The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. M'AD-MIL
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M'Adam, James, grocer , 47 north main, above north B
M'Dermott, Louisamrs. of Charles A.south D above
M'Donald, Patrick, lumber merchant , s. w.southwest corner church
and north G
M'Ewen, Margaret, 111 church, below D
M'Ginn Bernard and Patrick , victuallers, 11 market
house—d. h.dwelling house south Fifth, below B
M'Girk, Isaac, deputy sheriff , at the jail
M'Guire, Thomas, merchant, and justice of the peace,
42 north main—d. h.dwelling house market, west of Seventh
M'Gunnegle, James, of the U. S.United States army , 201 north main,
above north I
M'Gunnegle, Wilson, 201 north main, above north I
M'Knight, Thomas, commission merchant , north Water,
above Team boat ferry—n. d. 202 north main, above
north I
M'Laughlin, Michael, carter , north H, above main
M'Manus, Edmund, 61 north main, below north C
M'Nair, Alexander, governor of the state of missouri ,
north Third near the first large Indian mound
Menard, Aimable, south D, above south main
Menard, Louis, merchant , 48 south main
Merry, Samuel, physician , 98 south main, n. w.northwest corner
south D
Michau, John A.csbinet maker , south church below, I
Migneron, Louis S.gunsmith , 97 north main, above
north D
Milam, —, merchant , 43 north main, s. e.southeast corner
north B
Milburn, William, clerk in the surveyor general's office
d. h.dwelling house Bennet's hotel
Millagen, Richard, tailor , 33 south main
Millagen & Willi , tailors, shops 52 north & 33 south main
Millaudon, Philip, merchant , 46 south main
Miller, Ellen, millener , south B, above main
Miller, —, carpenter , 128 south main
Moderwell, R.merchant , 65 north main, n. e.northeast corner
north C
Molaire, Baptiste, carter , north Third, above north C
Mills, Nathan, victualler , 85 south church below C