The elite directory of Saint Louis society
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Gentlemen’s list.
Abadie, Emile, 3335 Morgan st.street
Ackerson, A. S.218 N.north 2d st.street
Acton, E. A.16th and Morgan st.street
Adams, Benjamin S., 2645 Olive st.street
Adams, Frank, 1907 Rutger st.street
Adams, James W., 3507 Olive st.street
Adertoli, George S., 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, Joseph, 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, James V.3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aderton, Willie, 3516 Washington ave.avenue
Aglar, Frank, 2131 Market st.street
Alden, John T., 315 Spruce st.street
Alexander, C. M.1525 Pine st.street
Alexander, John G., 1021 Dillon st.street
Alexander, John H., Union ave.avenue
Alexander, John H.1023 Dillon st.street
Alexander, R. N., Cherokee ave.avenue , near California ave.avenue
Allen, C. C.3015 Locust st.street
Allen, Charles H.2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Dan. D., 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Edw. T., Barnuin’s Hotel.
Allen, Gerard B., 2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, Taylor, 2735 Chestnut st.street
Allen, J G.Jr.junior 2645 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, Lewis D., Jr.junior , 2919 Washington ave.avenue
Allen, L. S., 1904 Cnipton ave.avenue
Ames, Henry, Lindell Hotel.
Ames, William T., 3506 Olive st.street
60 The Elite Directory. AND-BLO
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Anderson, James N., 3017 Easton ave.avenue
Anderson, W. H. H., Mercantile Library.
Anton, G. P., 310 N.north 5th st.street
Appleton, George D., Lindell Hotel.
Armstrong, H. D., Planters’ House.
Aull, James,Beaumont Flats.
Aull, Robert, Jr.junior , 3414 Washington ave.avenue
Avis, Charles W., 3512 Washington ave.avenue
Bacon, George D., Barnum’s Hotel.
Bagnell, William, cor Easton and Garrisoli aves.avenues
Bagot, Harry C.2316 N 11th st.street
Bailev, Henry V., 3010 Olive st.street
Baker, Samuel J., 2831 Washington ave.avenue
Barnes, William, 3526 Lindell ave.avenue
Barnes, W. S., Lindell Hotel.
Burnett, Benjamin, 2114 Gamble ave.avenue
Barnett, Marian, 1529 Pine st.street
Barnett, William , H., 1529 Pine st.street
Bartholow, Perryx, 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bartholow, Thomas , J., 916 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bates, Charles , F., 1012 Dollman st.street
Batte, Benjamin, 3408 Washington ave.avenue
Beach, Edward , N.2118 Chestnut st.street
Beach, Henry , O., 2118 Chestnut st.street
Beauvais, Lewis , K., Magnolia and Grand aves.avenues
Beck, George, Planters’ House.
Beck, J. S., 821 N.north 21st st.street
Behrens, Geo , F., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Louis J., 902 Hickory st.street
Behrens, Wm.William L.902 Hickory st.street
Bell, Charles E., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Bell, Ernest P., 3623 Olive st.street
Bell, Leverett, 2826 Dayton st.street
Bell, Wm.William W., 3131 Chestnut st.street
Belvin, JohnMajor. Laclede Hotel.
Bemis, Frank M.1504 Pine st.street
Betts, George D., 1102 Morrison ave.avenue
Bissell, Sherrurd, Baden.
Blair, L. James, 2737 Chestnnt st.street
Blelock, G. M., 1011 Garrisoli ave.avenue
Block, Gorge M., 1703 Olive st.street
Blossom, E. D., 3000 Locust st.street
Blossom, R. N., 3000 Locust st.street
Blow, John G., 2635 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 61 BLO-CAL
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Blow, Taylor, 219 N.north 8th st.street
Bodley, E B., 1417 Olive st.street
Bodley, J. H.Kirkwood.
Boehmer, Harry, 829 N 4th st.street
Bogy, Alex., 3212 Clark ave.avenue
Bogy, Joseph A., 2828 Adams st.street
Boisliniere, L. C.Jr.junior 2303 Chestnut st.street
Bollman, O. H.1312 Chornean ave.avenue
Boilms, A. G., 1203 Monroe st.street
Bonner, W C., 1705 Wash st.street
Boogher, Charles N., 1600 Olive st.street
Bougher, Wm.William F.1600 Olive st.street
Booth, James W.3301 Morgan st.street
Bordley, C B.1305 Chouteau ave.avenue
Bosse, Alex., n.e.northeast cor.corner 15th and Gay sts.streets
Botherton, W. K. 1112 Madison st.street
Bonvier, Alfred, 2112 Eugenia st.street
Bouvier, Gabriel2112 Eugenia st.street
Bowen, Samuel, 518 West End Place.
Boyd, Jerome, Mound City Hotel. Broadway and N.north
Market st.street
Boyd, W. W.2810 Locust st.street
Bradshaw, Joseph. 29 S.4th st.street
Bridges, A. S., 2603 Glasgow ave.avenue
Britton, George F.Benton Place.
Brookings, Robert F.2809 Dayton st.street
Brown, Josh., Lingell Hotel.
Brown, J. D.2320 Walnutl st.street
Bryan, KennettKirkwood.
Bryani, Edwin W., n.w.northwest cor.corner 7th and Market
Brydon, George H.2804 Morgan st.street
Budd, H W.3434 Morgan st.street
Bull, Wm.William, 1116 St Ange ave.avenue
Bunzl, Victor, 1701 2d Carondelet ave.avenue , city.
Burd, William, 3407 Pine st.street
Buskctt, William C., Grand and Laelede aves.avenues
Bvers, Maj., Lindell Hotel.
Bvyne, JohnJr.junior , Villa Padua. Stringtown Road.
Cabell, Ashley506 Olive st.street
Cabell, Edward506 Olive st.street
Cabot, Dexter W., 2113 Pine st.street
Cabot, Harry H.2113 Pine st.street
Cain, PatrickPlanters’ House
Calhoun, George S., 1005 Pine st.street
62 The Elite Directory. CAL-CHA
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Calhoun, Kittland, 2705 Lucas ave.avenue
Calhoum, Patrick2230 Gambile ave.avenue
Calif, Amos H.1109 St. Ange ave.avenue
Calif, Ben. H., 2800 Morgan st.street
Campbell, Hugh, Jr.junior , 1508 Lucas Place.
Campbell, . Joe., 1113 Pine st.street
Cantwell, Charles M., 2702 Lucas ave.avenue
Capelle, Eugene M., 620 Garrison ave.avenue
Carleton, Murray. 1600 Olive st.street
Carpenter, MarionLindell ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Carr, Childs2735 Chestnut st.street
Carr, Dabnev, 1900 Wash st.street
Carr, Walter C2228 Gamble.
Carson, Henry, 1708 Hickory st.street
Carson, James O., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., Jr.junior , 2922 Washington ave.avenue
Carson, N. B., 102 S.4th st.street
Cartan, Laurence. 1618 Pine st.street
Carter, Sbreve J., 317 N.north 2d st.street
Case, T. C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Casey, John, Miami ave.avenue near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Jules A., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Casey, Thomas F., Miami ave.avenue , near, Missouri ave.avenue
Castlemau, George A., 3242 Olive st.street
Catlin, Daniel, Jr.junior , 2635 Olive st.street
Catlin, Ephron I., 2016 Olive st.street
Catlin, Theron, 2016 Olive st.street
Cavender, John H.Benton Place, above Park Place.
