The St. Louis directory and register :
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The Editor on has arrival at St. Louis, found it
very inconvenient to search out the residence of per-
sons with whom he had business; which induced him
to think of publishing a Directory and Register.
to number the houses, and to name those streets not
heretofore named: He made his intentions known to
some of the most influential citizens of the town, who
encouraged him to proceed.—The work is now finish-
ed and it is hoped, will give general satisfaction.—
Every well informed person must be sensibly impres-
sed with the great utility of a work of this nature, in
a town of such importance as that of St. Louis; being
the commercial metropolis of the state and the empo-
rium of the trade of a greater extent of country, than
that of any other place in the western region; and
is, from its convenient situation, destined to become
much the largest town on this side of the Eastern
Mountains.—The labour attendant on the collection of
the necessary information for this undertaking was
very great, more particularly so, as it is the FIRST
publication of the kind attempted in the State of Mis-
souri. It was at first contemplated to insert a digest
of the Ordinances of the Corporation, but on exami-
nation, they proved too voluminous, and the Constitu-
tion of the U.United States has been substituted in their stead
which, it is hoped, will give general satisfaction. In
addition to the names of the inhabitants, will be found
descriptive notes on St. Louis; the Constitution of the
State of Missouri, and a variety of useful information
particularised in the ``List of Contents.'' The reader
is requested to examine the `Directions to the Reader,'
at the commencement of the Names, in order hat every
part may be clearly understood.

The editor takes this opportunity to thank those
gentlemen who so kindly furnished answers to his
many queries, during the time he was engaged in the
callection of information.

Notwithstanding great assiduity and pains have
been used to make the work as complete as possible,