The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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with the most distant parts of the Republic, in mer-
chandise, produce, furs and peltry; 3 Auctioneers,
who do considerable business: each pays $200 per
annum to the state, for a license to sell, and on all
personal property sold, is, a state duty of 3 per cent,
on real estate 1 1-2 per cent, and their commission of
5 per cent; 3 weekly newspapers, viz: the ``St. Louis
Inquirer,'' ``Missouri Gazette,'' & ``St. Louis Re-
gister,'' and as many Printing Offices; 1 Book-store;
2 Binderies; 3 large Inns, together with a number of
smaller Taverns & boarding houses; 6 Livery Stables;
57 Grocers and Bottlers; 27 Attorneys and Counsel-
lors at Law; 13 Physicians; 3 Druggists & Apothe-
caries; 3 Midwives; 1 Portrait Painter, who would
do credit to any country; 5 Clock and Watch makers.
Silversmiths and Jewellers; 1 Silver Plater; 1 En-
graver; 1 Brewery, where is manufactured, Beer,
Ale, and Porter, of a quality equal to any in the west-
ern country; 1 Tannery; 3 Soap and Candle Fac-
tories; 2 Brick Yards; 3 Stone Cutters; 14 Brick-
layers and Plasterers; 28 Carpenters; 9 Black-
smiths; 3 Gun smiths; 2 Copper and Tin ware ma-
nufacturers; 6 Cabinet makers; 4 Coach makers and
Wheelwrights; 7 Turners and Chair makers; 3
Saddle and Harness manufacturers; 3 hatters; 12
Tailors; 13 Boot and Shoe manufacturers; 10 Or-
namental, Sign and House Painters and Glaziers; 1
Nail Factory; 4 Hair dressers and perfumers; 2
Confectioners and Cordial distillers; 4 Coopers,
Black, Pump and Mast makers; 4 bakers; 1 Comb
Factory; 1 Bell-man; 5 Billiard-Tables, which pay
an annual tax of $100 each, to the state, and the same
sum to the corporation; several Hacks or pleasure
Carriages, and a considerable number of Drays and
Carts; several professional Musicians, who play at
the Balls, which are very frequent and well attended
by the inhabitants, more particularly the French, who, in general, are remarkably graceful performers, and
much attached to so rational, healthy and improving,