Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
24 St. Louis Directory. JOH-KEN
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Johnson, Rachel, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Wash, bbetween Sixth and
Johnson, -, hotel bar, 33, Vine
Jarrow, S.R54, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, Jas.bricklayer , R198, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, M.carpenter , R198, nnorth Sixth
Johnson, Dreyer & Trowbridge , auctioneers and commis-
sion merchants , 68, nnorth First
Jones & Corthron , clothing store , 67, nnorth First
Johnson, E. A. dealer in hardware and cutlery, 46, nnorth First
Jaccard Louis & watchmakers and jewellers , 40, nnorth First
Janney, N. E.R40, nnorth Second
Jones, E. coffee house, 71, nnorth Second
Jackson, Samuel, rresidence nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Johns, Robt.Rnnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Johnston & Baker , family grocers , Broadway
Jones, R.tailor , nnorth Third, ccorner Oak
Jones, F. (J. & Corthron ,) Rnnorth Third, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Jaffray, R. W.R49, nnorth Fourth
Jones, R.tailor , rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
January, D. (J. Stettinius & ) R185, nnorth Fifth
Jeffery, Jas. wholesale grocer, forwarding and commission
merchant , 12, nnorth Front
Jaques & Morriss , tailors , 53 1-2, nnorth Front
Jones, Priscilla, sempstress , 231, nnorth First
Johnson, Wm.Williambarber , 186, nnorth First
Jackson, Thos. hardware store, 17S, nnorth First
Jones, Bacon & druggists , 150, nnorth First
Kraeling, H.tailor , 20, ssouth First
Kadmus J. & jewellers , 51, ssouth First
Kretchmar, F. boarding-house, 69, ssouth First
Knecht, P. coffeehouse, 56, ssouth First—R 58, ssouth First
Kaler, Michael, boarding-house, 103, ssouth First
King, Thomas, ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Kennedy, Reuben, wagoner , ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and
Kakle, H. G.watchmaker , ssouth Second
Kline, Joseph, accountant , R107, ssouth Fourth
Knott & Largue , carpenters , ccorner Third and Walnut
Kennedy, Henry, carpenter , R174, ssouth Fifth