The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. ATK-BEL
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Atkinson, Henry, brigadier general in the U. S.United States army ,
99 south Main, s. e.southeast corner south D
Atwood, N. B.druggist, &c. 67 south Main
Bacchus, John, inquire north Water, corner north E
Baker, Ewel, deputy clerk of the circuit court , Market,
above Fifth
Barga, Peter, carpenter , north Church, s. w.southwest corner A
Baribeau, Pierre, 126 north Church, s. w.southwest corner north F
Barr, William, plasterer , 67 south Third, below B
Bartlet, Phineas, carpenter , north Fourth below Third
Bartley, Mary, widow, back of the Steam boat warehouse
Barton & Bates , attorneys and counsellors at law, n. w.northwest
corner Market and Sixth
Barton, Davidcounsellor at law , south Fourth below
Barton, Joshua, attorney at law and secretary of state,
corner Market and Sixth
Bartand, M.carter , 80 north Third
Bates, David G.carpenter , north A, above Church
Bates, Edward, attorney at law, and attorney general
for the state, n. w.northwest corner Market and Sixth
Bates, Nehemiah, bottler , north Third, above north E
Beaugenou, Vital, musician , n. w.northwest corner south Third &
south II
Beck, Abraham, attorney at law, and land agent , s. e.southeast cor-
ner south A and Church streets
Beck, Lewis C.physician , s. e.southeast corner south A & Church
Beck & Spalding , attorneys at law, s. e.southeast corner south A
and Church streets
Becker, Frederick, tailor , 49 north Main, above north B
Beebe, Elijah, saddle and harness manufactures , 8 north
Beebe, Elisha, block and pump maker and cooper south
C, above Church
Belcour, J. B. D.6 south Main, n. w.northwest corner south C
Belfort, Baptiste, south Main, below I street
Bell, John, merchant , 1 north Main, n. e.northeast corner Market
Bell, William, chair maker , south C, above south Main
Bellanger, Charles, carpenter , south Water, below B
Bellissime, Alexander, tavern keeper , 90 south Chuch,
below south C