ave-
nues. Jno. H.Lightner, , president ; W. B.Ryder, ,
secretary ; s.southBrock, , superintendent .
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J. O.Farbell, .,
Manufacturer Of
Damascus Tempered
Carriage, Mill And Railroad Springs,
From Wm. Jessop & Son'S
Celebrated English Steel,
(Patentee of Farrell's Express Wagons,)
No. 1429 North Tenth Street,
Between O'Fallon and Cass Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

☞Strict attention paid to Repairing. All work Warranted. Orders received and Salesroom
at Henry Bakewell & Son, Corner Main and Morgan Streets.

Geo.George n.north Lynch, ,

[missing figure]

Undertaker ,
No. 608 Olive Street,
Between Sixth And Seventh,
saint louis, - - - - missouri.

Office Open Night And Day.

n.north 0.Champagne, . B. W.Anders0N, .

n.north 0, Champagne & Co.company ,
Dealers In
Choice Staple And Fancn Groceries
Foreign And Domestic
Brandies & Wines, Ale, Porter, Pickles, Sauces, &c.

n. W.northwest Cob. Seventh And Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

City And County Record. 91
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St. Louis Railroad Line—From Arsenal to
Bremen. Office,Broadway, corner Salisbury. Jobn
F.Madison, , president ; EdwardSpahr, , secretary and
treasurer .
Citizen's Railroad Line—From Franklin av.
corner Marpran. to Three Mile House. Office, western
terminus of road. B. GratzBrown, , president ; Geo.George
Kauf bold, , secretary and treasurer ; ThomasGart-, , superintendent .
The Lindell Railway Compani—Yellow
cars run from 3d, corner Washington av. to Garrison
av. out Wahingum ay. Blue cars run from 3d, cor-
ner Washington av. to Summit av. via 14th and Chou-
teau av. Office, Washington av. Southweat corner 3d.
DwightDurkee, , president H. G.Bohn, , Superintend-
Ent ; L. s.south Brotherton, , secretary .
Union Railroad Line—From 4th, comer Lo-
cust, to Hyde Park. Office, 2812 n.north 16th. B. Gratz
Brown, , president and treasurer ; YoderBrown, , sec-
retary .
Fair Grounds and Suburban Company.
—From Half way House to Fair Groundp aud Abbey
Track, anA to Caroline av, B. GratzBrown, , pres-
ident : GenrgeKautbold, , secretary aud treasurer ;
Thos.ThomasGartland, , superintendent .
Bellefonlatne Railroad—From 3d, corner
Washington av. to Hyde Park, via 10th, 11th and
Washington av. Office, 10th, cor, Herbert, Hon.Honorable
John M.Krum, , president ; SilasBent, , Esq. vice
president ; George W.Alexander, , superintendent ;
Jno.Way, , assistant Superintendent D. L.Ruth, ,
secretary and treasurer .
Tower Grove and Laftyette Railroad—
Office, name as People'n RailroRd. Jno. H.Lightner, ,
president ; W. B,Ryder, , secretary ; s.southBrock, , super-
intendent . Green cars run from 4th, corner Morgan
to Anna. ria 2d and 3d. Red cars run from 4th, cor.corner
ner Morgan, to Lafayette Park, ria Soulard and Car-
rol. Also branch road running from Lafayette Park
to Grand av. out Lafayette av.
Foreign Consuls In St. Louis.
Bavaria—RobertBarth, , corml . Chesnut, cor.corner 2d.
Baden—BobertBarth, , convul , Chesnut, cor.corner 2d.
Astria—RobertBarth, , vice-consul , Chesnut, cor. 2d.
Brunswick—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, Cor. 2d.
Belgium—Peler J.Hurck, , consul , 217 n.north 3d, office, 229
Denmark—John H.Sehuetze, , consul , 608 a. Main.
Hesse Darmstadt—e.east C.Angelrodt, , consul general ,
and RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
Mecklenburg Scawzaty—RobertBarth, , consu Ches-
nut, comer 2d.
Netherland—B. B.Haagsma, , consul 216 n Main.
Norwat—John e.east Schuette, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Oldenburg—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
Piedmont—L.Paris, , consul , 507 n.north 4th.
Prussia—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, comer 2d,
Russia—John E,Schuetze, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Sweden—John e.east Schuette, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Sardinia—L.Paris, , consul , 507 n.north 4th.
Switzerland—JullusLaue, , 22 a. Main.
Saxe Alternburg—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, cor-
ner 2d.
Saxe Coburg Gotha—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut,
corner 2d.
Saxe WxrmAx—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner
Wurtemberg—RobertBarth, , Consul , Chesnut, corner
Saxony—e.east 0.Angelrodt, , consul general , and Robert
Barth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
U.S.United States Offices In St. Louis.
Custom House Department—3d, southeast
corner Olive. s.south M.Breckinridge, , surveyor and act-
ing collector : Hy. P.Wyman, , special deputy survey-
or and acting collector ; NelsonYoung, , deputy col-
lector ; Chas.Wyman, , cashier ; Major J. e.east cou-, , inspector ; William C.Bonner, , r.residence e.east McNeely,
and Richard HChute, , clerks ; HenryUebal, , ware-
houseman ; John HenrySteffen, , porter .
Collector of Internal Revenue—Office, 212
n. 3d. Office hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.Barton
Able, , collector ; F. W.Matthias, , T. F.Childs, , Henry
C.Wright, and CalvinGunn, , deputy collectors ; Rich-wright, , revenue inspector ; Jno. A.Ladd, , Jnl.Bu-, , M. W.Doyle, . RichardRoman, and J. T.Sands, ,
Clerks . All persons owing duties or taxes under the
Internal Revenue act, are required to pay the same
as follows:
License Duties—Within five days after the application
is signed.
Income Tax—Within ten days after the return is made
to the Assessor.
Distillers of coal Oil—Between the 20th and last of each
Auctioneers—Between the 10th and 20th of each month.
Manufacturers—Between the 20th and last day of each
Railorads, Steamers, Boats and Bridges—On the
first of each month, or within five days thereafter.
The penalties imposed by law for falling to make pay-
ments, as above stated, hereafter will be strictly en-
Assessor First District of Missouri—Of-
fice, No. 210 n.north 3d. Theophilepapin, , assessor . Hen-hess, , assistant assessor , 1st division, office, Caron-
delet av. corner Ann.Christinavockrodt, , 2d divis-
ion. office, 1341 carondelet av. near park av.Alfred
DeLaureal, , 3d division, office, 3d, cor. Lombard.n.north
W.Merrill, , 4th division, office, 210 n.north 3d.Wm.William T.
Maginnis, and Theo. F.Tesson, , 5th division, office, 210
n. 3d.J. A.Hardin, and V. L.Cropsey, , 6th division
office, 210 n.north 3d.john B.Hall, , 7th division, office,
210 n.north 3d.ThomasCuddy, , 8th division, office, east
side 5th between Wash and Franklin av.Dan.
O'Madigan, , 9th division office, 1204 Broadway. Au-Brazean, , 10th division, office, 2504 Broadway.
James T.wilson, , 11th division, office, 210 n.north 3d.A.
Peting, , 12th division, office, at the office of Justice
Herbel, Carondelet. John L.Stockwell, , 13th divis-
ion, office, 2504 Broadway. Office hours, from 10 a.
m. to 12½ p.m. The first ten divisions correspond to
the respective (old) wards of the city; the 11th em-
braces the cotton, steamboat, trustee, auction sales
and leagacy returns; the 12th, Bonhomme, Merameo
and Carondelet townships; the 13th, Central, St.
Louis and St. Ferdinand townships.
Assistant Treasurer United States—Of-
fice, Olive, under Post Office. A. G.Edwards, , assist-
ant treasurer ; Emil A.Meysenburg, , chief clerk ;
edwardswhittakers, , paying teller ; H. B.alexan-, , bookkeeper ; Theo. s.south Spielman, , assistant book-
keeper ; Samuel e.east Snead, , currency clerk ; Patrick
Grogan, and DanielKelcher, , day watchmen ; William
F.Thorn, and MichaelMcDermott, , night watchmen .
U.S.United States Marshal—Office, Custom House building.
Col.J. B.Rogers, , marshal ; z. e.east Thomas, and J.
W.Morgan, , deputies ; James M.Edgar, , clerk .
Steamboat Inspection Office—Daniel G.
Taylor, , supervising inspector ; EdwardMorgan, and
PeterVanderwort, , inspectors .
Headquarters Military Division of the
Missouri—East side of 4th, between Green and
Washington av.Lieut. Gen. W. T.Sherman, , com-
manding ; w. A.Nichols, , Asst. Adjt. Gen. and Bvt.
Maj. Gen. U.S.United States Army. Division Staff—Bvt.
Maj. Gen. W. A.Nichols, , Adjt. Gen. M.d. Mo.;
Lieut. Col. L. M.Dayton, , Military Secretary , Capt.
7th Cavalry; Lieut. col. J. C.McCoy, , Aide-de-Camp,
2d Lieut. 2d infantry; Lieut. col, j. c.audenried,
Aide-de-Camp, Capt. 6th Cavalry, Bvt. Lieut. Col.
U. s.south A.; Bvt. Maj. Gen. r.residence B.Marcy, , Inspector
General M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Maj. gen. J. L.Donald-, , chief quartermaster , M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Brig-
Gen. T. J.Haines, , Chief Commissary , M.d. Mo.;
Bvt. col. w. e.east Merrill, , U.S.United States Engineers, Engineer
Officer , M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Brig. Gen. F. D.Callender, ,
Chief of Ordnance , M.D. Mo.
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r.residence W. Murphy & Co.company ,
Manufactures of
News And Book Paper,
Wrapping Paper and Paper Bags,
And Dealers in
Cotton And Woolen Rags,
No. 109 Pine Street,
St. Louis, - - - Missouri.

n.north B.---Cash for Rags---Paper made to Order.

HoraceHolton, ,
Wholesale Dealer In
Military Clothing,
Tents, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins,
No. 4 City Buildings,
St. Louis, Missouri.

Christ.Neef, ,
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Constantly On Hand,
Southwest corner Second and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Missouri.

F.Herold, . GeorgeLuebs, .

Cherokee Brewery,
Cherokee Street,
Between Ohio and Iowa,
Herold & Loebs , Proprietors ,
St.Street Louis, Missouri.

City And County Record. 93
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Paymaster U.S.United States Army—Office, east side 4th,
near Washington av.Nathan W.Brown, , Col. and
deputy paymaster general .
Agent for Paying Army and Navy Pen-
sion—Office, 25 s.south 3d.e.east B.Brown, , agent .
Commissary Department—Office, 1011 n.north
Main. Bvt. Brig. Gen. Jno. W.Turner, , commissary
of subsistence ; Bvt. Brig. Gen. t. j.Maines, , chief
commissary .
Depot of the Assistant Medical Pur-
veyor, U.S.United States A.—Depot, 935 n.north Main street;
Col.H. H.Abadie, , assistant medical purveyor ; A.
V.Cherbinnier, , medical storekeeper .
Post Office Department.
Washington, D.C.Alexander W.Randall, , of
Wisconsin, post master general .
Office of Appointments and Foreign
Mails—St.Street John L.Skinner, , 1st assistant post
master general .
Office of Mail Contracts, Inspection of
Mail Service and Mail Depedations—
George WilliamMcLeallan, , of Massachusetts, 2d assis-
tant post master general ; Eben L.Childs, of New
Hampshire, principal clerk .
Office of Finance, Postage Stamps and
Dead Letters—A. n.north Zevely, , of North Carolina,
3d assistant post master .
Auditor of the Treasury for the Post
Office Department—H. J.Anderson, , auditor .
Money Order Office—C. F.McDonald, , super-
intendent .
Post Office Of St. Louis.
Office, 3d street, se. cor. Olive; Gen.J. s.south Fullerton, ,
Post master ; H.Fullerton, jr., assistant post master ;
e.east r.residence Beach, , local mail agent ; A. U.Ross, , cashier ;
Col.DavidMurphy, , special agent post office depart-
ment for the state of Missouri; office, in post office
The Post Office is open daily, except Sundays, from 7
a. m. to 6 p.m. On Sundays, from 12 to 1 p.m.
Closing of Mails.
For Europe, via New York, daily at 1.45 p.m. and 7.20
and 12 p.m.
Eastern mail, via Terre Haute and Indiana Railroad,
2.15 and 12 p.m.
Cincinnati and Louisville mail, via Ohio and Mississippi
Railroad and Illinois Central Railroad, 1.30 and 12
p. m.
Chicago mail, via St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad,
2.30 and 12 p.m.
Jacksonville, Quincy and Keokuk, 2.30 p.m.
Cairo mail, via Ohio and Mississippi and Illinois Cen-
tral Railroads, 4.45 and 12 p.m.
Belleville mail, 3 and 12 p.m.
New Orleans and Memphis mails, via Cairo, Ill., 4.45
and 12 p.m.
Terre Haute Railroad, through and way mails, 1.45 and
7.20 p.m.
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad way mail, Chicago Rail-
road way mail, 12 p.m.
North Illinois Central Railroad, way and through mails,
12 p.m.
South Illinois Central Railroad, way and through mails,
12 p.m.
St.Street Joseph, Mo., mail, via North Missouri Railroad and
Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, and North Missouri
Railroad way mails, 12 p.m.
Denver City, Colorado, Great Salt Lake City, Utah and
sen Francisco, California, daily, Saturday excepted,
via Pacific Railroad and overland route, 2.30 p.m.
Washington, Herman, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Kansas
City, Pleasant Hill, Warrensburg and Leavenworth
mail, via Pacific Railroad 2.30 and 12 p.m.
Iron Mountain Railroad, way and through mails, 12 p.m.
Pacific Railroad, way and through mails, 12 p.m.
Edwardsville, Ill, mail, daily, 12 p.m.
Chester, Ill., mail, daily, 12 p.m.
Collinsville, Ill., mail, 12 p.m.
Waterloo, Ill., mail, daily, 12 p.m.
Melrose, Mo., mail, tri-weekly, Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, 12 p.m.
Bonhomme, Mo., semi-weekly, Monday and Friday, 12
p. m.
Santa Fe and New Meico mail, tri-weekly, via Pacific
Railroad, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2.30 p.m.
Sunday, Mails.—For Chicago, Cincinnati, Louis-
ville, Cairo, New York and the East, close at 1 p.m.
Through mails for Jefferson City, Sedalia, Pleasant Hill,
Warrenburg, Lexington, Kansas City, Independence
and Leavenworth, close at 1 p.m.
Delivery by Carriers.
In the business portion of the city, letters and newspa
pers are delivered from five to seven times a day, or at
7.30 a.m., and immediately after the arrival of each
mail during the day. In the outer portions of the city,
two daily deliveres are made.
All those who are supplied by carriers will call for their
letters at the office on Sunday.
Letters are equally as safe in the hands of carriers as if
delivered froma Post Office, and are more certain to
be handed to the rightful owners, who are thus saved
the time and trouble of calling or sending for their cor-
respondence, which is frequently done when where are
no letters for the applications.
Free delivery of letters by carriers at the residences of
owners, may be secured by observing the following
1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number, as
well as the Post Office and State.
2. Head letters with teh writers post Office and State,
street and number, sign them plainly with full name,
and request that answers be directed accordingly.
3. Letters to strangers and transient visitors in a town
or city, whose special address may be unknown, should
be marked on the lower left hand corner with the word
4. Place the postage stamp onthe upper right hand cor-
ner, and leave space between the upper and direction
for post-marking, without interfering with the writing.
n.north B.—A request for the return of a letter to the
writer, if unclaimed within 30 days or less, written
or printed, with the writer's name, post office and
State across the left hand side of the envelope, on the
face side, will be complied with free of charge.—Law
of 1866.
Receiving Stations.
The post master general has authorized boxes to be put
up at convenient locations throughout the city for the
reception of letters and circulars.
All letters and circulars deposited in these boxes will be
carried to the office free.
These boxes will be visited daily, except Sundays, by
collectors at 1 and 6 p.m. On Sunday and holidays
at 6 p.m.
In the central portion of the city collections will be
made more frequently.
A limited supply of stamps may be obtained at any of
these stations.
Valuable letters should always be taken to the post office
and registered.
Persons remitting money should obtain money ordersat
the money order office.
Rates of Postage.
The postage on letters to be forwarded in the mails to
any part of the United States, is three cents per half
ounce, prepaid by stamps.
The postage on letters and papers dropped in this office
of delivery in the city is one cent per half ounce,
prepaid by stamps.
Transient newspapers, pamphlets, proof sheets, book
manuscripts, samples, sample cards, photograph
cards, cards, maps, blanks, blank paper, engravings,
envelopes, seeds, roots, scions and printed matter (ex-
cept circulars and books), will be rated at two cents
for every four ounces, or fraction thereof prepaid by
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Jas.Collins, (late of Gaty, M'Cune & Co.) Jno. J.Holliday, .

Broadway Foundry.

Collins & Holliday ,
313 Carr Street, - - - St. Louis,
manufacturers or stationary and portable
Steam Engines & Boilers
Mulay And Circular Saw Mills,
Saw and Grist Mill Machinery, Rolling Mill and Blast
Furnace Castings,
Wrought Shafting & House Work,
Parker & Johnston's Water Wheels,
Tobacco and lard press screws, compound tobacco Presses. lard kit-
tles, iron and brass Castings of every description; also,
Quartz Mills and Smelting Furnaces, of most
approved descriptions.

☞ Have Purchased all the Wheel and Pulley
Patterns of Gaty, McCune & Co.

Pipes 3 T0 22 Inches In Diameter.

[missing figure]

St. Louis Stoneware Co.company
Manufacture every description of
Vitrified Stone Pipe
For Sevan, Colvarts, Drains, Aequaducts, Etc. Also,
Several New Patterns For Chimney Tops, Lawn Vases, and Ornamental Brackets
Order, by mail, addressed to thw Secretary, promptly attended to, and Shipments made
to all points accessible by river or railroad on reecipt of money. Manufactory,
se.southeast cor. Seventh and Russell Ave. Office, No. 228 n.north Third St., St. Louis.

StephenPartridge, , President . Wm.William W.Stickney, , Secretary .

City And County Record. 95
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Double The above rates will be charged for books.
Unsealed circulars, not exceeding three to number.
shall pass at The single mte of two cents, and in that
proportion for a greater number, adding me rate for
three circulars, or ten number thereof, directed to one
Canada and the British Provinces, ten cente per half
ounce. Newfoundland, ten cents per half ounce,
must be prepaid by stamps.
The "United States Mail." a monthly pxper published
In New York, by J. Holbrook, Fmq. contains correct
tables of pgiages to foreign rountries, arrivals and
departures of foreign mails and the official decisions
and other Important matters relating to the post office
Banks In St. Louis.
Acronsmodation Bank of St. Louis—Lo-
cattd, 3d street, corner Chesnut , Capital, &300,000.
ErastusWells, , preeldenti Jobn S,Cavender, , vice
president ; Wm.William D.Henry, , cashier ; Hon, John M.
Krum. counsellor ; ErastusWells, , G. W.Dreyer, ,
John s.south Cavender, ,John e.east Liggett, and C. M.Elleard, ,
directors .
American Bank of St. Louis—Main street
northwest corner Olive. Capital stock, $500,000.
EugeneMiltenberger, , president ; Jno. F.Tolle, , vice
president ; Wash.Barrow, , cashier ; F.Siebenmann, ,
assistant cashier ; EugeneMiltenberger, , Wash.Bar-, , H. B.Berning, , Wm.WilliamDrube, , J. F.Schiefer, , John
F.Tolle, , JosephUhrig, , JacobBlattner, , Clingan
Scott, , C. F.Orthwein, , L. W,Flurris, , T, O,Banks,
and r.residence RLaucuter, . directors .
Butchers, and Drovers Bank of St
Louis—5th street, northeast corner Morgan. Capi-
tal stock, $500,000. B. M.Chambers, , president ;
Jrnieg A.Rardy, , vice president ; B. F.Langton, .
cashier ; B, F.Gempt, , secretary ; JohnFinn, , H. M,
Chambers, , HenryBlakaret, , James A.Hardy, , AnO'Brjen, , JosephMulrall, , Daniel H.Donovan, ,
P. s.south Langton, , EdwardQainlivm, , Constantine
Maguire, . B. F.Gempp, , JohnBusby, and John J.
Donegan, , directors .
First National Bink Of St. Louis,
office, Carondelet avenue, junaion with 5th street.
In operation. October 5th, 1863. Paid up capital,
$200,000; authorized capital, $1,000,000. F. W.
Cronenbold, , president ; ChristianFischbach, , cashier ;
T. C.Meyer, , teller ; Wm.WilliamKosmck, . bookkeeper ; F.
W.Cronenbold, , ch.Stnehlin, , B.Heidaeker, , H.Kalb-, , Francis A.Lorenz, , Gustave W.Dreyer, . Chas.
Schleffarth, , GerhardDroege, and A. H.Kroeger, ,
directors .
Fourth National Hank—Located, Washington
av, northwest corner 3d street. Capital, $200,000.
John D,Block, , president John C.Nulsen, ,
vice president ; F. W.Biebenger, , cashier ; G. W.
Aurst, , assistant cashier ; ChristianPeper, , John H,
Kaiser, , A.Hussmann, , FrancisCornet, , F. e.east Schmied-, , CasperStolle, , C. L,Buschman, , Jno. D.
Block, and Jno. C,Nulsen, ,directors . Discount days
every day.
Fourth Street Bank—212 North 4th street.
Capital, $200,000. s.south B.Kellogg, , president ; Jno.
A.Summer, , cashier ; s.south B.Kellogg, , JosiahFogg, ,
SamuelBonner, . E . CKetchum, , O. P,Saylor, , J. s.south
Merrill, . e.eastTicknor, , J. W.Sutherland, and Henry
sauer, , directors .
German Bank of St. Louls—211 Market
street, Marble building. Capital, $300,000; author-
ized capital, $1,000,000. A.Krieckhaus, , president ;
Chas.Soeding, , vice president ; P.Weiss, , cashier ;
John H.Amelung, , Th.Bloess, , Chas. B.Bornefeld, ,
Dr.Fr.Hill, , Jacob D.Hiemenz, , A.Krleckhaun, .
JohnKupferle, , P. J,Peters, , C. A,Stifel, , Chas.
Soeding, , H. F.Vahikamp, and P.Weiss, , directors .
International Bank of st. Louis—Located,
226 Martet street. Authorized capital, $500,000.
Wm.William C.Lange, , president ; LouisSchmidt, , cashier ;
F. s.south Behreni, . IddorBush, , Wm.William C.Lange, , August
Lelaie, and C. Th.Uhlman, , directors .
Merchants' National Bank of St. Louis.
Located. Main etreet. northwest corner Locust. In-
corporated, 1857. Capital, $700,000. Par value of
shares, $100. Wm.William L.Ewings, , president ; Geo.George L.
Stansbury, , vice president ; James e.east Yeatman, ,
cashier ; A.Johnson, , D. A.January, , L.Levering, , g.
L.Stansbury, , FranciWhittaker, , J. s.south Lemoine, ,
Robert K.Wood, , a. f.Shapleigh, , Thos,Rankin, ,
John s.south McCune, , J. F.Mauntel, and Wm.William L.Ewing, ,
directors .
National Bank of the state of Missouri,
In St. Louis—Pine street northwest cnrner 3d.
J. H.Britton, , president ; C. K.Dickson, , vice presi-
dent ; e.east P.Curtis, , cashier ; James C.Fads, , John J.
Roe, , AmosCottis, , Charles K.Dickson, , J. H.Brit-, , BartonBates, and John A.Ubsdell, , directors .
Second National Bank of St. Louis—Lo-
cated. 3d street, next door south of the Post Office,
Geo.George H.Rea, , president ; e.east D.Jones, , cashier ; Geo.George
H.Rea, , J. O.Pierce, , WilliamSmith, , e.east G.Obear, ,
e.east O.Stanard, , Wm.William H.Scudder, , Logan D.Dameron, ,
H. C.Moore, and Geo.George D.Capen, , directors .
The Exchange Bank of St. Louis—Lo-
cated, 3d street, near Olive, Capital, $500,000. Par
Value of shares, $100. Robert e.east Carr, , President ;
e.east C.Breck, , cashier ; LewisDorsheimer, , W. C.
kennett, , j. d.perry, , r.residence e.east Carr, . G. r.residence Robinson, ,
WilliamHubbard, , Benj. W.Lewis, jr., Geo.George D.hall, ,
s.south M.Edgell, , Wm.WilliamMitchell, and Jos.Bogy, , Directors .
The mechanics; Bank—Located. 2d street,
southwest corner Pine. Commenced banking, August10th, 1857. Authorized capital, $1,500,000. Amount
paid in, $1,200,000. OliverGarrison, , president ; r.residence
M.Park, , vice president ; Geo, T.Hulse, , cashier ;
r.residence M.Parks, , JohnEvill, , Wm.WilliamZiock, , e.east n.north Leeds, ,
Wm.WilliamGay, , C. H.Peck, , O. A.Hart, , FerdinandMeyer,
Wm.WilliamBooth, , RalphSellew, , D. K.Furguson, and J. B.
Ghio, , directors . Discount days, every day.
Branch at Kansass City—M.Divelly, , president ; D. L.
Shouse, , cashier .
Third National Bank of St. Louis—Lo-
cated, gay's building, 2d street, near Pine. Capital,
$1,049,000. John r.residence Lionberger, , president ; John
Jackson, , vice president ; T. A.Stoddart, , cashier ;
Alfred M.Britton, , Charies K.Dickson, , s.south r.residence Filley, ,
e.eastJaccard, , JohnJackson, , John r.residence Lionberger, , Jno.
F.How, , Oliver B.Filley, and Jno. G.Copelin, , di-
rectors . Discounts days, daily.
The St. Louis National Bank—Located, 3d
street, notheast corner Olive. Incorporated, 1857.
Authorized capital, $1,000,000. Paid up capital,
$500,000. Par value of shares, $100. W. e.east Burr, ,
president ; r.residence P.Hanenkamp, , vice president ; r.residence A.
Betts, , cashier ; W.Ballentine, . Benj.Stickney, , n.north
Schaeffer, , T.Skinner, . s.south H.Laflin, , NathanCole, , w.
F.Burr, , r.residence P.Hanenkamp, and Jas. H.Wear, ,
directors .
Traders Bank—Main street, corner Pine. sub-
scribed capital, $500,000. Authorized capital,
$1,000,000. Wm.WilliamTaussig, , president ; I.Hellman, ,
vice president ; H. H.Wernse, , assistant cashier ; M.
J.Lippman, , PeterBehr, , e.east H.Whedon, , H. A.
Haeussler, , Wm.WilliamTaussig, , IsidorBush, , John H.Light-, , M.Friedenwald, , GustavusHoeber, , JulesValle, ,
e.east s.south Rowse, , J.Hoffheimer, and Robt.Heinrichshofen, ,
directors .
Union National Bank of St. Louis—Lo-
cated, 210 Olive street. Authorized capital, $500,000.
Amount paid in, $500,000. Par value of shares,
$100. H. s.south Turner, , president ; Win. M.Price, ,
vice president ; JohnMatthews, jr., cashier ; William
M.Price, , G. W.Parker, , J.Blackman, , John n.north
Booth, , James P.Flake, . r.residence B.Whittemort, , J. J.
O'Fallon, , SilasHicks, , and SilasBent, , directors ; r.residence r.residence
Hutchinson, , bookkeeper ; ben. M.McCulloch, , teller ;
Charles M.Shurley, , messenger . Discount days,
Tuesdays and Fridays.
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St. Louis
Planing Mill,
Sash, Door and Blind
cor.corner Seventh And Mullanphy Streets,
Office 124 Olive Street,
Opposite Olive Street Hotel,
Lesley Garnett & Co.company ,
Proprietors .

