The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. SMI-STR
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Smith, John, merchant , 7 north Main, d. h.dwelling house NW.northwest
corner south Fourth and south A.
Smith, John. grocer , 107, south Church below D.
Smith, Mary, 81 north Church
Smith, O. C.merchant , 1 Steam boat warehouse, north
water, NW.northwest corner H—d. h.dwelling house south C. above Third.
Smith, Samuel, professor of Languages , Saint Louis
Smith, Samuel, carpenter , Market below Third
Smith, Thomas F.captain , of U. S.United States army , 99 s.south Main
Smith and Wordingham , livery stable keepers and
Farriers, north Fourth above Market.
Snow, mrs.teacher of females , 42 north main
Soulard, Antoine, farmer , below the Bridge, Church
Soy, Patrick, grocer , North Water, above north H
Spalding, Josiah, Attorney at Law , south A.SE.southeast cor-
ner Church
Sparks, Sarah, widow, south Third, NW.northwest corner E.
Sparrow, Wm.William H.tallow chandler , north Water, a-
bove Team boat Ferry
Spencer, Harlow, cabinet maker , 6 Jones' Row, Mar-
ket street
Spencer Harlow & James P. cabinet & chair makers,
87 south Main, below south C.
Stafford, John, cordwainer , south B. above Main
Stall, Martin, victualler , stall 5 market house, d. h.dwelling house
near Governor M`Nair's.
Stark, William, saddler, &c. 56, south Main
Stebbins, Samuel. cordwainer , 68, north Main
Stewart, Elizabeth, seamstress , south B. above Main
Stewart, Wm.William128, south Main, below E
Stokes, Wm.Williamfarmer , about 2 miles west of the Jail
Strother, George at law, and receiver of
Public monies , for St. Louis land district —d. h.dwelling house
NW.northwest corner north Sixth and north C