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established, but has been very successful. the two others are
actively useful, and present each during the winter a course of
lectures on literary subjects, by gentlemen of ability.

In addition to these, there has been established during the
past year a Medical College which bids fair to be permanent.
It is a branch of Kemper College , and has a faculty of able pro-
fessors, who seem very solicitous for the welfare of the institu-
tion. By the individual efforts of Professor McDowell, , from
who the project for the establishment of the school proceeded,
a hall, for the use of the Facutly, was erected during the past
year in a conspicuous and advantageous position. The amphi-
theatre for lectures will contain four hundred persons. Great
credit is due to Professor McDowell, for the energy and perse-
verance displayed by him in carrying out this laudable under-

The Western Academy of Natural Sciences is an institution
which was established in 1837, by a few scientific gentlemen.
It has been and is likely to be sustained by their praiseworthy
efforts, and to give an impulse to the cause of science in the city.

During the last few years, the cause of education has received
more attention than formerly. Schools have been multiplied,
under the care of competent teachers. The Directors of the
Public Schools have erected two capacious and substantial
school houses, in which between two and three hundred scholars
are taught by respectable and efficient teachers. It is con-
templation soon to lput up additional school houses, and to in-
crease the numbers as the means of the board of directors will
enable them to do so.

There are thirteen Churches in the city, some of which are of
considerable architectural beauty. There are two Roman Ca-
tholic, two Episcopal, two Presbyterian, one Associate Reform-
ed Presbyterian, one Methodist, one Unitarian, one Baptist, one
German Lutheran, and two African Churches.

St. Louiis supports six daily papers and one weekly paper.—
Of the daily papers five are political, and one neutral in politics.
they are all edited with ability, and all well supported.

Much complaint has been heretofore made against the hotels
of St. Louis. All cause of complaint on this point will soon be
removed. A new and splendid hotel, surpassed by few in the
country in dimensions and convenience, and to be called Lucas
House, is about to be finished and leased to two enterprising