The St. Louis directory and register :
Notes on St. Louis.
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will contribute to make the town more healthy, add
to the value of property, and make it a desirable
place of residence. On the Hill, in the centre of the
town is a public square 240 by 300 feet, on which it
is intended to build an elegant Court-House:—The
various courts, are held at present, in buildings ad-
jacent to the Public square. A new stone Jail of two
stories, 70 fect front, by 30 deep, stands west of the
site for the Court-House.

Market street, is in the middle of the town, and is
the line dividing the North part from the South:
Those streets running North from Market street,
have the addition of North to their names, and those
running in the opposite direction, South, for example,
North-Main street, South-Main street, North A.&c.
street, South A. street. The houses were first num-
bered by the publisher of this Directory, in May, 1821.

The fortifications, erected in early times, for the
defence of the place, stand principally on ``the Hill.''
They consist of several circular stone towers, about
15 feet in height, and 20 in diameter, a wooden block
house, and a large stone Bastian, the interior of
which is used as a garden, by Captain A. Wetmore,
of the United States army.

Just above the town are several Indian mounds &
remains of antiquity, which afford an extensive and
most charming view of the towns and beautiful sur-
rounding country, situated in the two states of Mis-
souri and Illinois, which are seperated by the ma-
jestic Mississippi, and which is likewise observed in
the scene as she glides along in all her greatness. Ad-
jacent to the large mound nearest to the town, is the
Mound Garden, belonging to Col.Colonel Elias Rector, and
kept by Mr. James Gray, as a place of entertainment
and recreation: the proprietor has displayed con-
siderable taste in laying it out in beds and walks and
in ornamenting it with flowers and shrubbery—In
short it affords a delightful and pleasant retreat from
the noise, heat and dust of a busy town.