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Viii Sketch of St. Louis
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gentlemen, who will doubtless afford every comfort which
the traveller can desire.

The public and private buildings of St. Louis, which have
been erected within the last few years, give evidence of much
taste and munificence. The Roman Catholic Cathedral, the
Episcopal and Second Presbyterian Churches, and the Hotel,
are beautiful and imposing specimens of architecture. The new
Courthouse, now in progress of erectin, will be a splendid
building, which would be creditable to any city in the country.
In addition to these ornamental public works, the city in inter-
spersed with private residences and warehouses, which present
striking specimens of costly, handsome and durable architecture.

There is much in the steady, onward progress of St. Louis to
gartify all who feel an interest in her prosperity. Her advance
in population, wealth, and importance, has been somewhat re-
tarded by the commercial difficulties under which the whole country has labored for some years past, but has not been stop-
ped. It is indeed difficult to imagine a state of things which could arrest it. A city, situated as St. Louis is, when once it
has attained the station of the principal mart of a great territory,
must become, in spite of all adverse circumstance, a great em-
porium. That St. Louis will, in no very great while, assume that rank and station, no one, who contemplates her present condition and her exhaustless resources, feels a doubt.