The elite directory of Saint Louis society
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The list below has been selected and arranged with
great care by the compilers, and will be found to
contain representative establishments and such as are
deemed worthy the confidence of the public.


Mahler’s Academy Band, Charles Nitochke, direc-
tor, 1007, 1009, and 1011 Locust st.street

Birds and gold fish.

Bohne, August, No. 16 S.Fifth st.street Birds, Bird-
Cages and Bird-Seed.


Beers, G. S., southeast corner Easton and Garrison

Catholic booksellers.

Herder, B., 19 South Fifth st.street

China and glassware.

Westermann & Meier , 515 and 517 Washington ave.avenue

Cosmetics and fancy goods.

Pozzoni, J. A., 607 North Sixth st.street , Lindell Hotel.
Manufacturer and dealer in imported Perfumeries
and Cosmetics, Colognes, Face Powders, Hair Pow-
ders, Rouges, etc.


Lane, Thomas,Chimney-Sweeper , 822 N.north Seventh.

Coffee and tea urns and pots.

The Eureka Patent Condensing Coffee and Tea Urns
and Pots, Chas.W.Cochrane, , sole agent , 418 Olive

106 Ladies’ Shopping Guide.
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Cupper and Leecher.

Cherot, C. L., 1624 Chestnut st.street

Dancing academies.

Mahler Bros. (John, A. and Jacob, A.), 1007, 1009 and 1011 Locust st.street

Xaupi, E. J., 2337 Olive st.street , for Ladies, Misses and
Masters. Fridays, 4:30 P. M.; Saturdays, 10:30 A. M., and 3:30 P. M.

Bowman, G. A., 2741 Locust st.street
Chase, Henry S., 1124 Olive st.street
Eames, W. H., 1224 Washington ave.avenue
Fisher, Henry, 1133 Washington ave.avenue
Fuller, A. H., 1225 Washington ave.avenue
Harper, J. G., 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Holmes, George P., office, Jaccard’s Building, corner
Fifth and Olive sts.streets
Judd, Homer, 1605 Washington ave.avenue
Newby, J. B., 1206 Washington ave.avenue
Newington, H., 1321 Pine st.street
Park, Edgar, 1418 Washington ave.avenue
Spalding, C. W., Room No. 3, Insurance Building, corner Sixth and Locust sts.streets
Whipple, James W., 208 N.north Eighth st.street
Diamonds—[importers of.]

Mermod, Jaccard & , corner Fourth and Locust.
Special Bargains offered in choice stones.

Diamond merchants.

Jaccard, Eugene & , corner Fifth and Olive sts.streets

Dry goods.

Barr, Wm.William & , 420 and 422 N.north Fourth st.street

Crawford, D., & , 416, 418, 420, 422, 424, 426
Franklin ave.avenue , and 826, 828, 830, 832, 834 N.north Fifth st.street


Riley, Russell, 1500 Olive st.street

Ladies’ Shopping Guide. 107
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Drugs, perfumeries and toilet articles.

Bagnell & Cronin , West End Pharmacy , northwest
corner Garrison and Easton aves.avenues


Michel, Henry, & , 107 N.north Fifth st.street Cut flowers a
specialty. Bouquets, Baskets; also Decorations.

Gentlemen’s boots and shoes.

Hackey, F., 724 Olive st.street

Health lift.

Sterns, Dr., H., Singer Building, corner Fifth and
Locust sts.streets , for ladies and gentlemen.

For Ladies exclusively . No. 1422 Olive st.street Com-
plimentary tickets for one week’s trial free on ap-

Health-Lift manufacturer.

F. A.Clifford,311 Olive st.street Price from $25 up-

Jeffer’s French catarrh cure.

Composed of Roots and Herbs. Trial Free . Office,
room No. 4 Jaccard’s Building, corner Fifth and
Olive sts.streets


Mermod, Jaccard & , corner Fourth and Locust.
Special bargains in Watches, Silverware, Clocks
and Bronzes.

Laces and embroideries.

Gumersell, W. H., & , importers of Laces and
Embroideries, Dress Trimmings, French Corsets,
Kid Gloves, Zephyr Worsted, Fancy Goods, etc.,

Merchant tailors.

Brownell & Smucker, 716 Olive st.street


Clark, Wm.William H., 709 N.north Fourth st.street

Clifford, Mrs.E., corner Eleventh and Washington

108 Ladies’ Shopping Guide.
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Millinery and dressmaking.

Lewandovska., Mme., Fashionable Millinery and
Dressmaking Emporium , 323 N.north Fifth, under Mer-
cantile Library.

Paper hanging and art decoarations.

Isaacs, J. L.,1210 and 1212 Olive st.street

Paper hanging and upholstery.
[missing figure]

Story & Camp, Decker Bros.Pianos and Estey Or-
gans , 912 and 914 Olive st.street


English Kitchen, D. S.Randolph,prop’r. , 105 N.north


Lynch, George N., 60S Olive st.street


Lane, Thomas,Whitener, Wall-Colorer, and Plas-
terer , 822 N.north Seventh.