Sash (glazed or unglazed), Doors, Blinds, Mouldings,
Door and Window Frames,
Constantly on hand or made to order at shortest notice.

Rough And Dressed Lumber,
Flooring, Shelving, Shingles, laths, Sidings, &c, always on hand,
St. Louis, Mo.

John n.north Neuhaus, . H. r.residence Krite, . A.Mueller, .

Neuhaus, Krite & Co.company ,
Successors to Johs J. Hoppe & Cg.,
Wholesale Dealers In
Fancn Goods, Notions, Tops,
Hosiery, Cloves, Etc.,
No. 15 South Main Street,
Between Market and Walnut, opposite Merchants' Exchange,
St. Louis, Mo.

City And County Record. 97
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Savings Institutions.
Biddle Market Savings Bank—1216 Biddle
street, opposite Biddle market. Capital, $100,000.
Authorized, $200,000. NicholasSchaeffer, , president ;
ConradStauf, , vice president ; AdolphSchenk, , cash-
ier ; ConradStauf, , J. Phil.Krieger, , ThomasFerren-, , CasperStolle, , HenryBrockmann, , Geo.GeorgeKauf-, , HenryHannibal, , J. H.Niermeyer, and Nicholas
Schaeffer, , directors .
Boatmans' Saving Institution—Office, 2d
street, northeast corner Pine. Organized, 1856,
under present charter. Capital, $400,000. Par
value of shares, $100. SullivanBlood, , president ,
CharlesHodgman, , cashier ; SullivanBlood, , C. s.south
Greeley, , Geo.George K.Budd, , Rufus J.Lackland, , Louis A.
LeBeaume, , John G.Copelin, , George s.south Drake, ,
Luther M.Kennett, , JamesSmith, , James H.Lucas, ,
AdolphusMeier, and W. A.Hargadine, , directors
Discount every day.
Central Savings Bank—Office, 312 North 3d
street. JosephO'Neil, , president ; John H.Tracy, ,
cashier ; James H.Lucas, , HushBoyle, . H.Hannibal, ,
FrancisLepere, , JohnByrne, jr., RobertCampbell, ,
peter j.Hurck, , H. J.Spaunhorst, , ThomasFerguson, ,
Jos.O'Neil, and J. C.Deggenhart, , Directors .
Commercial Bank of St. Louis—2d street,
southeast corner Olive. e.east M.Samuel, , president ;
John M.Platt, , vice president ; John W.Donaldson, ,
cashier ; B, M.Snmuei, .of K.M. Sumuel & Sons , Isaac
s.south Warren, , of Warren, Talbot & Co.company , Wm.William J.Lewis, ,
of Lewis, Nanson & Co.company , M. T.Andrews, , of Moody,
Michel & Co.company , H. H.Curtis, , of Scarrett, Curtis &
Muson , J. J.Aclerton, , wholesale dry goods, Jas.
Richardson, , of Richardson & C. druggists , C. W.
Reiser, , of John P. & C.W. Ketser , W. r.residence Carter, , of
Carter & Conn , John F.Baker, , of Tutt & Baker ,
Benj.White, , of White, Billingsley & Co.company , John M.
Platt, , of Switzer, Platt & Co.company , John W.Harrison, ,
of Shickle, Harrison & Co.company , directors .
Corn Exchange Savings Bank—16 s.south
Main street, Exchange building. capital, $250,000.
ConradFink, , president ; JohnWahl, , vice president ;
F.Leser, , cashier ; ConradFink, , CenradFath, , J. M.
Bemls, , JohnWahl, . W. s.south Stcirart, , e.east A.Damon, ,
RedmondCleary, , J. O.Miltenberger, , F. W.Aufder-, , G. W.Simpkins, , Wm.WilliamZeller, , Wm.WilliamHunicke,
and A.Nedderhut, , director .
Franklin Savings Institution—Office, 8 s.south
Main street. Organized, June, 1857 Cash capital,
$150,000. Authorized capital, $500,000. William
D'Oench, , president ; F.Ringeling, , cashier : Charles
A.Cano, , Alex.Suss, , Chas. F.Mayer, , OttoOeters, ,
Chas.Wulfingm, , J. C.Edwards, , CharlesTaussig, , W.
P.Shryock, , JamesMerriman, , D. r.residence Powell, , Henry
A.Homeyer, and WilliamD'Oench, .
German Savings Institution—Office, Main
street, southeast corner Market. Capital, $60,000,
all paid up. Par value of shares, $50. RobertBarth, ,
president ; RichardHospes, , secretary and treasurer ;
RobertBarth, , GeorgeWeinhagen, , Fr.Saler, , F. W.
Rosenthal, , F. w.Meister, , F. A.Reuss, , C. r.residence Stinde, ,
CharlesSpeck, and w.Koenig, , directors .
Hannbial Savings and Insurance Com-
pany of St. Louis—Office, 212 n.north 3d street,
voer Second National Bank. Authorized stock capi-
tal, $1,000,000. G. w.Kent, , president and treasur-
er ; Ben.McColloch, , vice president ; J.Daubaignan, ,
secretary ; FrankRust, , general agent .
Home Savings Bank—2201 Broadway. Cap-
ital, $100,000. e.east D.Jones, , president ; Jos.Hodg-, , vice president ; H. c.Pierce, , cashier ; e.east D.
Jones, , Jos,Hodgman, , A. c.Osborn, , Jno. p.Colby, ,
W. s.south Barker, , H. s.south Parker, , Theo.Sessinghaus, , e.east
G.Obear, , John F.madison, , John H.Conrades, , D.
P.Green, , G. W.Alexander, and George H.Boecken-, , directors .
Missouri Benevolent and Loan Associ-
ation—Office, 313 Olive street. Anthorized capi-
tal, $500,000. BartonAble, , president ; jamesDun-, , vice president ; J.wood, , secretary ; BartnAble, ,
s.south M.Moody, , JohnHow, , JamesDuncan, , c. w.Ford, ,
J. J.Conroy, , John H.Andrews, . EugeneJaccard, , H.
F.Fellows, and e.east B.Brown, directors .
National Loan Bank of St. Louis—Office,
210 3d street, second door south of Post Office. Cap-
ital, $250,000. T. B.Edgar, , president ; Wm.William H.
Maurice, , cashier ; t. B.edgar, , Chauncey, Filey,
CharlesHolmes, , JoshuaCheever, and Wm.William H.Mau-, , directors .
North St. Louis Savings Association—
Broadway, southwest corner Morgan. L.Espenschied, ,
president ; John G.Herrman, , secretary ; L.Espen-, , chas.Horubostle, , C. G.Stifel, , Jos.Herrmann, ,
J. D.Senden, , F.Barklage, , F.Schiereck, , A. C.Er-, , HermanEisenhardt, , J. P.Krieger, and e.east
W.Meier, , directors .
People's Savins Institution—Office, 1347 s.south
5th street, corner Park av. Authorized capital,
$500,000. Par value of shares, $50. Ernst W.Leon-, , president ; john H.Fisse, , vicepresident, ; Ed-Wuerpel, . cashier ; Ernst W.Leonhardt, , John
H.Fisse, , MatthiasSteitz, , TheodoreKalb, , JacobVo-, , F. M.Wotke, and AndrewGeisel, , directors . Open
from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Provident Savings Institution—Office,
513 Olive street, between 5th and 6th. Open daily
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.J. p.Doan, , president ;
JamesSmith, , vice president ; s.south A.Ranlett, , cashier ;
J. p.doan, , GeorgePartridge, , s.south A.Ranlett, , James
Smith, , Wm.WilliamDowning, , J. w.Mcintyre, , HenryHitch-, , George P.Plant, , Carios s.south Greeley, , Charles H.
peck, and Levin H.Baker, , Directors .
Real Estate Savins Institution—Office
610 Olive street. Incorponted, 1857. George , K.
Budd, president ; D. H.Naylor, , secretary and treas-
urer ; John M.Krum, , counsellor ; sol.Smith, , s.south H.
Laflin, , Chas. A.Pope, , Geo.George K.Budd, , Jas. M.Car-, , HenryWhitmore, , Daniel GTaylor, . John M.
krurn, , MorrisCollins, and John B.Johnson, , trustees .
St. Louis Building and Savings Associ-
ation—Office, 202 n.north 2d street. Incorporated, Feb-ruary, 1857. Authorized capital, $500,000. Paid up
capital, $300,000. Par value of shar s, $100. Felix
Coste, , president ; H. s.south Reed, .Vice president ; Chas.
Enslin, , treasurer ; r.residence s.south Boyd, jr.assistant treasurer ;
JohnWhittaker, , Geo.George P.Plant, , c. b.Burnham, , Na-Cole, , Samuel M.Dodd, , EdwardJackson, , M. L.
Pottle, and FelixCost, , directors .
State Savings Association—Office. Main street,
southeast corner Vine. Incorporated, Feb. 11th, 1852.
paid up capital, $650,000. Authorized capital, $1,-
000,000. Par value of Shares, $50. John J.Rce, ,
president ; CharlesParsons, , cashier ; Jno. H.McChe-, , assistant cashier ; John J.Roe, , r.residence J.Lock-, , W. M.McPherson, , Chas. P.Chouteau, . John
A.Scudder, , CharlesParsons, and John H.Beach, ,
directors .
Union Savings Association of St. Louis—
Office, Main street, northeast corner Walnut. Inco-
porated, February, 1864. Capital stock, $125,000.
Authorized capital, $500,000. T. s.south Rutherford, , pres-
ident ; William C.Wilson, , vice president ; James L.
Baker, , teller .
United States Savings Institution—Office,
Market street, northeast corner 2d. Incorporated,
March, 1857. Capital, $70,000. Par value of shares,
$50. Chas. H.Teichmann, , president ; AugustBe-, . cashier ; Edw.Beckmann, , Ad.Heinecke, , Jac.
Tamm, , Chas.Teichmann, , Geo.GeorgeGehrcke, , ArthurOls-, , Henry s.south Winter, , Henry C.Haarstick, , Hen-Petring, , LouisWolff, and F. s.south Rehreus, , directors .
Insurance Co'S In St. Louis.
Board of Underwriters—Office. 110 Pine
street. Walter B.Foster, , persident ; john n.north Pritch-, , vice president ; n.north J.Easton, , secretary and ad-
juster ; Geo.George K.Easton, , assistantadjuster, ; Henry
Adkins, , inspector of hulls ; JamesBarnard, , agent ;
EdwardBrooks, and George K.McGunnegle, , execu-
tive committee ; F. L.Ridgley, , H. W.Hough, and
Ed.Morrison, , average committee .
Atlantic Insurance Company—Office, Mer-
chants' Exchange buildings. Organized, 1854. Au-
thorized capital, $500,000. Par value of shares, $100.
Moses L.Pottle, , president ; F. A.Reuss, , vice presi-


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Merchants' Union Express Co.company
Office On Third Street,
Between Olive and Locust,
General Express
Collection and Transportation Agents .

[missing figure]

Opposition To Monopolies!

This Company is running an Express Twice Each Day over the principal
Railroad, Steamboat: & Stage Lines
Throughout the United States and Canadas,
For The Transportation Of
Parcels, Baggage, Merchandise, Jewelry, Coin, Currency,
And Valuable Packages Of Every Description.

Notes, Drafts And Accounts Collected and promptly returned.

Commissions of every description promptly executed.

We also connect with responsible Express Companies for all parts of
Europe, the East and West Indies,
China And Australia.

D. T.Parker, , Agent .

City And County Record. 99
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dent ; c. c.Ferguson, , secretary ; Ferd. A.Reuss, ,
SamuelJacoby, , SamelStillwell, , WilliamSmith, ,
Alex, H.Smith, , MatthewMoody, . Samuel M.Dodd, ,
BartonAble, , r.residence W.Crenshaw, , JohnWahl, , Ben.
W.Lewis, jr.James P.Fiske, , Wm.William t.Hazard, , chas.
M.Williams, , thomasBurke, , Fred.Woodward, and
M. L.Pottle, , directors .
Boatmen;s Insurance and Trust com-
pany—Office, Main street, southeast corner ches-
nut. Capital $600,000. walter C.Carr, . President ;
Charles s.south Rogers, , vice president ; EdwardBrooks, ,
secretary ; Daniel g.taylor, , David r.residence Powell, , Wal- C.carr, , Thomas H.Griffith, , Charles s.south Rogers, ,
WilliamSmith, , Mifflin P.Hanthorne, , George P.
Plant, , William s.south Steawart, , William b.Willis, , Barton
Able, , w. n.north Hinchaman, , John F.Baker, , George A.
Hynes, and williamBoyland, , directors .
Citizens' Insurance Company of Mis-
souri—Office, Main street, southeast corner Mar-
ket. Organized, 1837. Capital, $200,000. e.east O.
Stanard, , president ; T. A.Buckland, , president pro
tem ; H. D.McLean, , secretary ; e.east O.Stanard, , T.
a.Buckland, , B.Goldschmidt, , GeorgeBain, , James
A.Jackson, , Alexander H.Smith, , SamuelJohnston,
jr., Ferd. F.Rozier, , e.east W.Fox, , H. r.residence Whitmore, , J.
C.Edwards, , w. s.south Humphreys, , J. r.residence Keach, , and Ad.
Busch, directors .
City Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of St. Louis—Office, in Marble Buildings, Fourth
street, corner Olice, Charles H.Peck, , president ; H.
e.east Bridge, , vice president ; William W.Price, , secre-
tary ; Charles H.Peck, , William M.Mcpherson, ,
Henry L.Patterson, , Sylvester , H.Laflin, James H.
Lucas, , William H.Glasgow, , Louis C.Garnier, , Chas.
K.Dickson, , Hudson e.east Bridge, , Ephraim G.Obear, ,
James T.Sweringen, and George r.residence Taylor, , directors .
Commercial Insurance Company—Office,
12 s.south Main. Josephbogy, , president ; JohnRing, ,
vice president ; W. n.north Hinchman, , ClinganScott, ,
James G.Greer, , b. s.south Grant, , SamuelPeltz, , Nathan
Stevens, , John r.residence Ferguson, , John F.Mauntel, , Elon G.
Smith, , HerbertBell, and C. s.south Freeborn, , directors .
Continental Insurance Company of St.
Louis—Office, 20 s.south Main street. L.Fusz, , presi-
dent ; J.Cheever, , veice president ; FrankDesloge, ,
secretary ; John D.Torlina, J. H.Ganhart, , J.
Cheever, , J. V.Westlake, , L. s.south Bargen, , r.residence s.south Voor-, , L.Fusz, , AdolphSamuels, and H. A.Spence, ,
directors .
Equitable Mutual Insurance Company
—Office, 515 Pine. HenryPilkington, , president ; M.
J.Kyne, , secretary and trasurer ; HenryPilkington, ,
HenryStussell, , TurnerMaddox, , Thomas W.Brady, ,
JosephKilpatrick, , s.south D.Porter, , JacobKern, , J. B.
Decker, and John K.Cummings, , directors .
Excelsior Insurance Comapny of St.
Louis—Office, Main street, northeast corner Wal-
nut. William C.Wilson, , president ; J. M.Bemis, ,
vice president ; r.residence s.south Elliott, , secretary ; William c.
Wilson, , J. M.Bemis, , Henry C.Yaeger, ; A. K.North-, , r.residenceBeauvais, , john J.Conroy, , J. c.Ewald, Cy- W.Gray, , a. s.south stoddard, , JulesValle, , J. e.east Car-, , Samuel H.Brown, , EdwardWider, , william H.
stevenson, and William P.Hancock, , directors .
Franklin Insurance Company of St.
Louis—Capital, $200,000. Office, 8 s.south Main Street,
WilliamD'Oench, , president ; Charles F.Meyer, , vice
president ; LouisDuestrow, , secretary ; Charles F.
meyer, , charles A.Cuno, , W. P.Shryock, , henryBlock, ,
J. C.Nuelsen, , H. j.Spaunhorst, , WilliamD'Oench, ,
CharlesTaussing, and alex.Suss, . directors , August,
Etting and Christschiermann, , agents .
German Insurance Company—Capital
Stock, $300,000. Guarantee $600,000. Office, 211
Market street, between 2d and 3d. A.Kriechaus, ,
president ; Ch.Soeding, , vice president ; Ch. B.
Bornefeld, , secretary and treasurer ; John H.Ame-, , Charles B.Bornefeld, , Dr.Fr.Hill, , Jacob H.
Hiemenz, , A.Krieckhaus, , P. J.Peters, , Chs.Soeding, ,
JohnKupeerle, and p.Weiss, , directors .
Globe Mutual Insurance Company—Of-
fice, adjointing Merchants' Exchange, Main street,
south of Market. Cash capital, $200,000. Organized,
1853. Par value of shares $100. W. W.Greene, ,
president ; D. s.south Carter, , vice president ; H. M.
Blossom, , secretary ; D. s.south Carter, , e.east W.Leonhardt, ,
M. s.south Mepham, , John G.Prather, . MilesSells, , George
P.Plant, , SamuelMcCartney, , w. A.Ober, , edward
Wider, , Henry W.Smith, , W. W.Greene, , J. f.tolle, ,
T. s.south Rutherford, , d. a.Januar, , W. J.Lewis, , J. A.
Scudder, , MelvilleSawyer, , W. L.Ewing, and j. B.
McKay, , directors .
Great Republic Insurance Company—
Office, Main street, southwest corner 2d. Capital
$500,000. Ben.Johnson, , president , Aug.Baum, ,
secretary ; Pen.Johnson, , PeterFeldman, , Samuel
McCartney, , Sol.Scott, , M.thompson, , P. J.Pauly, ,
jamesOctlter, and M. D.Cohn, , directors .
Home Mutual Insurance Company of
St. Louis—Office, Gay's Building 2d street, south-
west corner Pine. Chartered 1845. I L.Garrison, ,
president ; J. J.Montagomery, , secretary ; Charles P.
Chouteau, , TheronBarnum, , D. D.Page, , WyllisKing, ,
James e.east yeatman, , Isaac L.Garrison, . WilliamHub-, , James W.Booth, and John G.Wells, , directors .
Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of St. Louis—Office, McDonough's building, Olive
street. C. s.south Kintzing, , president ; A. G.Braum, , vice
president ; Isaac M.Veitch, . secretary ; Sullivanblood, ,
treasurer ; Chas. s.south Kintzing, , A. f.shapleigh, , a. G.
Braun, , sullivanBlood, . Isaac s.south Smyth, , r.residence P.Stud-, , O. b.Filley, William C.Orr, , Isaac M.Veitch, and
W. H.Thompson, , directors .
Jefferson Mutual fire and Marine In-
surance Company—Office, 207 n.north 3d street.
Incorporated, March 27th, 1861. Mutual capital,
$300,000. Stock capital, $200,000. HermannEisen-, , president ; chas. H.teichmann, , vice presi-
dent ; C. r.residence Frisch, , secretary and treasurer ; H.
Eisenhardt, , F. W.Biebinger, , Aug. C.Mueller, ,
ChristianPeper, . Chas. H.Teichmann, , AdamConrad, ,
C. A.Stifel, , William J.Lemp, , Georgeschlosster,
HenryPetring, , FrancisCorner, and F. e.east Schmieding, ,
directors .
Laclede Mutual fire and Marine In-
surance Company of St. Louis—Office,
213 n.north 3d street, opposite post office. Incorporated.
1860. r.residence w.Powell, , president ; JosephO'Neil, , vice
president ; J. c.Bury, jr., secretary ; william T.
Gay, , thomasSlevin, , samuelMcCartney, , OliveGar-, , Robert W.Powell, , IsaacWalker, , Joseph
O'Neil, , Levin H.Baker, , directors .
Lumbermen and Mechanics' Insurance
Company—Office, Pine street, southwest corner
Main. Jno. n.north Pritchard, , president ; L. B.Harwood, ,
vice president ; H. e.east Collins, , secretary ; John H.
Andrews, , b.Harwood, , F. C.sloan, , Jno. s.south Marma-, . Charles s.south Kintzing, , I. M.Corbett, , G. w.
Chadbourne, and AmosCotting, , directors .
Marine Insurance Company of St.
Louis—Office, n.north Main street, corner Pine. Capi-
tal, $150,000. Incorporated, December 13th, 1836.
DanielHough, , president ; henry W.Hough, , secre-
tary ; George s.south Drake, , JohnTilden, , Wm.William P.Scott, ,
Wyllisking, , D.Hough, , Geo.George D.Humpherys, , John
r.residence Triplett, , John H.Beach, , JamesRichardson, , W.
H.Chick, , ClinganScott, , B. d.Whittaker, , thos V.
Strode, , r.residence P.Hanenkamp, , C. s.south Greely, , s.south M.Edgell, ,
e.eastRichard, jr., Edw.Norris, , Benj.Lacy, and James
Blackman, , directors .
Merchants; and Manufactures' Insur-
ance company of St. Louis—Office, 220
Pine street. Wm.Williamcolcord, , president ; JohnGlenny, ,
vice president ; Wm.William n.north white, , secretary ; William
Colcord, , JamesRichardson, , Saml. W.Eager, jr., W.
W.Glenny, , Henry s.south Parker, , Geo.GeorgePegram, , Russell
Scarritt, , Saml.Bonner, , Wm.William n.north White, , F.Hafke-, , JohnGlenny, , A. A.Ladd, and C.sage, , direct-
ors ; W. w.Glenny, , General agent .
Mississipi Valley Insurance Company
of St. Louis—Office, 110 Locust street, Author-
ized capital, $500,000. Secured capital, $200,000.
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Hudson e.east Bridgk, . John H.Beach, .

Bridge, Beach & Co.company ,
(Successors To Bridge & Brother.)

[missing figure]

120 n.north Main St., - - St. Louis,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Tin Plate,
Sheet Iron, Wire,
Tinners' Tools and Machines,
Japanned Ware, &c., &c.

City And County Record.
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W. H.Jennings, , president ; AdamantineJohnson,
vice president ; G. F.Cornish, , secretary ; James H.
Lucas, , AdamantienJohnsn, , John F.Darby, , Geo.George
W.Clarkem, Wm.William H.Jenning, , Geo.George A.Kerr, , Geo.George F.
Hatch, , O. H.Platt, , Wm.William G.Downing, , T.Rhodus,
and H.Bell, , directors .
Missouri State Mutual Fire and Marins
Insurance Company of St. Louis—Office,
2 Gay's building, 2d street, southwest corner Pine.
s.south M.Edgell, , preseidtn ; F. B.Homes, , secreatry ; J.
s.south McCune, , F.Wyman, , JamesSmith, , s.south M.Edgell, ,
Hy. s.south Turner, , AdolphusMeler, , B. W.Alexander, ,
C. s.south Greely, and James e.east Kaime, . directors .
Mound City Mutual Fire and Marine
Insuracne Compay of St.Street Louis—Of-
fice, Pine street, southeest coner 2d. Chartered,
1855. Ellis n.north Leeds, , president ; A. s.south Barada, , vice
president ; David H.Bishop, , secreatyr ; WyllisKing, ,
r.residence J.Leckwood, , Jas. H.Lucas, . Daniel r.residence Garriosn, ,
Cahrels K.Dickson, , David K.Ferguson, Ellis n.north
Leeds, , A. s.south Barada, and W. F.Stacy, , directors .
National Insutrance Company of St.Street
Louis-Office, 212, n.north 4th street. Capital, $250,000.
Hon.Honorable JohnHogan, , president ; J. C.Barlow, , vice
president ; s.south B.Kellogg, , treasture ; A. H.Craven, ,
secratary ; JohnHogan, , J. C.Barlow, , A. H.Cra-, , s.south B.Kellogg, , M. W.Willis, and D. F.Singer, ,
directors .
North St. Louis Mutual Fire Insurance
Company -Office. Jeffertson street. northeast cor-
ner broadway. H.Overstolz, . president ; L.Espen-, , vice president ; Theo.Koch, , secreatry and
treasurer ; H.Overstoiz, . LouisEspenschid, , Christ.
Lange, , J. H.Marquard, , C.Maise, , H.Rechtien, , J. G.
Rubelmann, , s.south B.Stannard, and Gust.Hoffmann, , di-
rectors .
Occidental Insurance Company of St.Street
Louis-Office, 113 Pine sttret. Capital $100,000.
SamuelMcCartney, , prsident ; JamesDuncan, , vice
presdient ; W. A.Moody, , secreatry ; JohnHow, ,
JamesDuncan, , P. T.Turnley, , Jas.Harrsion, , Thos.Thomas
Burke, , H. F.Fellows, , SamuelMccartheyn, and e.eastJac-, , directors .
Pacific Insuracne Company -Office. Main
street, southwest corner Pine. Capital. $200,000.
Jas. H.Lucas, , president ; Wm.William P.Scott, , vice presi-
dent ; Walter B.Foster, , secreatery ; Jas. H.Lucas, ,
H. W.Smith, , Wm.William G.Kennett, , Levi L.Ashbrook, ,
Wm.William P.Scott, . Wm.William J.Lesis, , A. O.Smith, , Ben. W.
Lewis, . and Chas. F.Meyer, , directors .
Phoenix Insurcane Company -Office, main
street. southeast coner Vine. Organized, 1849. Cap-
tial, $250,000. Par value of shares, $100. A. F.
Shaplegih, , president ; D. P.Rowland, , vice presiedent ;
ArthurKempland, , secreatry ; JosephStettinjnus, , A.
F.Shapleigh, , James F.How, , D. A.January, , F. A.
Churchill, , D. P.Rowland, WilliamYoung, , James H.
Wear, , James r.residence Larkin, , Edw.Wilkerson, , Alfred M.
Brittain, , John G.Scott, , O. B.Filley, , W. C.Orr, , J.
M.Ferguson, and WallaceDelafield, , directors .
Salamander Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of St.Street Louis-Office, Marble build-
ings, 4th street, corner Olive. Charles H.Peck, ,
president ; H. e.east Bride, vice presdient ; Wm.William W.
Price, , secreatry ; Wiliam M.McPherson, Sylvester
H.Lafiln, , Chas. H.Peck, , Henry L.Patterson, . Wm.William
H.Glasgow, , Charles K.Dicson, , James H.Lucas, ,
Louis C.Ganerio, , Ephriam G.Obear, , Geo.George r.residence Tay-, , Hudson e.east Bridge, and James T.Sweringen, , di-
recotrs .
South St. Louis Mutual Fire and Ma-
rine Insurance Company -Office, Caron-
delet av.avenue Coernr 5th, over First National Bank. In
corporated, March 10, 1859. F. W.Cronenbold, . pres-
ident ; A.Schottler, , secreatyr ; F. W.Cronenbold, ,
F. J.Laitne, HneryKalbflsihc, , ChristanStaehnoli, ,
John C.Finck, . AndreGeisel, , Ferd.Glaser, , Bern.
Heldacker, and Wm.WilliamStumpf, . directis .
St.Street Louis Floating Dock and Insuracne
Company -Officen, 6 s.south Main street. Incorpora-
ted, 1837. Capital, $130,000. Par value of shares,
$100. J. M.Platt, , presiednt ; W.Hunicke, , vice
preseint ; William J.Fetter, , secreatyr ; John. M.
Platt, , G. r.residence Robinson, , G.wotmwna, , W.Helirch-, , W. C.Kenenet, , W.Huncike, , John C.Bull, ,
John P.Keiser, , JohnWhittakerm, H.Kalbfleishc, , r.residence
D.Fenby, , GerogeBraun, and W. n.north Macqueen, , di-
rectors .
St.Street Louis Insurance Coirirpany --Offioo, 221
n.north Main street. Incorporated, fiSt. Capital, $240-
000. Surplus, $60,000. Par value of ahares, 100.
George K.McGunnegle, , presiedtne ; A.Meir, , pres-
ident pro tem . ThomasWebster, secreatry ; Geo.George
L.Stannary, , e.east J.Glasgow, , Geo.George D.Hall, , s.south M
Dodd, , GeorgeKnapp, , P.Schaeffer, , FrancisWhitta-, , Gerge K.McGunneeSe, , AdolphusMeier, . L.Lev-, , Wm, T.Gay, , J. s.south Lemolne, and Robert
Cambell, , directors .
St.Street Louis Mutual Fire and Marine In-
surance Company —Offica, M atrset, north-
east corner Market. Jncorporateo% February 22, 1862.
Premium notes, $1,026,377. John C.Vogel, , presi-
dent ; AdolphKehr, , treasurer ; John C.Vogef, Adolpl.
Kehr, , ArthurOlshausen, , JacobTamm, , Nicholas
Schaeffcr, , Chns. L.Sltiever, , JosephHermann, , Cas-Stolle, and MichaelVoepel, , directors .
Sun Mutual Insurcace Company —Office,
516 am 3d sttet. Incorporated March 14, 1858
William A.Nelson, , President : D. C.Nelsoon, secret-
rye : JamesForutn, AdamRoth, , Wiliam A.Nelsosn, ,
JacobRes, and JohnBroeke, . directros .
Union Insuracne Company —Offie, 100 s.south
Malla street. Incorpoerat 1837. Captial $200,000.
Par vlaue of shares, $100. F. L.Ridgely, , presdient ;
T. H.Larkin, presdient proteim ; John Da'C.Tay-, . secratey . H. VonPhal, . I. W.Duncther, , s.south H.
Lattin, , T. H.Larkin, D. B.Gale, , H.Roger, , John M.
Gilkkeaeo, , n.northCole, , Wm.William L.Ewing, , J. O.Miltenger-, , JamesArfcher, and F. L.Ridger, , directer .
Unitere Satee Insuracen Comapny —Of-
fficer, Mains stree, sutheat coenre Ollre. Organ-
inzed, Febverayr 24th 1855. Capital $187,000. Par
value of shoares $100. John J.Race, , prsident , Jno.
n.north Booth, , vice president ; Harry L.Bodley, , secret-
ry ; John J.Roe, , John P.Coller, , J. J.Adertson, ,
Chas. W.Keier, , John G.Wesll, , Wm.William H.Scudder, ,
Joseph C.Cabot, , DanielCobb, , Edward Y.Ware, ,
Wam.Hobbard, , John G.Coppler, , James G.Goroe, ,
Philp M.Howe, , Geroge r.residence Robirson, and John n.north
Booth, , directors .
Wshington Mutau Fire Insruacne
Company of s.south t Louis-Office, 112, Markte
W.Gottachlk, Presdient : F. s.south Sebrens, , secreaty ;
Charles W.Gettechalm, George F.Dinamn, , Enrnst
Wl.Leonhard, , ArtherOlsahnens, , John H.Flase, ,
Caherls W.Horn, John H.Burnknardt, Ang.Kriedk-, and HernyGukdlerhan, dierator .
Western Insuranc Company of St.Street
Louis—Office, 24 South Main. Capital $100,000.
J. O.Pleaese, presient : PtierBehr, , vice preseitn ;
Ge. T.Caram, secrath ; J. O.Pierce, , A. n.north Eston, ,
PeterBebr, . J. r.residence Finaly, , C. s.south Kauffman, , M.Broth-, , e.east D.Jones, , n.north C.Hudson, , Geo.George W.Curtsis,
and J. H.Tesslle, , directio .
Western Mutal Fire Insucaen Com-
pany —Offie, 311 Olive street. Organized August,1857. Dnale T.weight, , presdient ; JohnHous-, vice preseint ; SamuelEllis, , secreatry : Oliver
A.Hrs, . tressuer ; r.residence s.south Wnetwerth, genral agen ;
H.Mallhnordt, , soliceitor . Lolver A.Hart, , r.residence M
Parks, , Alton r.residence Esaton, JohsuHonston, , Wolsye
Fallon, LouisEspenschid, , Daniel T.Wrigh, , M. P.
Hantohron, , NathanColemsna, , L. D.Basker, , sists
Bent, , s.south C.Huna, and John H.Andrews, , directors .
Life Insurance Companies.
Atlas Mutual Lfie Insurcena Company
of St. Louis—Offie, 5th street. southwest corner
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G. & W. Todd & Co.company ,