Chadbourne, Gideon W., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chadbourne, William K., 2712 Dayton st.street
Chamberlain, E. H.1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chamberlain, . William F., 1819 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Alfred. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, George , J., 1109 Washington ave.avenue
Chapman, Nelson C., 2734 Locust st.street
Chapman, Xewlin. 1633 Washington ave.avenue
Charles, F., J. Barnum’s Hotel.
Chartrand, George M., 1624 Clark ave.avenue
Chase, Clinton, Carondelet Road, near Itasca.
Chassaing, J. H., Hotel Belvidere.
Chatard, Ferd. H., 1416 Pine st.street
Chatard, Fred , J., 1416 Pine st.street
Chauvenet, Louis, 2703 Lucas Place.
Chauvenet, Regis. 2703 Lucas Place.
The Elite Directory. 63 CHI-COR
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Chick, Henry,King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chick, Washington H., King’s Highway, near Olive st.street
Chouteau, Amedee B., 1722 Washington ave.avenue
Chouteau, Asby S. A., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Chouteau, August F., 1022 S.8th st.street
Chouteau, August, 1523 Lucas Place.
Chouteau, Pierre, Main, near Adams st.street , Carondelet.
Chouteau, Sylvester, 925 Amelia ave.avenue
Church, H. B., 1011 Garrison ave.avenue
Claflin, Charles A., 2911 Bell st.street
Clautice, B. F., n.e.northeast cor.corner 17th and Chestnut sts.streets
Clark, Jefferson C., 3507 Lindell ave.avenue
Clark, Robert, Jr.junior , 3006 Locust st.street
Clark, S. J., 1703 Olive st.street
Clark, William O., 2643 Washington ave.avenue
Clarkson, David Baldwin, St. Louis County.
Clayton, W. R., 1429 Pine st.street
Clegg, John, Mercantile Library Building.
Clemens, Alexander, 1220 Second Carondelet ave.avenue
Clemens, Bryan, Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clemens, James, Jr.junior , Cass ave.avenue , near 21st st.street
Clement, Harry S., Lindell Hotel.
Clendenin, Kerr, 3329 Pine st.street
Cline, Fred’k A., 840 S.8th st.street
Cobbell, Ashley, 506 Olive st.street
Cochrane, Charles W., Windsor Flats.
Cole, Amedee B., 1728 Lucas Place.
Cole, George G., Lindell Hotel.
Collins, Charles L., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, Monroe, Jr.junior , 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, M. R., 3528 Lindell ave.avenue
Collins, John Bates.3547 Pine st.street
Colman, Chalmer, 600 Olive st.street
Colville, David F., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Comstock, Freeman J., Lafayette and Arkansas aves.avenues
Conn, Harry D., 2931 Olive st.street
Conn, Wm.William A., 2931 Olive st.street
Conway, J. A., Park Flats, 12th and Olive sts.streets
Conway, J. T., St. Nicholas Hotel.
Cook, J. R., 2617 Pine st.street
Cook, Wm.William H., Lindell Hotel.
Corbet, George O., 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corbet, Wallace, 3514 Chestnut st.street
Corney, W. E., 2116 Wash st.street
64 The Elite Directory. COS-DIC
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Coste, Paul S., 1004 St. Ange ave.avenue
Couzins, J. E., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Cowen, Edmund R., 1317 Morton st.street
Cowen, Frank, 1317 Morton st.street
Crafton, Joe T., 2119 Eugenia st.street
Craig, A. W., 2208 Carr st.street
Crane, Arba N., Garrison, cor.corner Easton aves.avenues
Crawford, Dugald, 2801 Thomas st.street
Crawford, Hugh A., 1526 Olive st.street
Crawford, Lester, 3504 Olive st.street
Crawford, Wm.William H., Lindell Hotel.
Cronin, H. P., Garrison and Easton aves.avenues
Crossin, James, 1406 Pine st.street
Crouch, Wm.William, Barnum’s Hotel.
Crow, Wayman, Jr.junior , 603 Garrison ave.avenue
Crunden, Frank P., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Grunden, Fred , M., 1419 Chouteau ave.avenue
Cummiskey, James, 1611 Chestnut st.street
Cimuingham, Henry A., Beaumont Flats.
Cunningham, Chas., 626 Beaumont st.street
Cunningham, A. D., 626 Beaumont st.street
Curtis, W. J., Barnum’s Hotel.
Dallmer, A. T., 1829 S.7th st.street
Dameron, Ed. C.1705 Washington ave.avenue
Darby, Walter, 2231 Pine st.street
Davenport, Benj. L., Windsor Flats.
Davis, A. C., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, C. M., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, H. C., 3501 Chestnut st.street
Davis, Ray, 3504 Chestnut st.street
Day, F. P., 2737 Locust st.street
Day, Melville C., Lindell Hotel.
De Forest, Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
De Friez, Harry, 1624 Pine st.street
Dell, John, 211 S.15th st.street
Denison, H. H., 2007 California ave.avenue
De Pombiray, Joseph D., 1335 La Salle st.street
Desloge, Frank, Benton Place, near Park ave.avenue
Desloge, John, Benton Place.
Dexter, F. H., 1314 Olive st.street
Dickinson, D. L., Barnum’s Hotel.
Dickson, Chas , K., Jr.junior , 3124 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, John M., 3124 Washington ave.avenue
Dickson, Martin T., 3424 Washington ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 65 DIA-ERS
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Diarkes, Bernard, 1718 S.10th st.street
Doan, Thomas , C.2309 Olive st.street
Dodd, Mark D., 2311 Locust st.street
Dodd, S. M., 2311 Locad st.street
Dodge, F. H.1314 Olive st.street
Dodge, Wm.William, 2329 Market st.street
Donaldson, Alex , G., 1321 La Salle st.street
Donaldson, Andrew R., 1321 La Salle st.street
Donovan, Douglas3514 Olive st.street
Doph, W. H., 1402 Olive st.street
Dormitzer, Rudolph, 1701 2d Carondelet, city.
Dorsey, F. A., 2722 Bernard st.street
Douglass, E. L., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Dozier, Louis D., 3127 School st.street
Drey, Adolph, 2632 Chestnut st.street
Dryden, Gordon R., 1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, J. N., 1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, W. C.1112 Madison st.street
Dryden, John W., 2828 Morgan st.street
Duke, Henry B., 2327 Olive st.street
Duke, James C.2327 Olive st.street
Dumars, F. P., 1113 Locust st.street
Dumars, Horace, 1113 Locust st.street
Dunham, F. J., 2631 Pine st.street
Dunkin, Frank A., Lindell Hotel.
Easton, Archibald G., 3154 Easton ave.avenue
Ebert, E. B., Beaumont Flats.
Edgar, Timothy B., 1326 Chouteau ave.avenue
Edgell, George S., 3015 Lucas ave.avenue
Edgerton, George M., Lindell Hotel.
