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State Constitution.
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sidue of the sixteenth Congress; a representative for the seventeenth
Congress; senators and representatives for the general assembly;
sheriffs, and coroners; and the returns of all township election
held in pursuance thereof shall be made to the clerks of the proper
county within five days after the day of election; and any person
who shall reside within the limits of this state at the time of the
edoption of this constitution, and who shall be otherwise qualified as
prescribed in the truth section of the third article thereof, shall be
deemed a qualified elector, any thing in this constitution to the con-
trary notwithstanding.

Secsection 10—The elections shall be conducted according to the ex-
isting laws of the Missouri territory. The clerks of the circuit courts
of the several counties shall certify the returns of the election of go-
vernor and lieutenant governor, and transmit the same to the speak-
er of the house of representatives at the temporary sent of govern-
ment, in such time that they may be received on the third Monday
of September next. As soon as the general assembly shall be or-
ganized, the speaker of the house of representatives and the presi-
dent pro-tempore of the senate shall, in the presence of both houses,
examine the returns, and declare who are duly elected to fill those
offices; and if any two o more persons shall have an equal number
of votes and a higher number than any other person, the general as-
sembly shall determine the election in the manner herein before
provided; and the returns of the election for member of congress
shall be made to the secretary of state within thirty days after the day
of election.

Secsection 11—The oaths of office herein directed to be taken, may be
administered by any judge or justice of the peace, until the general
assembly shall otherwise direct.

Secsection 12—Until a seal of state be provided, the governer may use
his private seal.

``Done by the representatives of the people of Mis-
souri in Convention assembled, at the town of St.
Louis, on the nineteenth day of July, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty,
and of the independence of the United States the
forty fifth.''

DavidBarton, , President
of the Convention, and representative
from the county of St. Louis .

From the county of Cape Girardeau,

StephenByrd, ,
JosephM`Ferron, ,