[missing figure]
(Established 1835.)
[missing figure]

917 and 919 North Second St.,
Above Cherry,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Importers And Manufacturers Of
Leather Belting,
French Burr Mill Stones,
Dutch Anker Bolting Cloths,
Portable Grain Mills,
Plaster of Paris, Mill Picks, Mill Serews,
Patent Lace Leather, Mill spindeles, Regulaing screws,
Rubber Belting, Damsal Irons, Iron Prof Staff,
Rubber Hose, copper Rivers, Rubber Packing, & c.

☞ Orders Promtpy Filled, And All Articles Warranted.

JohnGoodin, ,
Eagle Steam & Gas Pipe Works & Brass Foundary
218 to 224 Vine St., bet. 2d and 3d, St. Louis.

City And County Record. 103
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St. Charles, Capital, $100,000. Charles A.Mantz, ,
president ; JamesHarrison, , rlee president ; J. K.
Macbeth, , secretary ; I. W.Steedman, , medical
officer ; John F.Darby, , Charles A.Mann, and Samuel
Will, , directors .
Covenant Mutual Life Inanrance Com-
pany —Office, 807 Olive street. A. F.ShBpleigh, .
president ; Hon.Honorable SamuelTreat, , vice presidnt ; Chas.
C.Archer, , secretary ; J. r.residence Washington, , M.D.,
examining physician ; Dryden 4Llndley, . attorneys ;
Gerard B.Allen, , Hon.Honorable SamuelTreat, , Hon.Honorable Daniel
G.Taylor, , S, H.Laiiin, , A. F.Shaplelgh, , C. C.Arch-, . A. G.Hiaun, , Chus. 8.Kintiing, , Chas.Everts, ,
Isaac M.Veitch, . D. Ii.Lackmao, , Wm.William C.Orr, , e.east
Wilkeraon, , Theo.Betls, , trustees .
German Mutual Lifn Insurance Com-
pany —Office, 112 Market street. erpetua char.
ter, Nov. 23d, 1557. Guaranty fund. $105,000.
Cnarlesll W.Horn, , president ; JacobTamm, , vice
president ; F. s.south Behresn, , secreaty and treasury ;
Charle W.Horn, , JamesTausing, , Chrisfof. A.Stidle,
ArthurOlshause, , GeorgeGehreke, , AdolphKehr, ,
IsidoeBusch, . C. Th.Uhlmann, . TheoderoPlate, ,
AugustKrieckhasu, , JacobTamm, , CaspearStolle, , F.
s.south Behresn, , F. W.Biebinger, , CharlesHoppe, and
EmilGesser, , directors .
Missouri Mutual Life Insurance Com-
pany of St. Louis—Office, 7th street, northwest
corner Olive. TheronBarnum, , president ; Issac L.
Garrison, vie presient ; Greoge H.Bender, , secre-
tary ; ThomsaJessop, , general agent ; TheornBarnum, ,
Issac L.Garriosn, , D. T.Wrigth, , JosephHodgraan, ,
Joseph W.Branch, , B. W.Alexander, , Geo.George M.
Fichtenkaro, , ChristianStaenlin, and Geo.George H.Bender, ,
directors .
St.Street Louis Mutual Life IuMiranoe Com-
pany —0ffice, 513 Olive stret, between 5th and 6th.
D. A.January, , president ; James H.Lucas, , vice
president ; Wm, T.Selby, , secretary ; Wm.William n.north Benton, ,
generahigeni ; Br.John T.Hoigen, , consultingphyst-
cian ; Cline & Jamison , legal advisers ; Hon.Honorable Elizur
Wright, , consulting actuar? ; Wm.William M.McPheters, M.
D., esamining physician ; James H.Lucas, , Theodore
Laveille, , Robt. K.Woods, , Geo.George r.residence Robinson, , John F.
Thronton, , Hon.Honorable JohnHogan, , Nich.Scaheffer, , Jas. O.
Carson, Wm.William JohnHogan, , Nich.Schaeffer, , Jas. O.
Carson, , Wm.William C.Jamison, , David K.Feguson, , Wm.William T.
Selby, , Robert e.east carr, , Wm, J.Lewis, , SamuelWill, ,
L. H.Baker, , JulesValle, , Jacob, Tam., Wm.William T.Gay, ,
r.residence P.Hanenkamp, and D. A.January, , directors .
Union Merchants' Exchange.
Union Mercl ants Exchange —Main street,
near Walnut. John J.Roe, president ; George P.
Plant, and H. A.Homeyer, , vice presidents ; Geogre
H.Morgan, , secreatry and teramser ; FrancishWhit-, , e.east W.Leonhardt, , Jos. s.south Nanson, , Nathan
Cole, and H. s.south Reed, , directros tos erve one year;
Wm.William M.McPherson, , s.south M.Egelld, , JohnWahl, , John
F.Tolle, and s.south M.Dodd, directors tos erve two years
Alex. H.Smith, . Thos.ThomasRicheson, , B.Goldschemidt, , J.
C.Ewald, , W.Hunicke, , J. W.Luke, , r.residenceHeinrich-, AndereMaxwell, , H. C.Yaeger, , n.northStevens,
C. O.Duther, and P. C.Tyalor, , Commitee of ap-
peals ' CraigAlexander, , CharlesScundder, , Geroge
Woltman, , TomMiller, Jr., and RedmondCleary, ,
committee of arbitratioin first six months; F. W.
Audfderheide, , JamesReilley, , John M.Gilkeson, , W. J.
Powell, and SamuelPeltz, , committee of arbitration
for second six months.
Board Of Trade.
St. Louis Board of Trade —7th street, south-
west corner Chesutn. e.east W.Fox, , president ; Thos.Thomas
M.Taylor, , 1st vice president ; ThomasRicheson, , 2d
vice president ; Wm.William B.Baker, , secrearyr ; Dwight
Durkee, , treasurer ; e.east J.Glasgow, , Daniel W.Bell, ,
Wm.WilliamPatrick, J. P.Fiske, , GustavusHoeber, , A. W.
Fagion, , J. s.south Lemoine, , JosephBrown, , NthanCole,
and D. K.Ferguson, , directors .
Incorporated Companies.
Ameican Wine Company —Office, 219 Olive
street. IssacCook, , president ; J. H.Scholer, , super-
intendent .
Belchers' Sugar Refining Company —
Lewis street, between O'Fallon and Batea. Office,
Lewis street, southwest corner O'Fallon. Incorpo-
rated, JennAry, 18S5. Capital, $1,000,000. Par
value of share, $100. CharlesBelcher, , president ;
Ertward T.Ware, , secretary ; LewisHjlni, supertn-
tendent ; Rufus J.Lackland, , Derrick A.January, ,
Carlos s.south Greeley, , JamesSmith, , CahrelsBelcher, and
Joseph C.Cabot, , directors .
Bluffton Wine Company of Central Mis-
sonri—Office. 315 Elm street. GeorgeHusmann, ,
president ; Dr.PhilipWeljrel, vice president ; IsMor
Bush, , treasurer ; L. D.Morse, , secreatry ; Smauel
Miller, superinetendt of vienayerfds. Chas. G.Peter-, , superitendt of progpaating houses; Wm
Wesselhoft, , general agnet and assiatna secreatry .
Carondelet Maring Railway and Dock
Company —Office, Memphis packet wharfboat.
Incorporated, December 12, 1855. Capt.James
ward, , president ; J. r.residence Shaler, , secretary .
City Tobacco Warehouse Company —Of-
fice, Market street, between 11th and 12th. J. s.south
Lemoine, president ; AdolphusMeier, , recreatyr ;
John W.Robinson, superintednetl J. W.Booth, , L.
D.Dameron, and Wm.William M.Price, , directors .
Collier White Lead and Oh Company —
office and factory, 1009 Clark avenue. Estabilished
1837. Incorporated, 1851. Capital, $500,000.
ThomasRlcheson, , president ; Henry TBlow, , vice
president ; Charles K.vlekers, , secretary .
Excelsior manufacturing Company —612
n.north Main, Giles V.Fllley, , president ; J. W.Bell, ,
secretary .
Granby Mlnlng and Smelting Company —Office, Pine street, northwest corner 3d. Henry T.
Blow, , president .
Keokuk Packet Company —Office, 112 n.north
Commercial street. Incorporated, 1851. John s.south
McCune, , president ; NapoleonMulliken, , secretary
and treasurer ; A.Phillips, agent .
Missouri Concrete Stone Company —Of-
fice, 504 n.north 4th street. Charles, Miller, president ;
John G.Scott, , vice president ; A'fredCarr, , secreatry ,
e.east P.Taylor, , generla superintendent ; Jno. r.residence Lion-, terasurer ; Jno. G.Scott, , Chas.Miller, , Jacob
Merrett, , J. r.residence Lionberger, , FrankEnon, ,H. F.Stined,
J. P.Cappelle, , Geo.George r.residence Robinson, , EdwinHarrisoon, .
e.east P.Taylor, , e.east P.Rice, , J. J.Hays, and AlfredCarr, ,
directors .
Missouri Consolidated Mining Com-
pany —Office, 222 Pine street. Cpaital $3,000,000.
Reserved for working capital, $500,000. Hon.Honorable John
Hogan, , president ; C. G.Wicker, , viepresiedtn, ;
Col.Fank H.Flethcer, , secfrearty ; Gen.Madison
Miller, , treausrer ; AlfredClaopp, , general superinten-
dent ; Thos.Thomas C.Flethef, , BartonAble, , C. G.Wicker, ,
J. H.Briton, , Jas. H.Bowne, , AlfredClapp, John
How, . Gen.MadisonMille, and Hon.Honorable Jno.Hogan, ,
directors .
Missouri Glass Company .—Office, 106, 108
and 110 Market street. EdwardBredell, , presidetn ;
EdwardDally, , secretary .
Missonrl Republican. George W. Knapp &
Co. , directors .
Missonrl State Board of Emigration —
Office, 815 Flm street. Thomas C.Fletcher, , presi-
dent ; FrancisRodman, , vice president ; IridorBusii, ,
secretary ; A.Valle, , treasurer ; F.Mnench, , German
correspondent ; M.Willis, , commissioner ; F. M.
Schinkowsky, , speical agent .
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Wm.William B.Haseltine, ,
Dealer In
Hides, Leather, Tanners' Oil,
Shoemakebs' Findings,
No. 717 North Main Street,
bet.between Green & Morgan, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞ The Highest Market Price Paid Is Cash For Hides.

Geo.George P.Witelaw, . Chas. W.Barstow, .

Geo.George P. Whitelaw & Co.company ,
Importers, Manufacturers, and Wholesale Dealers in
Oils, Paints,
Naval Stores, Window Glass,
And Manufacture Of
No. 617 North Second Street,
(Second Door South Of Green,)
St. Louis, - - - Missouri.

John Kupferle & Co.company ,
Missouri Brass Foundry,
Steam And Gas Pipe Works,
No. 600, corner Second St. and Washington av.avenue ,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Manufactures of Steam, Gas and Water Cocks of all kinds, steam Whistles and
Oil Globes. Dealers in Rubber Hose, Packign and Bleting, Steam Gas. cop-
per and Lead Pipes Pumps, steam and Water Gauges. Brewery, Mill,
Distillery and Steamboat Work promptly attended to.

City And County Record. 105
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Pacific Oil Company —Office, 115 n.north 2d street.
Works, 1309 and 1317 s.south 8th street. Stephen P.Green-, , president ; Daniel J.Donovan, , secretary .
Pilot Knob Iron Company —Office, 110
Chesnut street. Incorporated, 1855. Charter ex-
pires, 1890. Capital, $1,000,000. Par value of shares,
$100. John s.south McCune, , president ; Jno. W.Boyd, ,
secreatry and treasurer ; John s.south McCune, , James H.
Lucas, , L. L.Allen, , C. H.Peck, and s.southHumphreys, ,
directors .
State Board of Agriculture —Office, 9 s.south 5th
street. L. D.Morse, , secreatry . Commissioner of
Statistics—Office, same location.
St.Street Louis Bagging and Rope Manufac-
turing Company —12th street, corner Austin.
Office, 2d street, nr.near Locust. LawrasonLevering,
president .
St. Louis Cotton Factory —Located 1703 Me-
nard. AdolphusMeler, , president ; Theod. G.Meier, ,
secretary and treasurer ; JohnCocker, , superinten-
dent ; Jno.Harkins, , clerk .
St. Louis Gas Light Company —Office, 215
Pine street. Capital, $600,000. Oliver A.Hart, ,
president ; Chas. H.Peck, , vice president , W. A.
Kingdon, , secreatry ; W. W.Branson, , assistnat secre-
tary ; ThomasPratt, , superintedent ; Alexander
Largue, , inspector ; J. P.Doan, , EbanRichards, , r.residence
J.Lockwood, , SamuelTreat, , Benj.Stickney, , Oliver
A.Hart, , C. H.Peck, , Jas.Smith, and JohnTilden,
directors .
St.Street Louis Marble Works —Office, 908 St.
Charles street. Michael D.Heitlaell, , presieednt ; D.
Heltzell, jr., secreatrary ; ThomasHetherington, , super-
intendent .
St.Street Louis Mutual House Building Com-
pany —Office, 220 Chesnut street. Incorporated,
May 1, 1859. FerdinandMeyer, , president ; r.residenceMack-, , secreatry ; Chas. A.Peck, , FerdinandMeyer, , e.east
G.Obear, , HermanEisenhardt, , John A.Becker, , Geo.George
Schlossetin, , G. W.Chadbourne, , JohnHartman, and
W. A.Hequembourg, , directors .
St. Louis Piano Manufacturing Com-
pany —Office, 101 s.south 5th street. EdmundWuer-, , president ; G. W.Dreyer, , vice president ; John
D.Torlina, , secreatary and terasurer ; F.Hafkemyer, ,
G. W.Dreyer, , Jno. e.east Schuricht, , EdmundWuerpel,
and John D.Torlina, , directors .
St.Street Louis Railway Supplies Manufac-
turing Company —Office, 114 Washington
avenue. e.east W.Fox, , presieent l ; Chas. P.Choutenau,
vice president ; DwightDurkee, , teasurey ; e.eastHol-, , cahsier ; B. r.residence Bonner, , secreatyr ; M. M.Buck, ,
superintendt lantern depatment ; e.east W.Fox, ,
DwightDurkee, , Chas. P.Chouteau, , B. r.residence Bonner, and
EliHollidge, , directors .
St. Louis Shot Tower Comapny—Lewis
street, between Bates and Smith. Office, 118 and
120 n.north Commerical steet. Inocrporated, 1857.
Gideon W.Chadbourne, , president ; TheodreFors-, , secretary .
St. Louis Skating Rink Associati —
Oliver B.Fully, , presieent ; James F.How, , vice pres-
ident ; John P.Smith, , secreatyr ; Jno. H.McCluney, ,
treasurer ; ErastusWells, , O. B.Filley, , James F.How, ,
Dan. C.Young, JuliusMorisse, , JoshuaCheever, , J.
B.Thomposn, Ohn P.Smith, , William A.Albright,
and J. H.McCloney, , directors .
St.Street Louis Stone Ware Company —Office,
223 nnorth 3d street. stephenPartigede, , preseient ; Wm.William
W.Stickney, , secreatry .
St. Louis, Tarpulain Company —Office,
122 Commercial street southeat coenr Pine. Rich-
ard Wessles, , cashier ; Jno. W.Branne, , superinten-
dent .
St.Street Louis Transfer Company —Office, 210 n.north
4th street. H. C.Creveling, , superintendent ; J. M
Thomspon, , treasurer . Warehouse for O. & M.r.residence r.residence ,
2d street, corner Carr. Warehouse for St. L., A. & T.
H. r.residence r.residence 2d street, corner Poplar.
St. Louis Type Fondry Company —Of-
fice. 115 Pine street. Established, 1840. Incorpor-
ated, February 16, 1861. L. T.Wells, , president ;
Wm.WilliamBright, , secretary ; O. s.south Kauffman, , treasurery ;
L. F.Wells, , WilliamBright, , C. s.south Kauffman, and Jas.
G.Pavyer, , directors .
The Lafflin Powder Company —Office, 214
Levee and 224 Commercial street, coener Olive. Jos.
M.Boies, , president ; s.south H.Laflin, , vice president ;
F. L.Laflin, , treasurer ; H. D.Laflin, , general super-
intendent .
The St. Louis Warehouse Company —
Chouteau avenue, corner 5th street. W. L.Lari-, , president ; J. W.Larimore, . vice president ; n.north
G.Larimore, , secreatry ; W. T.Larimore, , treasure .
Union Rolling Mill Company —Cass av.
southwest coerner 12th. Wm.William H.Stone, , president ;
H. A.Voelkner, , secretary .
Wiggins Ferry Company —207 s.south 4th street.
Lewis V.Bogy, , president ; Samuel B.Wiggins, . vice
president ; Hy. L.Clark, , secreatry ; Capt.Joseph
Brown, , superintendent ; Henry e.east Trendley, , clerk .
Abendschule—Published semi-monthly, by L.
Lange, ; Rev.Reverend J. C.Fick, and Prof.Baumstark, , ed-
itors . Office, First National Bank building. Terms,
$1,50 per annum.
Central Christian Advoate—Published
weekly, by Poe & Hitchbook, of Cincinnati. B. F.
Crary, D.D., editor ; Benj. JamesFry, , agent .
Office, 413 Locust street, up stairs.
Daily Commercial Bulletin—Published by
G.W. Smith & Co.company Office, 416 Pine street. Terms,
$5 per annum.
Der Friedensbote—Published semi-monthly by
the Evangelical Synod of the West. Rev.Reverend L.Nollan,
editor . Office, 631 s.south 4th. Terms, 50 cents per annum.
Der Lutheraner—Published semi-monthely by
the Evangelical Lutheran Syndo of Missouri, Ohio and
other states. Office, 631 s.south 4th. Terms, $1,50 per
Evangelical Lutheran Schulblatt—Pub-
lished montly, by A. Wiebushc & Son . Prof.J.
W.Lindmann, , editor . Terms, $2 per annum.
Herold Des Glaubens—Published weekley.
Office, 3d street, corner Convent. FrancisSaler, .
Terms, $2,50 per annum.
Lehre and Wehre—Published monthly, by the
Evangellical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and
other states. Office, 631 s.south 4th street. Terms, $2
per annum.
Market Reporter—Published daily and weekly,
by Griffin & O'Connor , proprietors . Office, Mer-
chants' Exchange building.
Merchantes' Exchange Price Current—
Published daily and weekly, by Chas. G.Gonter, ,
proprietor ; JosiahAndreson, , editor . Office, 8 Ollive
street, up stairs.
Missouri Democrat—Published daily, tri-week-
ly and weekly, by the properitors , McKee, Fishback
& Co.company Office, 4th street, northeast corner Pine.
Terms, daily, $12; tri-weekly, $6; weekly, $2, per
Missouri Republican—Published daily, tri-
weekly and weekly. by George Knapp & Co.company Office,
111 and 113 Chesnut street. GeorgeKnapp, , John
Knapp, and H. G.Paschall, , directors , Terms, daily,
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PeterHayden, . PollockWilson, . Jno. A.Wilson, . C. H.Allen, .

Hayden, Wilsons & Allen ,
Manufacturers And Dealers In
Saddlery Hardware,
Carriage Trimmings,
Leather, &C, &C,
No. 14 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

M.Faucette, ,
e.eastSummers, ,
No. 120 n.north Thrid St.Street

F.Justin, ,
Nos. 410 and 412 n.north Third Street.

Faucette & Co.company ,
Manufacturers And Dealers In
Harness, Trunks,
Valises And Bags,
No. 120 North Third Street,
Manufactory And Wholesale Warerooms,
Nos. 410 and 412 n.north Third St.,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

City And County Record. 107
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$12; tri-weekly, $6; weekley, $2; Sunday morning
Republican, $3 per annum.
Mississippi Blactter—(Sunday issue of West-
liche Post), Published every Sunday, Office, 116
and 118 Chesnut street. Terms, $2 per annum.
Neuer Anzeiger Des Westerns—Published
daily and weekly, by the publisher , CarlDaenzer, .
office, 15 n.north 3d street. Terms, daily, $8; weekly
$3 per annum.
Rural World and Valley Farmer—Pub-
lished weekly, by n.north J.Colman, , editor and proprie-
tor . Office, 612 n.north 5th. Terms, $2 per annum, in
Sabbath School Star—Published menthly, by
P. M.Pinckard, , Pine stret. Terms, singe copies
30 cents; 100 copies, $24 per annum.
St.Street Louis Dispatch—Publi hed, daily, tri-week-
ly and weekly, by the St. Louis Dispathc Printien and
Publsheicn Company. D. M.Grisson, , editor ; Wm.William
H.Swift, , busienss manager . Ofice, 313 n.north 3d.
Terms, daily, $10; tri-weekjly, $5; weekly, $2 per
St.Street Luis Home Journal—Published every
Sunday morning, by Shefield & Eaton . Office, Pine
street, southeast corner 2d, up stairs. Terms, $2
per annum
St. Louis Home Journal—Publishes every
Sunday moringi, by Sheffield & Eaton . Offie, Pine
street, southeast coenr 2d, up stairs. Terms, $2
per annum.
St. Louis Journal of Commerce—Pub-
lished every theusday, by r.residence M. Widman & Co.company pro-
prietors . Offie, 3d street, northwest coenr Wlanut.
Terms, &5 per annum.
St.Street Louis Times—Publsihed dialy, semi-weekly
and weekly, by the St. Louis Times Company . Of-
fice, Times building, 206 n.north 3d str et. Termsn, daily,
$10; semi-weekly, $4; weekly, $2 per mannu. Lewis
V.Bogy, , president ; r.residence P.Renick, , secreaty and
treausere ; StilsonHucthins, , editor : JohnHodnett, .
superintendt ; L. V.Bogy, , StilosnHutchins, , John
Hodentt, , r.residence P.Renick, and JohnFinn, , directors .
The Christian Advaocate—Published weekley,
by P. M.Pinckard, ; Rev.Reverend D. r.residence McAnally, D.D.ed-
itor . Office, 510 Pine street. Terms, $2 per annum.
The Gospel of Temperance—Published on
the first each month by JohnLibby, . Office, 302
Vine street. Terms, $1 per annum.
The Free Mason—Published monthly, by P. M.
Pinckard, ; George FrankGenley, , editor . Offie, 510
Pine street. Terms, $2 per annum.
The Guardian (Catholic)—Published every
Saturday moring. JamesClements, , editor . Offie,
5th street, southeast corner Pine. Terms, $3 per an-
num, by mail; $3,50 delivered at the house.
The St. Louis Medical Reporter—Pub-
lished semi-monthly, by P. M.Pinckard, ; Dr.J. B.
Alleyne, and O. F.Potter, , editrs . Office, 510 Pine
street. Terms, $3 per annum.
Vokks Zeitung—Publis ed daily and weekly, by
e.east W. Heemann & Co.company Offie. Market street, between
3d and 4th. Terms, daily, $10; weekly, $2,50 per
Westliche Post—Published daily and weekly, by
TheodorePlate, , EmilPretorisu, , ArhturOlshanusen,
and CarlSchurs, , Properietso , Ofcie, 116 and 118
Chenstun stret Terms, daily $10; weekly, $2 per
Beaumont Street Baptist Church—Located
on Beaumnont street, Rev.Reverend A. C.Kendrick, , pastor .
Hours of divine seivece, 10.30 a.M.a nd 7.30 p. m
Sabbath school, 2.30 p.m.
Benton Street Mission Sunday School—At
the Fourth Baptist Chuch. Infant departent in
the basement. Pastor s bible class, for adults, in the
gallery. Mrets every Sunday at 2.30 p.m.e.east D.
Jones, , sueprintendtn .
Eights Street Basptist Church (Colored)—
L Cated on 8th street, coenr Green. Erected, 1851
Rev.Reverend W. M.White, , pastor . Hours of divien servie,
11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
First African Baptist Chruch—Loicated, 417
Almond street, between 4th and 5th. Eected, 1842.
Rev.Reverend e.eastCartwtright, , pastor ; residence 9th street.
between Cerre and Gratito; AmbroseLewis, , sexton .
Hours of divien servie, 11 a.m., 8 p.m. and 7 p.m.
First Gemrna Baptist Churhc—Lcoated on
14th street, comner Carr. Erected, 1864. Rev.Reverend Jacob
s.south Gubelman, , pastro ; residne, 14th street, between
Mullanphy and Howaerd. FredericlSchultae, , sexton
Hours of divne service, 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7.20
p. m.
Second Baptist Church—Located on 6th street,
southwest coern Locust Brected, 1858. Rev.Reverend Dr.
Burlingham, , pastor ; residen, 1502 Pine street.
GeorgeMcllwaine, , sexton . Horus of divine service,
10 a.m. and 7 p.m. during the summer, and 10.30
a. m. and 7 p.m. during the winter. Sabbath
school, 9 a.m.
Third Baptist Church—Located on the south
side of Clark avenue, between 13th and 14th streets.
Erected, December 31, 1854. Rev.Reverend J. V.Schofield,
pastor ; residence, 108 South 14th street. Sabbath
school, 9 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Hours of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Fourth Baptist Church—Located on 12th street,
cornier North Market. Ereceted, 1862. Rev.Reverend A. C.
Osborn, pastor ; residence, 12th stret, northeat
corner Benton. Hours of Divine servie, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Third (Colored) Baptist Church—Located on
Market street, beteween Center and 14th.
Located 1702 Olive street. Rev.Reverend W. J.Pettigrew, ,
pastor ; residenc, 2702 Locust. HenryTurner, ,
sexotn . Hours of divien servie, 10.30 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.
Churchc of the Holy Ghost.
Located on Walnut street, corner 8th. Erected, 1858.
Rev.Reverend F.Eberhard, , pastor ; residnece, Walnut street.
corner 8th. Hours of divine service, 11 a.m. and
3 p.m.
Cumberland Presbyterian.
First Cumberl And Pressbyterian Church—
Located on 24th street, corner Carr. Rev.Reverend Dr. Lang-, , pastor . Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
First German Presbyterian Church—Lo-
cated on Anutmn street, southwest corner 10th. Rev.Reverend
AlbertfVonderlippe, , pastor .
German Cumberland Presbyterian
Church—Located on Pratte auenue, corner Wash
street. Rev.Reverend Fred.Lack, , pastor ; residence adjoingin
the chruch.
Reformed Presbyterian—Located on Gamble
avenue, coenr mercer street. Ereceted, 1854. Rev.Reverend
JosephMcCracken, , pastor . Hours of divine service,
10.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
United Presbyterian Church—Located on 5th
street, corner Locust. Erected 1841. Rev.Reverend J. G.
Armstrong, , pastor ; residence, 1530 Morgan street.
Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
First Trinity Congregational Church—Lo-
cated on 10th street, corner Locust. Erected, 1859.
Rev.Reverend T. M.Post, , pator ; residcence, Lucas avenue,
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German Savings Instituion ,
s.south e.east cor. Main and Market Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.


