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entitled `An act to authorize the people of Missouri territory to form
a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such
state into the union on an equal footing with the original states, and
to prohibit slavery in certain territories,' contains certain requisitions
and provisions, and among other things, has offered to this conven-
tion when formed, for and in behalf of the people inhabiting this
state, for their free acceptance or rejection, the five following pro-
positions, and which, if accepted by this convention in behalf of the
people as aforesaid, are to be obligatory, on the United States, viz:

`First, That section numbered sixteen in every township, and
when such section has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands
equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to
the state for the use of the inhabitants of such township for the use
of schools:

`Second, That all salt springs not exceeding twelve in number,
with six sections of land adjoining to each, shall be granted to the
said state, for the use of said state, the same to be selected by the
legislature of said state on or before the first day of January, in the
year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, and the same,
when so selected, to be used under such terms, conditions and regu-
lations as the legislature of said state shall direct; Provided, that no
salt spring the right whereof now is, of hereafter shall be, confirmed
or adjudged to any individual or individuals, shall be this section be
granted to said state; and provided also, that the legislature shall ne-
ver sell or lease the same at any one time for a longer period than few
years without the consent of congress;

`Third, That five per cent of the nett proceeds of the sale of lands
lying within the said territory or state, and which shall be sold by
congress from, and after the first day of January next, after deducting
all expenses incident to the same, shall be reserved for making pub-
lic roads and canals, of which three fifths shall be applied to those
objects within the state under the direction of the legislature thereof,
and the other two-fifths in defraying under the direction of congress,
the expenses to be incurred in making of a road or roads, canal of
canals, leading to the said state:

`Fourth, That four entire sections of land be, and the same are
hereby granted to the said state for the purpose of fixing their seat of
government thereon; which said sections shall, under the direction
of the legislature of said state, be located as near as may be in one
body, at any time, in such townships and ranges as the legislature
aforesaid may select, on any of the public lands of the United States:
Provided, that such locations shall be made prior to the public sale of
the lands of the United Sates surrounding such location.

`Fifth, That thirty-six sections, or one entire township, which
shall be designated by the President of the United States, together
with the other lands heretofore reserved for that purpose, shall be
reserved for the use of a Seminary of learning, and vested in the le-
gislature of said state, to be appropriated sorely for the use of such
seminary by the legislature;

Now this convention, for and in behalf of the people inhabiting
this state, and by the authority of the said people, do accept the five
before recited propositions offered by the act of congress under which
they are assembled; and in pursuance of the conditions, requisitions,