Edmond, H. L., 1305 Fine st.street
Edwards, David, 2628 Chestnut st.street
Edward, Louis, 2628 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, William H.2628 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, Frank W., 3204 Chestnut st.street
Edwards, J. F., 3020 Olive st.street
Edwards, Nelson G.3214 Chestnut st.street
Elder, Basil J., Jr.junior , 1028 Clay ave.avenue
Enders, William , Col, Barnum’s Hotel.
Endres, George F., 927 Autumn st.street
Engels, Frank W., 1112 Brooklyn st.street
Ennis, George, 1306 Clark ave.avenue
Ennis, Thomas A.1306 Clark ave.avenue
Erskine, Floyd, 3025 Locust st.street
66 The Elite Directory. ERS-FOR
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Erskine, Frank, 3025 Locust st.street
Erskine, Green, 3025 Locust st.street
Erskine, Green, Jr.junior , 3025 Locust st.street
Espenschied, Fred. F., Jr.junior , 813 Hempstead st.street
Etzel, Charles, 1337 Hickory st.street
Evers, Edward, 1737 N.north Market st.street
Ewald, Philip, Jr.junior , 1319 Chouteau ave.avenue
Ewing, William L., California, near Miami ave.avenue
Fabian, Fred. , J., 1107 Dillon st.street
Fabian, Werner, 1107 Dillon st.street
Farrar, C. F., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, John O’F., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrar, William C., 2733 Chestnut st.street
Farrell, J. T., 821 Barlow st.street
Faulkner, Charles W., 3223 Locust st.street
Fenby, Charles, 3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, Joseph3026 Chestnut st.street
Fenby, Richard. 3026 Chesnut st.street
Fenby, Samuel J., 3026, chestnut st.street
Fenby, George, 2810 Locust st.street
Fenby, Samuel G., 2810 Locust st.street
Ferguson, H. L.1607 Hickory st.street
Ferris, D. R., 109 N.north 13th st.street
Ferris, Franklin, 218 N.north 4th st.street
Field, Charles P., 2903 Olive st.street
Field, Edw. P., 2903 Olive st.street
Filley, Aug., 1614 Olive st.street
Filley, Christopher G., 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Giles, 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Robert E., 1527 Lucas Place.
Filley, Henry M., 2201 Lucas Place.
Filley, John D., 2201 Lucas Place.
Filley, Oliver B., 2201 Lucas Place.
Firth, John E., 1512 Walnut st.street
Fishback, Louis, Kirkwood.
Fisher, Francis, Laclede Hotel.
Fisher, George D., Laclede Hotel.
Fisher, Jerry, Laclede Hotel.
Flesh, Mathew, 1119 Dolman st.street
Fletcher, Edward, 3 Minnesota ave.avenue
Follett, Charles E., Lindell Hotel.
Follett, Frank, Lindell Hotel.
Forbes, IsaiahJr.junior , 2726 Olive st.street
Foreman, James A., Plauters’ House.
The Elite Directory. 67 FOS-GOO
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Foster, R. M., Temple Building.
Foster, R. W., Lindell Hotel.
Foster, T. Saunders, Lindell Hotel.
Fowle, Charles A., 2908 Pine st.street
Fowler, Frank, n.w.northwest cor.corner Grand and Park aves.avenues
Frank, William J., 902 Morgan st.street
French, H. F., 3204 Chestnut st.street
Frost, John, 1811 Wash st.street
Frost, Wm.William, Lindell Hotel.
Fulton, Sam. H.Lindell Hotel.
Fulton, S. H.Beaumont Flats.
Fulton, S. S., Major, 2315 Chestnut st.street
Funktionier, Millard, 1515 Spruce st.street
Finkhouser, Robt. M., 1515 Spruce st.street
Funsten, Johnson J., 2746 Lafayeette ave.avenue
Furlong, Thomas J., 1326 Olive st.street
Garesche, Henry , M. D., Insane Asylum.
Garesche, E. A. B., Windsor Flats. 13th and Wash-
ington ave.avenue
Garland, James, 1023 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Garneau, James, 1612 Washington ave.avenue
Garnes, James H.920 Webster st.street
Garrison, C. K.3019 Bell st.street
Garvey, Richard, 1245, Dollman st.street
Gauss, Chas , F., California, near Park ave.avenue
Gaylord, Henry N.2358 Chestnut st.street
Gaylord, Clarence, 209 N.north 14th st.street
George, T. , Fisk, 2626 Lafayette ave.avenue
Gibson, Victor, Lafayette ave.,avenue s.w.southwest cor.corner McNair.
Gilkeson, James N., 3035 Dickson st.street
Gilkeson, John M.Lindell Hotel.
Glaser, Adolph, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glaser, Joseph, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glaser, Morris, 1111 S.13th st.street
Glasgow, Allen, 3016 Glasgow Place.
Glasgow, Frank A., 3016 Glasgow Place.
Glover, J. A., 2800 Gamble st.street
Glover, John , M., 2904 Gamble st.street
Glover, J. M.Beaumont Flats.
Goldbeck, Robert, 1123 Pine st.street
Good, John, 2818 Clark ave.avenue
Goode, Robt. W., 208 Pine st.street
68 The Elite Directory. GOO-HAR
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Goodwin, Wm.William H., 2634 Olive st.street
Goodin, Robt. A., 2228 Papin st.street
Gooding, Oliver P., 115 S.5th st.street
Goodson, Frank, 1703 Olive st.street
Gore, Charles, 2204 Olive st.street
Gore, Stephen , D.2204 Olive st.street
Graham, B. B., 2615 Pine st.street
Graham, H. B., 2615 Pine st.street
Grant, B. T., 2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, B. T., 2631 Locust st.street
Grant, Sam’l S., 2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Solon C.2113 Walnut st.street
Grant, Wm.William H., 2113 Walnut st.street
Gray, Benj. F., 3118 Chestnut st.street
Gray, Olin, 3118 Chestnut st.street
Gray, Wm.William E., 3118 Chestnut st.street
Greeley, Chas. B., 1535 Lucas Place.
Gregg, F. T., 1314 Olive st.street
Gregg, Irwin J., Col. U. S. A., St. Louis Barracks.
Gregg, Norris B., 2639 Pine st.street
Gregg, Wm.William H., 2639 Pine st.street
Gregory, Chas. R., Lindlell Hotel.
Gregory, Clay, 1108 Locust st.street
Gregory, L., Dr., 710 Olive st.street
Griffin, Gerald, 512 Pine st.street
Griffith, Wm.William F., 2835 Lucas ave.avenue
Grimes, E. B., Major Quartermaster U. S. A., 206 S.
4th st.street
Grimsley, John J., 303 S.4th st.street
Grindon, Joseph, 2127 Market st.street
Griswold, Joseph L., Lindell Hotel.
Guion, A. W., 816 Barlow st.street
Hagan, Mr., 3244 Olive st.street
Hale, R. S., Lindell Hotel.
Haliday, Frank, Planters’ House.
Hall, Otis Orlando, 1012 Olive st.street
Hamilton, Alex., Jr.junior , 1308 Clark ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, George W., 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Hanenkamp, R. P., Jr.junior , 3009 Easton ave.avenue
Harding, G. R., 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Harding, R. E., Jr.junior , 3554 Lindell ave.avenue
Hargadine, A. McC., 1416 Washington ave.avenue
Harklerodes, John G., 2116 N.north 10th st.street
Harkness, Tom L., 18 N.north Compton ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 69 HAR-HOM
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Harney, Wm.William F., 1426 Lucas Place.
