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St. Louis Directory. 39 RAM-ROS
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Ramond, Bruneau, laborer , 140, ssouth Third
Robbins, E. H.dry goods and variety store , 3, Market Square
Roubidoux, Joseph, 39, ssouth Front
Ruland, John, clerk of the circuit court, office ccorner Market
and Fifth—R 25, ssouth Fifth
Ranney, N.R62, ssouth Fifth
Roach, John, laborer , 170, ssouth Fifth
Randolph, W.S.RSixth, bbetween Spruce and Almond
Rainwick, Wm.WilliamR68, ssouth Sixth
Randolph, , R10, ssouth Seventh
Rhodes, C.R145, Market
Ridgely, F. L.R132, Market
Russell, S. (R. & Lindley ,) R128, Market
Roche, Wm.Williamdry goods store , 35, Market
Robinson, Thos.saddler , Market, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Richards, Geo. (col'dcolored ) laborer , 140, Walnut
Reily, John P.baker , R50, Elm
Rocheblave, Madame, widow, 34, Myrtle
Risley, Wm.WilliamR74, ssouth First
Roache, Mrs. widow, R27, Spruce
Reinstein, Francis, R72, Spruce
Richardson, W.bricklayer , 46, Poplar
Richards, D. S.R19, Poplar
Russell, Jane, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Hazel, bbetween Second and
Rochefou, Peter, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Rollan, Chas.laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Ryhiner, Chas.mathematical instrument maker , 26, Chestnut
Robbins, Mrs. boarding house, 28, Chestnut
Read & Maury , intelligence office and agency , 30, Chestnut
Risque, F. , office 38, Chestnut
Rippey, Matthew, carpenter , 112, Chestnut—R 106, Chest-
Ransom, D.R108, Pine
Ranken, Robt. tea warehouse, Pine, bbetween First and Second
Ruel, S.laborer , 60, Olive
Ruel, Joseph, laborer , 62, Olive
Robb, Mrs.mantua maker , 39, Laurel
Rasin, U. RPrune, bbetween Second and Third
Ruth, Wm.Williamprinter , R25, Oak
Ross, S. C.RWashington Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth