Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Publisher'S Advertisement.
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In presenting to the public the second edition of the
St. Louis Directory, the publisher has the satisfaction of
knowing that it will be found to be much more complete
and accurate than that of 1836-'37. If any errors and
omissions have occurred, they are such as were unavoida-
ble, and for which he claims the indulgence of those who
can best understand the difficulty of a correct compilation
of names and residences. The work, notwithstanding its
inaccuracies, he believes will recommend itself for its gen-
eral usefulness as well to the citizens of St. Louis, as to
casual visiters and strangers.

The attention of advertisers is respectfully called to the
Advertising Directory prefixed to the volume. When it
is remembered that the Directory will not only be widely
circulated through the city, but will be placed in all the
public houses, and in the steam boats which ply to and
fromSt. Louis, and will be of necessity constantly referred
strangers who visit our city on business, the advan-
tages of an advertisement in the Directory must be appa-