Harper, . J. G., 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Harris, J. A., 920 N.north 17th st.street
Harris, . Joe R.,Planters’ House.
Harris, . L. G., Lafayette Park Flats.
Hart, A. B., 1418 Lucas Place.
Hart, H. Clay. 2603 Olive st.street
Hart, H. W., 1437 Decatur st.street
Hart, Nat G., 2603 Olive st.street
Hartnett, George N., 2909 Washington ave.avenue
Haydel, Edward,Villa Padua. Strmgtown rd.road
Haydel, Francis L., Villa Padua. Strinsjtown rd.road
Haynes, L. C.3016 Pine st.street
Hays, Chas , M., 3026 Locust st.street
Hays, David H., 3026 Locust st.street
Hayward, . Harry E.,1833 Wash st.street
Hayward, Louis J., 1833 Wash st.street
Hazard, Nat., 2643 Olive st.street
Hazard, Wm.William T., Woodlawn.
Hazard, Wm.William T., Jr.junior , Woodlawn.
Hazeltine, . Wm.William B.,Jr.junior , 2731 Pine st.street
Heath, Stephen. Windsor Flats. 13th and Washing-
ton ave.avenue
Helmick, Thomas.1732 Lucas ave.avenue
Heman, Theo. W., 210 N.north 8th st.street
Hickman, Frank M., Kirkwood.
Higgins, Richard D., 1619 Chestnut st.street
Hill, Ewing, 1827 Olive st.street
Hind, T. T., 3116 Morgan st.street
Hirschberg, L. E., 2947 Dayton st.street
Hoeber, Adolph. 1121 St. Ange ave.avenue
Hodgman, Chas., Kirkwood.
Hoffman, Sam. E., Lindell Hotel.
Hofman, Charles. Jr.junior , 1302 Dillon st.street
Holland, Charles H.2116 Gamble ave.avenue
Holliday, Joe H.3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, Samuel N., 3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, T. M., 3252 Olive st.street
Holliday, W. E., 3252 Olive st.street
Hollmann, Sydney. 1233 N.north 21st st.street
Holmes, Nat., 223 Chestnut st.street
Holmes,Sam., 223 Chestnut st.street
Holt, Warner, 1417 Olive st.street
Homan, George, 1401 Olive st.street
70 The Elite Directory. HOO-JON
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Hood, Abner, 2224 S.Spring st.street
Hooton, . David, 3008 Locust st.street
Hopkins, . Warner N., 409 Pine st.street
Horan, John F., 1311 Linden st.street
Horner, E., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Horner, W. A., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Hornsby, . Louis. 4th, near Nebraska st.street , Carondelet.
Horton, Wm., Lindell ave.avenue , west of Grand.
Hough, Chas. F., Dr., 2227 Olive st.street
Hough, Chas., Kirkwood.
Hough, . Harry, Kirkwood.
Houston, Stafford S., 2322 Walnut st.street
Howard, Edward. 3036 Washington ave.avenue
Hoy, John K., 600 Olive st.street
Hoyle, Henrv. 1332 Chouteau ave.avenue
Hubbard, George T., 2102 Olive st.street
Hudson, B. F., Park Hotel.
Hull, Wm.William J., 701 Washington ave.avenue
Humes,Chas. T., 21 S.16th st,
Humes, Ralph W.,21 S.16th st.street
Hangerford, A. F., 1314 Olive st.street
Hunt, John A., 2816 Stoddard st.street
Huntington, Thos., Jr.junior , 3202 Olive st.street
Hutchinson, Randolph H.,2929 Locust st.street
Hyde, Albert J., Lindell Hotel.
Hynes, George W., 2001 Chestnut st.street
Iglehart, Frank T., 3144 Locust st.street
Ingalls, I. O. Wm., 1613 Pine st.street
Isaacs, Chas. W., 2714 Olive st.street
Isaacs, Frank. 2714 Olive st.street
Isaacs, Henry G., 2714 Olive st.street
Ives, H. C., Prof., 1422 Olive st.street ,
Jaccard, Eugene, 1122 st.street Ange ave.avenue
Jamison, Wm.William C.2601 Chestnut st.street
Jamison, Dorsev A., 2601 Chestnut st.street
Jamison, Samuel. 2601 Chestnut st.street
Jenkins, Hunter B., Evans ave.avenue , near Spring st.street
Jewett, Elliot C., 2916 Morgan st.street
Johnson, C. T., Lindell Hotel.
Johnson, Edward B., 1309 Washington ave.avenue
Johnson, F. A., Hon., Barnum’s Hotel.
Johnson, James. 2131 Lucas Place.
Johnson, Walter. 1309 Washington ave.avenue
Jones, R. S., 2208 Clark ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 71 JON-KRE
View original image: Page  0071
Jones, Charles. 3113 Lucas ave.avenue
Jones, E. D., 1119 N.north Market st.street
Jones, . Horatio M., Lindell Hotel.
Jones, Louis, 2924 Pine st.street
Judlin, . Frank. 3431 Wash st.street
Judson, . Fred. N., 2201 Park ave.avenue
Karst, Jerome. 2210 Morgan st.street
Kausel, Edmund, 1215 N.north 17th st.street
Kearney, . Stephen, 2631 Olive st.street
Keeler, . D. J., 1922 Morgan st.street
Keleher, . P. F., 2915 Franklin ave.avenue
Keller, . Eugene. 1922 Morgan st.street
Kendall, W. A., 1609 Olive st.street
Kendrick, . Charles A., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Crawford M., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Jonathan G., 2129 Walnut st.street
Kendrick, Justin S., 2708 Gamble ave.avenue
Kennard, . Thomas, 701 Locust st.street
Kennedy, . Samuel G., 2332 Chestnut st.street
Kennet, Luther M., 2835 Pine st.street
Kent,Henry T., 1609 Washington ave.avenue
Kern, Robert H., 108 N.north 4th st.street
Kerr, George W., 3329 Pine st.street
Kerr, Sprague W., 2124 Cass ave.avenue
Kershaw, Harry W., 2104 N.north 11th st.street
Kershaw, J. Martin. 1502 Washington ave.avenue
Kiely, P. M., 1237 N.north 17th st.street
Kilpatrick, . Claude, 9th and Chestnut sts.streets
Kimball, . James G., 101 S.15th st.street
Kimbrough, F. P., 2730 Morgan st.street
King, Goodman. Lindell Hotel.
King, John W., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
King, . Robert D., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Kingsland, . Philip S., 2603 Olive st.street
Kirchner, William H.1933 Benton st.street
Knapp, . Harvey G., 818 Gratiot st.street
Knapp, . Leigh O., 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, John. Jr.junior , 2732 Pine st.street
Knapp, Sheppard. 818 Gratiot st.street
Knox, Isaac H., Lindell Hotel.