RobertBarth, , GeorgeWkinhagen, , Fr.Saleu, ,
F. W.Rosexthal, , F. W.Meistkh, , F. A.Reuss, ,
C. r.residence Stinde, , CharlesSpeck, , WilliamKoenig, .

RobertBarth, , President .

RichardHospes, , Secretary and Treasurer .

JosephBagot, . Jno. K.Cummings, .

Bagot & Cummings ,
Proprietors Of
St. Louis Class Works,
Nos. 2301 to 2315 Broadway,
(Corner Monroe Street,)
St. Louis, - - - - Missouri.

e.east r.residence Mason, . F. G.Flanagan, .

Mason & Flanagan ,
Military Traval Claim Agents ,
Office No. 207 North Third St.,
Near the Post Office, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Will gtre prompt attention to the adjustment and collection at Claims agaimt the United
States and Stats of Missouri.

Mississippi Scale Works.

A.B. Pearson & Co.company ,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Cotton Beams and Stands, Store Tracks and Skids, Brass and Mal-
leable Iron Work Executed to Order.

Factory, 816 n.north Main St, St. Louis, Mo.

City And County Record. 109
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cornerd Garrison avenu; ThomasTomplisn, , sexton ;
residence in basement of church. Hours of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Pilgrim Congregatiohal Church—Located
on Washington avenue, corner' Bwing avenue.
Erected in 1866, and dedicated to the worship or God
on Forefather's Day, December 22d, 1886. Rev.Reverend
JohnMontelth, jr., pastor ; residence, Washington
avenue, next to the chapel. hours of divine service,
10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sabaath school, 3 p.m.;
C. M.Saxton, , superintendent .
The Dioce-ie of Msso-rl includes the Bute of Misssoi
under the jurisdiction of the Right Rev.Reverend Cicero 8.
Hawks, D.D., bishop .
Christ CflUrch—Located on 13th street, corn
Locust. Dedicated January, 1820. Rev.Reverend Mont-Schiller, , rector ; residence. Locust street,
between Lelfingwell and Ewing avenues; A.Ure, ,
sexton . Hoursof divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30
p. m.
Grace Church—Located on Warren street, between
11th and 12th. Erected, 1845. Right Rev.Reverend C. s.south
Hawsk, , biship ; Rev.Reverend --, curate, resiecne
at the rectory, adjoining thechurch. Hours of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
Mission Of The Holy Cross—Located on Laveille
street near St. Ange. Service, 7.30 p.m. Sunday
school, 3 p.m.
St.Street George'S Churcn—Located on Locust street,
corner Tth. Erected, 1545. Rev.Reverend e.east F.Berkley, ,
rector ; ThomasHarris, , sexton . Boors of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
St.Street John'S Church—Located on 6th street, corner
Spruce. Erected, 1813. Rev.Reverend William G.Spencer, ,
rector ; SamuelClegg, , sexton ; residence, 6th street,
near Morgan. Hours of divine efMce, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Trinity Church—Located on 11th street, north-
west corner Washington avenue. Rev.Reverend e.east C.Hutoh-, , rector ; residence, 11th street, between Christy
avenue and Morgan street. Hoars of divine service,
10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Evangelical Lutheran.
Evangelical Luthran Immanuel Church
—Located, 16th street, southwest corner Morgan.
Erected, 1868. Rev.Reverend FrederickBuenger, , pastor ;
residcne, 13th strett, between Wash and Carr.
Hours of diven servife, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church—
Located, 1805 Fulton street, southewest corner La-
fayette. Rev.Reverend GottliebSchaller, , pastor : residence,
south side fo Barry stret, betwen 7th and Fulton;
OttoSchumann, , sexton ; residnece, in rear of the
church. Hours of divien service, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
German Evangelical.
St. John'S Church—Located on Madison street,
southeat coern 14th. Ereceted, 1855. Rev.Reverend Louis
Haberle, , pastor ; residcne, sourht side of Madison
street, between 13th and 14th. Hours of divince
service, 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. in winter; 9.30 a.
m. and 7.30 p.m. in summer.
St. Mark'S Evangellical Church—Located on
soulard street, coenr of Jackosn. Erected, 1845.
Rev.Reverend s.south W.Hawkey, , pastro . PhilipPfeifer, , sexton ;
residcne, west side of 7th street, bet. Park aveneu
and Barry street. Hours of divine service, 9.30 a.
m. and 2.30 p.m. during the summer; and 10 a.m.
and 2.30 p. m during the winter.
St. Paul'S Church—Located, 1810 Decatuer street,
between Lafayette street and Geyer av. Erected,
1849. Rev.Reverend RudolphJohn, , pastor ; residcne, 1804
Decatur strte. FrederickSchuster, , sexoton ; resi-
dence 1817 Decatur street. Hours of diveine servie,
10 a.m. and 2 p.m.; Wednesday, 8 p.m.
St. Peter'S German Evangelical Church—
Located on 15th street, northwest corner Carr.Rev.Reverend
A. W.Roeder, , pastor ; residence, parsonage adjoin-
ing the church. SimonReinhoz, , sexton ; residcne,
Carr street, northwest coern 14th. Hours of divine
service, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in winter; 9.30 a.m.
and 2 p.m. in summer.
Evangelical Lutheran.
Bethlehem Church German Lutheran—
Located on 13th street, northwest corner Salis-
bury. Erected, 1849. Rev.Reverend AdolphSsClaus, , pastor ;
residence, 13th street, near the church. H.Hartwig, '
sexton ; residence, Salisbury street, niear the church.
Honrs of divine service, during the summer, 9 a.m.
and 2 p.m.; during the winter, 9.30 a.m. and 2.30
p. m.
Bnai El Congregation—Located, 6th street
corner Cerre. HenryKuttner, , rabbi . Ambrose
Meyer, sexton ; residence, basement of the church.
United Hebrew Congregation—Located, n.north
6th street. Erected, 1S59. Rev.Reverend D.Yiddevar, , rabbi .
Chas.Zoungman, , sexton ; residence, basement of the
Independent Evangelical Protestan
Located, Monnd street, southwest corner 8th. Erected,
1S66. Rev.Reverend P.Godfrey, Garter, , pasl,r ; residence
80S w. Mound street. Hours of divine service, 10 a.
m. and 2 p.m.
First German Methodist Episcopal Church
—Located, Benton street, southwest corner 13th.
Erected, 1853. Rev.Reverend A. F.Korfhage, , pastor . J.
Fischer, , sexton ; residence, Benton street, southwest
corner 13th. Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m.
and 7 p.m.
Second German Methodist Episcopal
Church—Located, Wash street, between 10th and
11th. Erected. 1847. Rev.Reverend HermanPhaff, pastor :
residence in rear of llie church. Frederick, Mueller,
sexton ; residence, basement of the church. Hours
of divine service, 10.S0 a.m. and 7 p.m.; prayer
meeting, Tuesday, 7.30 p.m., and preaching Thurs-
day, 7.30 p.m.
Third German Methodist Episcopal
Church—Located, 1701 Fulton, southwest corner
Soulard street. Erected, 1859. Rev.Reverend JacobFeisel, ,
pastor ; residence basement of the church, John
Hammel, , sexton ; residence, 1815 s.south 7th street. Hours
of divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7 p.m.: prayer
meeting, Friday, 7.30 p.m.
First African Mpthodist Episcopal
Church—Located, eastside of 7th street, between
O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Rev.Reverend John A.Fushee, ,
pastor . EdwardClark, , sexton . Hours of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
First Union Methodist Episcopal Church
—Located, 11th street, northwest corner Locust-
Rev.Reverend A. C.George, , pastor ; residence, at the parson-
age. Erick e.east Eeruson, , sexton .
Second Union Methodist Fpiscopal Church
Located, 6th street, between Franklin avenue and
Wash.n.north P.Heath, , pastor ; residence, 9th street,
near Malllinckrtdt. John e.east Edwards, , sexton ; resi-
dence, basement of the church. Hours of dlvltte ser-
vice, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
North Mission Sabbath School—13th street,
corner Benton.
Simpson Chapel—Located, 10th street, corner
North Market. Rev.Reverend r.residence r.residence Pierce, , pastor . Hours
of divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
St.Street Paul'S Chapel (Colored)—Located, 11th
street, head of Green. Rev.Reverend Willis r.residence Revels, , pastor .
JamesHarris, , sexton ; residence, 12th, between
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J. e.east Liggett, . HenryDausmaf, .

Liggett & Dausman ,
Manufacturers Of
Chewing Tobacco
And Dealers In All Kinds Of
Tobacco, Cigars, Snuff,
Pipes, & C., & C.,
Nos, 27 and 29 South Second Street,
(Opposite Barnum'S Hotel),
Saint Louis, Mo.

Wire Works
No. 215 Market Street,
Bet. Second and Third, St. Louis, Mo.

r.residence C.Ludlow, ,
Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wire Cloth,
For Fan Mills, Threshing Machines, Flour Mills, Starch
Factories, Paper Mills, Locomotives, Meat Safes, &c.

Bird Cages, both japanned and wooden frame of any variety, style and finish, unsurpassed
in America.

Sieves, of iron, bran or copper wire, for floor, meal, in fir, drugs, starch, gray & c.

Riddles, of Iron, bran or copper wire, lor coal, sand, time, grain, seed, beans, & c. Also, a supe-
rior article of Foundry Riddles, lor moulders.

Standing Screeen, for coke, coal, ore, gravel, asna, lime, malt etc.

Iron, Brass and Copper Wire, for Fencing, and all other purposes.

Rat and Mouse Traps, of all shpaes, sizes and contrivances.

Miscellaneuou Articles in great variety, sucb as Nursery Fernder Fire Guards, Flower Stands,
Dog Muzzles, Corn Poppers, Dish Cover, Wire Gridiruso, Celud Glasses, and other articels
too numerous to specify.

Fancy Wire Work of all ktnds made to order at
sbort notice and in the best style.

City And County Record. 111
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Christy avenue and Morgan. Hours of divine ser-
vice, 11 a.m. and 8 and 7.30 p.m. every Sunday,
and three evenings during the week.
The Ladies' Union City Mision-Rev.-
-, missionary. Sabbath School, 8th street, corner
Soulard. Meets at 2.30 p.m. every Sabbgath, A.
W.Goodwin, , superintendent .
Southern Methodist Episcopal
First Methodist Episcopal Church-Located,
Washington avenue, corner 8th street. Erected, 1854.
Rev.Reverend W. F.Camp, D.D., pastor ; residence 803
Washington av.. —Toxall, , sexton ; residence, 8th
street, between Green and Washington avenue.
Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Centenary Church-Located, Pine street, south-
west corner 5th. Erected, 1848. Rev.Reverend W. A.Smith, ,
pastor . RichardRushton, , sexton . Hours of divine
service, 10.30 a.m. and 7/30 p.m.
Wesley Chapel-Located 8th street, corner Chou-
teau avenue. Erected, 1849. Rev.Reverend J. C.Shackle-, , pastor . DamuelHocham, , sexton ; residence at
the Church. Hours of divine sevice, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
St. Paul'S Methodist Episcopal Church-
Located, 14th street, northeast corner Jefferson. Rev.Reverend
W. M>Protisman, , Pastor . Hours of divine service,
10.30 a.m. and 7/30 p.m.
Stoddard Church-A new enterprise of which
Rev.Reverend ——, D.D., is expected to take charge early
in March, 1868.
New Jerusalem Church.
Located, 6th, southest corner St. Charles. Divine
services every Sunday at 11 a.m. Sunday school
and doctrinal class at 10 a.m.
German New Jerusalem Church--Located,
Howard street, corner 14th.
Presbyterian (New School).
First Presbyterian Church-Located, 14th
street, southwest corner Lucas place. Dedicated,
1855. Rev.Reverend Hy. A.Nelson, , pastor . G. W.Page, ,
sexton ; residence, 216 n.north 12th street. Hours od di-
vine service, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
North Presbyterian Church--Located, 11th
street, corner Charmber. Erected, 1858. Rev.Reverend
Morton, , pastor . House of divine service, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Presbyterian (Old School).
Central Presbyterian Church--Located on
8th street, northwest corner Locust. Erected, 1849.
Rev.Reverend s.south P.Anderson, , pastor . Hours of divine ser-
vice, 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Pine Street Church--Located on Pine street,
corner of 11th. Erected, 1852. Rev.Reverend B. TuckerLa-, , pastor . H.Manistre, , sexton ; residence, 818 St.
Providence Presbyterian Church--Located
on Webster street. Organized, 1859. Rev.Reverend Geo.George
Sluter, , pastor . Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Second Presbyterian Chruch-- Located on
5th street, corner Walnut. Erected, 1840. Rev.Reverend
SamuelNicolis, , pastor ; residence, Olive street, near
20th. —Rogers, , sexton . Hours of divine service,
10.30 a.m. amnd 7.30 p.m.
Sixteenth Street Church-- Located on 16th
street, northeast corner Walnut. Rev.Reverend J. H.Brooks, ,
pastor ; residence, 16th street, next thje church. r.residence
Page, , sexton . Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m.
Roman Catholic
The Province of St. Louis comprises dioceses of St.
Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Alton, Milwaukee, Du
buque, St. Paul and Santa Fe; the Vicariates Apos-
tolic of Kansas and Nebraska, and embraces Missouri,
Illinois, Tennesse, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Nebras-
ka, New Mexico and Indian Territory. Most Rev.Reverend
Peter RichardKenrick, D.D., Archibishiop of St.
Louis. Very Rev.Reverend JosephMelcher, , Vicar General .
Cathedral Of St. Louis-- Located on the north
side of Walnut street, between 2d and 3d. Erected,
1833. Rev.Reverend LouisDold, , pastor ; Revs.F. Gerardey, ,
G.Schmulders, and H.Henning, , assistant pastors .
Hours of divine service, 6,8 and 10.30 a.m. and 3.30
Chapel Of St. Joseph'S Academy--Rev.Reverend e.east
Fitzpatrick, , chaplain . Hour of service, 10 a.m.
Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital--Rev.Reverend B.Ge-, , chaplain . Hour of service, 10 a.m.
Chapel Of The Ursuline Convent--Very Rev.Reverend
JosephMelcher, , chaplain .
Church Of The Annuciation--Located on 6th
street, corner Chouteau av.Rev.Reverend P. J.Ryan, , pas-
tor ; Revs.e.eastFitzpatrick, and T.Manning, , assistant
pastors . Hours of divine service, 8 and 10.30 a.m.
and 3.30 p.m.
Church Of The Assumption--Located on 8th
stret, corner Sidney. Rev.Reverend T. M.Kavanagh, , pastor .
Hours of divine service, 8 and 10.30 a.m. and 3.30
Church Of The Holy Angels--Located on
Chouteau av.Rev.Reverend M.Welby, , pastor ; Rev.Reverend James
Halpin, , assistant pastor .
Church Of The Holy Trinity (German Con-
Gregation--Located on Mallinckrodt street, cor.
11th. Dedicated, 1858. Rev.Reverend Fred.Brinkhoff, , pas-
tor ; Rev.Reverend J.Herde, , assistant pastor . House of di-
vine service, 7 and 9 a.m. during the summer, and 8
10 during the winter; vespers, 2.30 p.m.
Church Of The Immaculate Conception --
Located on 8th street, corner Chesnut. Erected, 1854.
Revs.F. M.Keilty, and M.McCabe, , pastors . James
Quigley, , sexton . Hours of divine service, 10.30 a.
m. and 3.30 p.m.
St.Street Bridget'S Church--Located on Pratte av.
northeast corner Carr. Erected, 1860. Rev.Reverend W.
Walsh, , pastor ; Rev.Reverend T.Archer, , assistant pstor .
Hours of divine service, 6.30, 8 and 10.30 a.m. and
3 and 7.30 p.m.
St. Francis Of Sales' Church(German)--Lo-
cated on Linn street, corner Gravois rd. Rev.Reverend L.Lay, ,
Pastor .
St. Francis Xavier'S Chruch--Located on 9th
street, corner Green. Erected, 1840. Rev.Reverend Michael
Corbett, , pastor ; Revs.F.Sautois, and F. P.Garesche, ,
assitant pastors . A.Hendricks, , sexton . Hours of
divine service, 5, 6, 7, 8.30 and 10.30 a.m. and 3
and 7.30 p.m.
St. John Nepomucene (Bohemian Congre-
Gation)--Located at 1623 s.south 12th street. Erected,
1854. Rev.Reverend JosephHessoun, , pastor . AntonMark, ,
sexton . Hours of divine service, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
St. John, The Evangelist Church--Located
at 102 16th street, corner Chesnut. Rev.Reverend P. T.Ring, ,
pastor ; Rev.Reverend C.Smith, , assistant pastor . P.Foley, ,
sexton . Hours of divine service, 6, 7,8 and 10.30 a.
m.; vespers, 3.30 p.m.
St.Street Liborius Church (German)--Located on 19th
street, between Warren and North Market. Rev.Reverend Ste-Swihoff, , pastor ; Rev.Reverend ——, , assistant pas-
tor . Hours of divine service, 8 and 10 a.m., 2.30
and 4.30 p.m.
St.Street Joseph'S Church (German Congrega-
Tion--Located on Biddle street, corner 11th. Erec-
ted, 1846. Rev.Reverend JosephWeber, , pastor ; Revs.F.
Wippern, and P.Tscheider, , assitant pastors . Hours
of divine service, 10.30 a.m., and 3 p.m.
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Christian Brothers'
College ,
Corner Eighth and Cerre Sts.,
St. Louis, - - Missouri.

This Literary Institution possesses all the advantages of an
Agreeable and Healthy Location, Easy of Aecess,
Being situated on a rising ground, a little Southwest of the
Pacific Railroad Terminus,
In the City of St. Louis, Mo. It was founded in 1831, by the Brolhen or ihe Christian Schools.
incorporated in 1855 by the State Legislature, and empowered to confer degrees and academical


Entrance Fee $ 10.00
Board and Tuition, per session of Ten Months 300.00
Washing, " " 20.00
Physician's Fee, " " 8.00
For Half Bcarders " " 150.00
For Day Boarders, " " 60.00
In the Junior Class, " " 40.00
Vacation at the Institution 40.00

Music, Drawing, and the use of Apparatus

In the study of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, form extra charges. No extra charges for Languages.

No student will be received for a shorter period than oae term of fire months.

No deduction made when withdrawn during ihe terns.

The pocket monej of the students Is deposited with the Treasurer.

School Books And Medicines
Furnished At Current Prices.

Payment of Half Session of Five Months in Advance.

The Session commences on the first Monday in September, and ends about the 3d of July.

