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State Constitution.
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general assembly at the time of making their report provided for in
the first section of this article: provided that no place shall be se-
lected which is not situated on the bank of the Missouri river, and
within forty miles of the mouth of the river Osage.

Secsection 3—If the general assembly determine that the four section of
land which may be selected by authority of the first section of this
article be a suitable and proper place for the permanent seat of go-
vernment; the said commissioners shall lay out a town thereon, un-
der the direction of the general assembly; but if the general assem-
bly deem it most expedient to fix the permanent seat of government
at the place to be selected by authority of the seconds section of
this article, they shall so determine, and in that event shall autho-
rize the said commissioners to purchase any quantity of land, not ex-
ceeding six hundred and forty acres, which may be necessary for the
purpose aforesaid; and the place so selected shall be the permanent
seat of government of this state from and after the first day of Octo-
ber, one thousand eight hundred and twenty six.

Secsection 4—The general assembly, in selecting the above mentioned
commissioners, shall choose one from each extreme part of the state,
and one from the centre, and it shall require the concurrence of at
least three of the commissioners to decide upon any part of the
duties assigned them.

Article XII.
mode of amending the constitution.

The general assembly may at any time propose such amendments
to this constitution as two thirds of each house shall deem expedient,
which shall be published in all the newspapers published in this
state three several times, at least twelve months before the next ge-
neral election; and if at the first session of the general assembly
after such general election, two thirds of each house shall, by yeas
and nays, ratify such proposed amendments, they shall be valid to
all intents and purposes as parts of this constitution; provided that
such proposed amendments shall be read on three several days, in
each house, as well when the same are proposed, as when they are
finally ratified.

Article XIII.
declaration of rights.

That the general, great and essential principles of Liberty and
free government may be recognized and established, we declare,

1. That all political power is vested in, and derived from the peo-

2. That the people of this state have the inherent sole and ex-
clusive right of regulating the internal government, and police there-
of, and of altering and abolishing their constitution and form of go-