Kretschmar, . Charles L., 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, Fred., 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, . Herman. 3307 Morgan st.street
Kretschmar, . Howard. 3307 Morgan st.street
72 The Elite Directory. KRI-LEW
View original image: Page  0072
Krieger, J. B., 815 Garrison ave.avenue
Kundert, Caspar. Sldnev and 7th sts.streets
Lackland, Wm.William H.208 Pine st.street
Lackland, Kulus, Jr.junior , 1623 Lucas Place.
Ladd, Wm.William M., Laclede Hotel.
La Motte, Charles C.3546 Washington ave.avenue
La Motte, Joseph H.3546 Washington ave.avenue
Lancaster,Richard, Jr.junior , 1133 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Landcettell,L. X., 718 Broadway.
Lane, Nat. T., Baker ave.avenue , west of Grand ave.avenue
Larimore, Ciay. 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larimore, Nerrell G., 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larimore, Walter L., 1101 Chouteau ave.avenue
Larkin, Edward H.1600 Lucas Place.
Larkin, Thos. H.1600 Lucas Place.
Lathrop, Jos., Jr.junior , 1522 Olive st.street
Lathrop, Wm.William A., 1522 Olive st.street
Laude, Pierre H.1927 Papin st.street
Leavy, Charles H., 1806 Olive st.street
Le Beau, Francis. 3211 Locust st.street
Le Beau, Lewis A.,2209 Market st.street
Le Beau, Sylvester, 3211 Locust st.street
Le Bougeon, Louis, Beaumont Flats.
Le Bourgevis, Charles. 2635 Olive st.street
Lee, Arthur, 2117 Olive st.street
Lee, John, 2117 Olive st.street
Lee, John F., Jr.junior , 318 Chestnut st.street
Lettingwell, Charles H.Kirkwood.
Letlingwell, John B., Kirkwood.
Lemoine, A. X., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Ashton. 1022 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Edward. Jr.junior , 1022 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, J. B. S., 1422 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine,Louis A., 1622 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, Paul K., 1622 Washington ave.avenue
Lemoine, John E., s.e.southeast cor.corner 16th and Washington ave.avenue
Leonard, Frank, 3507 Lindeli ave.avenue
Levison, S., Lindell Hotel.
Lewis, Benjamin W., Jr.junior , 2630 Pine st.street
Lewis, John A., Glencoe, St. Louis County.
Lewis, G. W., 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Harry, 2902 Washington ave.avenue
Lewis, Paca N., 2909 Franklin ave.avenue
Lewis, Walter F., 3105 Pine st.street
The Elite Directory. 73 LIN-McD
View original image: Page  0073
Lindenschmidt, C., 2808 Olive st.street
Lindsey, Andrew J., 3542 Washington ave.avenue
Lindsley, J. T., 2931 Sheridan ave.avenue
Lightner, Frank, 1637 Washington ave.avenue
Linton, Frank, College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Linton, Ben., College ave.avenue , near O’Fallon.
Lionberger, Isaac H., 1601 Olive st.street
Little, Wm.William C., Lindell Hotel.
Litton, Charles M., 2220 Eugenia st.street
Livermore, Emery, 2712 Stoddard ave.avenue
Livermore, Heber, 1215 Washington ave.avenue
Lockwood, Archie H., St. Louis County.
Lockwood, George, Webster Grove.
Lockwood, George R., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Lockwood, James T., 2731 Chestnut st.street
Loker, George H., Jr.junior , 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, Harry, 2806 Locust st.street
Loker, William N., 2312 Scott ave.avenue
Long, John F., 2127 Olive st.street
Long, John H., 3523 Olive st.street
Long, William S., 3523 Olive st.street
Longfellow, Stephen, 907 Glasgow ave.avenue
Loring, Charles A., 413 Chestnut st.street
Louderman,James S., 1310 Chouteau ave.avenue
Lucas, Charles, 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Henry V., 1515 Lucas Place.
Lucas, Joe. D., 1515 Lucas Place
Lucas, John B. C., 1515 Lucas Place.
Ludlam, Charles F., 2811 Laclede ave.avenue
Luke, Robert A., 3026 Easton ave.avenue
McAllister, Andrew, 1125 St. Ange ave.avenue
McCabe, Anthony, 2813 Locust st.street
McCabe, Frank X., 2813 Locust st.street
McCartney, Sam., 105 S.16th st.street
McClellan, George, 2644 Olive st.street
McClelland, John, Beaumont Flats.
McCreery, William, 2601 Pine st.street
McCormack, Ed. A., 711 N.north 19th st.street
McDonald, Angus, 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, Edward C., 3421 Olive st.street
McDonald, John, 1901 Morgan st.street
McDonald, Singleton3421 Olive st.street
McDowell, John B., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
McDowell, J. H., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
74 The Elite Directory. McF-MEN
View original image: Page  0074
McFall, John, Jr.junior , 2323 Carr st.street
McGuffin, James B., 2630 Solomon ave.avenue , St. Louis
McGunnegle, Edward.1627 Chestnut st.street
McKittrick, . Addison. Mis., 2621 Chestnut st.street
McLaren, Chas. J., 1628 Lucas Hare.
McLelland, J. W., Barnum’s Hotel.
McManns, Frank. 1417 Olive st.street
McMurtlev, . John W., 1600 Olive st.street
McXair,, Henry C.1704 Chestnut st.street
McXair, . Leo G., 1704 Chesinut st.street
McXair, John, 1704 Chestnut st.street
McRee, Fergus, 1621 Chestnut st.street
MacDonald, Charle , W . 3005 Olive st.street
Mafflt, Charles C., n.e.northeast cor.corner 18th and Lucas Place.
Maftit, Wm.William ,C., n.e.northeast cor.corner l8th and Lucas Place.
Magnus, Otto, 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Magorlin, John, Dr., Planters’ House.
Maguire, James H.e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Maguire, John, Lindell ave.avenue , near Cabaline ave.avenue
Maquire, Wm.William A., e. s.east side Benton Place, second house
north of Park ave.avenue
Mahler, Jacob, 1007 Locust st.street
Mahler, John, 1007 Locust st.street
Manuaduke, John S., Gen.,113 S.5th st.street
Marqua, George, 1433 Gay st.street
Martin, Joseph E., 1512 Walnut st.street
Martindale, . J. H.2308 Chestnut St.
Marvin, Fielding, 2719 Lucas ave.avenue
Mason, Wm.William H.1303 Grattan st.street
Mathews, Dr., 1300 Washington ave.avenue
Maurice, Wm.William H., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
srtong aves.avenues
Maurice, Wm.William T., Park ave.avenue , bet, Missouri and Arm-
strong aves.avenues
May, Harry, 2932 Olive st.street
Maxwell, Walter H., 1021 N.north Compton ave.avenue
Meacham, E. C., Lindell Hotel.
Mead, S. H., Baruum’s Hotel
Mellier, Auiedee A., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellier,, Duncan L., 2602 Pine st.street
Mellon, Jefferson L., Washington ave.avenue Hotel.
Mence, George W., Planters’ House.
The Elite Directory. 75 MEN-MUE
View original image: Page  0075
Mendel, H. A., 2608 Wash st.street
Menkens, E. T.,3413 Chestnut st.street
Menkens, Herman P., 3413 Chestnut st.street
Mermod, Arthur A., Kirkwood.
