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St. Louis Directory. 27 LEF-LAD
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Lefaivre, Antoine, ship carpenter , rear 54. nnorth Third
Lafayette Coffee House , (by J.Wilman, ,) 11, nnorth Third
Lewis, Thomas, private boarding-house, and teacher of
dancing, 65, nnorth Fourth
Lee, John, (L. & Elder ,) Rccorner Franklin Avenue and Third
Lane, Wm.William Carr, (mayor,) R24. nnorth Fifth
Lewis, Anthony, coffee house, 42, ssouth First
Locker, Jacob, boot and shoemaker , 60, ssouth First
Ladarout, Michael, R91, ssouth First
Labcau, J.gunsmith , 120, ssouth First
Luthy, Dr.41, ssouth Second
Little, John, drayman , 112, ssouth Second
Lomax, Michael, grocer , 133, ssouth Second—R 131, ssouth Second
Lang, Taopalt, boot and shoemaker , 134, ssouth Second
Latour, Peter, carpenter , 147, ssouth Second
Laurent, Mrs.-, widow, ssouth Second
Lehman, John G.grocer , 267, ssouth Second
Lenkmeir, Henry, grocer , 21, ssouth Third
Leroux, Mrs.Ellen, widow, 44, ssouth Third
Labaddie, Jos.butcher , 115, ssouth Third
Lallimier, Mrs.-, widow, 137, ssouth Third
Lawless, Luke E. judge of the circuit court, R131, ssouth Fourth
Lock, wood Isaac, leather dealer , 4, ssouth Front
Lewis & Chapman , dry goods store, 7, Market Square
Laveille, Jos.Clumber vard, ccorner Fifth and Walnut—R 48, ssouth
Lockart, Mrs.-, milliner , 143, ssouth Fifth
Lyle, A. (Mathews & Lyie ,) R19,ssouth Seventh
Loyd, D. (L. & Hoffman ,) R120, Market
Leseur, A. fancy drv goods store, 42, Market
Lyons, Mrs.E.milliner , 24. Market
Letcher, Isaac, R150, Market
Lock, wood Isaac, R88, Walnut
Latresse, E.rresidence Walnut, h Third and Fourth
Laidain, Joseph, R48, Elm
Little, F.cabinet maker , R36, Myrtle
Lewis, Anthony, laborer , 3, Myrtle
Langty, Peter, R17, Cedar
Lapoint, Lawrence, laborer , Mulberry, bbetween First and Second
Lamont, D. (Powell, L. & ) R22, Chestnut
Ladain, J. turning shop and chair factory, 24, Chestnut