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50 Louis Directory. WAR-WHI
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Warburton & King , wholesale dealers in dry goods, hard-
ware, boots and shoes, 17, nnorth First
Wolff & Hoppe , dealers in German and fancy goods, 17,
Wells, W. G.professor of music and dancing, saloon 17,
Market, 2d floor
Welcker, Fred, (clerk sur.genls. office.) R21 1-2, Market
Wclcker, Mrs.artificial flower maker , 21 1-2, Market
Wilgus, Asa, house, sign and ornamental painter , and ven-
der of paints and oils, 33, nnorth Second —R 101, Olive
Wade, Mrs. widow, private boarding , 36, nnorth Second
Walker, Jos. , office 33 1-2, nnorth Second, ccorner
Wm.William Tell Tavern , (by Faulk & Creitter ,) 248, and 250, nnorth
Winstandley, H. and chair maker , 76, nnorth Second
Wood, Wm.WilliamRnnorth Third
Winter, John M.Reast side Broadway
Wright, Isabella, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , l6l, nnorth Third
Wallace, Samuel, R160, nnorth Third
Waters, Stephen, house joiner and carpenter , R138, nnorth Third
White, T. J.M.D. office and residence 96, nnorth Third
Waters, —, carpenter shop, 23, nnorth Fourth
Williams, E. K. house and sign painter , 76, nnorth Second
Walz, F. J.carpenter , 95, nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, J.R138, nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, Weston, carpenter shop, 141, nnorth Fourth
Weston, D.carpenter , R165, nnorth Fourth
Winright, John, school-room, nnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Green
Wilson, D. (col'dcolored man,) shoemaker , 139, nnorth Sixth
Walsh, Rich'd.bricklayer , RBiddle, b Sixth and Seventh
Wegman, M.tailor , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and Carr
Walton, Samuel D.R70, Locust, bbetween Third and Fourth
Walton S.D. & C.D. livery stable , Locust, ccorner Fourth
Walton, C. D.rresidence Locust, bbetween Third and Fourth
Walton, Jas.dry goods and grocery store , 35, St. Charles
Walsh, Jas.R5, St. Charles
Warne, Thomas, dry goods store , 3, ssouth First
Wilmington, H.dry goods store , 53, ssouth First
Wachler, F.boot and shoemaker , 77, ssouth First
White, Wm.Williamgrocer , 87, ssouth First