Merrick, H. H., 2700 Olive st.street
Metcalfe, A. B., 1100 N.north Park Place.
Metcalfe, Lvne S., Jr.junior , 1100 N.north Park Place.
Meyer, Charles F., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyer, Herman A., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyer, Chas. W., 1832 Lafayette ave.avenue
Meyers, Levi. 105 N.north 10th st.street
Meysenbury, Edward A., 3017 Glasgow Place.
Meysenberg, Emile A.2213 Eugenia st.street
Meysenberg, Theo. A., 2213 Eugenia st.street
Milburn, James. Jr.junior , 3036 Sheridan ave.avenue
Milentz, Oscar. 3419 Carondelet ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Antliony R.Jr.junior , 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Frank R.3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Charles. Kansas ave.avenue , near Osceola st.street
, Carondelet.
Miltenberger, Chas. A.,3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Geo. B., 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Henry B.3412 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Joseph C.3112 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Manslield B.3112 Washington ave.avenue
Miltenberger, Tony, 3412 Washington ave.avenue
Minnigerod, Charles. Jr.junior , 1100 Autumn st.street
Mitchell, Randolph. 2908 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Edward C.1316 Olive st.street
Montgomery, Tames W., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Montgomery, Robt. A., 1316 Washington ave.avenue
Mordaunt, Frank D., 1701 Washington ave.avenue
More, Anson E., .Jr.junior , 3113 Washington ave.avenue
More, Edward A., 3035 Washington ave.avenue
More, James B., 3113 Washington ave.avenue
More, Wm.William S., 3435 Washington ave.avenue
Morehcail, Frank. Restaurant Porcher.
Mordicad, James A., Planters’ House.
Morrison, John W., Barnum’s Hotel.
Morton, H. H., Barnum’s Hotel.
Morton, Nat., 3030 Washington ave.avenue
Morton, R. H., Barnum’s Hotel.
Mott, Henry. 2320 Walnut st.street
Mueller, Bernard, 912 S.4th st.street
76 The Elite Directory. MUE-PAR
View original image: Page  0076
Mueller, Leo, 912 S.4th st.street ,
Mulhall, . Paris, 3537 Mingan st.street
Murphy, Paul J., 807 N.north 15th st.street
Napton, Chas. M., 513 Olive st.street
Napton, Percy S., 513 Olive st.street
Nave, Wm.William H., 2819 Locust st.street
Neal, John. 1901 Morgan st.street
Newman, Charles V., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newman, Wm.William H., 2107 Walnut st.street
Newsoin, Samuel K., Lindeli Hotel.
Newton, Chas., Barnum’s Hotel.
Nichols, . Krank. 2708 Olive st.street
Nichols, George D., 2708 Olive st.street
Nicholson, David. 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nicholson, DavidJr.junior , Lafayette, near McNair ave.avenue
Nicholson, James. 1108 Garrison ave.avenue
Nolte, Wm.William J., 928 N.north 13th st.street
Normile, J. C.Lindell Hotel.
North, James N., Prof., Fifth and Locust.
Northrop, J. B., Randolph, near Main, Carondelet.
Norvell, L. G., 2939 Washington ave.avenue
Obear, Frank W., 3008 Locust st.street
Obear, Thomas F., Grand ave.avenue , near McRay.
O’Fallon, Clarence, 3600 Delmar ave.avenue
Overstoltz, Francis. 3439 Washington ave.avenue
Owen, Geo. W., 2647 Washington ave.avenue
Owens, O. E., n.w.northwest cor.corner Glasgow ave.avenue and Dixon st.street
O’Fallon, Jno., 2447 Pine st.street
O’Meara, John B., 2100 Wairen.
O’Fallon, . John J., Normandy.
O’Fallon, Harry, 2447 Pine st.street
O’Neal, Henry, 2304 Morgan st.street
O’Reilly, Dr., Robt. J., 1735 Washington avenue.
O’Reilly, Thomas, Dr., 1735 Washington ave.avenue
Orrick, Chas., Kirkwood.
Pack, Wm.William F., 1127 Washington ave.avenue
Page, Frank N., 510 Wot End Place.
Page, Posey, 510 West Knd Place.
Papin, Frank A., 1209 St. Ange.
Papin, John R., n.w.northwest cor.corner 10th and Washington ave.avenue
Papin, Theophile, 2011 Olive sts.
Papin, Timothy L., Washington ave.,avenue n.w.northwest cor.corner . 16th.
Parker, L. E., Park Flats. 12th and Olive sts.streets
Parker, Frank S., 1026 Clay ave.avenue
The Elite Directory. 77 PAR-PRI
View original image: Page  0077
Parker, Geo. T., 1026 Clay ave.avenue
Parker, Winfield S., 1507 Chestnut st.street
Parks, K. E., Summit ave.avenue , south of Chouteau ave.avenue
Parsons, S. B., Dr., 1226 Washington ave.avenue
Patterson,, Robert, 2828 Locust st.street
Paul, Adolph, Jr.junior , 837 Chouteau ave.avenue
Peck, Rudolph, 3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peck, Rudolph A., 3629 Washington ave.avenue
Peck, Steilheit3607 Vandeventer ave.avenue
Peckhatn, G. H., 1314 Olive st.street
Pendleton, . Allan B., Lindell Hotel.
Perry, Lewis, 3407 Washington ave.avenue
Peters, Edw., Barnum’s Hotel.
Patterson, Frank, 1109 Olive st.street
Pettes, Henry. 1733 Morgan st.street
Pettes, Thos. P., 1733 Morgan st.street
Pettes, Wm.William T., 1733 Morgan st.street
Petttts, Jos. M., 2825 Locust st.street
Philibert, Paul. 2705 Clark ave.avenue
Phillips, T. J., 2315 Chestnut st.street
Philips, Thos. J., Beaumont Flats,
Peirce,M., Lindell Hotel.
Picker, Erich, 2023 Carondelet ave.avenue
Picot, Eugene J., 3337 Morxgan st.street
Picot, Giles D., 3337 Morgan st.street
Picot, Louis D., 3337 Morgan st.street
Pitzman, J., 1900 S.Couipton ave.avenue
Plant, G. J., 2305 Pine st.street
Plant, Ilenrv. 2020 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, Louis P., 1303 Washington ave.avenue
Plant, Wm.William E., Webster Grove.
Poindexter, A.2947 Thomas st.street
Pope, Edw. B., 1803 Washington ave.avenue
Pope, Edward L, 2102 Chestnut st.street
Pope, Wm.William W., 1803 Washington ave.avenue
Posey, D. Gordon. 3518 Olive st.street
Post, T. L., Dr., 3031 Lucas ave.avenue
Post, Truman A., 3031 Lucas ave.avenue
Potter, William B., Prof.Washington University.
Powers, J. J., Barnum’s Hotel.
Powell, K. Ward. 2042 Locust st.street
Pratte, Augustus, 304 N.north 6th st.street
Pratte, Bernard. 304 N.north 6th st.street
Prince, David. 3146 Locust st.street
78 The Elite Directory. PRI-ROE
View original image: Page  0078
Price, M. M., 3556 Lindell ave.avenue
Price, Stephen G., 1827 Papin st.street
Price, Wm.William M., 1827 Papin st.street
Priest, August L., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Fred. K., 1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Priest, Geo. A., 908. 19th st.street
Priest, Warren1003 Chouteau ave.avenue
Primm, JeanIllinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Wilson. Jr.junior , Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Primm, Vincent B., Illinois, near 4th st.street , Carondelet.
