Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Frank, Roberson'S
Bathing, Shaving, Hair Cutting,
And Shampooing Saloon ,
Under Barnum's Hotel, on Walnut St.,
Between Main And Second,
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Italian Marble Bathing Tubs.

John, Busby,
Shop , No. 210 Morgan Street,
Between 2d and 3d, South Side,
St. Louis.
☞All work in his line neatly executed, at
the shortest notice, and on moderate terms.

S., s.southLippincott, ,
Manufacturer Of
Soda Water Machinery
Of Every Description,
And Patent Soda Fountains
For Syrups and Soda Combined,
Constantly on hand .

Generators, Copper Fountains, Coolers, & c.
Manufacturer of Fruit Essences, Syrups,
Fountain Soda Water Mead .

Factory & Laboratory ,
n.north w.west cor.corner Eighth and St. Charles.

L., P. Fries,
Brass Foundry,
No. 808 South Second Street,
Between Mulberry and Lombard,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
Manufacturers Of
Steam, Gas & Water Cocks
Of All Kinds,
And Oil Globes, Distillery, and
Brewery Work
☞Promptly attend to.☜

Prange & Brother ,
Manufacturers Of
Wholesale & Retail
3410, 3412, 3414 and 3416
North Tenth Street.

R., s.southGriffin, ,
Sale Stable
No. 406 and 408 North Eighth Street,
Between Locust and St. Charles Streets, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Horses kept by the Day, Week or Month. Particular attention paid to Boarding Horses.

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George, Knapp. Paschall, . JohnKnapp, .

Missouri Republican,
The Best
News, Political, Commercial & Literary Paper
In The Great West.

Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly Editions.

Our Readers, Friends and the general public, will find it to be a throughly National
sheet, and with its large, exclusive line of telegraphic news ; its correspond-
ence ; full commercial reports and dispatches ; sound and able politi-
cal articles, and original literary matter, it will be found the
best vehicle for general information published
in the West.

The Republican Newspaper is furnished at the following Rates:

Daily, sent by main (in advance), - - - $12.00

,, payable to carriers, per week - - - 25

Tri-Weekly (in advance), - - - 6.00

Sunday (in advance), - - - 3.00

Weekly (in advance), - - - 2.00

No paper will be sent unless paid for in advance, and invariably discontinued
at the end of the time paid for.

Book And Job Office.

Our Job Office is filled up with every modern improvement, both in presses
and type. Country merchants are solicited to send their orders.

Steamboat, Railroad and Commercial Printing is an especial department in the
Republican Office. Colored Work of every description executed neatly.

Our Bindery

Is extensively furnished wish the material for manufacturing Blank Books for
Merchants, Clerks of Courts, County Assessors, Railroad and Insurance Companies.

George Knapp & Co.company ,
Publishers and Proprietors.
Republican Building, Chesnut St., near Main,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

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Henry, C. Haarstick,
(Successor to A.e.east Tilton) ,
Distiller of Bourbon and Rye Whisky,
Double Refined And Cologne Spirits,
Holland Gin, Domestic Whiskies, Alcohol and High Wines ,
Office, 103 South Second St.,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
Distillery, Corner of Barton and DeKalb Streets.

Card & Lawrence
(Successors to Henry C.Haarstick, ),
Distillers Of
Bourbon Whiskies,
Cologne Spirits and Alcohol,
No. 103 South Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

L., L.Barrell, . Wilbur F.Barrell, .

L. L. Barrell & Co.company ,
Importers Of
Foreign Wines and Liquors,
Also Wholesale Dealers in
Domestic Liquors And Cigars ,
No. 11 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

City and Country Orders solicited and promptly attended to.



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The Peoria Mutual Benevolent Association ,
Peoria, Ill.

The First and Only Institution of the Kind in the United States.
Legally Incorported under the Laws Illionois.

