Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
8 St. Louis Directory. CON-CHE
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Conran, J. boarding-house, 90, nnorth Front
Cavanagh, P. boarding-house, 98, nnorth Front
Cook, A. boarding-house, 104, nnorth Front
Converse, Seth, 105, nnorth Front
Christy, Dinah, (col'dcolored washerwoman ,) 236, nnorth First
Canton, Aug.grocer , 189, nnorth First.
Childs Alonzo & dealers in hardware and cutlery, 179,
nnorth First
Cooper, Thos.sign painter , nnorth First, bbetween Prune and Vine
Carpenter, S. in boots and shoes, 166,nnorth First
Carstens, Angelrodt & importers and wholesale deal-
ers in groceries, wines and liquors, 165, nnorth First
Carstens & Schuetze , wholesale and retail druggists , 163,
nnorth First
Clark, Van Allen & hardware store, 134, nnorth First
Chouteau, Auguste, R110, nnorth First
Crow & Tevis , wholesale dry goods merchants , 100, ccorner Lo-
cust and First
Chapman T.J. & J.W. clothing store, 94, nnorth First
Collins, Chs. dry goods store, 156 1-2, nnorth First
Crawford, Wm.William dry goods store, 1, ssouth First
Chanot, J. coffee house, 5, ssouth First
Chouteau, Madame, widow, 7, ssouth First
Christy, A. dry goods store, 2, ssouth First
Colard & Nicolas , druggists , 8, ssouth First
Cohen, Thomas, grocer , 33, ssouth First,—R 39, ssouth First
Carey, Nelson, R61, ssouth First
Clay, George, boatman , R38, ssouth First
Corn, Wm.William (col'dcolored ) laborer , 123, ssouth First
Chatelain, D. coffee house, 61, ssouth Second
Cook, Dr.J. H. office and R63, ssouth Second
Craft, George, grocer , 65, ssouth Second
Cavenaugh, P.cooper , rresidence 67, ssouth Second
Cheno, Joseph, gardener , R93, ssouth Second
Chapman, John, carpenter , 90, ssouth Second
Cowie, John, city weigher , R94, ssouth Second
Cruess, Peter, rresidence 127, ssouth Second
Clark, Lewis, carpenter , 269, ssouth Second
Chenery, J. A.lottery and exchange broker , 75, ccorner of First
and Olive.