Provenchere, . Frederick. 1103 Paul st.street
Provenchere, Wm.William, 1103 Paul st.street
Puryear, John H., 406 N.north 5th st.street
Quinette, Chas. C., Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Germaine. Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Quinette, Oliver J., 2815 Locust st.street
Quinette, Stephen. Papin ave.avenue , near Keuealv ave.avenue
Quinette, Wm.William H, Papin ave.avenue , near Kenealy ave.avenue
Railey, J. G., 1016 N.north 19th st.street
Rankin, David, Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Hugh L., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, John D., Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Robert. Lindell Hotel.
Rankin, Thos., Jr.junior , Lindell Hotel.
Rapp, Alfred J., s.e.southeast cor.corner 21st and Cass ave.avenue
Rasin, Hansom, 1432 Poplar st.street
Rasin, Joseph. 1432 Poplar st.street
Ray,, Aleck, 2009 Sheridan ave.avenue
Ray, Ferman, 2909 Sheridan ave.avenue
Reyburn, Aniedee. 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Thos. F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reyburn, Vallee F., 2821 Olive st.street
Reese, B. E., 600 Olive st.street
Reilly, Eugene, 2637 Locust st.street
Reyburn, Edward F., 2211 N.north 10th st.street
Reynolds, Thos. E., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Rex, William, 3403 Pine st.street
Richardson, James, Jr.junior , 2827 Locust st.street
Richeson, Thomas, 113 s. 16th.
Ritchev, Frank.1836 California ave.avenue
Robertson, H F., 2913 Washington ave.avenue
Robinson, Archie D, 2731 Chestnut st.street
Roeder, Conrad, 2821 Thomas st.street
Roeder, Frank, 2821 Thomas st.street
The Elite Directory. 79 ROO-SCR
View original image: Page  0079
Rood, Clarence E.,2628 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rosenbaum, Chas. E., 13th and Grand ave., N. St. L.
Rosenheim, Edwin. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenheim, Otto. 3042 Locust st.street
Rosenthal, S. W., Jr.junior , 1024 Hickory st.street
Rozier, Jules. 2711 Walnut st.street
Rozier, L. E.2711 Walnut st.street
Rude, C. K., 3638 Lafayette ave.avenue
Rush, A. B., 2702 Pine st.street
Russell, H. C2831 Washington ave.avenue
Russell, Wm.William A., 1802 Franklin ave.avenue
Ryan, Alfred D., 3627 Olive st.street
Rvan, L. Thomas. 3627 Olive st.street
Sale, Geo. W., 3114 Lucas ave.avenue
Sands, James T., Lafayette. s.w.southwest cor.corner Compton ave.avenue
Sanders, R. D., 2939 Washington ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall P., 3000 Finney ave.avenue
Sanguinette, Marshall R., 3666 Finney ave.avenue
Sass, Richard F., 3126 Chestnut St.
Saunders, Ripley D., 2639 Washington ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Alex.,2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Jacob. 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Sauvageau, Richard A., 2847 Clark ave.avenue
Savitz, Benj T., 2320 Walnut st.street
Savitz, James, 3820 Walnut st.street
Sayers, Kavid, 3305 Morgan st.street
Scarritt, Chas. H., 1424 Lucas Place.
Schmieding, Fred., Gratiot and Johnson sts.streets
Sehmuck, Anthony A., 2119 N.north 19th st.street
Schubert, Otto.925 Autumn st.street
Schuler, A. L. O., 1315 Linn st.street
Schulenherg, Fred. A., 1115 Paul st.street
Schulenberg, Otto G., 1115 Paul st.street
Schuyler, Fouis S., 2820 Locust st.street
Schuyler, Sanford F., 3830 Locust street.
Schuler, Wm.William R., 2820 Locust st.street
Scollav, Harry, 2309 Chestnut st.street
Scott, Mitchell. 3018 Lucas ave.avenue
Scott, Sam , S., 1615 Lucas Place.
Scruggs, Chas. O., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Edward G., 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Gustavus1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Otis, 1411 Olive st.street
Scruggs, Richard F., 1411 Olive st.street
80 The Elite Directory. SCU-SPE
View original image: Page  0080
Scudder, Charles, Lindell Hotel.
Seddon, James A.,1609 Washington ave.avenue
Selby, Arthur P., 3504 Olive st.street
Sellew, R. H., Lindell Hotel.
Senter, Henry H., Planters’ House.
Seward,, L. D., Barnum’s Hotel.
Shapleigh, Alfred L., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, Augustus, Jr.junior , 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, FrankmLindell Hotel.
Shapleigh, John B., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Shapleigh, Richard W., 1229 Washington ave.avenue
Sharp, Christopher, 3037 Washington ave.avenue
Shaw, Henry, Shaw’s Garden.
Shell,P. C., Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
Shelton, Henry,2016 Chestnut st.street
Sherman, Thomas, 912 Garrison ave.avenue
Shields,E. G., 513 Olive st.street
Shields, Robert, 3120 Franklin ave.avenue
Shorb,James E.,2925 Olive st.street
Shorb, Joseph C., 2925 Olive st.street
Shreve,A. B., 1702 Chestnut st.street
Shryock, E. A.,Barnum’s Hotel.
Simms, George W., 1111 Washington ave.avenue
Simpson, John E, Lindell Hotel.
Skipworth, Peyton H.,202 N.north 2d st.street
Slaughter, John, Jr.junior , 3250 Olive st.street
Slaughter, Thomas S., 3250 Olive st.street
Slevin, Eugene. 1406 Pine st.street
Smith, Frank, 3411 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, H. P., 1321 Pine st.street
Smith, J. P., Laclede Hotel.
Smith, Percival J., 707 Olive st.street
Smith, Thomas S., 1600 Olive st.street
Smith, William, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smith, William C, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Smithers, John A., Jr.junior , 3331 Pine st.street
Smithers, Melville L., 3311 Pine st.street
Smythe, W. G., 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Smythe, William, 3518 Lindell ave.avenue
Sneed, John S., Dr., Barnum’s Hotel.
Soulard, Gaston G., 2940 Locust st.street
Soule, Charles, 702 Jetterson ave.avenue
Soule, Charles C., 3525 Lindell ave.avenue
Spencer, Richard H., 1417 Olive st.street
The Elite Directory. 81 SQU-THA
View original image: Page  0081
Squier, E. E., 1127 Wellington ave.avenue
Stagg, William L., 3033 Finney ave.avenue
Stark, Charles. 1421 Pine st.street
Stark, Nicholas, 1421 Pine st.street
Steigers, Dr., Prairie and St. Louis aves.avenues
Steinde, George C.3032 Lucas ave.avenue
Stettenius, Derrick, 2307 Olive st.street
Stettenius, Joseph, 2307 Olive st.street
Stevens, George L., 2624 Washington ave.avenue
Stevenson, William H.215 Olive st.street
Stewart, George M., Planters’ House.
