The St. Louis directory and register :
Bank of Missouri.
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every four shares above twenty and not exceeding
forty, one vote; for every six shares above forty and
not exceeding one hundred, one vote; but no person
or persons, bodies corporate or otherwise shall be en-
titled to more than fifty votes: But no stock-holder
shall be permitted to vote who has not held his stock
two calender months prior to the day of election. All
stock-holders living in the county of St. Louis shall
vote in the choice of directors by ballot, in person;
but every stock-holder living out of said county may
vote in person, by ballot or by a written ballot by him
or her subscribed, with his or her name and duly ac-
knowledged before a judge of the court, a justice of
the peace or a notary public, before whom such ac-
knowledgement shall be made; and said ballot shall
by him be sealed up and addressed to the cashier of
the said bank, and transmitted before the time of
election, shall be received and counted in the election.
No person who is not a citizen of the United States,
shall be entitled to a vote in any election of the said

General meeting of the stockholders for the election
of Directors.—1st Monday in May, annually.

The President and Directors, shall on the first day
of each session of the Legislature of this Territory,
(or state,) lay before the said Legislature, an account
of the Bank and its funds, which said account shall
be sworn to. Shares are transferable only on the
books at the Bank. Dividends are made half yearly,
on the 1st weeks of April and October. Vacancies by
death or resignation, to be filled by the directors for
the time being. Any number of stock-holders who
shall be proprietors of not less than 500 shares, shall
have power to call a general meeting of the stock-
holders, giving at least sixty days notice.

Secsection 19. And whenever the inhabitants of any
county now established, or which may hereafter be es-
tablished by law in this territory, shall have subscrib-