Any person of good health, and known moral character, between the ages of sixteen and
sixty-five years, may become a member of this Association, by conforming to the requirements
laid down in the blank form of Application, and paying the entrance fee in proportion to the
amount of weekly benefit desired; and shall remain a member and entitled to all the benefits of
the Association as long as may be wished, upon payment of the annual or semi annual dues; pro-
vided, the health and character of the member remain unimpaired.

Board of Directions.

A.Zotz, , Pres. Wm.Geilhausen, , Sec. P.Bender, , (Mayor), Treas.


B.Cremer, . P.Rohmann, . H.Tendering, .

Missouri Branch.

Jacob J.Judell, ,.........General Agent ,
S. e.east Cop. Third and Market Streets, St. Louis.

T. H. Morgan & Co.company
(Successors To Alexander B. Morean & Co.),
Commission and Formating
Merchants ,
Nos. 121 And 123 s.south Main St., Up Stairs,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Particular attention paid to all consignments. Also, to the purchase of Produce on
Eastern and Southern orders.

A.Page, . A.Kilburn, . e.eastKilburn, .

Page, Kilburn & Co.company ,
Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of
Cigar & Candy Boxes
Tobacco and Tea Caddies,
Also Shingles And Barrel Linings.

Factory : Cor. Second And Madison Streets,
Office and Salesroom: Nos. 112 & 114 n.north Third St.,
Between Chesnut and Pine, St. Louis.

Cigar Boxes, Edging and Ribbons always on hand.


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Kingslands & Ferguson ,
Phoenix Foundry
And Agricultural Works,

[missing figure]

Office, Corner Of Second And Cherry Streets,
Factory, Corner of Eleventh and Cass Ave., St. Louis, Mo.,
Manufacturers of
Portable Circular Saw Mills. Hand And Power Corn Shellers.
Steam Engines & Boilers, of all kinds. Cotton Gins. Cotton Presses.
Ball'S Ohio Mower And Reaper. Drag Saw Mills. Wood Splitters.
Horse Powers And Castings, of every description.
Cox & Roberts' Patent Thresher & Cleaner. Cane Mills.

James O.Carson, . Andrew w.west Mitchell, .

J. B. Carson, Bro. & Co.company ,
Dry Goods
Commission Merchants ,
316 n.north Main Street,
St. Louis, - - - - Missouri.

Consignments respectfully Solicited.


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Southern White Lead
And Color Works,
Office And Factory
N. w.west Cor. Main and Lombard Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
JamesJohnston, , Supt.
Formerly with Collier Co. Wm. H.Gregg, , President .
F. w.west Rockwell, , Sec'y. Henry s.south Platt, , Vice Pres.

Le RoyKingsland, Wm. A.Clark, .

Union Iron Works
N. e.east Cor. Second and Carr Sts., St. Louis
Kingsland & Clark ,
Manufacturers Of
Portable & Stationary Steam Engines & Boilers
M'Ginness' Steam Pumping Engines, Sugar Cane Mills,
Quartz Crushers, Grist Mill, Saw Mill and Tobacco Machinery, Cast-
ings, Forgings, Brasses, Metallic Packing, &c., &c.

Steamboat And Other Repairs Promptly Attended To.

C. G. Thalmann & Co.company ,
(Successors to H. Rashcoe),
No. 22 South Second Street,
Under Barnum's Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.

Booksellers & Stationers,
Importers Of German, French And Other
Foreign Books and Periodicals,
English & German School Books, Wholesale And Retail.

O. P.Saylor, . J. T.Demoss, .

O. P. Saylor & Co.company ,
Empire Wire Works,
No. 120 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo. , Manufacturers of
Brass, Iron and Copper Wire Cloth, Sieves, Riddles, Coal and Sand
Screens. Wire Cloth for threshing Machines, Fanning Mills,
Mill Screens, Bran Dusters, Sky Lights, Cellar Windows,
Kitchen Safes, Milk Strainers, Ore Screens, and for various purposes.
Nursery Fenders, Fire Guards, Wire Window Shades, Rat and Mouse Traps,
Flower Stands, Flower Trainers, Cheese Safes, and Bird Cages of every variety.

