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State Constitution.
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ral assembly shall direct; and a like revision, digest and promulga-
tion shall be made at the expiration of every subsequent period of
ten years.

Secsection 36—The style of the laws of this state shall be, ``Be it enact-
ed by the general assembly of the State of Missouri.''

Article IV.
of the executive power.

Section 1—The supreme executive power shall be vested in a chief
magistrate, who shall be styled ``The Governor of the State of Mis-

Secsection 2—The governor shall be at least thirty-five years of age, and
a natural born citizen of the United States, or a citizen at the adop-
tion of the constitution of the United States, or an inhabitant of that
part of Louisiana now included in the state of Missouri at the time
of the cession thereof from France to the United States, and shall
have been a resident of the same at least four years next before his

Secsection 3—The governor shall hold his office for four years, and un-
til a successor be duly appointed and qualified. He shall be elected
in the manner following: At the time and place of voting for mem-
bers of the house of representatives, the qualified electors shall vote
for a governor; and when two or more persons have an equal num-
ber of votes, and a higher number than any other person, the elec-
tion shall be decided between them by a joint vote of both houses of
the general assembly at their next session.

Secsection 4—The governor shall be intelligible for the next four years,
after the expiration of his term of service.

Secsection 5—The governor shall be commander in chief of the militia
and navy of this state, except when they shall be called into the
service of the United States; but he need not command in person
unless advised so to do by a resolution of the general assembly.

Secsection 6—The governor shall have power to remit fines and forfei-
tures, and, except in cases of impeachment, to grant reprieves and

Secsection 7—The governor shall, from time to time, give to the gene-
ral assembly information relative to the state of the government and
shall recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall
deem necessary and expedient. On extraordinary occasions he may
convene the general assembly by proclamation, and shall state to
them the purposes for which they are convened.

Secsection 8—The governor shall take care that the laws be distributed
and faithfully executed; and he shall be a conservator of the peace,
throughout the state.

Secsection 9—When any office shall become vacant, the governor shall
appoint a person to fill such vacancy, who shall continue in office
until a successor be duly appointed and qualified according to law.

Secsection 10—Every bill which shall have been passed by both houses
of the general assembly shall, before it becomes a law, be presented