The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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rality of the Catholics of Europe, who presented
these rich articles to Bishop Du Bourg, on his last
turn through France, Italy, Sicily, and the Nether-
lands. Among the liberal benefactors could be named
many princes and princesses; but we will only insert
the names of Louis XVIII the present King of France
and that of the baronness Le Candele de Ghyseghem,
a Flemish lady to whose munificence, the Cathedral,
is particularly indebted; and who even lately, has
sent it a fine, large and elegant Organ, fit to corres-
pond with the rest of the decorations. The Bishop,
possesses besides, a very elegant and valuable Libra-
ry containing about 8000 volumes, and which is with-
out doubt, the most complete, scientific and literary
repertory of the western country, if not of the west-
ern world. Though it is not public, there is no doubt
but the man of science, the antiquary, and the lin-
guist, will obtain a ready access to it, and find the
Bishop, a man endowed at once with the elegance and
politeness of the courtier; the piety and zeal of the
Apostle, and the learning of a Father of the Church.
Connected with this establishment, is the Saint Louis
College, under the direction of Bishop Du Bourg.—
It is a two story brick building, and has about 65
students, who are taught the Greek, Latin, French,
English, Spanish and Italian languages, Mathema-
tics elementary and transcendent, drawings, &c.—
There are several teachers. Connected with the Col-
lege, is an Ecclesiastical Seminary, at the Barrens in
St. Genevieve county; where Divinity, the Oriental
languages, and Philosophy, are taught.

St. Louis likewise contains 10 common schools; a
brick Baptist Church, 40 feet by 60, built in 1818;
an Episcopal Church of wood; the Methodist con-
gregation hold their meetings in the old court house;
and the Presbyterians in the circuit court room.—In
St. Louis, are the following Mercantile, Professional,
Mechanical, &c. establishments, viz: 46 Mercantile
establishments, which carry on an extensive trade,