Plain and Ornamental Wire Work made to order.

We keep on hand a large stock of Wire, of Brass, Iron and Copper, such as Fence Wire, Grape
Trellis Wire, Broom Wire, Brush Wire, Bell Wire, Wire Sash Cord, Wire Rope, Brass Spring
Wire, all of which we sell at lowest market rates. Wire Fencing made of galvanized
Wire, to prevent it from rusting. It makes a cheap and good fence. We invite the
attention of manufacturers and dealers to our stock of goods. For further infor-
mation address as above.

O.P. Saylor & Co.company


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National Bank
Of St. Louis,
(Late Southern Bank Of St. Louis,)
Gay'S Building, Cor. Second and Pine Streets.

Capital Paid In, - - - $1,000,000.


Jno. r.residence Lionberger, , Oliver B.Filley, , Alfred M.Britton, ,
JohnJackson, James F.How, , EugeneJaccard, ,
Chas. K.Dickison, , Sampl r.residence Filley, .

John r.residence Lionberger, , Presiden ,
JohnJackson, , Vice President ,
Thos. A.Stoddart, , Cashier .

Wm. s.south Field, . Horatio D.Hood, .

Field & Wood ,
Attorneysand Counselors
At Law,
N. w.west Corner 5th and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Missouri.


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Beard & Bro.
Proprietors of the
Fire And

[missing figure]
Burclar Proof
Safe and Scale Works,
Warehouse, 721 andd 723 n.north Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Bank Safes of Hardened Steel & Chilled Iron,
Jewelers' & Express Safes,
Vault Doors,
Bank Locks.

Beard & Bro.,
721 & 723 Main Street. St. Louis.
Branch Office.
457 Broadway New York.
Patentees, Manufacturers and Importers of
Beard'S Patent Lock Tie,
Also, Beard's Patent Self-Adjusting Tie,
The greatest Inventions of the age for bailing Cotton, Wool, Hay, &c.

Combining strength with rapidity of adjustment to Bales
of any size.

[missing figure]


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H.Rashcoe, . J. F.Zisemann, . Wm. K.Maus, .

Rashcoe, Zisemann & Maus ,
Successors to Mense, Rashcoe & Co.,
Importers of and Wholesale Dealers in
Hardware, Cutlern and Guns,
No. 4 South Main Street,
New Eschange Block, Bet. Market & Walnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

H. M. Thompson & Co.company

Sewer Pipe.

Price per foot.
3 in. bore .15 Each Pipe 2 feet long,
with sockets.
4 " " .20
5 " " .25
6 " " .30
8 " " .40
9 " " .45
12" " .60
15" " .75
18" " 1.00
22" " 1.50
26" " 2.00

Stone Ware Pipe
Of All Sizes & Kinds
For Sewers, Drains & c.

Drain Tile.

Price per 1000 ft.
11/2 in. bore $30
2 " " 40
3 " " 50
4 " " 70
One foot long,
without sockets.

Chimney Tops.

Various sizes
and patterns.

All irregulars
50 per ct. extra.

Porcelain Stoves,
For Pariors, Saloons and Offices, neat and durable, prices from $25 to $150.

Thompson'S "Patent Flue Linings,"
For Chimneys and Air Ducts. They are great protection against smoky rooms
and accidents from fires!

Patent Chimney,
For Prairie Homes. No brick needed.

White Brick. Brown Paint. Flower Vases, for yards.

Fire Brick. Lead Pots. White Sand.

Fire Clay. Cement, Flower Pots, &c., &c.

Manufactory on 16th St. and Pacific r.residence r.residence
Sample Room And Office, 417 Locust Street.

Prices as low as anybody. Orders promptly filled on receipt of cash.

☞Liberal Discounts to the Trade.

J. w.west Lewis & Co.company ,
Publishers, Stationers,
And Manufacturers of
School Furniture
No. 606 Washington Avenue, Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

☞ Helbrook's School Apparatus, Ontiine Maps, Globes, and every-
thing needed in School Rooms.


