The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. SEW-SMI
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Seward & Collett , merchants, 17 south Main
Seymour, Nathan, tailor , south A. above Main
Shackford, John & merchants, 58 south Main, d. h.dwelling house Market, west of Fifth
Shannon, Mary, widow, 20 south C. above Main
Shehan, David, victualler , 9 Market house
Shepherd, David, bricklayer , 86 north Church, SW.southwest
corner north D
Shidley, David, victualler , north Fourth above C.
Shidley and Fry , victuallers, north Fourth, above
north C
Shurlds, Henry, attorney at law , office, NE.northeast corner
north Church, and North B—d. h.dwelling house 37, north Main
SimondsJohn, senr.senior painter & glazier , north Fourth
above north C
SimondsJohn, junr.junior deputy constable , north Fourth
above north C
Simonds, mrs. widow, 77 north Church
Simoreau, John B.labourer , south B. above Church
Skerkey, mrs. of Wm.William 24, south C. above Main
Skinner Alfred & grocers, 82 south Church, below
south C.
Skinner, mrs.boarding house , 42 north Main
Smith & Dougherty , grocers, 107 south Church, be-
low D.
Smith, Eliza, widow, gentlewoman , 7 north Main,
above Market
Smith and Ferguson , merchants, 7 north Main, above
Smith, Frederick, hair dresser , 61 south Main
Smith, Jesse, accountant , 82 south Church, below
south C
Smith, J.J.jr.junior & wholesale and retail druggists
and apothecaries, 67 south Main, below south B
Smith, John B.N.farmer , 3 miles SW.southwest of the bridge