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St. Louis Directory. 43 SUB-SHA
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Sublette & Campbell , dealers in foreign and domestic dry
goods , 7, nnorth First
Schaler, M.R29, Walnut
Slauderman, 15, nnorth Second
Soparuru, J. B.French and Spanish academy , 14, nnorth Second
Skinker, Thomas, attorney-at-law , office 14, nnorth Second
Sullivan, J. , office 16, nnorth Second
Simmons, H. C. (E. Price & ) R47, nnorth Second
Shaw, J. R. (Glasgow, S. & Larkin ), R47, nnorth Second
Strangers' Home , coffee-house, (by J. D.Mather, ,) ccorner Se-
cond and Prune
Shener, Benedict, boot and shoemaker , 145, nnorth Second
Salorgne, Theodore, carriage and spring-maker , nnorth Second,
bbetween Prune and Oak
Storm, H. F.carver , R149, nnorth Second
Sporleder, Frederick, carpenter , Rnnorth Second, above Cherry
Sharkey, John, Re side Broadway
St. Louis Public School , No. 2, northern section, ccorner Broad-
way and Cherry—E. Leavy, teacher
Schaeffer, -, blacksmith , wwest side Broadway
Simpson, M.R—, nnorth Third
Swart, A. grocer , ccorner Green and Third
Shepard, E. H.rresidence 9, nnorth Fourth
Shawk, Samuel, locksmith , rresidence 142, nnorth Fourth
Selkirk, Alexander, Rnnorth Fourth, above Morgan
Scott, J. R.rresidence 172, nnorth Fourth
Stake, Singleton, carpenter , Rnnorth Fifth, above Franklin Av.Avenue
Stibbs, J. T.Rccorner Morgan and Fifth
Schroer, William, boarding-house, 142, nnorth Fifth
Surveyor General's Office , 121, nnorth Fifth
Shallcross, Mrs.RFifth, bbetween Olive and Pine
Spence, Henry, carpenter , R51, nnorth Fifth
Shade, John, R47, nnorth Fifth
Second Presbyterian Church , ccorner Pine and Fifth
Stine, Nicholas, grocery , 39, nnorth Sixth—R 38, nnorth Sixth
Singleton, H.builder , R43, nnorth Sixth
Stewart, W. S.R52, nnorth Sixth
Stine, C. grocer , 58, nnorth Sixth
Stout, N.H.R69, nnorth Sixth
Stout, M.R71, nnorth Sixth
Shaw, Mrs.-, widow, sempstress , 95, nnorth Sixth