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Wm.Ellison, . Jas.Ellison, .

Phoenix Iron Works,
Foundry And Machine Shop.

Ellison & Bro.
Nos. 910 & 012 North Main St.,
Between Cherry And Wash Streets,
St. Louis, Missouri.

Manufacturers Of
Steam and Hand Hoists of an improved pattern; Steam Engines and
Boilers; Single and Double Saw and Grist Mill Machinery;
Sugar Mill, Hogshead, Tobacco, and Lard Press Screws;
all kinds of Packing, Bolts, Belting, Rivets, Fire
Liners, Grate Bars, Range Grates, & e.east ,
always on hand.

Iron and Brass Castings of all descriptions made to ordey.

Boot and Shoe Machinery, also Dies for Paper Collar Machinery made and repaired.

P.Burns, . P.Degnan, .

Burns & Degnan ,
Manufacturers And Wholesale Dealers In

[missing figure]
Harness, Collars,
Saddle Bags Whips, Etc.

No. 619 North Main Street,
West Side, between Green and Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.


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Steam Candy Factory
Manufacturer of all Kinds of
American And French Confectionery,
Plain And Fancy Candies,
Wholesale Dealer in Fancy Fruits, Nuts, & c.,
All Articles Used By Confectioners,
North-East Cor. Third and Myrtle Sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

House, Sign and Steamboat Painting,

Geo.Peisch, . J.Peisch, .

Ge. Peisch & Bro.
House, Sign and Steamboat
And Dealers In
Mixed Paints, Glass, & C.,
No. 219 Pine Street,
St. Louis, Missouri.

Country Orders promptly attended to.


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Wm. T.Gay, . r.residence P.Hanenkamp, .

Gay & Hanenkamp ,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants ,
Nos. 109 & 111 Second Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

Jas. G.Greer, . Robt. C.Greer, .

J. G. Greer & Co.company ,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants ,
No. 6 Commercial Street,
City Buildings, Saint Louis, Mo.

☞Cash advances made on shipments accompained by Bills Lading, and on Produce in store.

Meyer & Meister ,
Grocers, Rectifiers,
And Commission Merchants ,
Nos. 15 and 17 s.south Second Street,
Between Market and Walnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

John T.Bronston,
DanielHodgkins, .

Wesley P.Rickart, .
PaulWright, .

Hodgkins, Rickart & Co.company ,
(Successors to e.east O. Stanard & Co.),
Commission Merchants ,
No. 10 s.south Commercial St.,
City Buildings, St. Louis, Mo.


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Ohio River Salt Co.company
G. L.Joy, , Agent ,
No. 9 North Second St.,
Saint Louis, Missouri.

☞A large Stock constantly on hand. Merchants and Packers furnished on the most reason-
able terms.

Edward A.Damon, . Henry G.Holmes, .

E. A. Damon & Co.company ,
Importers and Wholesale Cash Dealers in
Brandies, Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Nos. 408 And 410 Elm St.,
Between Fourth and Fifth, St. Louis, Mo.

☞We sell for Cash exclusively at lowest market prices. Particular attention given to the
trade iun genuine Kentucky Whisky.

FrancisLepere, ,
Wholesale Grocer,
Commission and Forwarding Merchant ,
No 606Ii North Second St.,
Between Washington Avenue and Green,
St. Louis, - - - - Missouri.

☞Belcher's Goods constantly on hand.☜

H. F.Stinde, ,
Flour Merchant ,
No. 19 North Commercial St.,
Between Market and Chesnut,
St. Louis, Missouri.


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RedmondCleary, . Ed. M.Taylor,

Cleary & Taylor ,
General Produce
Commission Merchants ,
South Commercial Street, corner Walnut,
Saint Louis.

Liberal Cash Advances Made On Consignments.

Jones McDowell & Co.company ,
Little Rock, Ark.

