The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. HOR-JUL
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Horttiz, Jean Baptiste, south Church, below I
Horttiz, Margaret, widow, south Church, n. e.northeast corner J
Hough, Daniel, bookseller &c. 60 north main—d. h.dwelling house
south Third, south-west corner B
Howard, Ann, millenary store , 22 north main, corner A
Howard, William, turner , 114 north Church above E
Howell, Jacob H.merchant , 19 south main
Howlet, Ellen, mrs. of Ryan, north E, above Fifth.
Hughes, David, tavernkeeper , south Church, below J
Hughey, William, labourer , north Church above I
Hunt, Harvey, Bennet's Hotel
Ingram, Arthur, merchant , 17 south main
Irwin, James, carpenter , south C, above Third
Jackson, Samuel, grocer , ``Hole in the Wall,'' north-
Water below H
Jacobs & Blanchard , tavernkeepers, Green Tree Inn ,
85 south Church, and back 86 south main, below C
Jacobs, Leonard, Green Tree Inn , 85 south Church below C
Janes, Joseph, bricklayer , 93 south Third below C.
Janes, William, bricklayer and plasterer , 93 south
Third below C.
January, Thomas . H.commission merchant , 2 Steam
boat warehouse, north Water, north west corner H
Jaques, Benjamin T.watchmaker inquire 82 south main
Jarrett, J. H.Cordwainer , 47 north main
Jennings, Joseph H.carpenter , corner north C and Fifth
Johnston Campbell & James , nail manufacturers, 77
south main, south-east corner south C.
Johnson, Hugh, storekeeper , 35 north main, above A
Johnson, Jeremiah, 42 north main
Johnston, Jonathan, batter , 39 south main
Johnson, Phineas, tavernkeeper , 84 north main above C
Johnson, Thomas, cordwainer , 104 north Church
Johnston, William, carpenter , 88 south Church below C
Jones, John, bricklayer , 10 Jones' Row
Juliemadame , 84 north Third, below D