The St. Louis directory and register :
State Constitution.
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Article VI.
of education.

Section 1—Schools and the means of education shall forever be
encouraged in this state; and the general assembly shall take mea-
sures to preserve from waste or damage such lands as have been, or
hereafter may be granted by the United States for the use of schools
within each township in this state, and shall apply the funds which
may arise from such lands in strict conformity to the object of the
grant; and one school, or more, shall be established in each town-
ship as soon as practicable and necessary, where the poor shall be
taught gratis.

Secsection 2—The general assembly shall take measures for the im-
provement of such lands as have been, or hereafter may be granted
by the United States to this state for the support of a seminary of
learning; and the funds accruing from such lands, by rent or lease,
or in any other manner, or which may be obtained from any other
source for the purposes aforesaid, shall be and remain a permanent
fund to support a university for the promotion of literature, and of
the arts and sciences; and it shall be the duty of the general assem-
bly, as soon as may be, to provide effectual means for the improve-
ment of such lands, and for the improvement, and permanent secu-
rity of the funds and endowments of such institution.

Article VII.
of internal improvement.

Internal improvement shall forever be encouraged by the govern-
ment of this state; and it shall be the duty of the general assembly,
as soon as may be, to make provision by law for ascertaining the
most proper objects of improvement in relation both to roads and
navigable waters; and it shall also be their duty to provide by law
for a systematick and economical application of the funds appro-
priated to these objects.

Article VIII.
of banks.

The general assembly may incorporate one banking company, and
no more to be in operation at the same time.

The bank to be incorporated may have any number of branches,
not to exceed five to be established by law; and not more than one
branch shall be established at any one session of the general assem-
bly. The capital stock of the bank to be incorporated shall never
exceed five millions of dollars, at least one half of which shall be re-
served for the use of the state.