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J.C. Dinnies &
Booksellers & Stationers ,
(Near The Auction Houses)
Corner of Main and Olive streets, St. Louts,
Offer for sale, at wholesale and retail, on liheral terms, an extensive assortment
of Books in every department of Science and Letters, and are at all times able
to supply Colleges, Schools, public Libraries, and country Merchants, with every
work in use in Missouri and Illinois. They also keep a large supply of ruled and
plain Writing Paper, Quills, Ink, and Stationery, generally.

They have connected with their establishment a
with a full stock of the best Papers and Materials, and are prepared to manufacture
for Public Offices, Banks, Insurance Companies, and Merchants, any kind of
Blank work, as well as it can be done in the eastern cities.

They also keep a constant supply and large assortment of
Musical Instruments,
comprising Italian, French and German Violins and Violincellos ; 5, 6 and 12 key'd
Clarinets; common and patent 1, 4, 6 and 8 key'd Flutes; double and single Fla-
gelels; 6 and 8 key'd Kent Bugles; maple, satinwood and cocoawood Fifes; Bass
and Snare Drums; Trombones; common and patent Guitars; Bassoons, Triangles,
Horns, Accordions, Trumpets, and Boston Piano Fortes of superior tone and finish,
together with every article in the Musical line.

Fine Cutlery;
consisting of Wade & Butcher's, Elliott's, 'Rogers & Sons' and Wostenholm's supe.
rior Razors; Pen, Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Scissors.

Paper Hangings;
embracing landscape, French, imitation of French, glazed and common Wall Pa-
per ; velvet and imitation Bordering, and Fireboard Patterns.