The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton's Directory. DEL-DUC
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Delannay, D.56 north main
Delisle, see Bienvenus
Delisle, Francis, baker , south Water, above south B
Delorier, , see Malard
Demoulin, J. Baptiste, widow, north Church, s. w.southwest corner
north A
Derouin, Francis, boatman , south Third below A
Derouin, John, 28 south Third, s. w.southwest corner south A
De Soyres, Louis, merchant , 46 south main
Detandebaratz, Martial, merchant , n. e.northeast corner south
main and south A
De Wint, Lucinda, widow, 64 north main, n. w.northwest corner
north C
Deys, rev.reverend Leo, professor of languages and director of
the St. Louis college , south Church below Market
Dignam, Bernard, cordwainer , 86 north Third, s. w.southwest cor-
ner north D
Didier, Pierre, watch maker and treasurer of the state
of Missouri , n. w.northwest corner south Church and F
Dillon, Lucy, widow, 170 north main, n. w.northwest corner north H
Dillon, Walter, grocer , north Water, below H
Dolan, Dennis, tailor , 66 north Church, n. w.northwest corner
north C
Dolan, Mary, 112, north Church, above north E
Dominé, Baptiste, s. w.southwest corner south Church & E
Douberman, John J.ornamental painter , 42 north main
Dougherty, John, grocer , 107 south Church, below D
Dougherty, Matthew, Drayman , 172 north main
Douglass, Thompson, Justice of the peace , 176 north
Main, above north H street
Doyle, Anthony, labourer , 140 north main
Doyle, Ddward, grocer , 81 north Third, below north D
Droddy, Elizabeth, seamstress , north H street, below
Dubourg, Louis William, Right rev.reverend Bishop of Loui-
siana and Floridas, St. Louis College .
Dubrauel, Susan, widow, Church, above north A
Dugan, William, tailor , 92 north main
Duchouquet, François, south church, s. w.southwest corner G
Dichouquet, Pierre, madame, tavernkeeper , 118 south
Church, north-west corner E
Duchouquet, Baptiste, farmer , near Bent's mill