The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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the Missouri, being about 90 miles in length by from
2 to 8 in width: opposite to St. Louis it is 7 miles.
The St. Louis market is principally supplied from the
state of Illinois.

The Indian agents and traders, the officers of the
army destined for the upper military posts, and the
surveyors make their outfits at St. Louis, which puts
a great deal of cash into circulation. Here is a Land
office for the sale of the United States' lands in Illi-
nois, Missouri and Arkansaw, a bank with a capital
of $250,000 There is a Theatre of wood, but the
foundation has been laid for a brick one, 40 by 80
feet, which, owing to the present stagnation in busi-
ness, will not be completed very soon. Lumber of
various kinds is brought here from the Gasconade
and other rivers; brick and lime are made; and
stone, sand, and every other material for building,
are abundant. Two stages run from this town; one
to Edwardsville, and the other to Franklin. Colonel
Chouteau's mill dam in the rear of the south part
of the town, is a beautiful sheet of water, affording
plenty of fish and water fowl: it has an outlet to the
Mississippi, below the town.

It is contemplated at some future day to open a
direct intercourse with India by the Missouri and
Columbia rivers. In the course of a few years the
Illinois river will be most probably corrected with
lake Michigan, which will afford incalculable advan-
tages to this place, as it will open a direct water com-
munication, when the New York and Pennsylvania
canals to the lakes are completed, to Montreal, New
York and Philadelphia.

St. Louis is distant from St. Charles 20 miles; Frank-
lin, 130; Carondalet, 6; St. Ferdinand, 15; Hercu-
laneum, 30; St. Genevieve, 60; Potosi, or the lead
mines, 60; Kaskaskia, 65; Edwardsville, 20; Vin-
cennes, 160; Cahokia, 5; Belleville, 18; Alton, 25;
and west from the city of Washington, 982. It is by
water about 650 miles to the Council Bluffs and 1,600
to the Mandan villages.