The St. Louis directory and register :
Bank of Missouri.
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ing jurisdiction thereof in the name or for the use of
any person or persons who were the owners of said
bill, or note, or notes, at the time they were present-
ed for payment.

Secsection 28. In all suits and actions prosecuted against
the said corporation, it shall be a sufficient service of
all writs, notices or judicial process, to serve the
same upon the president or any of the directors for
the time being.

Secsection 29. If any president, director, officer or
other person holding any share or capital of the said
bank stock, shall commit any fraud or embezzlement,
touching the money or property of the said bank, he
or they shall be liable to be prosecuted in the name of
the United States by indictment, and upon conviction
thereof shall, besides the remedy that may be had by
action in the name of the president and directors of
said Bank of Missouri, for the fraud and embezzle-
ment aforesaid, forfeit to the said company all his
shares and stock in said bank.

Notes for discount must be put in before 2 o'clock,
on Mondays and Thursdays.—Discount days Tues-
days and Fridays. The Bank is open daily except
Sundays—1st January—4th July and Christmas,
from 10 o'clock, a. m. till 2, p. m.

Thomas F.Riddick, , President .
JosephPhillipson, ,
ThomasBrady, ,
HenryVonphul, ,
JamesKennerly, ,
MichaelTesson, ,
ThomasHempstead, ,
Thomas H.Benton, , &
Angus L.Langham, .
LewisBompart, , Cashier .
Elias T.Langham, ,
Cabriel P.Cerré, , Clerks .