The St. Louis directory and register :
Bank of Missouri.
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ed for stock in the said bank to the amount of forty
thousand dollars, and paid their proportion on that
sum into the bank, a branch bank shall within six
months thereafter be established in such county for
the purpose of discount only, and upon the same
terms and in the same manner as practised at the
bank, and to commit the management of the said of-
ficers and the marking of the said discounts to such
persons under such agreements and subject to such
regulations as they shall deem proper, not being con-
trary to law or the constitution of said bank. And in
each office of discount and deposit, there shall be vest-
ed by the president and directors double the amount
of the stock paid in by the stock-holders of the county
where such bank of discount and deposit shall be es-
tablished; Provided always, That a majority of the
stock holders of said county shall previously by writ-
ing request the establishment of such office of discount
and deposit, and the same shall be had six months be-
fore the time on which it shall be requested to estab-
lish such office of discount and deposit.

The Cashier gives security in a sum not less than
$10,000, and each of the Clerks in a sum not less than
$6,000.—No stock-holder can be appointed, either
cashier or clerk.

Secsection 27. The from and after the passage of this
act. the said Bank of Missouri hereby incorporated,
shall pay specie upon all bills and notes which may
have been or which may hereafter be drawn and
payable by the said Bank of Missouri, or by the pre-
sident and directors and cashier thereof, if there unto
required by the person or persons who may be the
holder of such bill, note or notes, under the penalty of
forfeiting at the rate of five per centum per month,
for each and every month such specie payment may
be refused, in addition to the amount of such bill,
note or notes, to be recovered in a summary way by
motion before any Justice of the Peace, or court hav-