The elite directory of Saint Louis society
Some Prefatory Remarks.
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In submitting to the social world of St. Louis the
first directory of its kind ever published here, we
consider it naught but a duty to ourselves to allude
to some of the difficulties encoutered in gathering
the material for the same. While the “Elite” is
submitted with a confidence, that it is as nearly correct
as it is possible to make a book of the kind, it
still might have been more complete; and in this con-
nection we must make the statement that our can-
vassers met with many refusals and rebuffs from
persons who would not, or could not, understand the
nature and objects of the work. Still we console
ourselves with the fact that all innovations for public
good or convenience have met with steady discoun-
tenance and opposition from those who have after-
wards become their best supporters.

We do not claim for the “Elite” that it is in any
sense a complete directory of St. Louis’ social world.
On the contrary, we have used extreme caution in
gathering the material, and our aids have bee of
those best able to judge its purposes and objects.
We did not desire to make it a bulky volume—which
would have really been an easier labor—but rather
to constitute it what its title implies it to be. A
number of unitentional omissions have undoubtedly

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occurred, but this is through no fault of ours, for our
canvass has been complete and thorough. Again: we
have accomplished a great deal, and feel no small
sensation of pride in submitting the book to the
society people of St. Louis. It will serve a great
variety of purposes and make its standing so good
that in our second venture, a year hence, we will
receive a more general indorsement and co-opera-

We flatter ourselves that our little book will be
found in the drawing-rooms of the best people in St.
Louis. Its information is valuable—the result of hard
work; and to those who have kindly assisted us in the
undertaking we extend our warmest thanks. Trust-
ing in a substantial indorsement of our efforts, we
leave the “Elite”in the hands of the public.

The Publishers.