Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Directory. 23 HAC-JAC
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Hacoolis, G.grinder , 188, nnorth Sixth
Harper, Wm.Williamblacksmith , a 194, nnorth Sixth
Hartman, Barnard, iron moulder , rresidence Biddle, bbetween Sixth and
Huddlestone, R.ship carpenter , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and
Franklin Avenue
Harshaw, W.R184, nnorth Seventh
Hall, Dr.J. H.R.169, nnorth Seventh
Heely, Mrs.M.tailoress , 161, nnorth Seventh
Harris, Oliver (Chambers, H. & Knapp ,) Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween
Chestnut and Pine
Henry, Dr.J.R20, Locust
Huber, J.gunsmith , 49, Locust
Icherer, Ignace, tailor , 154, ssouth Second
Impy, Francis, R105, Spruce
Inge'rsoll, L. chair factory, 38, Prune
Janowski, John, coffeehouse, 140, ssouth First
Joyale, Jos.laborer , 94, ssouth Third
Johnson, William, (col'dcolored ) barber , R112, ssouth Fourth
Johnson, E. A. (E.A. Johnson & ) R136, ssouth Fourth
Jeffrey, Jacob, boatman , R174, ssouth Fifth
Jamison, David, R13, ssouth Seventh
Johnson, John, R137, Market
Jefferson, Mrs.milliner , 65, Market
Johnson & Gleim , druggists , 60, Market
Johnstone, P. (J., Dreyer & Trowbridge ,) R85, Myrtle
Johnson, F.R51, Spruce
Janney N.E. & wholesale dealers in china, glass and
queensware, 6, Chestnut
Jeffery, J.R21, Pine
Johnson, Mary, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 66, Olive
James, Jesse, boot-maker , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Jackson, E. T.gunsmith , 19, Oak
Jurac, Julia, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Green, bbetween Sixth and
Johnson, James, R63, Green
James, John, engineer , 47, Green
Johnson, -, (col'dcolored ) laborer , 29, Green
Jackson, J. H.RWash, bbetween Sixth and Seventh