☞For Particulars, see Catalogue.☜

City And County Record. 114
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St. Lawrence O'Toole'S Church--Located on
14th street, corner O'Fation. Dedicated, 1855. Rev.Reverend
JamesHenry, , pastor ; Revs.P.O'Reilly, and P.Mul-, , assistant pastors . Hours of divine service,
6,7,8 and 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
St. Malachi'S Church--Located on Clark av.
corner Summit. Erected, 1858. Rev.Reverend Miles W.To-, , pastor ; Rev.Reverend r.residenceTucker, , assistant pastor .
St.Street Mary Of Victory (German Congrega-
Tion)--Located on 3d street, between Cedar and
Mulberry. Erected, 1844. Very Rev.Reverend JospehMel-, , pastor ; Rev.Reverend H.Muhisiepen, , assistant pastor .
Hours of divine service, 8 and 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
St. Michael'S Church--Located on Jefferson
street. corner 11th. Erected, 1846. Rev.Reverend P.O'Brien, ,
pastor ; Rev.Reverend JamesMcCabe, , assistant pastor . Pat-Hogan, , sexton ; residence, Jefferson street, cor-
ner 11th. Hours of divine service, 7,8.30 and 10.30
a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
St. Nicholas' Church--Located on 20th street,
corner Christy av.Rev.Reverend n.northStaudinger, , pastor .
St. Patrick'S Chruch--Located on Biddle street,
corner 6th. Erected, 1845. Rev.Reverend W.Wheeler, , pas-
tor ; Rev.Reverend C.Ziegler, , assistant pastor . Hours of di-
vine services, 6,7,8 and 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
St. Peter And Paul'S Church (German Con-
Gregation)--Located on 7th street, corner Allen
av. Erected, 1853. Rev.Reverend FrancisGoller, , pastor ;
residence, near the church; Rev.Reverend F.Russe, , assistant
pastor . Hours of divine service., 5,8 and 10 a.m.
and 2.30 p.m.
St. Vincent De Paul'S Church--Located on
Decature street, corner Park av. Erected, 1845. Rev.Reverend
ThomasBurke, , pastor ; Revs.JohnQuigley, , Th.
Smith, , I. G.Ubland, and J. H.Koop, , assistant pas-
tors . Hours of divine service, 6.30, 8 and 10.30 a.
m. and 7 p.m.
St. Theresa'S Church--Located on Grand avenue,
near Franklin avenue. Rev.Reverend T. P.Gallagher, , pastor .
Church Of Messiah--Located on Olive street,
corner 9th. Erected, 1851. Rev.Reverend Wm.William G.Eliot, ,
pastor ; residence, Beaumont street, northeast cor-
ner Locust. Hours of divine service, 10.30 a..m
and 7.30 p.m.
A Table, showing the mimes, locations, dimemsions and estimated value of the School Houses, size and
value of the grounds, etc.
[missing figure]
Public Schools.
Office of the Board, Darby's building, 5th street, corner
Olive. Names and residences of the officers and
members of the board of directors: Stephen D.
Barlow, , president ; IsaiahForbes, , vice president ,
Olive street, between 6th and 7thlGeo.George M.Fichten-, , secretary ; South 7th street, between Barry and
Marion; IraDivoll, , superintendent , 11 Union row,
Papin street; Wm.William T.Harris, assistant superintendent
English department; FrancisBerg, , assistant su-
perintendent German department, Kirkwood; James
Taussig, , attorney , South 7th street, between Labadie
and Hickory; Timothy B.Edgar, , treasurer , Chouteau
avenue between 13th and St. Ange; John A.Neu-, , bailiff .
First District--FrancisMols, and LouisSpies, , directors ,
1st ward; C. F.Meyer, and Theo.Hildenbraudt, ,
directors , 2d ward.
Second District--JuliusConrad, and C. D.Wolf, , directors
114 City And County Record.
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3d ward; s.south D.Barlow, and H,Schwelakhardt, ,
directors 4th ward.
Third District-Chas. L.Lips, and M. L.Pottle, , direc-
tors , 5th ward ; EherPeacock, and SamuelHager, ,
directors , 6th ward.
Fourth District--Jas,Richardson, and H. M.Thompson, ,
directors , 7th ward; A. s.south Burnes, and JohnHartman, ,
directors 8th ward.
Fifth District--Jas. D.Maguire, and AndrewMurray, ,
directors , 9th ward: JamesDarosss, and AndrewMil, , directors , 10th ward.
Sixth Districit--C. W.Irwin, and HenryBlock, , directors ,
11th ward ; Thos.ThomasHayward, and F,Parterthelmer, ,
directors , l2th ward.
Standing Committe,15 of the Board of Directors of the
St. Louis Public Schools, by appointment of the Presi-
dent of the Board for the year 1867-68:
Teachers Committee--Jas.Richards, D,chairman, , C. F.
Aleyer, , C. W,Irwin, , JullasConrad, , EberPeacock,
and AndrewMurray, .
Lands and Claims Committee-HenryBlack, , chairman ,
H. M.Thompson, , C. D.Wolf, , FrancisMots, , M. L.
Pottle, and JamesDaross, .
Leasing Committee--JuliusConrad, , chairman , Theo.
Hildenbrandt, , A. s.south Barnea, . SamuelHager, , Andrew
Miller, and Thos.ThomasHayward, .
Building Committee--C. F.Meyer, , chnirman , H. M.
Thompson, , SamuelHager, , H.Schweickhardt, , Jas. D.
Maguire, and Thos.ThomasHayward, .
Auditing Committeee-Theo.Hildenbrandt, , chairman ,
C. D.Wolf, and AndrewMuray, .
High School Committee-A. s.south Barneq, , chairman , F.
Partenheimer, and JohnHartman, .
Books and Apparatus Committee--B. W.Irwin, , chair-
man , LouisSpies, and Jas. D.Maguire, .
Library Committee-JohnnHartman, , chairman , H.
Schweickhardt, and Chas. L.Lips, .
Evening School Committee--H. M.Thompson, . chair-
man , EberNacock, and HenryBlock, .
Ways and Means Committee--M. L.Pottle, , chairman ,
SamuelHager, and C. F.Meyer, .
Salary Committee--Chas. L.Lips, , chairman , James
Richardson, and LouisSpies, .
Normal Sbhool-Located, 17th street, corner
Christy avenue. The Normal School was established
in 1858, expressly for the purpose of supplying well
qualified teachers for th lowur grades, and already
It has rumit&ed a large majority of the teachers em-
ployed by the board. probably In no Instwiec In the
country has the usefulness of a normal or training
school been inure clearly established than in this
case. Number of seats, 60; pupils, enrolled, 61
number of teachers, 3; ararage belonging, 49.
High School--15th street, corner Olive. Erected
in 1855, at the cost $40, 000. The building is sixty-
seven feet front oil olive street, and eighty-four feet
deep. It has three storles and a basement. The first
and second stories art each fifteen and a half feet
high in clear; the third story nineteen and a half feet,
and the basement nine feet. The basement is occu-
pied, in part by the furnaces, and in part by a school
room and laboratory. The first and sceond floors each
contain four rooms, situated in the corners of the
building, separated by halls and stairways. The third
floor Is an assembly hall, sufficiently large to seat 700
persons. The building has sixteen small rooms for
wardrobess and libraries. It Is designed to accommo-
date 490 scholars, of both rexes. The lot is 450 feet
front, by 106 feet derp, and as valued at $35,000.
This school is designed for advanced scholars of both
sexes. The course of studies extends through foru
years, and compromises ancient and modern languages,
higher mathematics, belle-lettres, matural sciences,
moral and mental philosophy, music, drawing. etc,
The Superior Ad autageg of this School am open to all
the youth of the city, both male and female, who can
pass & satisfactory examination in the preparatory
studies. The carefulness of the examination and the
great popularity of the school have contributed to
furnish an excellent class of scholars for this institu-
tion. For efficiency and exact scholarship the St.
Louis high school has no superior, Number of seats
400; number of teachers, 9; pupils enrolled, 278;
average belonging, 250.
District Schools.
These are twenty-aim In number, conveniently located
In the different ward* of the city. The total number
of pupils educated in them for the current you will
be about thirteen thousand.
Evening Schools.
Besides the day schools above mentioned, the board of
directors keep open for four months each year, a sys-
tem of free evening schools. These schools are de-
signed to afford the privileges of education to such
of the youth of the city of both sexes, as are neces-
sarily engaged in some useful employment during the
day, and thereby prevented from attending day
schools. The usual attendence of these schools each
year is about one thousand scholars.
Academies and Schools, Independent
of the Board of Education
Academy Of The Christian Brothers--Bro.Brothers
Edward, , director . Located, 8th street, corner Cerre.
Academy Of The Sacred Heart--For girls,
Madame M. J.Gallwey, , superior . Located, west
side of 5th street, between Labadie and Hichory, un-
der the charge of the Laides of the Sacred Herat.
African Church School--Attached to the First
African Church. Located, east side of 7th street,
bet. O'Fallon and Cass avenue.
Bohemian School--Attached to St. John's Church.
Located, 1623 s.south 12th street.
Boys' And Girls' Industrial School--Under
the auspices of the Church of the Messiah. Located,
48 n.north 8th street, near Locust.
Cathedral School--Located, north side Walnut
street, between 2d and 3d. BrotherHilarian, , princi-
pal ; BrotherAugustin, , assistant .
Concordia School--Located, west side Jefferson
avenue, near Miami street. HenryErck, . principal .
Cumberland Protestant Mission School--
Attached to the church, 15th street, corner of Cham-
Episcopal School--Attached to St. Paul's Chapel,
17th street, corner Olive.
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tion with the Church of the Holy Cross. Located,
west side Jefferson avenue, between Miami and Chip-
pewa streets. H.Erck, , principal ; Miss M.Wege, ,
teacher .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In con-
nection with the German Evangelical Lutheran Trini-
ty Church. Located, Easton street, northeast corner
Victor C.Fruber, , principal ; Miss LinaBrandt, ,
teacher . Erected, 1867.
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
nection with the German Evangelical Lutheran Trini-
ty Church. Located, 8th street, southeast corner
Barry. e.east Roshke, , principal ; C.Krause, , O.
Gotsch, , Miss Niese, and Miss Knapp, , teachers .
Evangelical Lutheran School--For boys.
Located, 1244 s.south 4th street. G. A.Witte, , principal .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tioni with the German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel
Church. Located, 16th street, southwest corner
Morgan. M.Albach, , principal ; M. r.residence Engel, , M.
Grone, , teachers .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tion with the German Evangelical Lutheran Zions
Church. Located, 14th street, cornerWarren C.
Burgdorf, , principal ; C.Meler, and H.Hoelter, ,
teachers .
Evangelical Ltheran School--In connec-
tion with the German Evangelical Lutheran Bethle-
hem Church. Located, Salisbury street, southwest
corner 13th. B.Barthel, , principal ; L.Karan, and
Mrs.Meadow, , teachers .
Frieden'S School--Attached to the Frieden's
Evangelical Church.
German Evangelical School--In conncetion
with St. Paul's Church. Located on Decatur street,
between Lafayette and Geyer avenues.
City And County Record. 115
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German Holy Ghost School--Located on Wal-
nut street, corner 8th. CharlesGruner, , principal .
German School—Attached to the Independent
Evangelical Protestant Chnrch, Located on 8th
street, comer Mound
German Schoo I—Located on Rosatti street, north-
west corner Soulard.
German Southern School Of The Holy
Spirit--Located on 9th street, between Emmett
and Geyer avenues.
German Young Ladies Srminary—By Louis
Soldan, . Located on Elm itreet, corner 7th.
Hebrew School—Located at Hebrew Synagogue,
77 n.north 6th street.
Hohere Toechter Schule--Located, 162 s.south 5th
street. HermanHelmkamp, , proprietor and teacher ;
VonBrehm, , assistant teacher .
Hly Trinity Church School--Located on
12th street, corner Mallinkrodt. Under the charge
of the Sisters of St. Frances Seraph.
Mary Institute—Located on Lucaa place, between
14th and 15th streets.
Mission Free School--Located, 48 n.north 8th street.
PenelopeDelano, , matron .
Mississippi Valley Female Seminary—Lo-
cated on Pine street, corner 17th.
Northern School Of The Church Of The
Holy Ghost--German and English Prtestant.
Located on the west side of 11th street, between
Carr and Biddle.
Schneider'S English And German Elemen-
Tar And Real School--Located. 416 Jackson
Stoddard High School--Located on Beaumont
street, corner Washington avenue. r.residence C.Arendt, ,
principal .
St. Bridget'S School--Located on the west side
of 25th street, between Carr and Biddle. Under the
direction of the Christian Brothers.
St. Francis Xavibr Female School— Located
on 10th street, corner Morgan. Under the directions
of the Bisters of St. Joseph.
St. Francis Xavier Parochial Male
School—Located on 10th street, southeast corner
Green. In charge of Rev.Reverend JamesConverse, , s.south J.
St.Johns Evangelical School—Located on
14th street, corner Madison.
St. Joseph'S Boys' School--Attached to St.
Joseph's Roman Cathelic Church, Biddle stree, cor-
ner 11th.
St. Joseph'S Free Academy—Located on 15th
street, northeast corner Clark avenue.
St. Joseph'S School—Located on Marion, north-
west corner Fulton.
St. Joseph'S School—Attached to St. Joseph's
Orphan Asylum. Under the direction of the Sisters
of St. Joseph. Located on Clark avenue, corner 15th
street. Mother Fellclte, , principal .
St. Lawrence O'Toole'S School, Located on
O'Fallon street, between 14th and 15th. Conducted
by Christian Brothers.
St. Liborius School--Attached to the church.
Located on 19th street, between Jefferson and North
St. Mark'S Evangelical School—Attached to
the church. Located S Sonlard street, corner Jack-
son. ChristophRobenack, , principal .
St. Mary'S Roman Catholic School--Located
on 10th street, northeast corner Riddle. Attached te
the St. Mary's Roman Catholic Orarhana Asylum.
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Bkter
Theodora, , principal .
St. Michael'S Girl School--Attached to the
church. Located on Jefferson street, corner 11th.
Sister John deBaptist, , principal .
St. Michael'S School—For boys Located on
11th street, corner Jefferson. JohnWebster, , princi-
pal .
St. Patrick'S Male School—Located at St.
Patrick's church, under the charge of the Christian
St. Peter And St. Paul'S School—In connec-
tion with the church. Located on 7th street.
St. Peter'S German Evangelical School--
Attached to the church. Located on Carr street, cor-
ner 15th.
St. Vincent'S Boys' School--Attached to St.
Vincent de Paul's church. Located on Decatur street,
corner Park avenue. Under the direction of the
Christian Brothers.
St. Vincent'S Female School—Under the aus-
pices of the Sisters of Charity. Located on 10th
street, northeast corner St. Charles.
St. Vincent'S School--Attached to St. Vincent's
German Orphan Asylum. Located on 20th street,
between O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Under the direc-
tion of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Angela, ,
superior .
St. Vincent Girls' School--Attached to St.
Vincent de Paul's church. Located on Fulton street,
corner Marien. Under the direction of the Sisters of
St. Joseph.
Sued St. Louis Turn Schule--Located on the
west side Decatur street, bet. Jlia and Carroll. Dr.
Roesch, , president ; Franz J.Laitner, , cashier ; Au-Kriekhaus, , corresponding secretary .
Ursuline Academy—Mother AloysiaWinkler, , su-
perior . Located on the east side of Bute, between
Russell and Ann avenues. Under the auspices of the
Ursuline Convent.
Young Ladies' Academy Of Visitation--
Mother VinecentiaMarotte, , superior . Located on the
northside of Cass avenue, between 21st and 22d streets.
Colleges, Universities, etc.
Bonham'S Female Seminary--In the City Uni-
versity building, 16th street, northeast corner Pine.
L. n.north Bonham, . A.M., principal, and professor of
Latin and moral philosophy; Rer.J. C.Bonham, A.
M., vice principal, and professor of mental philosophy
and natural sciences; Prof.Carl C.Zeus, , fine arts ;
Prof.JuliusKummer, , oil painting ; Miss Eliza M.
McCabe, , teacher of rhetoric and history; Miss Eliza B.
Harrington, , mathematics and astronomy; Mrs.Louisa
Boggs, , principal of intermediate department; Miss
SarahGrissell, , teacher of English branches; Miss
KateBrady, , principal of primary department;
Madame Juvet, , French languagte and literature; Miss
JuliaJuvet, , assistant teacher of French; Madame
Pradeau, , matron ; Miss Clara G.Shepard, , teacher of
penmanship; ——, , teacher of physiology and
botany; Prof.B.Owen, , teaher of instumental
music; Mrs.K.Owen, , teacher of vocal music.
Bryant, Stratton & Carpenter'S Business
College--Darby's marble building, 5th street, cor-
ner Olive. W. M.Carpenter, , principal ; T.Hobert
Wilson, A.M., associate principal ; A. H.Hinman, ,
professor of penmanship; J. W.Hudson, , teacher of
accounts; D. D.Knettles, , teacher of accounts and
telegraphing; J. H.Terry, , Esq. lecturer on commer-
cial law.
Concordia College--In connection with the Gen-
eral German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri,
Ohio and other States. Erected, 1849. Rev.Reverend C.
116 City And County Record.
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W.Walker, , professor of theology; Rev.Reverend e.east A.Brauer, ,
professor of theology ; Rev.Reverend A.Cramer, , professor
of theology; H.Baumstark, , prfessor of ancient
languages ani history; Rev.Reverend Th.Brehm, , instructor
in religion. Located on Jefferson avenue, between
Miami and Chippewa streets.
Jones' Commercial Collfge Of St. Louis--
Located on 4th street, corner Locust. Incorporated,
January 24, 1849, with full authority to "grant diplo-
mas, award degrees, conter bonors, anti exercise all
and singular the privileges common to commercial
collegem sethorlsed by law In other States. " Jonathan
Jones, master of accounts, president and acting pro-
fessor of the theory and practice of bookkeeping,
commercial correspondence, etc.; John W,Johnston, ,
Thomas J.Billups, , WilliamRlchardson, and William
e.east Head, , practical accountants D.Blakeley, jr., pro-
fessor of mathematics; O.Fielding, , assistant, profes-
sor of mathematics; J. P.Metaper, , professor of pen-
manship; JohnathanJones, , member of the St. Louls
Bar, lecturer on commercial law.
Reid'S Practical Business College--Located
on 4th street, southwest corner Washington avenue.
Open day and evening. W. W.Eaton, , superinten-
dent ; A. C.Reid, , principal ; AdamFrederick, , asso-
elate principal .
Rice & Stewart'S Commercial College--
Located, 308 and 310 n.north 5th. Thomas A.Rice, , su-
perintendent of bookkeeping deparlment and lecturer
on Commercial law; John e.east Myers, , professor uf
bookkeeping; Chas.Stewart, , superintendent mathe-
matical department; M. L.Ritter, , professor of
penmanship ; LouisLockstaedt, , teacher of German ;
e.eastBoileau, , superintendent French department; Jules
Belin, , teacher of French.
Rohrer'S Commercial College-Established,
1849. Incorporated, 1861. Located, 212 n.north 4th street.
Lewis Rohrer, author of "Robrer's Bookkeeping,"
professor of commercial science, president; C.C.
Kendall, T. Monroe, Geo. Boeshenz, s.south M. Rob-
ertson, J.A. Hughes, John P. Schuck, Ed. Snyder
and A. Haeberlin, practical accountants and assist-
ants in the bookkeeping department; Thomas P. Ba-
shaw, A.M., professor of mathematical, English lan-
guage and Lecturer on Commercial law; J.A. Higgins,
A. M., director of the mathematical and Englith lan-
guage departments, and lecturer on the art of detect-
ing Counterfeit money; H.D. Benedict, instructor of
telegraph department W: H. Duff, professor of pen-
manship, and lecturer on commercial correspondence,
with an assistant; Simon Kuh, professor of drawing
and ornamental penmanship; C. Beyschlag, professor
of ancient and modern languages ; O.V. Aoy, pro-
fessor of the Spanish language and Instructor in pho-
nographic, short head, corresponding and reporting
styles; J.K. McAfferty, ffp('6Ai lecturer on elocution;
Hon. e.east H. Jameson Rod John F. Hum, Esq., spec-
ial lecturers on commercial law and business customs.
St.Street Louis University-Located between Green
street and Washington av. west of 9#th. Entrance
from Green street. Founded by members of the so-
ciety of Jesus in 1829, and incorporated bY the Leg-
islature in 1832. Rev.Reverend ThomasO'Neil, s.south J., presi-
dent ; Rev.Reverend JosephZealand, s.south J., vice president and
prefect of studies; Rev, John X.Tehans.south J.,
treasurer ; Rev.Reverend F. P.Nussbaum, s.south J., professor of
mental and moral philosophy; Rev.Reverend F. H.Stunte-, s.south J., professor of physics, astronomy and math-
ematics; Rev.Reverend JohnStraetmans, , professor of chemis-
try; RudolphMeyer, . profemir of rhetoric; L.Buys-, . s.south J., Rev.Reverend JohnVenneman, s.south J., Rev.Reverend Jas.
Hayes, s.south J., Rev.Reverend MichaelCallaghan, S, J., and
Messrs.T. VandeMorrten, , RomanVerschaffel, , Hy
n.north Calmer, , s.south J.Joseph, F.Rogge, . s.south J., Aloysius
Bosche, s.south J. and John J.Stephens, s.south J., assistant
professors , of Latin, Greek, English and mathematics.
The collegiate department of the St. Louis University
comprises two distinct courses of study--the classical
and the commercial. The classical course is designed
to impart a knowledge of the Latin, Greek and English
languages and literature, of mental and moral philos-
ophy, of pure and mixed mathematics and of the phys-
ical sciences. It is completed in six years. The stu-
dents who pursue this course are divided, according
to their proficiency, into six classes, so graded as to
correspond with the six years of the course. The
commercial course, which extends through four years,
embraces all the branches of a liberal English edcua-
tion. When students are admitted into the Colleger,
thery are examined by the Prefect of Studies, and
placed in the class which their previous attainments
have qualified them to enter. See studies in detail,
terms, regulations, &c., in college catalogue.
Washington University--Located on Washing-
ton av. southwest corner 17th. This institution in-
corporated February 22, 1853, comprises several de-
partments. It is instended to embrace the whole range
of university studies, except theology, and to afford
the youth of the west an opportunity for complete
preparation for every sphere of practical and scien-
tific life.
Corporation--William G.Eliot, , president Wayman
Crow, , vice president ; Seth A.Ranlett, , secretary and
treasurer ; Wm.William G.Elliot, , JohnHow, , WaymanCrow, ,
John H.Krum, , JamesSmith, , Seth A.Ranlett, , Chas.
A.Pope, , GeorgePartridge, , James H.Lucas, , Hudson
e.east Bridge, , HenryHitcheock, , James e.east Yeatman, ,
SamuelTreat, , Carlos s.south Greeley, , RobertCampbell,
and John r.residence Shepley, , directors .
1. Academic Department--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor ; George B.Stone, A.M., principal of
the academic department; Calvin M.Woodward, A.
M., assistant principal ; SylvesterWaterhouse, A.M.,
Rudoplh L.Tafel, Ph. D., C. C.Bayley, A.M., C.
r.residence Phipps, . A.B., Benjamin F.Tweed, . A.M., Den-Arnold, . A.B., John T.Prince, , Ezra W.Samp-, , W. T.Hillman, , J.Hillman, , J.Hunter, , C.Rob-, and G. e.east Jackson, , instructors ; —Holmes, ,
teacher of drawing ; DanielSchryock, , teacher of mu-
Ii. Collegiate Depatment--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor, and university professor of mathemat-
ics and astronomy AbramLitton, M.D., Elliot pro-
fessor of chemistry, and acting professor of physics;
Truman M.Post, . D.D., professor of ancient and
modern history; Charles A.Pope, M.D., professor
of comparative anatomy and physiology; Geo.GeorgeEngle-, M.D., professor of botany and natural history,
Geo.George H.Howison, A.M., (acting) Tileston professor
of political economy; Calvin s.south Pennell, A.M., pro-
fessor of intellectual and moral philosphy; Rudolph
L.Tafel, Ph.D., professor of modern languages and
comparative philology; Geo.George B.Stone, A.M., pro-
fessor of rhetoric and oratory; SylvesterWaterhouse,
A. M., university professor of Greek; Geo.George H.How-, A.M., (acting) university professor of Latin
and classical literature; Benajmin F.Tweed, A.M.,
professor of English literature; Calvin M.Woodward,
A.M., assistant professor of mathematics.
Iii.Scientific Department--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor, and university professor of mathemat-
ics and astronomy; AbramLitton, M.D., Elliot pro-
fessor of analytical and industrial chemistry and act-
ing professor of physics; Truman M.Post, D.D.,
professor of ancient and modern history; Chas. Ed.
Illsley, C.e.east , instructor in civil engineering.
Mary Institute-Located to Lucas place between
14th and 16tb streets. A department of Washington
University. William G.Eliot, , Hudson e.east Bridge, ,
HenryHitchcock, , GeorgePartridge, and Carlos s.south
Greeley, , board of managers .
WilliamChauvenet, Ll. D., chancellor ; Calvin s.south
Pennell, A.M., principal ; Benjamin F.Tweed, . A.M.,
Mrs.R . M.Dean, , Mrs.Lois C.Howison, , Miss Flor-Foster, , Miss Margaret e.east Harkness, Miss Hen-Sawyer, , Miss Harriet L.Jones, , Miss Elizabeth
A.Pennell, and MadameGilbert, ; Mrs.Kate Jones
Brainard, , teacher of music.
O'Fallon Polytechnic Inotitutf-A depart-
ment of the Washington University. Hon.Honorable John
How, , president ; r.residenceBellow, , vice president ; Charles
D.Dean, , treasurer ; Wm.William r.residence Babcock, secretary and
librarian , JohnHow, , G. B.Allen, , r.residenceSellew, , Saml.
Treat, , J. B.Eads, , Chas. A.Pope, D K.Ferguson, ,
Wm.WilliamPatrick, G. F.Filley, , Saml.Gatz, Ed.Brooks, ,
EdgarAmes, Geo.George P.plant, , Jos.O'Nell, , A.Shap-, , C. s.south Greeley, , Robert e.east Carr, , F.Dlings, , Jas.
B.Sickles, and FrancisWhittaker, , board of managers .
WilliamChauvent, Ll. D.chancellor and professor
Of mathematics, AbramLition, M.D., professor of
chemistry; Chas. e.east Illsley, C.e.east , instructor in civil
and mechanical engineering, A. J.Conant, A.M.,
director of the School of design ; Calvin M.Wood-
Ward . A.M., principal of the evening school.
City And County Record. 117
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Sp. Louis Law Sohool-Law department of Wash-
ington University. Rev.Reverend William G.Elliot, . D.D.,
president ; WilliamChauvenet, Ll. D., chancellor ;
SamuelTreat, , U.S.United States District Judge, eastern district
of Missouri, professor ; AlexanderMartin, , assistant
professor of international, constitutional, admiralty
and maritime law, jurisdiction, practice and proceed-
ings in U.S.United States courts; NathanielHolmes, , justice of
supreme court of Missouri, professor of history and
science or law, equity jurisprudence, pleading and
practice; AlbertTodd, , professor of law of real prop-
erty and of successions; John 8.Dryden, , late
justice of the supreme court of Missouri, protesacr of
pleading, practice, evldehet and criminal jurispru-
dence ; HenryHitchcock, , professor or law of con-
tracts and commercial law, dean of the faculty; Hon.Honorable
Samuel F.Miller, , justice of U.S.United States supreme court,
Hon.Honorable DavidWagner, , chief justice or Missouri, Hon.Honorable
Napton, , late chief justice of Missouri, Jas. O.Broad-, , Esq., John r.residence Sbepley, , Esq., Hon.Honorable Arnold
Krekel, , U.S.United States judge western district of Missouri, Hon.Honorable
Charles B.Lord, , St. Louis circuit court, Samuel T.
Glover, , Esq., John M.Krrtm, , Esq., and C. C.Whit-, , Esq., advisory and examining board .
Convent Of The House Of The Good Shep-
Herd--Located on 17th street, between Chesnut
and Pine.
Convent Of The Sacred Heart--Located on
5th street, between Labadie and Hickory.
Convent Of The Sisters Of Mercy--Located
on 23d street, corner Morgan.
Convent Of St. Joseph—Located on 26th street
corner Christy av.
Convent Op Tub Visitation--Located on 23d
street, corner Cass av.
House Of The Guardian Angel—Located a
Menard street, northwest corner Harton.
Ursuline Convent—Located on State street, be-
tween Russell and Ann avs.
Medical And Scientific Asso-
Academy Of Science--Organized March 10, 1856.
Occupies the east wing of O'Fallon Hall, Myrtle
street, corner 7th. Regular meetings are held on the
first and third Mondays of every month,at 7.30 p.m.
Museum open to citizens and strangers every day
(Sundays expected), on application to the janitor of
the hall. Geo.GeorgeEngelmann, , president ; B. F.Shu-, , 1st vice president ; n.northHolmes, , 2d vice presi-
dent ; A.Wislizenus, , corresponding secretary ; O.
F.Potter, , recording secretaryl EnnoSander, , treas-
urer ; G.Baumgarten, , librarian ; C. W.Stevens, , B.
F.Shumard, and SpencerSmith, , curators ; I.Dinkler, ,
janitor .
Homeopathic Dispensary—Located at 1009 Lo-
cust street. Hours of attendance for the sick between
the hours of 1 and 2 o'clock p.m. daily (Sundays ex-
cepted). Officiers of the dispensary consist of a board
or trustees, as follows: Dr.C. W.Spaualding, , Dr.e.east
C.Franklin, , Dr.T. J.Vastine, , Mrs.W. T.Helmuth, ,
Mrs.T. G.Comstock, , Mrs.J. T.Temple, and Mrs.
G. s.south Walker, ; Dr.C. W.Spaulding, , president ; Dr.
e.east C.Franklin, , secreatry ; Mrs.W. T.Helmuth, ,
treasurer .
Humboldt Medical College--College building
Linn Street, corner Soulard. F. H.McArdle, , profes-
sor of chemistry; H. s.south Leffingwell, M.D., professor
of general and descriptive anatomy; D. V.Dean, M.
D., professor of physiology, histology and toxicology;
G. B.Maughs, M.D., acting professor of materia
medica and therapeutics; M. A.Pallen, M.D., pro-
fessor of theory and practice of medicine, and clinical
medicine; A.Hammer, M.D., professor of princiles
and practice of surgery, opthslmology and clinical
surgery; G. B.Maughs, M.D., professor of ob-
stetrics and diseases of women and children; A.
Kueckelhan, M.D., professor of materia medica and
therapeutics; J. C.Whitehill, M.D., institutes and
theory and practice of medicine; F. W.Sennewald, ,
professor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry;
A.Hammer, M.D., acting professor of pathological
strator of anatomy; CharlesHeyer, M.D., assistant
to the Chai o pathological anatomy and curator of
the pathological museum; A.Hammer, M.D., dean ;
H. s.south Leffingwell, M.D., secretary .
Medical College Of Missou-
Ri--Located at 1009 Locost street. This institution
ranised In the year 1957, by the aprotntment
following board of trustees: Dr.C. W.Spaul-, , president ; Henry W.Williams, , secretary .
