The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. MON-NOI
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Monestes, David, carpenter , north D, above main
Monet, Francis, labourer , 186 north main
Montagne, Joseph, blacksmith , north C above church
Moore, Alfred, turner &c. south Third, below F
Moore, Clarissa, widow, 77 south main, s. e.southeast corner C.
Moore, —carpenter , 128, south main
Moore, Daniel S. D.deputy clerk circuit court , market
above Fifth
Moore, Daniel, bacon store , 53 north main above B
Moore, James, carpenter , north Church, corner north I
Moore, Nimrod H.south Church, above south C.
Morin, Baptiste, boatman , south church, n. w.northwest corner K
Morin, Joseph, boatman , south Third, below south J
Morin, , widow of Anthony, south church, corner H
Morrison, John, printer , 51 south main
Morton, George, carpenter , south church, below south G
Morton, Morgan, carpenter , south B above main
Mount, Samuel, coach maker , north D, above Fifth
Mullett, Frederick, south-east corner main and south F
Mulligan, Eliza, widow, near the Bastian
Mullin, James, labourer , 84 south church
Murphey, Matthew, brewer , at Brew house , north main
Murphy, James, south Third, below F
Murphy, Thomas, 210 north main
Nagle, James, storekeeper , 35 north main
Nagle & Johnson , store keepers, 35 north main, above A
Nash, Hiram, boatman , 20 south Third, below market
Neal & Liggett , copper and tin ware manufacturers,
54 south main, south-west corner south B
Neil, Reverend, Francis, principal of the St. Louis col-
lege, and curate of the Cathedral
Nevitt, Joseph, boarding house , 65 south Third, below B
Newell, Ambrose, blacksmith , north Third, opposite the Bastian
Newell, Richard W.43 north main, south-east corner B
Newman, Hannah, widow, north Third, above north B
Nicholson, John, carpenter and builder , 88 south main,
below south C
Noise, Maria, widow, n. w.northwest corner main and south F