Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
10 St. Louis Directory. CHA-CHR
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Chapman, E. H. (Lewis & C. ) R66, ssouth Seventh
Conway, F. R.recorder of land titles, R35, ssouth Seventh—of-
fice 37, ssouth Seventh
Clapp, Benj.R143, Market
Callender, Geo. H.R141, Market
Chouteau, PierreJr.junior R148, Market
Charless, Jos. (C. & Blow ,)R102, Market
Chapman, D. H.grocer and confectioner , 57, Market
Chauvin & Maxfield , painters , 37, Market
Chapouil, Anthony, confectioner , 33, Market
Crowl & Gibson , carpenters , shop nnorth Third, bbetween Chesnut and
Cooper, J.R29, nnorth Third
Court, Saloon (by J. W.Hoffmann, ,) 3, nnorth Fourth
Corson & Overdier , family grocers , 61, ccorner Fourth and Olive
Collier, George, (C. & Pettus ,) R101, nnorth Fourth
Collins, Chs.R134, nnorth Fourth
Coleman, -, R145, nnorth Fifth
Chappell, Wm.William L.R16S, nnorth Fourth
Casey, Mrs. boarding house, Fifth, above Franklin Avenue
Childs, -, Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Cole, Samuel, R179, nnorth Fifth
Crawford, Hugh, turner , R129, nnorth Fifth
Crow, Wayman, (C. & Tevis ,) Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Olive and Locust
Chapman, T. J.R69, nnorth Fifth
Clark, M. Lewis, Rccorner Olive and Fifth
Childers, Ann T.mantua-maker , 123, nnorth Fifth
CulverHenry, M.D.Walnut, bbetween Third and Fourth
Coons, David, R42, Walnut
Carpenter, C. J.M.D. R57, Elm
Cochran, John, carpenter , R53, Elm
Chouteau, Auguste, (C. & Barlow ,) R82, Myrtle
Carlisle, John, R26, Myrtle
Constant, Mrs. widow, 9, Myrtle
Calvert, Jesse, blacksmith , rresidence 49, Spruce
Carroll & McBron , blacksmiths , 65, Spruce
Culver & Bachman , carpenters , 64, Spruce
Culver, Thomas (C. & Bachman ) R66, Spruce,
Chester, J.boot and shoe-maker , 92, Spruce
Coutts, Charles, stone cutter , Almond, bbetween First and Second
Christy, A.RPoplar, bbetween Third and Fourth