Borad Of Censors--Canada West.--W. A.Greenleaf,
M.D., Hamilton; Alexander T.Bull, M. F>, Lon-
don; JohnHjall, M.D., Toronto.
Ohio--Professor A. F.Bissell, , Toledo; Professor H. P.
Gatchell, , Cincinnati.
Illinois--Professor A. e.east Small, M.D., Chicago; Geo.George
e.east Shipman, M.D., Chicago; LeonardPratt, M.D.,
president Illinois homeopathic medical association,
Rick Creek; D. s.south Smith, . M.d., Chicago; G. V.
Sturley, , M.D.Jacksonville; e.east P.Johnson, M.D.,
Mississippi--Dr.Davis, , Natehez.
Louisiana--Wm.William H.Holcomb, M.D., New Orleans,
Wisconsin--J. s.south Douglass, M.D., Milwaukee.
Iowa—s.south H.Guilbert, M.D., Dubuque.
John T.Temple, . M.D. {St. Louisl, wnfessor of materla
medica and therapeutics; W. TodHelmuth, M.D.
(St. Louis), professor of the theory and practice of
medieine; E, p.Prankllo, M.D. (St. Louis), profes-
sor of the institutes and practice of surgery; n.north D.
Tirrell, M.D., professor of chemistry and medical
botany; C.Vastine, M.D. (St. Louis), professor of
physlology and general pathology ; G. B.Walker, M.
D, (St. Louis), professor of obstetrics and diseases of
women and children; W.Nlbelung, M.D. (St.
Louis), professor of anatomy;- , demonstra-
tor of ar. atomy; John T.Temple, , M.D., dean , 802
Washington av.; W. TodHelmuth, , registrar , 1414
Washington av. between 14th and 15th streets.
Homeopathic Medical Society—Meets on the
first and third Tuesdays in each month. T. G.Com-, M.D., president ; n.north D.Tlrrell, M.D., secre-
tary ; C.Lougeay, M.D., treasurer .
Missouri Medical College, St. Louis—Gra-
tiot street, coruer 8th. Jos. n.north McDowell, M. D,,
professor of surgery; John s.south Moore, M.D., profes-
sor of theory and practice of medicine ; DrakeMc-, M.D., professor of general, descriptive and
surgical anatomy ; W. M.McPheeters, M.D., pr-
fessor of materia medica and therapeutics; J. H.
Watters, M.D., professor of physiology, pathology
and clinical medicine; Chas. O.Curtman, M.D.,
professor of chemistry and pharmacy; B. F.Shu-, M.D., professor of obstetrics and diseases of
women and children; James C.Nidelet, M.D., dem-
onstrator of anatomy; Jos. n.north McDowell, M.D.,
dean .
Louis Collrge Of Pharmacy—Organized,
1864. Occupies a hall in the St. Louis Medical Col-
lege. The stated meetings of the college are held on
the last Mondays in March and September. The phar-
maceutical meetings are held the first Tuesdays in
every month, from the first of October until the first
of April. The meetings of the board of trustees are
held the third Tuesday in every month. The lectures
through the summer. The lectures on chemistry, ma-
teria medica and practical pharmacy, will commence
in October. O. F.Potter, M.D., professor of ma-
teria medica; F. H.McArdile, , professor of chemistry;
Hub.Primm, M.D., professor of practical pharmacy;
F. W.Sennewald, , president ; T. H.Kalb, , vice pres-
ident ; Hub.Primm, , secretary ; —Williamson, M.
D., corresponding secretary ; Chas. L.Lips, M.D.,
treasurer ; Wm.William H.Crawford, , register of pharma-
113 City And County Record.
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ceutical meetings; Maurice W.Alexander, , register
of clerks and apprentices; F. W.Sennewald, , chair-
man of the board; JamesMcBride, , secretary of the
board; JohnBarnes, M, D., JohnLauehton, M.D.
HubertPrimm, , HenryKirchner, , TheodoreKalb, . F.
W.Sennewald, , John F.Metzger, , Wm.William H.Crawford, ,
of the college, board of trustees .
Missouri Historical Society-Founded in 1866.
Meets at Polytechnic Institute. Hon.Honorable James H.Lu-, , president ; Rev.Reverend William G.Elliot, D.D., and
Hon.Honorable WilsonPrimm, , vice presidents : Gen.Nathan
Ranney, ; recording secretary ; W. F.Cossons, , corres-
ponding secretary Hon.Honorable Jno. F.Darby, , treaaurer .
St.Street Loots Medical Collrge-This Institution
was founded in the year 1842, and occupies a large
building o 7th street, corner Myrtle. Connected with
the St. Louis Medical College is the O'Fallon Clinic
and Dispensary, founded in 1850, by the liberality of
Col. John O'Fallon, of this city. It is under the care
of the faculty of the college. Here the poor are pre-
scribed for daily, and medicines furnished gratuitous-
ly. Some 4,000 patients are annually treated at this
charity. Besides this, there are, also, attached to the
college two large and extensive apatomical and patho-
logical museums, as well as the museum of the Acad-
emy of science of St. Louis, which are at all times
open to th inspection of the public. Lectures begin
October 2, 1867. Jas. H.Lucas, , president ; Wm G.
Eliot, D.D.,vice president ; Luther M.Kennett, , sec-
retary ; Jno,Laughton, M.D., JamesClemens, , Henry
D.Bacon, , Jas. e.east Yeatman, , Wm.WilliamPenn, M.D., Na-Holmes, , Esq., Thos.ThomasAllen, , WaymanCrow, ,
trustees . M. L.Llnton, M.D., Professor of the prin-
ciple and practice of medicine; A.Litton, M, D., pro-
fessor of chemistry and pharmacy; Charies A.Pope,
M. D., professor of the principles and practice of
lurgery.and of clinical surgery; M. M,Pallen, M.D.,
professor of obstetrics, and the diseases or women and
children; Charles W.Stevens, M.D., professor of
general, descriptive and surgical anatomy; John B.
Johnson, M.D., professor of clinical medicine and
pathological anatomy; John T.Hodgen, M.D., pro-
fesosr of physiology and medical jurisprudence; J. B.
Alleyne, , professor materia medica and Thera-
peutics; J. J.McDowell, M.D., demonstrator of
anatomy; e.east H.Gregory, M.D., adjunct professor
of the principles and practice of surgery and clinical
surgery at the Sisters' hospital; John T.Hodgen, M.
D., dean ; L.Dinkler, , curator .
St.Street Louis Medical Society—Incorporated Jan-uary 25th, 1837. The regular meetinfs of the society
are hjeld at the Mercantile Library Hall building.
EdwardMontgomery, , president ; G. F.Dudley, ,
treasurer ; Warren B.Outten, , recording secretary .
Benevolent And Eeligious
American Christian Commission—George H.
Stuart, , president ; John A.Stewart, , 48 Wall street,
New York, treasurer ; F. G.Ensign, , 14 s.south 5th street,
St. Louis, western secretary . The object of this or-
ganization is to promote Christian activity in the vari-
ous branches of mission and philanthropic effort by
using public meetins, christian consultations, the
public press and practival prapers, to show the need
for and practical methods of performing this work.
Its library contains reports and books bearing upon
nearly every branch of mission and benevolent work.
St. Louis Bible Society--Walnut street, south-
east corner 5th. C. M.Sexton, , treasurer and deposi-
tory .
Sunday School Teachers' Association Of
St. Louis—Office, 14 s.south 5th street. A. SalmonTeas-, , secretary .
Caledonian Society Of St. Louts-Room 1
Mercantile Library building, EbenMcNeil, , presi-
dent ; JohnBruce, , vice president ; JohnNicholson, ,
treasurer ; John Buckie and McCausland , secretaries ;
e.east A.Corbet, , RobertPringle, and JohnHamilton, , re-
lief committee .
Cigar Makers And Tobacconists' Associa-
Tion--Meets on the first Wednesday of each month
at Turners' Hall. Francis H.Buse, , president ; John
Rudrof, vice president ; A.Altman, , secretary ; Zach-Vogel, , assistant secretary ; ChristianHalle, ,
treasurer .
St. Louis Cigarmakers' Association—Meets,
Turners' Hall every second Friday evening at 8
o'clock. H.Hilbich, , president ; M.Plerman, , vice
president ; A.Erdel, , cashier ; r.residenceSmith, , recording
secretary ; L.Lesser, , corresponding secretary ; Ch.
Neather, , financial secretary .
Franklin Literary Circle—Rooms, 1307 s.south 7th
street. F. A.Llbenman, , president .
German Emigrant Aid Society—Organized,
1848. Office, 315 Elm street. IsldorBosh, , president ;
Charles W.Horn, , vice president ; ArthnrOlihaosen, ,
treasurer ; P. s.south Behrens, , secretary ; JuliusConrad, ,
corresponding secretary ; F. M.Schlnkowsky, , agent .
Hebernian Benevolent Socitety—Instituted
May 1, 1837. JamesFortune, , president ; J. C.Bury, ,
vice president ; EdwardQuinliven, , treasurer ; D.
Galvin, , secretary ; JohnMcMannus, , assistant secre-
tary ; J.Galliager, , steward .
Mullanphy Emigrant Relief Fund— Office,
307 Locust. His Honor the Mayor, ex officio, presi-
dent; MarshallBrotherton, , vice president ; James
M.Carpenter, , secretary ; LouisEspenshied, , M.
Brotherton, , F. r.residence Burke, , G. W.Dreyer, , James O.
Broadhead, , A.McHose, , r.residenceMackwitz, , John r.residence Shep-, , JamesSweeney, and Mr. President, directors. Or-
ganized, November 17, 1860.
Polander Benevolent Society— Headquart-
ers, 315 Jackson street. F. M.Schinkowsky, , presi-
dent ; Capt.FrankOthrousky, . vice president ; Albert
Richinsky, , secretary ; Capt.JosephOchocky, , treas-
urer .
German Roman Catholic Benevolent So-
Ciety--Meets every second Sunday in the month at
Washington Hall, 3d street., corner Elm. Jno.Amend, ,
president ; Christopher H.Schuermann, , vice presi-
dent ; B.Heidacker, , secretary ; Jno.Keliner, , assistant
secretary ; F. r.residence Heitkamp, , treasurer ; A.Lamping, ,
marshal ; L.Lange, , asistant marshal .
St. Louis Provident Association--Organized
December 3, 1860. Incorporated, March 17, 1863.
The object of this association is to look after the in-
terest of the poor of St. Louis not otherwise provided
for by churches or other bnevolent bodies; to pro-
vide them with suitable empolyment when expedient,
and otherwise to aid them in such ways as shall be
deemed judicious. JoshuaCheever, , president ; Wm.William
Downing, , vice president ; s.south A.Ranlett, , treasurer ;
John r.residence Lionberger, , JoshuaCheever, , WilliamDown-, , Levin H.Baker, , J. P.Doan, , J. W.McIntyre, ,
Henry C.Yeager, , James F.Fiske, , D. K.Ferguson,
and ThomasMorrison, , directors .
Visitors Of The St. Louis Providence Association--.
Northern district, comprising all within the city limits
north of Morgan stret and Laclede avenue. Rev.Reverend
Fred.Lack, , visitor ; office, 1416 Chambers street.
Office hours from 10 to 12 a.m.
Southern district, comprising all within the city limits
south of Morgan street. Rev.Reverend PhilipBarth, , visitor .
Office, Marion street, northeast corner Decuatur.
Office hours from 7 to 8 a.m. and from 4 to 5.30 p.m.
As distributions are made by the visitors only, under
the direction of the board, the public are requested
to send applicants for charity to them alone. For
the convenience of members, printed blanks can be
had of any of the directors, collectors or visitors.
The Scandinavian Society Of Oden-C. A
Smith, , president ; C.Chrbtensen, , vice president ; J.
T.Appelberg, , treasurer ; C.Landegren, , secretary ,
Meets every Thursday evening.
Young Men'S Methodist Union-Instituted,
1859. Methodist Episcopal church. South. In base-
ment of Centenary church, 5th street, corner Pine.
P. M.Lockwood, , president ; Garland C.Hurt, , vice
president . Library rooms open every evening.
City And County Record. 119
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St. Vincent Of St. Paul Society For The
Visiting Of The Poor--Upper Council--Thomas
Ferguson, , president ; H. J.Spauncherst, and Joseph
O'Neil, , vice presidents ; O. W.Collett, , secretary ;
LouisFuz, , assistant secretary ; r.residence F.Barry, , treas-
urer .
Conferences--Cathedral, Walnut street, between 2d
and 3d; james C.Bury, , president , St. Vincents,
8th street, corner Park avenue; O. W.Collette, , presi-
dent . Aznnunclation, 6th street, corner Labadie; B.
F.Elder, , president . Immaculate Conception, 8th
street, corner Chesnut; John e.east Yore, , president .
St. Malathia, near Star tavern; J. C.Calahan, ,
president , St. John's 16th street, corner Pine;
ThomasFerguson, , president , St. Bridget, 26th
street, corner Carr; JohnKing, , president , St.Street
Patrick, , 6th street, corner Biddle; ThomasShields, ,
president . St. Joseph, 11th steet, corner Biddle.
St. Lawrence O'Toole, 14th street, corner O'Fallon;
A.Murray, , president .
The Young Men'S Sodality Literary Asso-
Ciation--Business meeting, last Wednesday of
each quarter. Evenings, for debate, every Wednes-
day evening. Meets at Sodality hall, 9th street,
corner Green. FrancisDunovan, , president ; John
Ring, , vice president ; BernardKernan, , secretary ;
William A.Shea, , treasurer ; LouisFusz, , JohnRing, ,
BernardKernan, , Michael K.McGrath, , Daniel H.
Donovan, and NicholasBergen, , general committee ;
JamesMcGrath, , librarian .
Young Men'S Christian Association--Rooms,
405 north 4th street. SamuelCuppies, , president ; e.east
s.south Greenwood, , vice president ; W. C.Regal, , corres-
ponding secreaty ; A. D.Mathews, , recording secre-
tary ; H. C.Yager, , treasurer .
Young Men'S Evangelical Association
(German)--15th street, corner Carr. Meets every
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Business meeting,
first Tuesday of each month.
Young Men'S Association Of St. John'S Ger-
Man Evangelical Church--14th street, corner
Madison, Meeting, Sunday, 7.30 p.m.
Young Men'S Evangelical Lutheran So-
Ciety--Organized May 7th, 1847, for the benfit
jand support of students who study theology at Con-
cordia college, St. Louis, Mo., and who have no
means or resources of their own to carry on their
stuides. Meets every first Sunday in each month, in
basement of Evangelical Lutheran church, Franklin
avenue, corner 11th street, and in school on Vedar
street, between 3d and 4th, alternately every three
months. HenryMotz, , president ; JohnConrath, ,
treasurer ; LeonhardtGuruber, , secretary .
St. Louis Buthers' Association--Meets at
Wedgehouse, Market street road, between Leffing well
and Summit avenues.
Biddle Infant Asylum--Located on O'Fallon
street, southeast corner 10th, under the direction of
Sister Mary Aloysina, of the Sisters of Charity.
Biddle And Mullanphy Widow'S Home--Lo-
cated on O'Fallon street, southeast corner 10th.
City Mission House--Located on north 8th street,
under the auspices of the church of the Messiah
(Unitarian), established to find homes for the desti-
tute, friendless and orphan. Also, in connection
with the mission house, is an industrial school for
children of both sexes, in which, in addition to in-
struction, they receive food and clothing. Neppa
Delano, , matron .
Orphans' Home (Colorei)--12th street, between
O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Mrs.A.Claopo, , president ;
Mrs.L.Eaton, , secretary ; Mrs.A.Weed, , matron .
Girsls' Industrial Home--Located on Morgan
street, southeast corner 19th. Founded, 1853. Mrs.
M.Thompson, , president ; Miss A.Glenny, , teacher .
Infant Orphan Asylum--Located on Marion
street, corner Menard, under the charge of the Sis-
ters of Charity.
House Of The Guardian Angel--Infant Orphan
Asylum. Located on Marion street, northwest corner
Menard, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.
Lasalle Institute For Orphans--Located on
Marion street, corner Menard, under the charge of
the Sisters of Charity.
Missouri Institution For The Education
Of The Blind--Located on Morgan sreet.
PhiletusFales, , superintendent .
Mullanphy Orphan Asylum--Directed by the
ladies of the Sacred Heart.
Orphan Girl'S Asylum-In connection with the
St. Louis hospital, Spruce street, corner 4th, under
the charge of the Daughters of Charity,.
Epsicopal Orphans' Home--1100 North Market
street. Mrs.JaneFimister, , matron ; Rt. Hon. C. s.south
Hawks, , D.D., visitor ; PhilipMcKim, , chaplain ;
Mrs.Walker r.residence Carter, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Edward
Brooks, , 2d directress .
Protestant Orphan Asylum--Located at 827
7th street, between Franklin avenue and Morgan
street. CarrieMcNair, , matron ; Mrs.Penelope
Smith, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Elizabeth W.Darake, , 2d
directress ; Mrs.Jane e.east Lewis, , secreaty ; Miss J.
Levering, , treasurer ; Mrs.Alex,Hamilton, , Mrs.
JuliusMorisse, , Mrs.G. K.Budd, , Mrs.EbenRich-, , Mrs.SullivanBlood, , Mrs.T. B.Dutcher, ,
Mrs.JosephPowell, , Mrs.Sam.Copp, , Mrs.P. J.
Thompson, , Mrs.HenryStagg, , Mrs.n.north C.Chapman,
and Miss Thomas, , managers .
German Protestant Orphans' Home--The
Home is located on the Dst. Charles rock road, nine
miles form the Court House. Office, in the Good Sa-
maritan hospital on Pratte avenue. Rev.Reverend Louis e.east
Nollau, , superintendent ; Mrs.A. M.Meir, , matron .
Methodist Orphans' Home--1743 north 12th
St.Street Ann'S r.residence C. Asylum--Founded in 1853. Dedi-
cated, 1858. Located on O'Fallon streetm southeast
corner 10th, under the direction of the Sisters of
Charity. Sister Chatherine, , superior .
St. Joseph'S Half Orphan Asylum-Located
on Clark av. northeast corner 15tyh street, under the
charge of the sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Felicite, ,
superior .
St. Mary'S r.residence C. Orphan Asylum--Founded,
1848. Dedicated, 1846. Located on Biddle street,
northeast corner 10th, under the direction of the sis-
ters of Charity.
St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum--Located on 20th street be-
tween O'Fallon and Cass av. Erected, 1851. Sup-
ported by the society of St. Vincent. Mother Angela, ,
superior .
St. Luois House Of Refuge.--Located on the
south side of Osage street, near Compton av.C. s.south
Greeley, , president ; J. G.Woerner, , secretary ; F. W.Gleason, , superintendent and treasurer ; J. G.
Woerner, , J. H.Amelung, , A.Niederwieser, , James s.south
Thomas, , MarshallBrotherton, , Geo.GeorgeFrederick, , Augus-Etling, and F. W.Cronenbold, , board of managers ;
J. B.Legg, , assistant superintendent ; r.residenceLimond, ,
principal teachar ; Miss M. e.east Pellon, and Miss H. s.south
Brighan, , assitant teachers ; J. O.Scouller, , foreman
shoe shop ; Mrs.Thomas, , superintendent of tailor
shop ; Mrs.e.eastRay, , laundress ; Mrs Alex.Dotary, ,
housekeeper ; Frank r.residence Bell, , day police .
Female Department--Mrs.H. s.south Gleason, , matron ;
Mrs.s.south A.Fairchild, , assitant matron ; Mrs.L.De-, , teacher ; JosephSpeigelhalter, M.D., pby-
sician .
House Of The Good Shepherd--Located on
17th street, between Chesnut and Pine, Sister Mary, ,
superior .
120 City Amd County Record.
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Biddle Lying-In Hospital—Located on O'Fallon
street, southeast corner 10th, under the direciton of
the Sisters of Charity.
City Hospital—Located on Lafayette av. north-
west corner Linn street. Dr.e.east A.Clark, , resident
physician and superintendent ; Chas. J.Rasch, , man-
ager ; Mrs.Chas. J.Rasch, , matron . days of admis-
sion, Sundays and Thursdays. A charity clinic every
Wednesday and Saturday by J. T.Hodgen, .
Good Samaritan Hospital—Located on Dayton
street, corner Jefferson av.Rev.Reverend Louis e.east Nollau, ,
superintendent ; Drs.T. G.CoMjtock, , W. T.Hell-, and G. T.Walker, , attending physicians .
Marine Hospital—Located on Marine av. south of
United States Arsenal. Dr.Smith, , surgeon .
St.Street Louis Hospital--Located on Spruce street,
corner 4th. Under the charge of the Sisters of Char-
ity. Hours for visiting from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 2
to 3 p.m. daily. Clinic--Monday, Wednesday and
Frday, for the gratuitous treatment of the poor. Sis-
ter Mary AlexisReyhice, , superior ; Drs.Pope, and
Gregory, , consulting physicians .
St. Luke'S Hospital--Located on Ohio street cor-
ner Summer. Instituted in 1865. e.east A.Roberts, ,
resident physician ; Mrs.J. H.Stevens, , matron ; J.
W.Luke, , president ; John r.residence Triplett, , secretary ;
Edward P.Curtis, , treasurer ; Judge W. F.Fergu-, , Prof.B. B.Minor, , Wm.WilliamWallace, Benjamin e.east
Walker, , F. W.Southack, , CharlesThaw, , D. Robet
Barclay, , BenjaminO'Fallon, , W. H.Woodward, , e.east
C.Simmons, , CharlesMiller, and Wm.WilliamDavie, , board
of managers .
St.Street Vincent Institution For The Insane—
Located on Decatur (or 9th) street corner Marion.
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Jeromey
K.Baudnin, , physician .
German Lutheran Hospital--Located on the
east side of 7th street, between Sidney and Lynch.
Law Libarary--Located In the south wing of the
Court House. John r.residence Shepley, , president ; James
O.Broadhead, , vice president ; GeorgeeDenison, , treas-
urer ; Samuel L.Holliday, , secretary ; Ben. A.Frank-, , librarian ; James K.Knight, . John M.Krum, , John
K.Shepley, end Alex.Martin, , directors . Regular an-
nual meeting, first Monday in December.
O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute—Located on
Chesnut me t, southwest corner 7th. Organized,
1855, under the charter of the Washington University.
The library is furnished with nearly 8,000 volumes and
a large supply of Amercial and European quarterly
and monthly magazines; also with a alrge supply of
daily and weekly newspapers. JohnHow, , president ;
RalphSellew, , vice president ; Cahs. D.Dana, , treas-
urer ; Wiliam r.residence Babcock, , secretary and librarian ;
JohnHow, , Gerard B.Allen, , George P.Plant, , J. B.
Eads, , FrancisWhitaker, , Giles F.Filley, , C. A.Pope, ,
s.south Treat, Ed.Brooks, , SamuelGatty, . D. K.Ferguson, ,
WilliamPatrick, , r.residenceSellew, , Jos.O'Neil, , A. F.Shap-, , C. s.south Greley, , Robert e.east Carr, , F.Dings, , Jas.
B.Sickles, and EdgarAmes, , board of managers .
St. Lous Mercantile Library Association
--Located on 5th street, corner Locust. Incorpora-
ted, 1816. The library "contains-'5,000 volumes, as
well as specimens of painting and sculpture. Lafjy-Wilson, , president ; Samuel M.Dodd, , vice pres-
ident ; A. P.Saugrain, , corresponding secretary ; John
H.Tracy, , recording secretary ; H. H,Wernse, . treas-
urer ; J. pf.Norrls, , r.residence M.Scruggs, , H. T.Simon, , Van
LearRunyan, , L. A.Moffitt, , C. r.residence Garrison, and r.residence
W.Church, , dire tors ; John n.north Dyn, , actuary and
librarian ; W. H.Anderson, , 1st assistant librarian ,
e.east H.Larkta, , 2d asiietantlibrarian : C. H.Yeatmau, ,
3d assistant librarian ; SamuelClegg, , janitor .
Libray Of The Academy Of Science--Lo-
cated at Dr. Pope's college, 7th street, coerner Myrtle.
Library Of The St. Louis University--Loca-
ted on Green street and Washington av. west of 9th.
Number of volumes 20,000.
The Public School Library Society Op St.
Louis—Incorporated, February, 1865. Number of
volumes in thellbrary, January, 1868, 12,000. Num-
ber of members, 4,000 Stephen D.Barlow, , presi-
dent board of public schoo, ex-officio; IraDivoli, ,
superintendent public schools, ex-officio; Miss A. C.
Brackett, , principal normal schools, ex-officio; W. G..
Elliot, , C. s.south Greeley, , s.south D.Barlow, , T. B.Edgar, ,
ThomasRicheson, , JohnConzelman, , William T.Har-
ris , GeorgePartridge, , George W.Nash, , FelixCoste, ,
Mrs.Eliza C.Dunham, and Miss Kate T.Wilson, ,
board of trustees ; Stephen D.Barlow, , president ; C.
s.south Greeley, , vice president ; Nat.Meyers, , recording
secretary ; Wm.William H.Maurice, , treasurer ; John Jay
Bailey, , librarian ; louisNollau, , first assistant libra-
rian ; Thos.Thomas J.Moffet, , second assistant librarian .
Secret And Benevolent Soci-
Ancient and Honorable order of Free
and Accepted Masons.
The Grand Lodge--Meets in the city of St.Louis
at Masonic Hall, 3d street, corner Chestnut, on the
second Monday in October, in every year. Grand
secreaty's office, 12 n.north 5th street, opposite Court
The Grand Chapter--Meets annualy on the
Wednesday preceding the fourth Mondaty in October,
at Masonic Hall, kin the city of St. Louis.
Grand Council-Meets annually, immediately after
Grand Chapter.
Grand Commandery-Meets annually on the first
Monday of October of each year.
St.Street Louis Council No. 1-Meets on the second
and fourth Friday in each month.
St. Louis Commandery, No. 1-Meets on the first
and third Monday in each month.
O'Sullivan Chapter, U.D.--Hall, 10th street,
corner Carr.
Subordinate Chapters in St. Louis.
Missouri Chapter, No. 1-Meets on the first,
second and fourth Mondays in each month, at Masonic
Hall, 3d street, northeast corner Chesnut.
St. Louis Chapter, No. 8-Meets on the first and
third Fridays in each month, at Masonic Hall, 3d
street, northeast corner Chesnut.
Bellefontaine Chapter, No. 25--Meets in North
St. Louis on the second and fourth Fridays in each
Subordinate Lodges in St. Lous.
The five following subordinate Lodges meet in Masonic
Hall, 3d street, corner Chesnut.
Missouri Lodge, No. 1--Meets on the first and
third Thrusdays in each month.
George Washington Lodge, No. 9-- Meets on
the second and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
St. Louis Lodge, No. 20--Meets on the first and
third Tuesdays in each month.
Naphtali Lodge, No. 25--Meets on the second
and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
Polar Star Lodge, No. 79--Meets on the second
and fourth Wednesday in each month.
City And County Record. 121
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Eeridian Lodge, No. 2--Meets on the second and
fourth Fridays in each month, at the hall, on Caron-
delet avenue, near Park avenue.
Beacon Lodge, No.3--Meets on the fourth Thurs-
day in each month, at the hall, Broadway, corner
Monroe street.
Erwin Lodge, No. 121-Meets on the second and
fourth Fridays in each month, at the hall, Chesnut
street, corner 2d.
Mount Moriah Lodge--Meets on the Saturday
before the full mon, at Bremen, Broadway, corner
Mallinckrodt street.
Occidental Lodge--Meets on the Secound and fourth
Mondays in each month, at hall, 17th street, corner
Pride Of The West Lodge-- Meets on the first
and third Wednesdays in each month, at hall, 11th
street, corner Franklin avenue.
Orient Francais Lodge, No. 167, (French)--
Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays in each
month, at hall, 10th street, corner Carr.
Aurora Lodge, U.D.--Hall, 14th street, corner
Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
State Of Missouri--The Grand Lodge of the State
of Missouri meets annually, on the third Tuesday in
May at St. Louis.
Suboudinate Lodges in St. Louis.
Travelers' Rest Lodge, No. 1--Meets on Locust
ssteet, corner 4th, every Monday evening.
Wildey Lodge, No 2--Meets on 4th street, couner
Locust, every Tuesday evening.
Germania Lodge No. 3--Meets on 4th streets, corcorner -
ner Locust, every Thursday evening.
St. Louis Lodge No. 5--Meets on 4th street, corcorner
ner LocustSaturday, every Saturday evening.
Missouri Lodge, No. 11--Meets on 4th steet,
corner Locust, every Friday evening.
Exceldior Lodge, No. 18-Meets on 4th street,
corner Locust, every Wednesday evening.
Laclede Lodge, No. 22--Meers on Market street,
west of 13th every Tuesday evening.
Washington Lodge, No. 24--Meets at 1601 Caron-
delet avenue, corner Carroll street, every Friday
Wingenund Lodge, On. 27--Meets on Broadway,
corner Monroe street, every Monday evening.
Goethe Lodge, No. 59--Meets on 4th street, corcorner
ner Locust, every Wednesday evening.
Bellefontaine Lodge, No. 73--Meets on Broad-
way, corner Salisbury street, every Tuesday evening.
Schiller Lodge. No. 89--Meets on Broadway,
corner Monroe street, every Tuesday evening.
Golden Rule Lodge, No, 109--Meets on Franklin
avenue, corner 11th street, every Thuesday evening.
Jefferson Lodge, No. 119--Meets on Broadway,
corner Salisbury street, every Wednesday evening.
Concordia Lodge, No. 128--Meets on State street,
near Convent, every Tuesday evening.
Pride Of The West Lodge, No. 138--Meets on
near Convent, every Tuesday evening.
Home Lodge No.158--Meets on 4th street, corner
Locust, every Saturday evening.
Grand Encampment Of Missouri--Meets an-
nually at St. Louis, on the first Thursday after the
third Tuesday in May.
Wildey Encampment, No. 1--Meets on the first
and third Thursdays in each month, at Odd Fellows'
Hall, 4th street, corner Locust.
St. Louis Encampment, No. 13--Meets on the
second and fourth Monday's of each month, at Odd
Fellows' Hall, 4th street, corner Locust.
Washington Encampment, No. 18--Meets sec-
ond and fourth Saturday in each month, on Caron-
delet avenue, corner Carroll street.
Laclaede Encampment, No. 14--Meets on the first
and third Thursdays in each month, on Market street,
west of 13th.
Mound City Encampment, No. 19--Meets on
the second and fourth Wednesdays in each month,
Broadway, corner Monroe street.
Daughters Of Rebecca Benevolent Socie-
Ty--Meets every Wednesday afternoon at Odd Fel-
lows' Hall, 4th street, corner Locust.
General Relief Committee, I.O.O.F.
for 1866-7.
Transient members of the Order needing relief will
apply ro the following: A.H.Baker, , chairman ; M.
C.Sibley, , secretary and treasurer.
Travelers Rest Lodge, No. 1--F.Langwith, , 928 North
Wildey Lodge, no. 2--e.east P.Gray, , 4th street, north-
west corner Locust.
Germania Lodge, no. 3--J.F.Greve, , 507 North 3d
St.Street Louis Lodge, No. 507--s.south C.Lawrence, , 5Th Street,
Northeast Corner Locust.
Missouri Lodge, no. 11--A.H.Baker, , 8 South Com-
mercial street.
Excelsior Lodge, No. 18--T.T.Parson, , 415 Washing-
ton avenue.
Laclede Lodge, No. 22--C.Demming, , 37 s.south 17th street.
Washington Lodge , No. 24--C.Kaeferstein, , 1301 s.south 5th
Wingenund Lodge, No. 27--ACarr, , 212 n.north 7th street.
Goethe Lodge, No. 59--F.Kaess, , 611 nnorth , Main street.
Bellefontaine Lodge, No. 73--James, McEwen, Empire
saw works , Main street.
Schiller Lodge, No. 89--A.Becke, , 614 Broadway.
Golden Rule Lodge, No. 109--F.Schiereck, , 513 Morgan
Jefferson Lodge , No. 119--Conrad, Meyer, 210 Wash-
ington avenue.
Concordia Lodge, No. 128--Cord, Jaegels, 414 Franklin
Pride of the West, No. 138--J.Mehagan, , 105 s.south Main
Home Lodge, No. 158--J.Manchester, , 306 St.Street Charles
Temple of Honor Directory.
Union Temeple No. 2--Meets every Tuesday even-
ing, at Laclede hall, 1126 5th street, between Carr
and Biddle.
Union Council Of Templaes--Meets at Laclede hall, 1126
5th street, the second and fourth Wednesdays of each
Union Council Of Templars--Meets at Laclede
hall, 1126 5th street, on the first and third Wednes-
days in each month.
Franklin Temple No. 3--Meets every Monday
evening, at the hall on 11th street, corner Wash.
Franklin Social Temple--Meets at the same
place on the first and third Fridays in each month.
Franklin Council Of Templars--Meets at
same place on the second and fourth Fridays in each
Mount Olive Temple No. 4--Meets at the Avenue
hall, 9th street, corner Washington avenue, every
Thursday evening.
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Furniture Warerooms.

