Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
4 St. Louis Directory. BOL-BOY
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Bolgiano, Mrs.M. E.milliner , 90 1-2, nnorth First
Burnett, Isaac, wholesale dealer in dry goods, 71, nnorth First
Baum, J.tailor , 66, nnorth First
Busseron, Therese, widow, 50 1-2, nnorth First
Blow, P. E.wholesale dealer in dry goods, 45, nnorth First
Burd & Tilden , copper, tin, sheet iron workers and brass
founders , 43, nnorth First
Beltihoover & Robb , manufacturers of hats and caps, 32,
nnorth First
Baird & Farrell , wholesale and retail dealers in fancy and
staple dry goods, 22, ccorner First and Chesnut
Bredell K. & J.C. dealers in dry goods, 2, nnorth ccorner of Market
and First
Brooks, Edward, dealer in drugs, paints, oils. &c.21, ccorner
First and Chesnut
Basconi, H. B.watchmaker and jeweller , 13, nnorth First
Bertelsmann & Hoelilc , dealers in dry goods, 19, nnorth side
Bench, Jacob, wagon-maker , shop 27, nnorth Sixth
Breese, Robt.R35, nnorth Sixth
Bush, Chs.carpenter , RC Seventh and Wash
Bovce, Wm.William H.lumber merchant , Rn Sixth, bbetween Wash and
Franklin Avenue
Brintzenhoffer, Geo.R.ccorner Seventh and Biddle
Bolton, R. E.painter , rresidence 174, nnorth Seventh
Brown, W.Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween St. Charles and Locust
Bosworth, S. private boarding, 79. nnorth First, ccorner Olive
Barnes, W. A.carpenter , 104, ssouth Fourth
Benson, Henry, 156, ssouth Fourth
Beatty & McDowell , dry goods store, 10, Market Square
Bent, John, attorney-at law , R27. ssouth Fifth
Berkley & Wright , cartenters , 31. ssouth Fifth
Brolaski, H.R33, ssouth Fifth
Billon, C. P.R15, ssouth Sixth
Boyle, Hugh (B. & West ,) RSixth, bbetween Spruce and Almond
Boyd, -, accountant , R115, Market
Bomeisler, Louis, 90, Market
Burd, Wm.William (B. & Tilden ,) R52, nnorth Second.
Butcher, Thomas, labourer , 27, ssouth Third
Brown, Jas. L. (H.N. Davis & ) R36. ssouth Third
Boyer, Francois, 126, ssouth Third