The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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enters the Mississippi river,) thence with the said
creek to the mill-dam, thence with the north arm of
mill creek to the head of the same, thence by a line
running parallel with the Mississippi river, until it
intersects the north boundary of the corporation.

The town is governed by five Trustees, who are
elected on the 6th December annually, by the inha-
bitatus.—There is also a Register whose duty it is to
see that the Ordinances are enforced; an Assessor
and an Inspector of lumber.

The Board of Trustees has passed a number of
very wholesome Ordinances for the establishment and
support of order, all of which, can be seen in the Or-
dinance book, in the office of the Corporation. South
B. street, above Main street, which is open every
morning, Sundays excepted, from 10 to 12 o'clock.

The assessed amount of taxable Property in the
Corporation of St. Louis, for 1821, is about $940-
926, which gives about $3763, tax.

Eight streets run parallel with the river, and are
intersected by twenty-three others at right angles;
three of the preceding, are in the lower part of the
town, and the five others in the upper part. The
streets in the lower part of the town are narrow, be-
ing from 32 to 38 1-2 feet in width; these streets on
``the Hill,'' or upper part, are much wider, ``The
Hill,'' is much the most pleasant and salubrious, and
will no doubt, become the most improved. The
lower end of Market street is well paved, and the
Trustees of the town have passed an Ordinance for
paving the side Walks of Main street, being the se-
cond from and parallel to the river, and the principal
one for business: This is a very wholesome regula-
tion of the Trustees, and is the more necessary as
this and many other streets are sometimes so
extremely muddy as to be rendered almost impas-
sable. It is hoped that the Trustees, will next pave
the middle of Main street, and that they will pro-
ceed gradually, to improve the other streets; which,