[missing figure]

John, F.Grandy,
Wholesale And Retail Dealer Is All Kinds Of
Furniture ,
Mattresses, Comforts, Pillows, Sheets,
And All Kinds Of
Southwest cor.corner Sixth Street and Franklin Avenue,
St.Street Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Orders Promptly Attended To.

City And County Record. 123
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Independent Order of fooed Tempars.
Grand Lodge Of Missouri--The next annual
session of the Grand Lodge will be held at Jefferson
City, Mo.Missouri , on the third Wednesday in April, 1867.
Clinton, s.south Barrentt, St. Louis, G.W.C.T.; John T.
Ustick, , St, Luis, G.W.C.; Miss Dantie, C.Hess,
Jefferson City, G.W.V.T.John, Libby St. Louis,
G.W.s.south ; Rev W.A.Tarwter, , Flint, Hill, G.W.
Chap., ; Rev.Reverend W.A.Tarwater, , G.W.M.; Lydia,
M.Pinney, St. Louis, G.W.D.M.; J.K.Kidd, ,
Cooper's, Hill, G.W.I.G.; P.M.Nice, , Sturgeon ,
G.W.O.G.; John, Campbell, JohnLibby, and
Timothy, Parson, representatives to r.residence W.G. Lodge
of North America.
Subordinate Lodges of St. Lonis.
Switzer Lodge, No. 4--Meest on 11th street, south
west corner St. Charles, every Thursday evening.
Lilly Of The Valley Lodge, No. 5--Meets on
9th street, corner Washington avenue, every Satur-
day evening.
Rutledge Lodge, No. 45--Meets on 9th street,
corner Washington avenue, Wednesday evenings.
Star Of Hope Lodge, No. 214--Meets in basement
of Asbury, Chapel, on every Saturday evening.
Resolute Lodge, No. 216--Meets Monday evening,
on St. Charles street, southwest corner 11th.
Mount Vernon Chapter Of T. And W.No. 1--
Meets every Tuesday evening at 7.30 p.m., at Tem-
perance hall, 9th street, corner Washinton avenue.
Mount Vernon Band Of Hope--Juvenile Tem-
perance Society--Meets every Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock, on 9th steet, corner Washington avenue.
Mount Sinai Temperance Lodge, No. 1--Meets
on 18th street, corner Wash, every Friday evening.
Union Temperance Society Of St, Louis--
Meets every Thursday, in basement of church, 5th
street, corner Locust, James, L.Taylor, president ;
William, Bavard, secretary.
The Roman Catholic Total Abstinenoe And
Benevolent Society Of The City Of St.
Louis --Organized August 15th, 1848, numbering
400 members. The monthly meetingis are held at the
school rooms attached to st. Lawrence O'Toole
church, 14th street, corner O'Fallon, on the last
Sunday of each month.
Miscellaneors Soeieties.
Bellefontaine Cemetery Association --Of-
fice, 4th street, northeast corner Olive, room 4.Wil-, M.McPherson, president ; John, F.Gibbons,
secrerary and tresrer ; William, W.McPherson,
Hudson, e.east Bridge, Gerard, B.Allen, , William, F.
Ferguson, Danid , B.Gale, Marshall, Brotherton,
James, B.Eads, Samuel, Coppjr.junior , James, e.east Yeat-, John, How, L.M.Kennett, , William, Hubbard,
G.F.Filley, , John, F.Darby and John, r.residence Shepley,
St. Louis Press Club--Rooms, 213 Chesnut street,
P.G.Ferguson, , president ; G.W.Gilson, , vice
president ; George, Negus, secretsry and treasurer ;
J.L.Tracey, , librarin ; e.east D.Kargan, , correspond-
ing secretary.
St.Street Louis Agricultural And Mechanical
Association--Office , 513 Pine street, Arthur, B.
Barrett, president ; G.B.Allen, , Ben., O'Fallon and
T.A.Many, , vice presidents ; Benj., C.Sanford,
trasurer ; G.O.Calb, , secretary ; W.M.Lindsay, ,
superintendent fair grounds.
St.Street Louis Phisharmonic Society -Meets at
their hall, 4th street, corner Washington avenue,
every Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, and Thursdays
at 3.30. o'clock.
Government of the Society for the Eighth Series,
1867-8--Charles Balmer. president ; William, Down-, vice president ; George, W.Parker, recording
secretary ; Edward, Chase, corresponding secretary ;
Simon, kuh, librarian ; William, Robyn, William, Down-, F, Ringeling, Dr,WmWilliam , Tausday, Edward, Chase,
George, W.Parker, C, G.Weber, William, Anderson,
Wm.William T.Harris, , T.A.Werner, , Emil, Karst, Dr.I.
Forbes, and c.Balmer, directors.
Standing Committees --e.eastChase, , C.G.Weber, and e.east
Karst., membership; Dr.I.Fobes, , William, Robvn
and William, Anderson, ways, and means; Dr.W.
Taussig, , F.Ringeling, and A.Harless, , permanent
fund ; G. W.Parker, , william, Downing and e.eastKarst, ,
Music Committee for the Eighth Series--William,
Robyn, C.G.Weber, and Dr, William, Taussig first
concert; e.eastChase, , F. A, Werner and E, Karst,
second concert; William, Downing, W.T.Harris, and
William, Anderson, third concert; G.W.parker, , C.
G.Weber, and e.eastKarst, , fourth concert; Dr.William,
Taussig, Dr.I.Forbes, and e.eastChase, , fifth concert;
F. A.Werner, ,F.Ringeling, and William, Anderson,
sixth concert.
St. Louis Gymnastic Society--Turner hall, on
10th street, between Market and Walnut, Meeting,
first Wednesday in each month, G.A.Finkelburg, ,
president ; Hugo, Gollmer, vice president ; August, F.
Donk, treasurer ; Wm.WilliamMedert, , cashir ; P.Saussen-
thaier, , recording secretary ; John, Herbst, superin-
tendent of the hall.
St.Street Louis Tobacco And Cigar Manufactur-
Er'S Association --Turner Hall, 10th street, be-
tween Market and Walnut. Time of meeting, first
Monday in the month. Felix, Leise, president ; Fran-, Buse, vice president ; G.J.Helmerichs, , treasurer.
Nord St. Louis Maennerchor--(Church and
Social Choir), connected with St , John's, German
Evangelical Church , 14th street, corner Madison.
Meets on mondays and Saturdays, at 8p.m. Busi-
ness meeting, first Friday in the month.
St. Louis Temple Association--Temple on 17th
street, northest corner pine.Alexander, Suss, pres-
Sued St. Louis Unterstucizunges Verein --
Meets first Sunday in each month, at 463 (Old No.)
Jackson street.
Deutscher Unterstuctzungs Verein --Meets
last Sunday in every month, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson
Boehmisch Roemisch Catholischer Unter-
Stuctzungs Verein --Meets first Sunday in each
month, at 31 (Old No.) Buel street.
Geramania Saengerbund --Meets Tuesdays and
Fridays, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson street.
North St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , Feb-ruary, 1863. Regular meetings second and fourth Fri-
days in each month. Club room in Waidmann's hall,
Franklin av.avenue between 13th and 14th streets, C.Schne-, , jaegermeister ; Carl, Barth, oberjaeger ; Hein-, Scharringhausen, schatzmeister ; Friedrich, Green-, schriftfiehrer.
St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , September1st, 1863. Regular meetings first Wednesday in each
month. Club room 161 and 163 (Old Nos.) s.south 2d street.
Charles, Reis, president ; Frank, Bohm, vice president ;
John, Krumholz, treasurer ; L.J.Zwanzeger, , secre-
Independet Oeder of Good Fellows.
Jefferson Encampment , No. 2--Meets first and
third Fridays in each month, at 1405 s.south 7th street.
St. Louis Degree--Meets every second Friday in
each month at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Phoenix Lodge, No. 3--Meets every Tuesday at
1405 s.south 7th street.
Concordia Lodge, No. 4--Meets every Monday
at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Good Ladies, No. 1--Meets every Sunday afternon
at 1405 s.south 7th street.
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Kincslands & Ferguson ,
Phoenix Foundry
And Agricultural Works,
Factory , cor.corner Eleventh And Cass Ave.Avenue ,
office, cor.corner Second & Cherry Sts.Streets , St.Street Louis, Mo.Missouri

Manufacturers of
Portable Circular Saw Mills. Hand And Power Corn Shellrrs.
Steam Engines & Boilers, of all kinds. Cotton Gins. Cotton Presses.
Cox & Roberts' Patent Thresher & Cleaner. Cane Mills.
Ball'S Ohio Mower And Reaper. Drag Saw Milds. Wood Splitters.
Horse Powers And Castings, of every description .


Schulenburg & Boeckeler,
Tenth Street,
Between Cass Avenue and Mullanaphy St.,
St.Street Louis, Mo.Missouri

Have, In Connection With Their
Planning Mill,
Constantly on hand a large Stock of well Seasoned
Pine Lumber ,
Flooring, Fencing, Joists, Shingles, Lath, &c. ,
Which They Offer At Very Low Rates.

City And County Record. 125
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Harugary, , St. Louis Lodge, No. 55--Meets
every Wednesday at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Harugary, , Heran Lodge, No. 44-Meets
every Thursday at 1601 Carondelet av.avenue
Sued St. Louis Turnschule--Meets at 1609 s.south
9th street.
Independent Order of Druids.
Meets every eveing in the week (Sunday excepted),
at 9th steet, corner Market.I.Housman, , grand
arch ; C.Schnebele, , deputy grand arch; H.Frankel, ,
secretary ; Geo.GeorgeBohrn, treasurer ; Albert, Martin,
grand, marshal; Philip, Tawb, grand, guard.
Harmony, Hain, No. 5-Meets, ever Thursday at
1405 s.south 7th street.
St.Street Louis Hain, No. 8, V.A.0.D.--Met every
Moudy at Jualian street corner State.
Trade Union Societies.
St. Louis Butchers' Society --Meets on second
Sunday in every month at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Bricklayers' Protective Union ---Meets the
first and third Wednesdays of each month, at Work-
ingmen's Assembly Rooms, 3d street, corner Green.
Theodore, Ayrer, preidnt ; David, Duffy, secretary.
St. Louis Marine Charitable Association
Rooms in Merchants' Exchange building. J.Chee-, , president ; A.phillips, , vice president ; J. P.
Fitzgerald, , secretary and treasurer ; H.W.Smith, ,
Joseph, Brown, I.M.Mason, , C.s.southRogers, , J. P.Kei-, , e.east F.Dix, , D.r.residencePowell, , George H.Rea, and J.
Cheever, , directors.
Steamboat Clerks' Benevolent Associa-
Tion Of St. Lous --Meets at rooms in Merchants '
Exchange building. A.r.residenceMoore, , president ; J.M.
Douglass, , vice president ; P.J.Heuer, , secretary.
Steam Boilermakers' Protective And Be-
Nevolent Association --Meets first and third
Thursdays in each month, at 721 Franklin avenue,
between 7th and 8th streets.
Stove And Hollow-Ware Moulders' Union ,
No. 10--Meets at Fred. Boltes' Hall, on Broadway,
between O'Fallon and Bates street.
Draymen And Wagoners' Benevolent So-
Ciety --Wm.WilliamClark, , president ; Hy.Peetz, , vice
president ; Wm.WilliamDickhoener, , secretary. Meets at 721
Franklin avenue.
Union Horse Shoers' Association --Meets 721
Franklin avenue.
Upper Mississippi Pilots' Association --
Meets at 3 Olive.Wm.William P.Hight, , presidet ; Chas.
Mulford, , secretary.
Express, Transportation,
Packet And Telegraph
Express and Transportation Lines.
Adams Express Company --Chesnut street, corcorner -
ner Main.C.C.Anderson, , agent.
American Express Compny --North 4th street,
corner Locust.e.eastHayden, , agent.
United States Express Company --500 n.north 4th
street, corner St.Street Charles.C.W.Ford, , agent.
Merchants' Union Express Company --No.
314 3d street, between Olive and Locust.D.T.Park-, , agent.
Merchants' Union Express Companys' Fast
Freight Lines -- Telegraph Despatch , via Erie
Railway; and People's Despatch, via New York Cen-
tral. J.T.Stover, , agent. Office with Merchant's
Union Express Company.
Major'S Express --Chesnut street, between Main
and 2d.
Missisippi Valley Transportation Com-
Pany --On wharf-boat, foot of Plum street.L.D.
Dameron, , president ; W.H.Scudder, , secretary ; G.
G.Russel, , superintendent ; W.L.Huse, , Jacob
Liefert.Conrad, Fink, H.G.Loomis, and Geo.George H.Ray, ,
Atlantic And Great Western Raiload
And Atlantic Time Line --James, r.residence Bull, agent ,
5 Southern Hotel.
Great Western Despatch Company --n.north 4th
street, corner St.Street Charles.Frank, W.Roberts, agent.
Merchants' Despatch Company --No.400 n.north
4th street, H.B.Parsons, .agent.
Star Union Line --No.309 Olive street, berween 3d
and 4th. St.Street Freeborn, local agent ; n.northStevens, , gen-
eral western agent.
Pennsylvania Central Railroad --No.220 n.north
Commercial street.r.residence F.Sass, , agent.
St.Street Louis & Chicago Railroad--Mitchell, Mil-
tenberger & Tansey , agents. Depot, Levee, corner
Carr street. Sam., Smith, general western freight
agent , 3d street, corner Pine.
Indianpolis & St. Louis Railroad --No.202
s.south 4th street.T.C.Spooner, , general feeight agent.
Illinois Central Railroad-- Poplar street, cor-
ner 2d.Alex. e.east Peters, , agent.
Ohio & Mississippi Railroad --No.206 s.south 4th
street.James, A.Hill, general freight agent.
St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Rail-
Road --Main street, corner Plum.
Detroit & St. Louis Railroad Line-- Pine
street, corner 3d. Sam., Smith.general agent.
St.Street Louis & Pacific Express Freight Line
--A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison , local agents , 209 n.north 3d
Southwestern Freight And Cotton Press
Company --Offices , 109 Locust street, St. Louis; 203
Madison street, Memphis, Tenn.; and Little Miaml
& Cincinnati and Hamilton & Dayton depots, Cincin-
nati , Ohio. J.Merritt, , president and superinten-
dent ; H.B.Merritt, , secretary and tresurer.
Allentown Railroad Line--Office , 309 Olive
street.C.s.southFreeborn, , agent.
"Blue Line," Great Central Route--Office ,
3d street, northeast corner Pine.Samuel, Smith,
"White Line'" Central Transit Company --
Office , 109 Locust street, C.n.northBacon, , agent.
"Red Line" Transit Company--Office , 2d
street, corner Pine.A.e.eastPeters, , general agent.
Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Railroad
Company--Office , Chesnut street, southwest cor-
ner Main.e.eastReynolds, , agent.
Packet Lines.
Atlantic & Mississippi Steamship Compa-
Ny'S Line--Steamers leave the wharf-boat, foot of
Walnut street, for New Orleans, every alternate even-
ing.William, J.Lewis, president ; George, Pegram,
vice president ; D.s.southCarter, , secretary ; John n.north
Bofinger, , superintendent ; David, Gibson, James, W.
Gaff, John J.Roe, , G.B.Allen, , Gerrge pegram ,
Samuel, Stillwell,John n.north Bofinger, , Theodore, Laveille,
Duncan, s.south Carter, WilliamJ, Lewis, W.r.residenceCarter,
and adolphus, Meier, directors.
126 City County Record.
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Northern Line Packet Company --Steamers
leave the wharf-boat, at the foot of Washington av.avenue
every day at 4 o'olock p.m. for Burlington, Daven-,
port, Dubuque , LaCrosse and St. Paul, and all points
on the upper Mississippi. Capt, Mason, .agent , on
wharf-boat, between Washington av.avenue and Vine street.
Memphis Ans St. Louis Packet Company --
Steamers leave the wharf-boat, at, the foot of pine
street, every day at 5 o'clock p.m. for St.Street Genevieve,
cape Girardeau, Hickman and Memphis. Henry, W.
Smith, superintendent ; John, A.Scudder, secretary ;
n.northRanney., general freight agent.
Illinois River Packet Company --Steamers
leave every day at 4 o'clock p.m. (Sundays excepted),
from the foot of Spruce street, for Pekin, Peoria, and
all points on the Illinois river, Office on wharf-boat.
Capt. E, A. Sheble, president; G.n.north Walker & Co.company
of Peoria.Ill.Illinois , agents.
Naples Packet Company --Steamers leave every
other day. from the foot of Plum street, at 4 o'clock p.
m., for Naples and intermediate points. Office 3 City
buildings. e.east W.Gould, , C.s.southRogers, and Samul,
River, agents.
Keokur Packet Company --Streames leave the
wharf-boat, foot of chesnut street, every day (Sundays
excepted), at 4 o'clock p.m., for Clarksville., Lois-
ians, Hannibal. Quincy, Lagrange, Canton. Alexan-
dria, Warsaw, Keokuk, and all intermediate way
landings. Office, at wharf-boat. General office, 112
n.north Commercial street, Capt. A.Phillips, , agt.agent . John,
McCune, president ; n.northMulliken, , secretary.
Telegraph Companies.
Chicago And Mississippi Telegraph Com-
Pany --Offece, 226 Olive street.J. H.French, , chief
Illinois And Mississippi Telegraph Com-
Pany--Offece , 206 Olive street, J.H.French, , chief
Union Telegraph Office --206 Olive street r.residence
C.Clowry, , superintendent ; e.east H.Brown, , manager ;
W.s.southChapman, , supply agent ; J.H.French, , chief
operator ; J.J.Sheehan, , chief receiver ; John L.
Rand, , assistant receiver.
Baptist Cemetery--On Lemp av.avenue near Cherokee
Bellefontaine Cemetery --On Bellefontainerd.
Benai Ell (Hebrew)--On Gravois rd.,road elght miles
from the city.
Calvary Cemetery --On Bellefontaine rd.road six miles
from the city.
Christ Church Cemetry --On Chouteau av.avenue
near Grand av.avenue
City Cemetry --On Jefferson avavenue , between Wyo-
ming street and Arsenal rd.road
Episcopal Cemetery --On the west side of La
Motte street, near Park av.avenue
German Evangelical Cemetery--On Lemp av.avenue
near Potomac street.
Holy Ghost Cemetery --On Kansas street, corcorner -
ner Wyoeing.
German Protestant Cemetery.
Holy Trinity Cemetery --On Bellefontaine rd.road
Jewish Burying Ground --On Chouteau Mill rd.road
New Picker Cemetery --On Gravols rd.road eight
miles from the city.
New Saxon Cemetery --On Gravois rd.road seven
miles from the city.
Old Picker Cemetery --On Gravois rd.road three
miles from the city.
Rock Spring Cemetery --On Clayton rdroad , west of
Reck Spring.
St. Vincent Cemetery --On Park av.avenue corner La-
fayette av, No more interments made.
Salem Cemetery --on St.Street Charles rdroad , seven miles
from the city.
Wesleyan Cemetery --On Grand avavenue , near Lin-
dell av.avenue
United Hebrew Congragation Cemetery --
On Pratte av.avenue corner Pacific Railroad.

A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Hardware ,
Cutlery, Guns, Heavy Goods, &c ,
No. 414 Main St.,
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Edwards' St. Louis Directory
Street And Avenue Guide.
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An Ordinance

To Provide For And Regulate The Num-
Bering Of Houses Fronting Upon Public

Be it ordained by the Common Council
of the City of St. Louis:

Section 1. The numbering of all houses fronting on
public streets in the City of St. Louis shall be in con-
formity to the following rules, viz; First--The odd
numbers shall apply to the north and west sides of the
streets and the even numbers shall apply to the south
and east sides of the streets. Second--On all streets
running in a northwardly and southwardly direction.
the numbering shall commence with number one at
Market street, and shall increse north and south at
the rate of one hundred numbers for each block, as
nearly as the varying series of streets, will admit of,
thus; Arsenal street, Arrowstreet, Chouteau avenue,
Market street, Franklin avenue, Cass avenue, Spring
street, Salisury street, and their continuations east
and west, shall be rectified lines of uniformity in nume
bering north and south. Third--On all street run-
ning in a westwardly direction the numbering shall
commence at the wharf, and shall increase going
westwardly at the rate of one hundred numbers for
each block, as near as the verying series of streets
will admit of, thys: The wharf, Third street, Ninth
street, Fourteenth street. Jefferson avenue, Grand
avenue, and their connections northwardly and south-
wardly, shall be rectified lines of uniformity in num-
bering westwardly. Fourth--The general rule shall
be that one hundred numbers shall represent each
block going westwardly from the wharf, and a like
number for each block north and south of Market.

sec.secretary 2. The City Engineer shall establish all house num-
bers, and shall allow one number for about twenty
feet of vacant graoud, and he shall furnish all owners
of houses with the information necessary for them in
placing their numbers on their houses, and all num-
bering shall be done strictly in conformity with the
directions of the City Engineer, who shall, when re-
quired, give a certificate of property applicable to any

sec.secretary 3. All persons owning or occupying houses are here-
by required to number their houses in conformity with
the provisions of this ordinace; and any persons who
shall number or attempt to number a house otherwise
than in conformity with the provisions of this ordi-
nance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction, shall be fined not less than five nor
more than fifty dollars for every offence.

sec.secretary 4. The City Engineer is hereby authorized to ad-
vertise in the usual manner for proposals and to en-
ter into contract with the lowest and best bidder for
the numbering of all houses in the city; and the
sum of two thosand dollars, or so much there of sa
may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay for
the same, payable out of the contingent fund.

sec.secretary 5. All ordinances and parts of ordinances, so far
as they may conflict with the provisions of this ordi-
nance, are hereby repealed.

Approved December 18, 1866.

The following is the ordinance amendatory of the above
ordinance as passed at a meeting of the City Council:

Whereas, The numbering of houses fronting upon the
public streets of the city of St. Louis has been com-
menced and prosecuted upon a uniform plan; and
Whereas, It is desirable that said numbering should be
fully completed; therefore be it ordained by the City
Council of the City of St, Louis, as follows:

Section 1. Section four of Ordinance No. 5,701 entitled,
"An ordinance to provide for and regulate the num-
bering of houses fronting on public streets," is hereby
so amended as to read as follows, vis:

sec.secretary 4. The City Engineer is hereby authorized to ad-
vertise in the usual manner for proposals and to enter
into contract with the lowest and best bidder for the
numbering of all houses in this city, and the sum of

four thousand fove hundrd dollars, or so much there-
of as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay
for the sam, payble out of the contingent fund.