Stickney, Benjamin. Jr.junior , 1009 Chestnut st.street
Stoddard, A. P, Barnum’s Hotel.
Stone, William S., 3113 Lucas ave.avenue
Street, James P., 2308 Eugenia st.street
Stuart, Alexander, 109 N.north Channing ave.avenue
Stuart, Jas, C., 109 N.north Channing ave.avenue
Switzer, Chas , M., 1725 Washington ave.avenue
Switzer, Rober t J.,1725 Washington ave.avenue
Sylvester, R. H.Jr.junior , 1833 Morgan st.street
Tansey, Rohert P., Jr.junior , 911 Garrison ave.avenue
Taylor, Mark, Kirkwood.
Taussig, August, 1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Benj. J., 1109 Valle ave.avenue
Taussig, Geo. W.,1210 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Huhert P.1219 Dollman st.street
Taussig, Richard. 1219 Dollman st.street
Taylor, Phil. V., 1746 McNair ave.avenue
Taylor, Sylvester, 3111 Lucas ave.avenue
Teague, M. B., Major, Barnum’s Hotel.
Teasdale, John E., 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Teasdale, Walter J., 1223 St. Ange ave.avenue
Tausing, Selignian. 939 Hickory st.street
Taylor, George C., 2820 Olive st.street
Tavlor, George R., 1804 Lucas Place.
Tavlor, Isaac S., 1619 Washington ave.avenue
Taylor, Meredith,2820 Olive st.street
Temple, H. Gordon, 1221 Chestnut st.street
Terry, Chas., 3310 Washington ave.avenue
Tetard, Louis C.2133 Market st.street
Tevis, Rush H.3110 Lucas ave.avenue
Thatcher, . W. H.1426 Olive st.street
Thaver, Frank L., 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Amos R., 3131 Chestnut st.street
82 The Elite Directory. THA-WAL
View original image: Page  0082
Thayer, Hanford. 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Napoleon Bonaparte, 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thayer, Wilbur F., 2913 Franklin ave.avenue
Thomas, E. B., 3517 N.north 9th st.street
Thomas, George F., 2d and Cedar sts.streets , Carondelet.
Thomas, John, 2901 Washington ave.avenue
Thomas, Jno. R., St. Louis County.
Thompson, Fred., 2708 Lucas ave.avenue
Thomas, J. S., Jr.junior , 2d and Cedar sts.streets , Carondelet.
Thompson, D. F., 1510 Olive st.street
Thornburgh, Jno. Mc., 3534 Washington ave.avenue
Thornburg, Wm.William A., 1525 Carr st.street
Thornton, J. Fred., 800 S.8th st.street
Tillman, E. J., 1406 Decatur st.street
Tilton, Edgar D., 2802 Washington ave.avenue
Timberlake, Fred. S., 4th st.street , near Olive Carondelet.
Timberlake, Jas., 4th st.street , near Olive. Carondelet.
Timberlake, Wm.William H.4th st.street , near Olive. Carondelet.
Tittman, . Eduard W., 1113 S.13th st.street
Tittman, . Eugene C., 1113 S.13th st.street
Tittman, Harold H., 1113 S.13th st.street
Todd, Geo., 1516 Olive st.street
Todd, Elliott, 1516 Olive st.street
Tompkins, Logan, Kirkwood.
Torrey, Jay L., 919 Glasgow ave.avenue
Tracey, Chas. F., 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, F., Jr.junior , 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, Jos., 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Tracey, Paul, 3518 Washington ave.avenue
Trumpbour, Wm.William C., Cal., Barnum’s Hotel.
T urner, Lucas J., 2321 Chestnut st.street
Tutt, Edward G.,2918 Locust st.street
Tyler, Edgar C., 1317 Pine st.street
Tyler, George, 1203 Garrison ave.avenue
Vallee, Amadee, 1516 Lucas Place.
Vallee, Edgar J., 1516 Lucas Place.
Vaughn, Rufus A., Laclede Hotel.
Verdin, Louis, 2037 Eugenia st.street
Verrier, Edmond V., 1609 Chestnut st.street
Von Phul, Stephen, St. Louis County.
Von Schraeder, Otto. 1315 Garrison ave.avenue
Wagerman, A., 2432 Franklin ave.avenue
Waide, Wheeler, 520 N.north Main.
Walker, Wm.William R., 2619 Pine st.street
The Elite Directory. 83 WAL-WOO
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Walsh, Daniel, 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Edward J., 2721 Pine st.street
Walsh, Poborts, 3506 Olive st.street
Walter, Wm.William R., 2619 Pine st.street
Wandall, Harry M., 1219 N.north 17th st.street
Ware, . Chas. A.,s.e.southeast cor.corner 14th and Chestnut.
Warner, . Charles S., 2900 Washington ave.avenue
Waterman, . Sherman J., 3118 Morgan st.street
Waters, Frank, 2309 Locust st.street
Waters, Frank A., 2611 Locust st.street
Waters, Wm.William P., 2309 Locust st.street
Watson, J. T., Jr.junior , 3030 Easton ave.avenue
Watson,, Piohard, 2830 Easten ave.avenue
Watson, Ringrove J., 214 Emily st.street
Webb, D. C.3528 Olive st.street
Webster, Joel C., 2712 Lucas ave.avenue
Weil,August J., 1431 Lucas Place.
Weil, Jacob, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Weil, Joseph, 1217 Chestnut st.street
Welker, W., 1510 Olive st.street
Wells, Erastus. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Henry. 2725 Olive st.street
Wells, Rolla, 2725 Olive st.street
Welsh, Wm.William, 915 Catalpa st.street
Wiseman, Oliver F., 3531 Chestnut st.street
White, E. J., 2619 Pine st.street
White, Harrison S., 2207 Olive st,
Whitmore, B. F.,Dr., 2024 Cass ave.avenue
Whitthorne, Cam., 719 Garrison ave.avenue
Whyte, Joseph P., 2919 Pine st.street
Wickham, E.S., 1712 Lucas Place.
Wilkinson, Chas. A., 112 Argyle ave.avenue
Williams, E., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Jr.junior , 519 Ware ave.avenue
Williams, James. Sr., 519 Ware ave.avenue
Wilson,, George W.,Webster Grove.
Wilson, C. H.,3517 N.north 9th st.street
Withnell, John, Merimac, near Minnesota ave.avenue
Withnell, Wm.William W., Merimac. near Minnesota ave.avenue
Witt, Thomas D., Mr., Planters’ House.
Wippern, Chas. C.1017 Morgan st.street
Wise, Charles J.,1718 Olive st.street
Wolcott, H.2615 Morgan st.street
Wood, Joel, Lindell Hotel.
84 The Elite Directory. WOO-YOS
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Wood, Walter, 21st and Walnut sts.streets
Woodward, J. B., 1213 Dollman st.street
Wright, Edward, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wright, Harmon, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wright, Silas, Spring ave.avenue and Parsons st.street
Wyman, Arthur, 3637 Lindell ave.avenue
Wyman, Walter, Marine Hospital.
Yarnall, James, 709 N.north 9th st.street
Yarnall, John J., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yarnall, Mandica. 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yarnall, Zaehariah S., 1601 Washington ave.avenue
Yost, J. L., 3500 Olive st.street