H. Bussey & Co.company
Fort Smith, Ark.

Bussey & Co.company
Commission Merchants
Cotton Factors ,
No. 16 South Commercial St.,
St. Louis, Mo.
No. 48 Carondelet St.,
New Orleans, La.

Liberal Advances Made On Consicnments.

Refer To

State Savings' Association ,
St, Louis, Mo.

Lockard & Ireland ,
Cincinnati, O.

Pike, Lepeyre & Brother ,
New Orleans, La.

J. Peter & Co.company ,
Louisville, Ky.


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Dent G.Tutt, . Jno. F.Baker, .

Tutt & Baker ,
Commission Merchants ,
No. 512 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞Special attention given to the Sale of Cotton, Tobacco and Hemp.

Ferd. F. Rozier & Co.company
Commission Merchants ,
No. 521 North Second St.,
St. Louis, Missouri.


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The Merchants & Bankers'
For 1868.

One Volume Octavo, Price $2.00, Free by Mail.


1. A list of 1650 National Banks—names of Presidents and
Cashiers, and New York correspondents of each—
and Capital of each, December, 1867.

2. List of 320 State Banks—names of President and Cashier
of each, and Capital.

3. List of 1400 private bankers in the United States and
Canada—name of New York Correspondent of each.

4. List of Banks and branches in Canada, New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

5. List of 320 Savings' Banks in New England and New
York—deposits and number of depositors in each.

6. Clearing House Statistics of New York and London.

7. Monthly prices of ninety staple articles at New York,

8. Monthly prices of Sugar, Molasses, Cotton, Wool, Iron,
Copper, Coal, Tobacco, &c., 1826 to 1867.

9. Daily price of Gold at New York, 1863-1867.

10. List of Fire, Marine, and Life Insurance
Companies in the United States—names
of President and Secretary—and Capital
of each.

11. Annual Report on the Condition of the National Banks,

12. Agricultural Statistics of the United States—annual pro-
duction of Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Cotton, Barley
and Tobacco in each State.

13. List of 1200 Bankers and Brokers in New York City—
Members of the New York Stock Exchange, Open
Board, and the Gold Board.

14. Engravings of new bank buildings.

Address "Bankers' Magazine Office, New York."


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A. Stephenson & Co.company ,
Steam Fitting & Brass Works
No. 7 Market St., cor. Commercial,
St. Louis, - - - Missouri.

Manufacturers Of
Steam, Gas And Water Cocks Of All Kinds,
Steam Whistles And Oil Clobes.

Dealers in Rubber Hose, Packing and Belting, Steam, Gas,
Copper and Lead Pipes, Pumps, Steam & Water Guages.

Steamboat Work Promptly Attended To.

CharlesKelly, . w.west J.O'Neal, .

[missing figure]

Kelly & O'Neal ,
Copper, Tin And Sheet-Iron Workers,
And Manufacturers Of
Steamboat and Hotel Cooking Stoves,
No. 612 North Levee,
Corner of Green, St. Louis, Mo.


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[missing figure]

L. M. Rumsey & Co.company ,
610 n.north Second Street,
St. Louis, - - - Missouri,
Manufacturers Of Over
300 Varieties of Iron and Brass
Lift And Force Pumps,
School, Steamboat and
Church Bells,
Both Steel And Brass,
Eagle Mower and Reaper,
Brinkerhooff'S And Centrifugal
Corn Shellers, Hand & Power,
Agricultural Implements
Of Every Description.

Carriage Bolts, Archimedean Axles, Straps and T. Hinges.

Manufacturers And Jobbers Of
Rubber and Leather Belting, Hose
and Packing,
Gas, Steam, Water, Lead And Copper Pipe.

Sole Agents For
Remington's and Whitney's Armories'
Manufactures Of Revolvers, Military & Sporting Rifles,
Homogeneous Wrought Steel Double Shot Guns,
Gun Canes, Rifle and Shot Gun Barrels, &c.
Metallic And Combustible Envelope Cartridge,
Metal Lined Percussion Caps.

L. M. Rumsey & Co.company