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State Constitution.
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persons have an equal number of votes, and a higher number than
any other person, the circuit courts of the counties respectively shall
give the casting vote; and all contested elections for the said offices
shall be decided by the circuit courts respectively, in such manner as
the general assembly may by law prescribe.

Article V.
of the judicial power.

Section 1—The Judicial power as to matters of law and equity,
shall be vested in a ``Supreme Court'' in a ``Chancellor;'' in ``Cir-
cuit Courts,'' and in such inferior tribunals as the general assembly
may, from time to time, ordain and establish.

Secsection 2—The supreme court, except in cases otherwise directed by
this constitution, shall have appellate jurisdiction only, which shall
be co-extensive with the state, under the restrictions and limitations
in this constitution provided.

Secsection 3—The supreme court shall have a general superintending
control over all inferior courts of law. It shall have power to issue
writs of Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Quo Warranto, Certiorari, and
other original remedial writs; and to hear and determine the same.

Secsection 4—The supreme court shall consist of three Judges, any two
of whom shall be a quorum; and the said judges shall be conserva-
tors of the peace throughout the state.

Secsection 5—The state shall be divided into convenient districts, not
to exceed four, in each of which the supreme court shall hold two
sessions annually, at such place as the general assembly shall ap-
point; and when sitting in either district, it shall exercise jurisdic-
tion over causes originating in that district only; provided, how-
ever, that the general assembly may at any time hereafter direct by
law, that the said court shall be held at one place only.

Secsection 6—The circuit court shall have jurisdiction over all criminal
cases which shall not be otherwise provided for by law; and exclu-
sive original jurisdiction in all civil cases which shall not be cogniza-
ble before justices of the peace, until otherwise directed by the ge-
neral assembly. It shall hold its terms in such place in each county
as may be by law directed

Secsection 7—The state shall be divided into convenient circuits, for
each of which a judge shall be appointed, who, after his appoint-
ment, shall reside, and be a conservator of the peace within the cir-
cuit for which he shall be appointed.

Secsection 8—The circuit courts shall exercise a superintending control
over all such inferior tribunals as the General Assembly may estab-
lish, and over justices of the peace in each county in their respec-
tive circuits.

Secsection 9—The jurisdiction of the court of chancery shall be co-ex-
tensive with the state, and the times and places of holding its ses-
sions shall be regulated in the same manner as those of the supreme

and all indictments shall conclude, ``against the peace and dignity of
the state.''