The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. GIG-HAM
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Giguere, J.Baptiste , 98 north Church
Gilhuly, Bernard, storekeeper , 44 north Main, corner B
Gilman, Lucinda, widow, 67 north Third, above C.
Girard, Baptiste, south D, below Main
Glinel, Francis, 28 South Third, s. w.southwest corner A
Godair, Antoine, north C, above Sixth
Godair, Baptiste, s. e.southeast corner north D and Fifth
Goddard, T.conveyancer , 57 north Main
Godon, Francois, carter , 110 south Church, below D
Godor, Ann, widow, 141 north Main, above F.
Graham, Richard, Indian Agent , 99 south Main, corner D
Gray, Alexander, counsellor at law , 2 Jones' Row
Gray, James, proprietor of the ``Mound Garden,'' near
the first Indian mound
Gray & Wright , counsellors and attorney at law;
2 Jones' Row
Green, Job W.82 & 85 south Church, below C
Greer, Nathan, blacksmith , north D, above Fifth
Greggs, John, carpenter , 28 south C, above Main
Grimau, Alexander, caulker , south G,s. w.southwest corner south
Grimsley & Stark , saddlers & harness manufacturers,
56 south Main
Grimsley, Thornton, saddler &c. 56 south Main
Gueret, Pierre, south Main below G
Guibor, Auguste, north D, above Fourth
Guittar, , see Lagrandeur
Guy, John R, 228 north Main
Guye, Francis, tallow chandler , back of 51 south Main,
in South B
Guyol, Francis M.professor of writing and drawing , in
the St. Louis college , south Church
Guyon, Hubert, merchant , n. w.northwest corner south Church & F
Haldeman, Peter, merchant , 75 north Main, above C.
Hale, Elizabeth, north H, west of Water
Hall, John, tavernkeeper, painter and glazier , 26 south
Third, corner A
Hall, John L. removed to Potosi
Hamann, M.victualler , south Church, near the Bridge,
Stall 4 Market