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St. Louis Directory. 45 SCH-SNY
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Schilling, Charles, tailor , 47, Market
Schule, J. G.boot and shoemaker , 47, Market
St. Louis Coffee-house , (C. & F. Jacoby , proprietors ,) 23,
SimondsJohn, jr.RMarket, ccorner Ninth
Snowden, Lewis, carpenter , RMarket, bbetween Eighth and
Soulard, Benjamin, RWalnut, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Shaefer, F.tailor , 76, Walnut
Spencer, Mrs.-, widow, a 51, Elm
Skinner, Alfred, R92, Elm
Scott, Mrs.-, widow, rresidence 91, Elm
Sweeney, Patrick, drayman , 113, Elm
Shaw, Thomas, boot and shoemaker , R88, Myrtle
Scheide, William, R50, Myrtle
Sax, M.tailor , 59, Spruce
Sutton, Mrs.-, widow, 63, Spruce
Scleier, Jacob, laborer , Hazel, bbetween First and Second
Schuchert, David, Hazel, bbetween Second and Third
Studley, N. C.dry goods and grocery store , Convent, bbetween Se-
cond and Third
Sissons, John, laborer , Convent, bbetween Second and Third
Sutton, Mrs.-, widow, ssouth Third, bbetween Myrtle and Spruce
Stevenson, Mrs.-, widow, 36, Spruce
Simmons, R. P.M.D. office 78, Chestnut
St. Louis Library rooms , 33, Pine
Shepard, E. H.justice of the peace, office 17, Olive
Stout M. & N.H. plane manufactory , 20, Olive
Sproat, Harris , office 32, Olive
Sproat, Spencer , office 32, Olive
Shamrock Coffee-house , (J.McMahon, , proprietor ) 36, Olive
Simpson, Mrs.-, mantua-maker , Olive, bbetween Third and
Shibley, John, R70, Olive
Stibbs, J. T.upholsterer, 23, Laurel
Steger, J. S.barber , 60, Prune
Scannall, T.carpenter , 46, Prune
Shieffer, -, coffee-house, Oak, bbetween Front and First
Sexton, Isham, dep. constable , R23, Oak
Snyder & Price , brass founders and blacksmitlis, Oak, bbetween
Second and Third