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State Constitution.
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Article IX.
of the militia.

Section 1—Field officers and company officers shall be elected by
the persons subject to militia duty within their respective commands.
Brigadiers general shall be elected by the field officers of their res-
pective brigades; and majors general by the brigadiers and field of-
ficers of their respective divisions, until otherwise directed by law.

Secsection 2—General and field officers shall appoint their officers of the

Secsection 3—The Governor shall appoint an adjutant general, and all other militia officers whose appointments are not otherwise provided
for in this constitution.

of miscellaneous provisions.

Section 1—The general assembly of this state shall never interfere
with the primary disposal of the soil of the United States, nor with
any regulation congress may find necessary for securing the title in
such soil to the bona-fide purchasers. No tax shall be imposed on
lands the property of the United States, nor shall lands belonging
to persons residing out of the limits of this state ever be taxed higher
than the lands belonging to persons residing within the state.

Secsection 2—The state shall have concurrent jurisdiction on the river
Mississippi, and on every other river bordering on the said state, so
far as the said river shall form a common boundary to the said state
and any other state or states now, or hereafter to he formed, and
bounded by the same; and the said river Mississippi, and the navi-
gable rivers and waters leading into the same, whether bordering on
or within this state, shall be common highways, and forever free to
the citizens of this state and of the United States, without any tax,
duty, impost or toll therefore imposed by the state.

Article XI.
of the permanent state of government.

Section 1—The general assembly at their first session shall ap-
point five commissioners for the purpose of selecting a place for the
permanent seat of government, whose duty it shall be to select four
sections of the land of the United States which shall not have been
exposed to public sale.

Secsection 2—If the commissioners believe the four sections of land so
by them to be selected be not a suitable and proper situation for the
permanent seat of government, they shall select such other place as
they deem most proper for that purpose, and report the same to the