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St. Louis Directory. 7 BRO-CON
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Brown, cutter, 35 1-2, Vine
Betts John & upholsterers , 20, Vine
Beaumont, Wm.WilliamM.D. office 81-2, Vine
Blew, Milley, (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) Prune, bbetween First and Se-
Burke, Simon, (col'dcolored man,) 27, Oak,
Barnes, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Willow, bbetween Front and First
Brant, J. B.L't.Lieutenant Col.Colonel U. S. A.United States of America Washington Avenue, bbetween Third
and Fourth
Brown, John, stone mason , RGreen, bbetween Seventh and Eight
Bailey, Wm.Williamcarpenter , Prune, bbetween First and Second
Bannister, Mrs. (col'dcolored ,) Prune, bbetween First and Second
Baxter, John, boarding house, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eight
Bushy, George, carpenter , R73, Green
Buckley, Wm.Williamsteward , 71, Green,
Barnard, C (Barnard & Brother ,) R24 1-2, Green
Ballinger, F.tailor , 25, Green,
Brockmeir, Adam, cabinet maker , ccorner Morgan and Fourth
Burns, Joseph, laborer , Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Boswell, Charles, Rc Morgan and Eight
Bodemier, H.carpenter , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Eight and Ninth
Boyle, John, laborer , Franklin Avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Browner, John, laborer , Franklin Av.Avenue , bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Brueggeng, H.boot and shoemaker , Franklin Avenue, bbetween
"Fourth and Fifth
Bush, Chailes, carpenter , Wash, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Berry, Mrs. boarding house, Carr, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Chouteau & Barlow , grocers , dry goods and commission
merchants , No. 1, ccorner Front and Market streets
Collier & Pettus , commission and forwarding merchants ,
19, nnorth Front
Chouteau & Mackenzie , grocers , commission and forward-
ing merchants , 23, nnorth Front
Clapp, Benj.merchant , 221-2, nnorth Front
Cavrilliac, H. grocery, 30 1-2, nnorth Front
Chouteau, Henry, grocer and commission merchant , 39,
Caspary, P. W. clothing store, 57 1-2, nnorth Front
Connoly, Hogan & grocers , commission and forward
ing merchants , 66, nnorth Front