Accomac, from California av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Adams, from Pratte av.avenue west to Summit av.avenue
Adele, from Ann av.avenue south to Arsenal
Adolphe, from Poplar north to 1900 Market
Alby, from North Market south to Lucall av.avenue
Allen Avenue, from 2001 Carondelet av.avenue west to
California av.avenue
Almond, from 501 s.south Levee est to 500 a. 5th
Amelia Avenue, from Ham west to Valle av.avenue
Angelica, from n.north Levee west and south to Natural
Bridge plank road
Angelrodt, frm Levee west to 14th
Ann Avenue, from 2201 Carondelet av.avenue west to We-
Anna, from s.south Levee west to 489 (old No.) Carondelet
Argyle Avenue, from Clark av.avenue south
Arkansas, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Potomac
Arrow, from 841 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue west to
Arsenal, from s.south Levee, west to Junction Pennsylva-
nia av.avenue and Gravois road
Arsenal Road, from Grand av.avenue west beyond city
Ashodown, from Lafayette av.avenue north to Vincent Cem-
Ashley, from 1222 n.north Levee west to 1300 Broadway
Atlantic, from Pratte av.avenue west near Pacific
Augusta, from Broadway east to the river
Austin, from s.south 15th west to Pratte av.avenue
Autumn, from s.south 9th west to Stoddard av.avenue
Bacon, from North Market north to Grand av.avenue
Bailey, from Peck to Grand av.avenue
Bltimore, in northwestern suburbs
Banks Place, from Indiana av.avenue to Missouri av.avenue
Barker, from Grand av.avenue west
Karlow, from 919 Chouteau av.avenue north to Gratiot
Barrett, from Grand av.avenue east near Fair Ground
Barry, from s.south Levee west to Decatur
Barsaloox, from Sydney south to Lynch
Barton, from s.south Levee west to 401 (old No.), Caronde-
let av.avenue
Bass, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Bates, from 1401 n.north Levee west to 1400 Broadway
Beaumont, from Walnut north to Franklin av.avenue
Beckwith, from 1101 Chouteau av.avenue north to Gratiot
Bell, from Garrison av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Belle Glade Avenue, in northwestern snburbs
Bellefontaine Road, from Angelica north be-
yond city limits
Benton, from Levee west to 2500 n.north 16th
Bentzen, from Kossuth av.avenue south
Berkshire, from Arrow north to Geyer av.avenue
Bernard, from Pratte av. west to Summit av.avenue
Biddle, from 1201 n.north Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
Blow, from Gravois road west to Jefferson av.avenue
Bogy, from n.north Levee to 1801 Broadway
Bonhomme, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Boston, from Grand av.avenue west to Pratte av.avenue
Boston Avenue, from pratte av.avenue west to Alby
Branch, from 9th west to 16th
Bremen Avenue from Levee west to Kossuth av.avenue
Broadway, from 300 Morgan north to Bellefontaine
Brooklyn (e.east ), see Bogy
Brooklyn (w.), from 1751 Broadway west to 1800 n.north
Bryan, from s.south Levee west to Carondlet av.avenue
Bryan' Avenue, from n.north St.Street Charles road nothest
to the river
Buchanan, from Levee west to 12th
Buel, from 1000 Park av.avenue south to Arsenal
Buena Vista, from Victor north to Arrow
Cabanne, from McNair av.avenue southwest to Victor
Calhoun, from Rosatti west to Linn
California, from Grand av.avenue west to Prairie av.avenue
128 Street And Avenue Guide.
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California Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue south to
Cambria, from Lynch north to Sidney
Capitol, from Chippewa north to President
Cardinal Avenue, from Lucas north to Gamble
Carolina, from O'Blennis west beyond city limits
Caroline, from Parson north to Conde
Carondelet Avenue, from 501 Park av.avenue wrath to
Carondelet Road, from Cherokee Sonth beyond
city limits
Carr, from 1101 Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
Carr Lane, from Chouteau av.avenue nr.near city limits south
Carr Square, on 16th, between Carr and Wash
Carroll, from s.south Levee west to 2d Carondlet av.avenue
Cass Avenue, from 1501 n.north Main west to city limits
Caswell, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Catalpa, from Choutean av. north to Gratiot
Cave, from s.south Levee west to s.south 8th
Cecile, from Victor north to Arrow
Cadar, from 801 s.south Levee west to 730 s.south 4th
Celeste Avenue, in northwestern suburbs
Center, from 1310 Market south to 1307 Clark av.avenue
Cerre, from 701 s.south 4th west to s.south 12th
Chambers, from Levee west to 2000 n.north 16th
Channing, from Olive north to Thomas av.avenue
Charles, from Devolsey north to Kingsbury
Charter, from Shenandoah south to Victor
Cherokee, from junction s.south 7th and Carondelet av.avenue
west to Grand av.avenue
Cherry, from 901 n.north Levee west to 900 Broadway
Chesnut, from 101 n.north Levee west to Garrison av.avenue
Chipeewa, from Marine av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Choate, from Chouteau av.avenue north to Cozens
Chouteau Avenue, from 1101 s.south Levee west to
city limits
Charisty Avenue, from 701 n.north 11th west to Beamont
Clara, from Arsenal south to Potomac
Clark Avenuem, from 300 s.south 7th west to Manchester
Clay, from 1103 Warren north to 126 Spring
Clay Avenue, from Frnklin av.avenue n.north Penrose
Clemens, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet road
Closey, from 1312 Park av.avenue south to Geyer av.avenue
Coleman, from North Market north to Grand av.avenue
Collins, from 207 Cherry north to 210 Florida
Columbus, from Harper north to 200 Rutgers
Commercial (n.north ), from 7 Market north to 5 Wash
ington av.avenue
Commercial (s.south ), from 7 Market south to Walnut
Compton Avenue, from Choutean av.avenue south to
Conde, from 16th west to Fllmore av.avenue
Congress, from Cambria west to Baresaloux
Convent, from s.south Levee west to Missouri av.avenue
Cooper, from Tayon ar. west to Pratte av.avenue
Coote, from Colons to Choutean av.
Cozens, from Tayon av.avenue west Pratte av.avenue
Cozens Avenue, from Alby west to Prairie av.avenue
Cri'lTenden, from ssouth , 8th west to Compton av.avenue
Cumbria, from Lynch north to Sidney
Curran, from Park av.avenue south to Lafayette av.avenue
Cushing, from Ceclle west
Devis, from 1405 n.north 18th west to Grand av.avenue
Dickson. from Pratte* av.avenue vest to Garrsion av.avenue
Destrehan, from Levee west to 16th
Devolsey, from Jefferson av.avenue west to Oregon av.avenue
Dicksonl, from Pratte av.avenue west to Webter av.avenue
Dillon, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Carroll
Division, from 18th weat to Pratte av.avenue
Dock, from Levee west to 10th
Dodier, from 2901 n.north 14th west to city limits
Dolman, from 260 (old no.) Chouteau av.avenue south to
Lafayette av.avenue
Dora, from Hebert north to Davis
Dorcas, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet av.avenue
Dubbeuil, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Geyer av.avenue
Duchouquette, from s.south Levee west to 357 (old No.)
Carondelet av.avenue
Dudlby Avenue, from Wilkinson av.avenue east to Thomas
East Brooklyn, from Levee west to 1801 Broadway
East Mound, from Levee west to 1716 Broadway
Easton, from Harper north to Barton
Easton Avenue, from junction of Clay and Frank-
lin av.avenue west to Prairie av.avenue
Edwards Alley, from 16th, between Salisbury and
Eighteknth (n.north ), from 1801 Market north to Angelica
Eighteenth (s.south ), from 1860 Market south to Poplar
Eighth (n.north ), from 801 Market north to 400 Mound
Eigii1 H (s.south ). from 800 Market south to Cherokee
Eleventh (n.north ), from 1101 Market north to Bremen av.avenue
Eleventh (n), from 1100 Mrket south to 1101 Gra-
Eliot Avenue, from Fraklin av.avenue north to Grande
Eliza, from O'Blennis west to Compton av.avenue
Elizabenth, from Arrow north to Geyer av.avenue
Elizabeth, from Kossuth av.avenue north to Moore
Elm, from 201 s.south Levee, west to 200 s.south 7th
Ely, from Lynch south to Crittenden
Emily, from Pacific north to Clark av.avenue
Emma, from Sydney south to Lynch
Emmet, from Kosciusko west to Linn
Estele, from Adolph west to Pratte av.avenue
Eugenia, from Adolph west to Pratte av.avenue
Evans, from Alby west to Prairie av.avenue
Ewing Avenue, from Market north to St.Street Charlesrd.
Fair Grounds, ws.west side Grand av.avenue between Kossuth and
Natural Bridge plank rd.road
Fairview Avenue, from Grand av.avenue west beyond
city limits
Fall, from Parson north to Grand av.avenue
Farrar, from 10th west to Grande av.avenue
Ferry, from 1475 (old No.), Brodway east to river
Fifteenth (n.north ), from 1501 Market north to Bremen
Fifteenth (s.south ), from 1500 Market south to 1501 Chou-
teau av.avenue
Fifth (n.north ), from 501 Market north to 500 O'Fallon
Fifth (s.south ), from 500 Market south to Arsenal
Filmoile Avenue, continuation of Garrison av.avenue
north to Carolina
First (n.north ), from 101 Market north to Grand av.avenue (see
First (s.south ), from 100 Market south to city limits (see
Flora Avenue, from Grand av. west
Florida, from n.north Levee west to 1521 Broadway
Fourteenth (n.north ), from 1401 Market north to city
Fourteenth (s.south ), from 1400 Market south to 1401
Chouteau av.avenue
Foosth (n.north ), from 401 Market north to 1001 Broad-
Fourth (s.south ), from 400 Market south to Chlppewa
Franklin Avenue, from 901 Broadway west to ciy
Fulton, from Ruuell av.avenue north to 800 Park av.avenue
Gamble, from Pralte av.avenue wast to Alby
Gamble Avenue, from Naomi west to Pratte av.avenue
Geno Avenue, from Bellefontaine road notheast to
the river
Garibaldi, from 16th west to Kossuth av.avenue
Garrison Avenue, from Market north to Grande av.avenue
Gtae, from Carondelet av.avenue west to s.south 8th
Gay, from 815 n.north 12th west to 814 n.north 17th
Geyer Avenue, from 1901 Csrondelet av.avenue west to
Jefferson av.avenue
Giles Avhnue, from Soudder av.avenue north to McDonald
Glandale, in northwestern suburbs
Glasgow Avenue, from St.Street Charles rd.road north to
Grande av.avenue
Goen, from Picker south
Goode Avenue. in northwestern suburbs
Government, from s.south Levee west to Carondelat av.avenue
Grace, from Gravols rd. north
Grand Avenue, from Osage running north to entire
length of city to the Mississippi river
Grande Avenue, from 16th we,tlo Grand av.avenue
Pbatiot, from 801 s.south 4th west to Tayon av.avenue
Grattan, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Lafayette av.avenue
Gravois, from Rosattl west to city limits, north of
Gravois Road, from junction of Ann av.avenue and Melville
southwest beyond city limits
Green, from 701 n.north Levee west to 700 n.north 11th
Green (n.north ), from 16th west to Pratte av.avenue
Gregor, in southwestern suburbs
Grove, from Kossuth av.avenue south
Guilford, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Half, from Naomi wast to Pratte av.avenue
Street And Avenue Guide 129
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Hall Avenue, from Belletontaine rd.road east the
Ham, (changed to Provenchere)
Hamtrmck, from 1218 Park av.avenue south to Russell av.avenue
Haran, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet av.avenue
Harnan, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet av.avenue
Harper, from s.south Levee west to 500 (old no.) Caron-
let av.avenue
Harrison, from Levee west to 9th
Hazel, see Chouteau av.avenue
Haebert, from n.north 10th west to Grand av.avenue
Hecker, from Crittenden south to Arsenal.
Hempsted, from 1822 n.north 2d west to 1804 n.north 9th
Henrietta, from Compton av.avenue west to May
Hickory, from 1201 s.south 5th west to Missouri av.avenue
Hicks Alley, bet.between Olive and Locust, 7th and 8th
High, from Austin north to Estelle
Howard, from 1701 n.north Levee west to 1900 n.north 16th
Hunt, from Gravois rd.road north to Scudder av.avenue
Hyde Park, Salisbury and Bremen, n.north 13th and n.north
Illinois, from Wyoming south to city limits
Indiana, from Wyoming south to Miami
Indiana Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Ann
Institute, from Gravois rd.road north Geyer av.avenue
Iowa Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Winne-
Iroquis, from Cherokee south to President
Jackson, from Harper north to Rutgers
James, from Lynch south to Crittenden
Jasmin, from Rose west to Glasgow av.avenue
Jefferson, from n.north Levee west to 2200 n.north 16th
Jefferson Avenue, from Park av.avenue south to city
Joab, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Park av.avenue
John, from Lynchm south to Crittenden
John' Avenue, form Bellefontaine rd.road east to the
Johnson, from Cooper north to Randolp
Jules, from Kingsbury north to Ann av.avenue
Julia, from Shenandoah north to Ann av.avenue
Julia, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Park av.avenue
Juniata, from Ohio av.avenue west to Kanas av.avenue
Kansas Avenue, from Sttsquehannasouth to beyond
city limits
Keemle, from Utah n-rth to Wyoming
Kenneth, from 2d Caroadelet av.avenue west to Missiaaippi
Kennett, from 13 Warren north to 14 Dock
Keokuk, from s.south Levee west to Grand av.avenue
Klein, from Angelrdt north to Destrehan
Kingsbury, from McNair av.avenue west to Jefferson av.avenue
Kisciusko, from Harper, north to 200 Miller
Kossuth, from Grand av.avenue west to Prairie av.avenue
Kossuth, from Crittenden south to Arsenal
Kossuth Avenue, from Lucas north to Angelica
Labadie, from 1019 s.south 5th west to 1018 s.south 7th
Labeaume, from 1844 n.north Levee west to 10th
Lacledk Avenue, from Pratte av.avenue west to beyond
city limits
Lafaymte Avenue, from s.south Levee west to city
Lafayette Park, Larayette av.avenue Park av.avenue Missouri
av.avenue Missisippi av.avenue
Lemi, from Levee west to 377 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue
Lamkin Avenue, in northwestern suburbs
Lancaster, from Carondelet av.avenue west to s.south 8th
Lane from Carondelet av.avenue west to s.south 8th
Larned, from Summit av.avenue west
Lasalle, from Morton west to Grattan
Laura, from Park av.avenue south to Lafayette av.avenue
Laveille, from 1200 Chouteau av.avenue south to Hickeory
Leffingwell Avenue, from Market north to
Franklin av.avenue
Lemp, from Arsenal south to Carondelet rd.road
Leonard Avenue, from Lucas av.avenue north to Page
Lksperance, from Levee west to 2000 Carondelet av.avenue
Levee (n.north ), from 1 Market north to city Hmlta
Levee (s.south ), from 2 Market south to city limits
Lewis, from 1 Biddle north to 1 Florids
Liberty, from Lynch north to Sidney
Linn, from Park av.avenue south to Geyer av.avenue
Locust, from 401 n.north Levee west to Grand avavenue
Lombard, from 901 s.south Levee west to 1000 s.south 5th
Louisa, from s.south Levee west to Columbus
Louisiana, from Acccmac south beyond crty limits0
Lucas, from 401 d. 12th west to Pralte av.avenue
Lucas, from Pratte av.avenue west to Cardinal av.avenue
Luoas Avenue from Cardinal av.avenue weat to city limits
Lucas Place, from n.north 14th, opp.opposite Missouri park, west
to n.north 16th
Lucky, from Grand av.avenue west to Prairie av.avenue
Lucy, from Emily west to Summit av.avenue
Lux, from Utah south to Carondelet av.avenue
Lynch, from 500 (old No) Carondelet av.avenue west to
Mackenzie, from Chouteau av.avenue south
Madison, from n.north Levee west to 2100 n.north 16th
Magazine, from Glasgow av.avenue west to Alby
Magauire, from Eliot av.avenue west to Glasgow av.avenue
Maguire, from Bellefontaine rd.road east to the river
Mauien Lane, from 16th west to Pratte av.avenue
Main (n.north ), from 101 Market north to Grand av.avenue (see
Main (s.south ), from 100 Market south to city limits
Mallinckrodt, from n.north Levee west to 16th
Manchester Road, from junction of Market and
Beaumont, west beyond city limits
Marfgaretta, from 2d Carondelet av.avenue to Cecile
Marine Avenue, from Carondelet rd.road south beyond
city limits
Marion, from s.south Levee west to Rosatti
Market, from 1 Levee west to Garrison av.avenue
Marquette, from 2d Carondelet av.avenue west to Union
Martha, from 401 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue west to
2d Carondelet av.avenue
Mary Ann, from Compton av.avenue west to May
May, from Lafayette av.avenue north to Carolina
McCoombs Avenue, from Laclde av.avenue north to Olive
McDonald Avenue, from Grand av.avenue west to beyond
city limits
McGirk, from 490 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue west to
McLure, in northwestern suburbs
McNalb Avenue, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Arsenal
McRee, from Menard west to 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Mellville, from Ann av north to Geyer av.avenue
Menard, from 1100 Park av.avenue south to Crittenden
Mbrcer, from Cooper north to Estelle
Miami, from Haren south and west to Grand av.avenue
M'Chioan from Pontiac south to Winnebago
Milburn Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Sus-
Mller. from s.south Levee west to 1410 Carondelet av.avenue
Mills, from Pratte av.avenue west to Clay av.avenue
Minnesota Avenue, from Pontlae south to Winne-
Mississippi Avenue, from Iaftyette av.avenue north to
Chouteau av.avenue
Missouri, from Wyoming south to city limits
Missouri Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue north to
Chouteau av.avenue
Missouri Park, St.Street Charles and Olive, n.north 13th and
n. 14th
Monroe, from n.north Levee west to 2300 n.north 16th
Montgomery, from n.north Levee west to 2700 n.north 16th
Montrose Avenue, from Clark av.avenue south
Moore, from 1612 Market south to 1617 Clark av.avenue
Moore from Grand av.avenue west to beyond city limits
Morgan, from 801 n.north Levee west to Grand av.avenue
Morrison, from Stoddard av.avenue west to 20 (old No) St.
Morrow, from Gravois rd.road north to McDonald av.avenue
Morton, from 1311 Park av.avenue north to 1300 Chout au
Motard, from Chouteau av.avenue south to park av.avenue
Mound, from 1716 n.north Levee west to 1732 n.north 13th
Mound (w.), from 1735 Broadway to 1732 n.north 13th
Mulberry, from 901 s.south Levee west to 900 s.south 4th
Mullanphy, from 601 n.north Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
Myrtle, from 301 Levee west to 300 s.south 7th
Naomi, from Cooper north to Estelle
Natural Bridge Plank Road, from Kossuth
av.avenue west beyond city limits
Nebraska Avenue, from Pontiac south to Cherokee
New Perry, from 1415 (old No.) Broadway east to
the river
New St.Street Charles Road, from Grand av.avenue be-
yond the city limits
New House Avenue, from n.north 13th, n.north of Bremen
av.avenue west
Nineteenth (n.north ), from 1901 Market north to Hebert
Nieteenth (s.south ), from 1900 Market south to Estelle
Ninth (n.north ), from 901 Market north to Angelica
Ninth (s.south ), from 900 Market south to 901 Park av.avenue
130 Street And Avenue Guise.
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North Green, from 16th west to pratte av.avenue
North Market, from n.north Levee west to Grand av.avenue
O'Blennis, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Park av.avenue
O'Fallon, from 1301 n.north Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
O'Fallon, Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd.road east to
the river
Ohio, from 373 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue west to Cecile
Ohio'Avenue, from Shenandoab south to Potomac
Ohio, from 301 n.north levee west to Garrison av.avenue
Olive Street Plank Road, from Garrison av.avenue
west to beyond the city limits
Onroto, from Sbenndoh north to Oeyer av.avenue
Orange, from 717 n.north 12th west to 716 r.residence , 17th
Orchard, from Barlow west to Beckwtlh
Oregon, from Chlppewa south, to beyond city limits
Oregon Avesce, from Pontiicsouth to Utah
Osaqe, from Marine av.avenue treat to Grand av.avenue
Pacific, from Pratte av.avenue west
Pacific Avenue, from n.north St.Street charles rd.road north
Page, from Alby west to beyond city limits
Page, Avenue, from Olive Street Pland rd.road n.north to
Palm, from Levee west to 9th
Papin, from 1021 s.south 5th west to Tayon av.avenue
Park Avenue, from 1401 Carondelet av.avenue west to city
Park Place, Lariyette av.avenue and Geyer av.avenue McNair
av.avenue and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Parson, from Prairie av.avenue east to North Market
Paul, from 806 Chouteau av.avenue south to Hickory
Peck, from Kossuth av.avenue south to near Grand av.avenue
Penn, from Csmurls west to Barsaloux
Pennsylvania Avenue, from Park av.avenue south to
Penrose, from Bellefontaine rd. west to n.north 16th
Penrose, Avenue, from Pratte av.avenue west to Webster
Pestalozzi, from Carondelet west to s.south 8th
Picker, from Linn west to Du Breull
Picotte, from s.south Levee west to 2100 Carondelet av.avenue
Pine, from 201 n.north Levee west to Garrson av.avenue
Pittsfield, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Shenandoah
Plum, from 701 s.south Levee west to 700 s.south 4th
Pontiac, from Jefferson avavenue Levee west to Garand av.avenue
Poplar, from 601 s.south Levee west to Marcer
Potomac, from Minnesota av.avenue westt to Grand av.avenue
Potomac, Avenue, from Jefferson av.avenue west to Grand
Powiiattan, from Minnesota av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Prairie, from Lynch south to Arsenal rd.road
Prairie Avenpe, from Page northeast to Beltefon-
taine rd.road
Pratte Avenue, from Park av.avenue north to Hebert
President, from Cherokee south and west to Jeffer-
son av.avenue
Preston Place, Lafayette av.avenue and Ceyer av.avenue Park
pl.place and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Proven0Uere, from 900 Chouteau av.avenue fouth to Hick-
Randolph, from s.south 12th west to Naomi
Rankin Avenue, from Chouteau av.avenue north
Rappahannock, from Gravoisrd.road west to Grand av.avenue
Reynard, from Part av.avenue north to Carolina
Ridoes. in suburbs near Pacific railroad
Ridgley, from 521 s.south 14th west to s.south 17th
Rosatti, from 1112 Park av.avenue south to Crittenden
Rosf, from Grsnd av.avenue north to Jasmin
Russell Avenue, from 2101 Carondelet av.avenue west to
Jefferson av.avenue
Rutgers, from s.south Levee west to 1301 s.south 7th
Salena, from Lynch south to Arsenal
Salisbury, from Levee west to Kossuth av.avenue
Sanguinett, in southwestern suburbs
Barau, from O'Blennla west to Compton av.avenue
School, from Alby west to Grsnd av.avenue
Soott Avenue, from Tayon av.avenue west to Pratte av.avenue
Scudder Avenue, from Grand av.avenue west beyond city
Second (n.north ), from 201 Market north to Grsnd av.avenue
Second (s.south ), from 300 Market south to Chippewa
Second Carondelet Avenue, from Carondelet
rd.road west and north to 264 Chouteau av.avenue
iEvknteenxh (n.north ), from 1701 Market north to An-
Seventeenth (s.south ), from 1100 Markrt south to 1701
Chouteau av.avenue
Seventh (n.north ), from 701 Marktt north to 1736 West
Seventh (s.south ), from 700 Market south to Cherokee
Shaw Avenue, in southwestern suburbsnear Pacific
Shenandoah, from Oneoto west to Grand av.avenue
Sherman Avenue, from Wilkinson east to Thomas
Sidney, from s.south Levee west to Minnesota av.avenue
Singleton, from s.south 15th west to Tayon avavenue
Sixteenth (n.), from 1601 Market north to Grand av.avenue
Sixteenth (s.south ), from 1600 Market south to Poplar
Sixth (n.north ), from 601 Market north to 1449 Broadway
Sixth (s.south ), from 600 Maiket south to Dorcst
Smith, from 1418n.north Levee west to 1412 n.north Main
SuPhia, from Ljnch tooth Arsenal
Soclard, from s.south Levee writ to Linn
South, from 1001 Park av.avenue north to Hickory
Spring, from Levee west to 2800 n.north 16th
Spring, from Page north to New St.Street Charles rd.road
Spruce, from 401 s.south Levee west to High
St. Ange Avenge, from Carroll north-to 1340 Chou-
teau av.avenue
St. Anton, from 1329 Csrondelet av.avenue west
State, from Russell av.avenue south to Sidney
St. Charles, from 507 n.north 8d west to Pratte av.avenue
St. Charles Road, see Easton
Step, from Lami north to Picotte
Sterling, from Lynch south to Arsenal
St. Louis Place, Hebert, and North Green, 17th and
Stoddarp, from Pratte av.avenue west to Glasgow
Stoddard Avenue, from 1087 Parkav.avenue north to 1100
Chonteau av.avenue
Summkr, from Victor north to Geyer av.avenue
Summer, from Grand av.avenue west to Spring av.avenue
Summit Avenue, from Scott av.avenue north to Walnut
Sumner, from Grande av.avenue west to Spring
Superior, from Ann av.avenue north to Geyer av.avenue
Susan, from Compton av.avenue west to May
S0Squehanna, from junction of Pennsylvanl av.avenue
and Gravois rd.road west to Grand av.avenue
Sycamore, from's.south Levee west to 1019 s.south 2d
Talcott Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd.road east to
the river
Targee, from 1412 Market south 1415 Clark av.avenue
Tayon Avenue, from Chouteauav.avenue north to Poplar
Tenessee, from Accomac south to Miami
Tenth (n.north ), from 1001 Market north to Angelira
Tkntii (s.south ), from 1000 Market south to 1001 Graliot
Thbhksa, from Choulrsu av.avenue north to Manchester rd.road
Third (n.north ), from 301 Market north to 300 Morgan
Third s.south ), from 300 Market south to Chlppewa
TniRteknth (n.north ), from 1301 Market north to Angelica
Thirteenth (s.south ), from 1300 Market math to 1301
Chouten av.avenue
Tholozan, In southwestern suburbs
Thomas, from Lafayette av.avenue north to Park av.avenue
Thomas Avenue, from Pratle av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Toney, from Choureau av.avenue south to park av.avenue
Trudeau, from s.south Levee west to 2200 Carondelet av.avenue
Twelfth (n.north ), from 1201 Market north to Angelica
Twelfth (s.south ), from 2000 Market south to 1201 Chou-
tean av.avenue
Twentieth (n.north ), from 2001 Market north to Angelica
Twentieth (s.south ), from 2000 Market south to Estelle
Twenty-Eighth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Fifth, from Carr north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-First (n.north ), from 2101 Market north to An-
Twenty-First (s.south ), from 2100 Market soutn to Fstelle
Twenty-Fourth (n.north ), from Christy av.avenue north to
Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Ninth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Second (n.north ), from 2201 Market north to
Twenty-Second (s.south ), from 2200 Market south to
Twenty-Seventh, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Sixth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Third (n.north ), from 2301 Market north to Cass
Twenty-Third (s.), from 2300 Market south to Es-
Tyler, from Levee west to city limits between Dock
and Palm
Ulrica, from Randolp north to Estalle
Union, from Victor south to Sidney
University, from 16th west to 22d
Street And Avenue Guide. 131
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Utah, from 2d Carondelet av. west to Kansas av.
Valle, from 950 Chouteau av. south to Hickory
Vanderburg Avenue, from Susquehanna north to
Victor, from s.south Levee west to Jefferson av.
Vine, from 501 n.north Levee west to 420 n.north 4th
Vineyard, from Pratte av. west to Alby
Virginia, from O'Blennis west to Compton av.
Virginia, from Shenadoah north to Ann av.
Virginia Avenue, from Cherokee south to Potomoc
Wacousta, from Minnesota av. west to Grand av.
Wall, from Carondelet av. west to s.south 8th
Walnut, frnm 101 s.south Levee west to Summit av.
Ware Avenue, from Lindell av. north to Bell
Warren, from n.north Levee west to 2600 n.north 17th
Wash, from 1001 n.north Levee west to Elliot av.
Washington Avenue, from 601 n.north Levee west to
Grand av.
Washington Square, Market and Clark av. s.south 12th
and s.south 18th
Wave, from Olive north to Thomas av.
Weber, from Crittenden south to Arsenal
Webster, from a. Levee west to 1999 n.north 14th
Webster Avenue, from Dickson north to North
Wenona, from Lafayette av. south to Shenandoah
Wilkinson Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd. east to
the river
Wilmingotn Avenue, from Clark av. north to
Market, between 14th and 15th
Winnebago, from Lemp west to Grand av.
Winter, from Lemp west to Grand av.
Winter, from Stoddard av. east to south 9th
Wisconsin, from Wyoming south to city limits
Withers Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd. east to the
Wright, from n.north Levee west to 2900 n.north 16th
Wyoming, from s.south 8th west to Grnad av.

The Oldest Directory Publishing House In The West.

RichardEdwards, ,
Publisher ,
423 n.north 5th Street, 73 Dearborn Street,
St. Louis. Chicago.

Publisher of City & State Directories, Maps, Books & c.

Railroad & Merchants Journal,
The Official Organ of Western & Southern Railway Cos

Publisher Of
City Directories
St. Louis,
Western States
Commercial Directory,
Price, $8,00.
Mississippi Valley
Gazetteer & Directory
Price $6,00.
State Directories,
Maps, Books & C.

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The Adams Express Company .

Great Eastern, Western And Southern
Express Forwarders,
Dispatch Messengerss Daily
To all Important Cities and Towns in the United States,

Collections Made and. promptly Returned.

C., C.Anderson, , Agent ,
Main Street, s.south W.cor.corner Chesnut.

1868. 1868.

American Express Co.company ,
Office, cor.corner Fourth Md Locust Streets,
e.east, Haidet, Agent , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

General Express Forwarders Between All Points
East, West And North.

Connections with All responsible Express Companies In America and Europe, including Wills,
Fargo & Co'S Express to California, Oregon and the principal points In Colorado,
Montana and Washington Territories; Canadian Express Co.,
to all parts of Lower Canada and Karope.

The American Express Company Occupy The St. Louis,
Alton & Terre Haute r.residence r.residence ,
From St. Louis,
Making direct Connections with the Principal Eastern and Western