The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. BOT-BRO
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Bothick, Thomas, grocer , 85 north Third, s. e.southeast corner
north D
Bott, William, painter and glazier , south C, above south
Bouché, François, boatman , 110 south Church below D
Bouis, AndrewVincent , 47 north Main, n. e.northeast corner of
north B
Bouis, Antoine, widow, 47 north Main, n. e.northeast corner north B
Bouju, Joseph, clock and watch maker, silver smith and
jeweller , 76 north Main
Bournes, John, grocer , ``hole in the wall,'' north Water,
below north H
Bowles, Mary, south Church, s. w.southwest corner D
Boyd, Christopher, grocer , 85 north Church, s. e.southeast corner
north D
Boyd, John M.Bennet's hotel , north Third
Boyer, John F.tailor , 24 north Main, n. w.northwest corner of
north A
Brackenridge, Henry at law , north B, above
Bradbury, Edward, turner , north Main, above the Brew-
Bradbury, John, potter and farmer , inquire south D, a-
bove main
Bradley, John T.carpenter , north Fifth, above north C
Brady, John, commission merchant , north Water, above
the Team boat ferry
Braud & Detandebaratz , merchants, 25 south Main
n. e.northeast corner south A
Braud, James, merchant , 25 south Main n. e.northeast corner
south A
Brazeau, A.north C east of Main
Brazeau, Louis, 59 north Main, below north C
Brazeau, Nicholas, boatman , south Main, below south I
Bright, Josiah, 54 south Third, s. w.southwest corner south B
Britton, Mrs. widow, 37 south Main
Brown, Mary, widow, back 90 south Main
Brown, Edmund, deputy sheriff , at the office in the jail ,
north Sixth, above Market
Browne, Edward, clerk in the surveyor's office—d. h.dwelling house
Bennet's hotel
Brown, George, carpenter , north A. above Church