The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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bourhood, on this side of the river. Wood is likewise
brought down the river in large quantities for disposal.

Population in 1810, 1,000; in 1818, 3,500; and at
this time, (1821,) about 5,500,—The town and county
contains 9,732. The population is much mixed,
consisting principally of Americans, from every part
of the Union; the original and other French, of whom
there are 155 families; and foreigners of various na-
tions; consequently the Society is much diversified,
and has no general fixed character:—This, the read-
er will perceive, arises from the situation of the coun-
try in itself new, flourishing, and changing: still that
class who compose the respectable part of the commu-
nity, are hospitable, polite, and well informed—And
here. I must take occasion, in justice to the town and
country, to protest against the many calumies circu-
lated abroad to the prejudice of St. Louis, respecting
the manners, and the disposition of the inhabitants.
Persons meet here with dissimilar habits, of a dif-
ferent education, and possessing various localities.
It, is not therefore surprising, that, in a place, com-
posed of such discordant materials, there should be
occasional differences and difficulties.—But, the rea-
der may be assured, that old-established inhabitants
have little participation in transactions which have so
far so much injured the town.

St. Louis, has grown very rapidly;—there is not,
however, so much improvement going on at this time,
owing to the check caused by the general and univer-
sal pressure that pervades the country.—This state
of things can only be temporary here, for it possesses
such permanent advantages from its local & geogra-
phical situation, that it must, ere some distant day,
become a place of great importance; being more cen-
tral with regard to the whole territory belonging to
the United States, than any other considerable town;
and uniting the advantages of the three great rivers.
Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois, the trade of which
it is the emporium.