Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Directory. 31 McM-McN
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McManus, B.carpenter , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Mount, John, constable , R113, ssouth First
McFarland, Mary, widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Menne, H.tailor , 62, Green
Matthews, W.laborer , 28, Green
Marshall, R. (col'dcolored ) laborer , 29, Green
Murphy, Dennis, grocer , 27, Green
Maule, Mrs.sempstress , 17, Green
Mitchell, F.farmer , RMorgan, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
McGovern, Mrs.—, widow, ccorner Franklin avenue, and Ninth
Man, John, boot and shoemaker , Franklin avenue, bbetween Eighth
and Ninth
Meredith, Wm.William carpenter , shop ccorner Franklin avenue and
Eighth—RFranklin avenue, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Musick, Abraham, (col'dcolored ) drayman , Wash, bbetween Sixth and Sev-
Matthews, John, RCarr. bbetween Sixth and Seventh
McWilliams R. & copper, tin and sheet iron workers ,
35 1-2, nnorth Front
Moore, Capt.J.R80, ccorner Locust and Second
Mulligan, MrsM. female school, 44, Locust
McCullough, Thos.laborer , 62, Locust
McDowell, , RLocust, bbetween Third and Fourth
McKnight, Mrs.Mary Ann, private boarding , 67, St. Charles
McEvoy, John, stone cutter , R27, St. Charles
Marlow, Chas.turner , 8, St. Charles
Martin, M.M.D. office 56, nnorth Second
Marrigan, W. D.tailor , 74, nnorth Second
Miller, Mrs.Julia, milliner and dress-maker , 94, nnorth Second
Mead, George, R102, nnorth Second
Meacham, J. B. (col'dcolored man,) cooper , 111, nnorth Second—R 108,
nnorth Second
Moslow, Chas.turner , 115, nnorth Second
Murry & Brother , house and sign painters , 120, nnorth Second,
ccorner Laurel
Merry, Samuel, (receiver of public monies,) R147, nnorth Se-
Magwire, J., RW side Broadway
McDonald, Alex, school teacher , 108, nnorth Third, up stairs
Munsa, H. W. dressing-rooms, 98, nnorth Third, ccorner Vine
McNeil, John, tailor , 81 1-2, nnorth Third