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30 St. Louis Directory. MAT-MAN
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Matthews, James, drayman , 113, Elm
Mattox, -, plasterer , R103, Myrtle
Morton, George, R104, Spruce
Maheu, Madame -, midwife , 24, Poplar
Marlee, Mrs.-, widow, R10, Plum
Monroe, George, (col'dcolored man,) 13, Cedar
Miller, -, (col'dcolored woman,) Mulberry , bbetween First and
Murphy, D.laborer , Lombard, bbetween First and Second
Mayberry, R.carpenter , R36, Spruce
Mills, A. L.mail stage proprietor , office 30, Chestnut
McMurry, L.baker , 46, Chestnut
McDowell, J. B.m.d.R45, Chestnut
Minard, Rev.Reverend P.R.rresidence Chestnut, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Matthews, Mrs.C. widow, 100, Pine
Mull, Wm.WilliamR34, Pine
Magenis, A. , office, 27, Pine
Manning, Alonzo, attorney-at-law , office, 17, Pine
McKenny, B. F.justice of the peace, office 19. Olive
Missouri Coffee House , ( F.Hamer, , proprietor ,) 30, Olive
Morris, J. P. boarding house, 25, Olive
McDonough, P.stone mason , nnorth 72, Olive
McKain, Mrs.-, widow, R118, Olive
Myers, Hugh, R116, Olive
Marmion &. Gahan , stationers hall, 25, Laurel
Magenis, A. L.rresidence 53, Laurel
McKenna, Mrs. widow, 48, Prune
Miskell, J.carpenter , 40, Prune
Magwire, J. iron warehouse, 21, Prune
McNichol, D.barber , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Morris, , 8, Oak
Martin, Myer & Ranly , coffee house, Oak, bbetween Front and
Myers & Gordon , stable keepers , Oak, bbetween First and Second
Moetz, Peter, laborer , 56, Oak
Mysock, M.boot and shoemaker , Cherry, bbetween First and Se-
Mette, James, Indian interpreter , Washington avenue, bbetween
Fourth and Fifth
Manny, Aaron, rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Manny, J. G.rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and Sixth