The St. Louis directory and register :
Bank of Missouri.
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THIS Banking Institution, under the style of
``The President, Directors and Company of the
Bank of Missouri,''—was incorporated by the Legisla-
ture of the Territory, September, 4th 1816, to continue
until the 1st February, 1888. The Banking House
is a very neat brick building, situated No. 6, North
Main-street. The following particulars are extract-
ed from the act of incorporation.

Secsection 2. The capital stock of the said bank shall
be and consist of two hundred and fifty thousand dol-
lars, in shares of one hundred dollars each, exclusive
of such shares as may hereafter be subscribed on the
part of the territory of Missouri. Provided always,
That on the application of the president and directors
of said bank, the then existing legislature may always
extend and increase the amount of stock, capital e-
state and property which said corporation may hold.

Secsection 4. No person shall be a director or presi-
dent of said bank, who is not a citizen of the United
States and of this territory and a stock holder, and a
director ceasing to be a stock holder, shall cease to
be a director. All the directors to be elected shall be
resident of the territory, every stock holder being a
citizen of the United States shall be entitled to vote
at all elections to be holden by the stock holders in
pursuance of the act of incorporation, and shall have
as many votes in proportion to the stock which he
may hoid, as follows, for one share and no exceeding
four shares, one vote each; for every two shares a-
bove four and not exceeding twenty, one vote; for